The dining room is one of the rooms where the Amish pay particular attention. It is one of the places where the entire family can gather and it is considered to be a place to treasure where memories, conversation and good food are the order of the day. These families consist of a core grouping of parents and children sometimes between 7 and 10 of them plus older family members such as widowed family and grandparents. This means that the dining room furniture needs to be built to last.

As a result the Amish go through a painstaking traditional process in order to be able to create both high quality and lasting furniture for themselves and for those that have an appreciation for fine hand crafted furniture. These heirloom quality pieces reflect the very nature of the Amish community in their utility, quality and simplicity.

The pieces are made from the finest wood, and craftsmanship. It is an essential room and the pieces are picked out and decided on often time’s months in advance of the wedding. This is one of the core pieces of furniture that are essential in the home. Dinning room tables are not just used for the family at meal times but also for church functions, and holidays that involve community participation.

Thanks to a growing awareness of the need for family which many in modern society have lost over the past several generations there has been a movement to return to gathering at meal times despite hectic and busy schedules.

As a result, individuals are taking pride and notice in picking out quality dining room furniture that is going to provide them with a warm and comfortable place to gather for meals while providing them the close atmosphere they are looking to return to and provide them with enough space to entertain.

Thanks to this growing interest the number of furniture shops in the Amish community have started to grow and since Amish furniture is usually made to order there are a number of different elements that you can choose from when picking out your own dining room set. For example, you can decide usually from a listing of what the shop provides the size, style, shape, even wood and finish that is used on your furniture.

You will find these types of custom orders either by going to the Amish community and purchasing directly or looking into middlemen which are partnered with the Amish in order to sell to outside communities. Styles include Windsor, Queen Anne, Shaker, French Country, Hoosier, Mission and a host of other styles including contemporary. Woods include oak, cherry, maple, pine and walnut. In addition because the furniture is custom made you can choose the types of supports and the shape of the top so you can have a pedestal support, or four legs or trestle. For tops you can choose round, oval, octagonal, even square or leaf styles which include stow leaf, separate center leaves or side drop styles.

Since 1945 The Barn has offered fine handmade furniture made from solid oak, maple, mahogany and cherry in various style such as Mission, Arts & Crafts, Shaker and Traditional. We also specialize in fine Amish furniture that’s built using the old world craftsmanship and bound to last for generations.

Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Remove film from wood furniture?
I have been using pledge spray polish on my cherry dining room furniture and there is a smeary film on the table top. How do I get rid of it and what do I use to restore the luster?

Answer: The polish did not absorb into the wood, strip it with a mild cleaner such as 409, check at the hardware for a stain sealer, clear stain or a restore stain, then you will not have to polish.

Question: Please help me come up with decorating ideas for my dining room
I like urban style of decorating. Contemporary, simple, clean. I have my grandmother’s antique dining room set. Circa 1942. Very ornate, detailed designs, middle-dark wood. I have no idea how to go about decorating a room with this style of furniture. I would like for the room to somehow still have an urban flair to it. I don’t like heavy, ornate rooms. Please help me with ideas.

Answer: Accessories and a light paint color will offset the dark heaviness of the furniture. I have a set like that too and using a double curtain rod, I put white sheer curtains imprinted with a leaf pattern in back and then lt. green silk curtains in front, on a window. (got ’em at Target, didn’t cost a fortune.) I painted the walls sage green. I used a black curtain rod with a curly finial. I picked up the finial design by putting up a wall hanging with that same pattern. The wall hanging has 4 supports for four 8X10 frames. I went on and bought 4 botanical paintings and put them inside. Put a plant in the corner. I bought a planter that looks like a ladder and put a wicker, and a leather jug on it. Looks great! The accessories make the room! Watch the HGTV decorating shows. Their ideas ROCK!!

Question: What color to paint a formal dining room?
I have light oak furniture. I figured a dark color would look nice but I can’t decide on a color.

Answer: I was just having your same dilemma. I decided on a silver sage color, which is a light blueish/greenish color. I like the way chocolate looks. You can accent chocolate with many different colors, which makes it very diverse.

Question: Can I use Deck Stain to stain dining room chairs that need to be refinished?

Answer: I don’t think I would attempt it. Find or mix your stain to the proper color from indoor wood products, not outdoor wood deck stains.

Deck stains are formulated for sun, rain, cold heat, etc. I think you would get a better effect from something made for strictly indoor use.

Question: I need suggestions on decorating my dining room?
Here’s some info on the room itself: The walls are all white except for one red accent wall. the furniture is a black/brownish color. It already has a rug and a really cool floor lamp.

Answer: One thing to really tie in a dining room is a nice light fixture over the dining room table. Depending on the decor and your personal taste, it could range from an affordable $100 chandelier to upwards of $600. I would check one of the bigger online lighting retailers or check a local lighting showroom!

Question: How do I refinish an old dining room table? It has a very dark stain and some major scratches in the surface. I would like to stain the table a beech colour to match my furniture but the current colour is very dark.

Answer: After you sand it, you could use a water and bleach mix on it to lighten it up. Try it where it can’t be seen to test the bleach.

Question: What color of curtains should I buy for my dining room?
I have wood floors (cherry colored), cappuccino colored furniture, mocha colored walls, chandelier has stainless steel light holders & white shades.

Answer: Well, that really depends. If you have kids and/or pets, then I would go with a eggshell or an off white. If you don’t, then I would suggest WHITE. You already have too much brownish color. Now you need to accent it.

Question: How do I get rid of a musty smell on cushions on my dining room table chairs?
I have had my furniture in storage for several years & the cushions are perfect apart from an old musty smell. What do you suggest I do as it is a beautiful piece of Italian furniture?

Answer: Upholstery cleaner. You can get it at any fabric store or big box store. Car upholstery cleaner will do and smells divine if you cannot find upholstery.

Traditional dining room furniture can display a variety of china, glassware, and silver that always brings back the familiar ambiance to the people in it because it is more casual. Plates may be chosen in the classic gold-rimmed style or a simple floral design to enhance the aspect of style. Many people are familiar with the traditional style, growing up with it and getting used to how it brings the very nature family history into your own home for your children to grow up in. Here are a few defining dining room furniture pieces that will make your decor timeless and welcoming to your family and guests.

-Cabinets are the main piece that allows you to display more of the memorable aspect of your decor outside of the furniture pieces. You can place your tableware and cups for display that adds to the decor ambiance. It acts as a good secondary center piece to the collection and is functional for your storage needs too.

-Dining Tables in traditional styles are mostly defined by tones in color and the base. Wood material construction is a key aspect of the style as well. Once you look at the table you’ll know its the right style for you when you see it, and the base defines it all.

-Servers are a complement to the cabinets as described above. The act as a nice piece against the wall or along your dinner area for added serving space and storage for dinner accessories.

-Chairs should look similar in feel to the Windsor style. If not you can go for something more bold in structure. But again, wood is a key material in the construction of the piece. The dining room is not right if it does not give you a sense of home when you spend it with family dining. And many Americans yearn for that American style of memories because they get so used to growing up in it. So be sure to pay attention to the main pieces of furniture for your dining room to bring your family memories and aura into your own home.

More images and details can be seen at this traditional dining room furniture category blog.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: We painted our kitchen a deep red. What color would work well for the dining room and living rooms?
Our house has a fairly open layout, so the kitchen is only cut off from the living room and dining room by an island. Most of the wood in the house is maple, and the furniture is mostly olive green.

Answer: Play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to help you imagine how the colors will look together.

Question: Any suggestions for dining room drapes?
My dining room is painted a light ivory color above chair rail w/ cream colored bottom & white trim ‘squares’ below the chair rail. The trim is all painted white. The trim work is very elaborate. I have ivory Lenox Laurel Leaf table linens, and white china with gold piping. Dark walnut furniture. And one window; 36×84. I would like an elegant drape to tie in all of these ivory & cream colors, but only have about $200 to spend. Any suggestions?

Answer: I would get a nice rod and a length of rich colored fabric(deep green, gold or burgundy) and swag it over the window.

Question: Is there any way I can find out who the manufacturer is of my older dining room table & hutch? I’ve looked for a tag on the furniture itself, like under the table, under the chairs, inside the hutch and can’t find anything. I wasn’t sure if there is a website that might help me find who the manufacturer was? It’s an older set that I’m wanting to try & resell so I wanted to know the maker.

Answer: Sometimes the makers mark is on the inside of a drawer, the bottom of a drawer or on the back of the hutch. If you still can’t find who made it check at or in their guides at the bookstore to see whether there are similar pieces listed.

Question: Which chandelier for the dining room?
I have a decent sized dining room, with 10 ft ceilings. The room will have dark wood furniture, a little lighter than mahogany. I want something that is classy and “dressy” looking yet not too over the top.

Answer: I like the Canopy Oil Rubbed Bronze 5-Light Chandelier from Walmart.

Question: Approx. how much would it cost to hire a carpenter to build an unfinished dining room table, bench and chairs?
Altogether, 6 pieces. Table, bench, 4 chairs.

Answer: I would charge no less than $5,000, more depending on what type wood you wanted.

Question: How to make a traditional/formal dining room set more modern?
My living room & dining room are one L-shaped space. My living room furniture has clean, simple lines and art/accessories lean towards mid-century modern. I was offered my great-grandparent’s dining set and when I saw it in a storage room, it seemed to be fairly simple as well. However, now I realize it’s pretty formal, but because it’s an heirloom, I’d like to keep it.

Answer: Refinishing the set will not only make it better since its present condition is not in very good shape but would allow you to finish it in a stain that would soften the formality a bit. You could have it done in a shabby chic look (old fashion whitewash) which would modernize it, lighten it and yet still maintain its character.

Question: Can I use my conference table from work as a dining room table?
It’s a nice, boat shaped mahogany hardwood (not veneer) table. My office is moving and is purchasing new furniture, so I think I can get a good deal on this. It has two base panels (legs) on each end. Would this work in a large dining space?

Answer: Why not! What a great idea and probably has tons of sitting space! I’d go for it. Who says one has to have a specific kind of furniture anyway. If regular table clothes don’t work due to the shape I’d consider long runners and place-mats.

Question: Dining Room Furniture?
Is Lacquer a good material for a dining room set? The finish is Carra Marble.

Answer: Very good. I have a bookmatched maple dining room set and it also is lacquered and it has held up very well, looks like the day it was bought.

The chairs that accompany a table in a dinette set are important pieces of furniture; perhaps what is most important about them is that you do not necessarily have to choose the chairs that are featured with a dinette set’s table. For this reason, a variety of individual chair styles exist to not only compliment the dining room table, but to also compliment design of the dining room. Chairs come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They also come in many styles as well; parsons chairs are one of these styles.

Parsons chairs are a great way to incorporate rich colors, textures and fabric designs into your dining room area. This is a particularly important characteristic of parsons chairs, especially for novice room designers who want desperately to incorporate the use of textures and patters into their décor but do not know where or how to begin. The variety of designs and exquisite colors that can be incorporated in this piece of dining room furniture make it the perfect companion to the rooms’ unique and captivating design, or design potential.

Parsons chairs have sat around the dining room table for a long period of time. And though the construction and material of parsons chairs have been consistent over time, the chair styles themselves have transitioned through the generations. This is why you can find parsons chairs to reflect almost any artistic time period. The Art Nouveau designs are known for fluidity and scroll-style backs. The Art Deco designs are the most common ones found, and parsons chairs in this style are more ornate and detailed with materials in colors more bold and exotic. The Mission style chairs are known for their incorporated richness and emphasis on lines in design.

When purchasing a parsons chair, the three most important elements are the back, legs and arm rests. Though parsons chairs can come without arm rests, those that do have the option of upholstered arm rests or basic wooden arm rests. The legs of parsons chairs can also be upholstered, or they can be tapered, turned, or fluted. The seatbacks of parsons chairs can be straight, scrolled or camel backed. Again, the artistic time period definitely plays a part in how the chair is designed. However, no matter how your dining room is designed, the bottom line is that there are plenty of decorating options to choose from. No matter your taste, you are destined to find a parsons chair that adds a simple touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining room décor.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: What stores offer layaway? More specifically furniture?
I’m about to move into an apartment but have no living room furniture or dining room furniture what so ever. Does anyone know of anywhere that offers layaway for furniture? Other than Kmart? I don’t really want to put all that on credit cards.

Answer: Actually no one any more but this year some department stores have brought lay-a-way back. You can sign up with furniture stores by taking on their own credit cards and put off payment for 6 months to a year if they are running that kind of program, but they don’t offer layaway programs. Layaway is a thing of the past but was ever only offered in department stores when it was.

Question: What color should I paint my dining room?
The rest of the house has been painted this very light pale yellow. When you walk in the front door there is a double door width opening to our living room on the right. Just beyond it is a double door width opening to our dining room. So you can see it from the living room. Our dining room has a white chair rail & the bottom half of it is that pale yellow color throughout the rest of the house. I’d like to eventually get walnut/white furniture for the dining area.

Answer: Red is a warm color, so it will speed up your blood pressure just a little. Orange makes you want to eat, so you might try an orange-red shade, then paint the chair rail and the bottom half off-white. Those colors should work very well with a walnut table.

Question: How can I stop or reduce the echo effect in my dining room ? Even while talking in that room, we notice the echo. I already have some furniture in that room.

Answer: Adding a rug, curtains, or upholstered furniture would be the most obvious answer. Really, any “soft” things you could add to the room will absorb some of the sound and cut down on the echo.

Question: What color curtains would go in my dining room?
I cannot seem to decide on what color/pattern of curtains would go in my dining room. The color was supposed to be a blue, but it ended up more like a lilac with more blue than red. My dining room furniture isn’t too formal and is a dark brown. Any suggestions on colors/patterns?

Answer: I would go with something neutral since you have color on the walls already and dark furniture. Tan maybe?

Question: I have a combined living and dining room area. Does anyone know how to separate the areas? I am interested in separating these areas with a wall, partition, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to use furniture to separate the area. I want the dining room area to be more private.

Answer: Putting up a wall is relatively inexpensive. Some 2 x 4’s and sheetrock. If you do it yourself it will be cheaper. Check out, on framing a wall. It will tell you everything you need for supplies and how to do it.

Question: We want to make our formal dining room into a little sitting area to smoke cigars and drink wine. Can anybody give me some links for some creative ideas?

Answer: HGTV did a conversion of a second living room to a british pub style room a while back. They always have good ideas on their website, check there.

Question: What would be the best color for an elegant dining room?
I dont have any furniture, we’re just starting out but we are trying to decide what color to paint the dining room. We will pick a dining set accordingly AFTER we paint but what do you think the best color would be. I have a beige-ish textured tile in the dining room with hints of grey and darker beige.

Answer: Don’t pick the wall color before you pick the furniture. The furniture can cost from $500 (if you’re lucky and a suite comes in while you’re at Goodwill) to $5000. The paint costs the same no matter what color it is – under $100 will cover the room if you do it yourself.
It would be too silly to limit your furniture choices by color when that’s the easiest thing in the world to change. All paint costs the same.

Question: How can I raise the height of my dining room table?
I have bought a brand new dining room table and chairs, but the two end chairs with the armrests are about an inch and a half too high to slide underneath the table. I have seen a lot of different types of furniture lifts and caster, but they are either too big or poor quality. I need something that is about 1 1/2″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ high. It needs to be something that the table legs cannot slip off. Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer: A couple ideas. Add a piece of wood the same size and shape as the bottom of the leg to the bottom of the leg screwing it in place with a counter sunk screw. If the table legs screw off add a piece of wood here, screwed to the table top then attach the legs onto it.
Find identical flat paper weights and slide them under the legs or something else flat solid and identical in shape and color. Have a marble or granite counter top company cut you some identical pieces from scrap to do the job.

Modern furniture, like modern art, is characterized by unconventional styles and designs. Most design concepts from the old style furniture were discarded to make way for new, unique varieties. Wood was replaced with several metals and synthetic materials and new color schemes evolved.

The concept of modern furniture is widespread, encompassing even dining room furniture. A dinner table is a special place for many, where the family comes together to enjoy a meal in each others company. Modern day dining room furniture promotes this aspect by bringing the family closer together. Unlike vintage style dinner tables that stretched for several feet, separating people, modern day dining tables are just comfortable enough for the family. The seating capacity usually ranges between 4 to 6 people, although larger table are also available.

Modern dining sets have moved away from wood to incorporate different materials. Tubular metals and synthetic fibers are commonly being used owing to their durability and lightweight. The design concepts have also changed over the years. The typical straight-back wooden chairs have been replaced by more fashionable, ergonomically designed cushion seats. These not only provide greater comfort but also add to the aesthetic value of the room. The tables are also more compact, with glass-top being the most common surface. Some also incorporate a revolving turntable, popularly called Lazy Susan, to move food around a large table.

Apart from the basic table and chairs, dining room furniture also includes the cabinets used to store the cutlery. With modern furniture laying great emphasis on space, these are also more compact with several sections to hold everything from dinner plates and serving bowls to wine glasses and knives.

The price range of modern dining room furniture can vary greatly depending on the size and material used. The wooden sets are the most expensive, often costing several thousand dollars. Whether wood or fiber, these modern dining room sets will definitely beautify any dining area.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: I have a dining room that has an assortment of wood all over from floors to furniture. what color goes?
My floors, window seat and dining set are orangy brown. The sideboard and hutch are both darker, both I cannot replace. I am willing to slipcover chairs, and paint any color.

Answer: Try this color for the walls: “Softened Green” Sherwin Williams. Its a subtle sage. The chairs would look fantastic upholstered in a silvery grey satin, or maybe stripes of alternating gray and silver. These are subtle, earthy, elegant colors that can balance and unite the different wood finishes…..maybe you could make a seat cushion for the window seat upholstered same as the chairs?

Question: Whats a good color to paint a dining room? I have traditional style furniture?

Answer: I would say a light beige or pale yellow .

Question: I want to paint my dining room, I have maroon curtains and pad on my chairs and all wood furniture. My husband doesn’t like the curtains so I could change them if the color would be to hard to match.

Answer: It really depends on your style: traditional ,modern, contemporary, old farm, etc. Then you can decide on what makes your room look best. Believe me using a different trim with the same color plus lighting factor can make it look different each time. Try the color on the wall and keep in mind that the light in the store isn’t the type of light in your room.

Question: Tuscan themed dining room and living room ideas?

Answer: I went with a Tuscan theme in my house too. Burgundy, yellow, turquoise, olive green are my colors. I have an open floor plan and plan on painting all my walls a goldish brown.
Southern living has unique Tuscan style housewares, I have the olive jar.

Question: Is it cheap to build a dining room set with glass or just purchase one from ashley’s furniture?

Answer: No matter what you do make sure it is tempered glass, which is more expensive but I have seen on TV how dangerous glass tables are unless they are tempered.

Question: Help with furnishing formal dining room?
I have an unfurnished formal dining room adjacent to the foyer of my house. I would like to furnish it however my family resists the idea of getting formal dining furniture since we do not entertain much. I’m not sure how I should furnish it otherwise. Would it look odd to make it a playroom for my kids or a library room?

Answer: When you walk into my house, I have two rooms to the right. The back room is the dining room, and the front room is supposed to be a sitting room. I turned it into a library, so it is the first thing you see when you walk in. I wouldn’t turn it into a kids room, or you would be constantly picking it up anytime someone wanted to come over to your house. A library is nice and easy to keep picked up.

Question: Any ideas for area rugs in my living and dining rooms, please?

Answer: Go into your local carpet store and select a really nice carpet that suits your style. Have them order a large enough piece and have it bound to the exact size you want it.

Then you can get a really nice, well wearing rug and not spend an arm and a leg on it.

Question: How to paint a dining room and living room with a hunter green carpet?
I am moving into a house that has a hunter green carpet in the living room and my furniture is a beige color. And in my dining area the carpet is also the same color but the kitchen is right next to it.

Answer: Since hunter green is a dark color, I would say use a (light) beige color. This will also look good with your furniture. As far as the kitchen, it depends on the color of your cabinets. Dark cabinets, I would use a light beige color as well.

The term wicker actually refers to a weaving process. Wicker dining furniture comes in numerous styles, designs and price ranges. Wicker furniture is made of reed and paper fibers. Rattan or rotan wicker, reed wicker, cane wicker, bamboo wicker, paper fiber rush and Lloyd Loom paper fiber rush are some of the materials generally used in the production of wicker furniture. Wicker furniture originated from southeast China and Japan, and first came to America about a century ago.

Wicker dining room furniture lends subtle and natural charm to the dining space. This extremely lightweight furniture is easily movable; hence, one can change the décor by merely moving them around. With a plethora of styles ranging from the majestic exuberance of the Victorian era to the more functional modern pieces, they offer an eclectic choice catering to all. Apart from this they are highly popular for their affordable price. Along with the local market, the online options like and also abound. Many sides provide free shipping along with the purchase. Apart from the convenience of shopping from home, one can also make use of the room planners, which help individuals choose the right kind of dining-room furniture for themselves.

Wicker dining room furniture is not only for poorer customers. Its unmatched elegance makes it an alternative for the affluent as well. Antique wicker dining furniture is not just durable (with the right kind of maintenance) but also an extremely appealing choice. Cheap productions like resin wicker can be a preference for the price hunters but they rate low on durability. Wicker dining room furniture should be dusted and vacuum cleaned frequently. These pieces should not be exposed to too much heat or water.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: What color furniture would look good in a cocoa brown dining room?
I am painting my dining room a cocoa brown color (sherwin williams hot cocoa) and was wondering what kind of furniture would look best with the new paint color.

Answer: A lighter mellow coco brown couch with a cream carpet.

Question: Is it important to have the furniture in the living room and dining room match up, if both rooms are connected?

Answer: It’s important to have a good visual flow from one room to another, but they don’t have to match perfectly.

Question: What dining furniture can I get to match my new chrome and glass dining table?
When I bought the table I did not realise the problem I would have finding similar furniture for the dining room. All that I have seen is a bent glass console table but I really could do with a bit of storage – like a sideboard type of thing. If anyone has seen anything that might do the trick I would love to know!! I would even consider something in light wood with glass doors or top and I could accessorise with chrome

Answer: I have the collection in chrome and glass from argos. I have a tv stand, dvd racks, tv cabinet, tall shelving unit and a coffee table. Reasonable priced and looks nice.

Question: What color furniture should I get if my living/dining room walls are sand colored (Behr Sandpoint 270E-2)?

Answer: With sand, pretty much anything will go. Think of it like a pair of khaki pants. When you put on your khakis, you really don’t even think about the color of your shirt – you just grab anything because it all works.

Question: Does anyone know of any furniture stores that carry funky dining room tables?
I have looked everywhere for a dining table that will fit six people. I want a frosted glass top and a contemporary funky kind of look. I have looked at 100’s of tables and can’t find what I’m looking for. I don’t want to spend more than $1,000 for the table if possible.

Answer: I have purchased from immod and they have very nice furniture. Also Eurway is the best as far as prices and quality. I have bought quite a few things there and I have been happy with them. Eurway is Austin based and I believe they pretty much ship anywhere. They also carry a lot of the modern classics at affordable prices.

Question: Why would you choose oak furniture over others for your dining room?

Answer: Although not to my taste for dining furniture, Oak is a great option for dining room furniture because it is one of the most durable of woods and will last for years and years. It has a very attractive grain and looks great stained.

Question: How much is my dining room worth? It was from the White Furniture Company in North Carolina.?
The suite includes a buffet, a two piece lighted china closet, an oval table with two leaves, six chairs and two captain’s chairs with the original upholstery. It is either mahogany or walnut (I am not sure). It is from 1970 and is in excellent condition.

Answer: Well White is an excellent brand, high end. Today that set might cost $15k. In 1970 it probably cost $2000. I doubt your going to get more than the original cost, I’d guess $1200.

Question: What do you think about a piano in a casual dining room?
We recently got a much bigger set of living room furniture. We have a lot of guest so seating was a must. The main problem with that is there is no more room for our upright piano anymore. It’s a nice antique piece that my husband loves so I would really like to put it in one of our more public rooms. The only other place I can think of is in the dining room. Is that weird to have a piano in a casual dining area?

Answer: I think it’s a lovely idea! To keep the casual feel, pick a couple bright colors to incorporate throughout the room – for example, choose a vibrant pink or blue for napkins and place settings, and carry it over with a throw draped over the piano bench in the same color.

Pecan is a deciduous tree with the biological name of Carya illinoinensis. They grow naturally in alluvial soil and bottomlands. This includes areas where availability of water is abundant and continuous. If this hardwood tree embraces above 50 percent of its surrounding forest biomass, the forest area is categorized as a “climax pecan forest.” These plantations are the major source of pecan nut, which is a familiar dietary product and pecan wood. The first recognized climax pecan forests gained popularity in the mid nineteenth century and pecan wood has since been a commercially viable hardwood type. Such widespread availability initiated the use of pecan wood for dining room furniture.

Manufacturers, timber market and plantation owners, carpenters and culturists deem pecan wood as a “hard to treat” variety. For this reason, pecan wood dining room furniture should be purchased after verifying wood history and age. If it is not treated correctly, pecan dining room furniture will rot and decay in time. This is because pecan wood can retain moisture for an extended period. When pecan wood is dried, the wood tends to shrink considerably and the process is time consuming. If pecan wood is treated appropriately then it proves to be stable and durable. Pecan dining room furniture includes tables, chairs, stands, cabinets and serving trolleys.

Pecan wood is characterized as a close-grained hard wood. They are a light reddish-brown wood with irregular dark streaks. Pecan wood is abundantly available because these trees can grow to a height of 25-40 meters. They grow well in areas that are classified as hardiness zones of 5 to 9. Plantations thrive in areas where summers are hot and humid. Pecan, along with other “hickory woods,” is classified in the third hardwood group in the United States. Pecan wood is highly valued and is cultivated in areas around the lower Mississippi river and its tributaries, central and southern United States and Mexico. Pecan wood for dining room furniture can also be imported from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: I don’t want to use traditional dining room furniture in my dining room. I already have a 6-seater dining table in my breakfast nook. I want some low benches with plenty of cushions and transform the dining into a conversation area. Any idea of where I can get low benches or any other ideas on what to do with the space?

Answer: Great idea..I did my dining room as a conversation/reading area too..I used inexpensive tub chairs from Ikea and transformed an old antique washing machine into a table between them with other antiques in the space…built in benches would be great, or you can go to the scratch n dent clearance rooms in your local furniture stores looking for benches, and make the cushions for them to match your decor..just get a nice low coffee table or something for refreshments and/books to be near them.

Question: I am looking for Palais Jardin Dining Room Furniture from Thomasville?

Answer: My guess would be to go to the Thomasville web site and search for it there or go to your local furniture store’s web site and look for it there.

Question: Where can I go for dining room furniture like pottery barn?

Answer: If you lived near Medford, OR you could go to a place called Furniture Barn. They have a huge selection of eclectic furniture designs similar to what pottery barn has for half the price. The owner of the store says she imports mostly from southeast Asia.

Question: How to keep cats off of dining room furniture?

Answer: You can try an air freshener with the citrus smell on it. You could also try to just put a blanket over it so she doesn’t damage it if she wants to sleep on it.

Question: What would be the best color or stain to match black dining room set of black w mahoghony top?
Dining room furniture is matte black w mahogony top and china cabinet is also black w mahogony accents. The home we purchased is circa 1900 w 2 built-in cabinets in the dining room which were refinished in a shotty manner and stained cherry but look horrible. What other color may be suitable w my dining set?

Answer: We painted the laminate sink cabinet & mirror in my bathroom with a red primer, and then a light layer of black on top (done with a foam brush). It looks great, almost like mahogany. Perhaps you could try that technique.

Question: Where I can get cheap modern dining room furniture?

Answer: Ikea

Question: I am looking for Pierre Jardin Dining Room Furniture that has been discontinued.

Answer: You would have to know what furniture company manufactured it. If you own any pieces there should be a tag or markings to identify it. Contact the factory and ask them for a list of retailers and distributors within the area you are willing to travel. You’ll have to call each of the companies and ask them if they still have any.

Question: How do I find a furniture manufacturer from a dining room set I bought in 2001?
I need a piece replaced on a dining room set I bought back in 2001 and the store I bought it from is no longer in business. How do I find out who the manufacturer was in order to get something replaced or repaired?

Answer: Look up under the table. Many manufacturers place a sticker or engrave their name into the pieces.

Dining room furniture includes a wide range of dining tables, chairs, side tables, coffee tables, cabinets and serving trolleys. They are placed in dining rooms at home, restaurants and hotels. They are available in various metal and/or wood combinations to match the surrounding décor. Assorted collections include elaborate contemporary and traditional designs. Material selection includes leather, leather and wood, cast iron and thick ribbed fabric varieties.

Over the years, certain distinct dining room furniture styles have continued to influence purchase patterns. They are popular designs of a past era and have left a mark upon peoples preference and are commonly termed as antique dining room furniture. The connotation antique ottomans could refer to particular designs and art forms used to make dining room furniture. They are obviously from its early days as most antique dining room furniture is viewed as artifacts.

When considering purchase of antique dining room furniture it is important to realize that price commitments are bound to be steep. For this reason, potential buyers need to make purchases from authentic sources, stores and auctions. In case private collectors offer such sales, buyers need to hire professional evaluators. Their services can help determine authenticity and value. It is important to gather information regarding the history of antique dining room furniture or else they could turn out to be duplicates.

Trade of antique dining room furniture witnesses excessive sums of money changing hands. These products may be considered overpriced and traders need to pay the clearinghouses a service tax, which is usually a set percentage of the purchase price. As a result of this high price trade, a number of fraudsters have flooded the market with countless fakes that are relatively dirt-cheap. When such products do their rounds, such markets suffer mammoth losses. Keeping this in mind, buyers must opt for consultation to ensure an authentic and priceless purchase.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Has anyone got experience of having bought white dining room furniture?
I’m thinking of buying white furniture for our dining room. Is it easy to keep clean and do you think it might chip easily? I just think it has such a fresh look about it.

Answer: It depends on how you maintain it.

I’ve had a dining set made up of a glass & wood(painted in cream) table on chrome and cream coated legs and matching cream leather chairs. My sitting room also has cream leather sofas.

The trick is to keep it clean at all times. Don’t let any stain settle in. Avoid sitting on the the leather with deep blue/black jeans. That’s the worst culprit.

Question: Dining Room Furniture?
Can anybody point out some good dining room furniture that would look great for my new house? I don’t have any particular taste in furniture, but anything that would look really clean and spiffy would be great.

Answer: Clean and spiffy? Sounds like you might like simple lines. For a discount, I would suggest (especially since if you get it delivered to the store instead of your home, you save shipping costs).

Question: Should my dining room furniture match my cupboards?
Open concept kitchen, table and chairs and such are now a maple finish, new kitchen is a mahogany finish. Dining area runs right into kitchen. Should I have matching furniture?

Answer: No, just find other ways to tie the rooms together, for example, if you have stainless steel appliances, get a stainless steel vase or bowl for the table. If you have red placemats, get red accents for the kitchen. Having wood that is different finishes, but still looks good together shows that you put some thought and creativity into the room. It won’t look like you walked into the showroom and cashed in on the maple finish close-out sale.

Question: How do you retighten wooden dining room furniture?
We have a lovely set that we got about 15 years ago and it was probably 10 years old at that time. It is all wobbly but still in good shape.

Answer: If the braces are dowel fittings with barrel shaped struts your best bet is to use strong wood glue and a ‘brace belt grip’. It’s like a long belt that tightens around the chair to hold the individual bits together. If you can’t find one of those you can improvise using a long thick length of strong material and tie a knot. Then, use a wedge of some sort to make a tourniquet style and tighten it to keep the shape.

Question: What style of dining room furniture would look best in a log home?

Answer: Either the Country Kitchen look with the matching hutch. Or, I had a beautiful bleached pine dinning room set with matching hutch. I loved it and have been sorry I ever got rid of it. Even though we no longer have a log home, it would still go nice with my Country decor.

Question: I am looking for reasonable prices for living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, in Oklahoma. Needing to find a good quality store for furniture, in southeastern Oklahoma, or western Arkansas.

Answer: The best deal all around those areas is Mathis Brothers. Not only do they run great specials on brand-new furniture, they also have an “as is” room where everything is marked WAY down…tons of bargains on really awesome furniture and usually there is just a tiny scratch or something.

Question: Where can I find free plans for danish modern dining room furniture?

Answer: Try your local library. Check the do it yourself books and magazines.

Question: Best dining room wood furniture for a toddler?
I’m looking to buy a new dining room set. I like wood but the last set we had was very soft. I think it was pine. Anyway I’m looking for a durable wood that would be good with a little one. Any ideas?

Answer: Oak is hard — any wood from a tree that loses its leaves will be harder than wood from a pine or evergreen. You can also look for a “distressed” finish (not perfectly smooth to start with, but looks gently worn), or get something cheap, like at IKEA, and replace it in a couple years. Or, put pads on the chairs and a glass top on the table to keep it from getting marred. We have a glass top on our wooden table, and while I do have to clean it after every meal, I also realize that a wooden table would be just as dirty — it’s just that the dirt would hide better.

When you think about it, certain things go hand in hand – peanut butter and jelly, toast and jam, cookies and milk. You get the point. Well, now there is a combo that you might not have ever thought about. Especially when the season is right, what about the match between using your patio furniture under your covered patio? I mean, it is like a lounge lizards match made in heaven.

Even if you aren’t the type of person who just goes outside to sit and lounge on your patio, you might still like to entertain. In this case, the need for cushioned chairs and other seating is even more critical. This is when finding the right cushions to match your outdoor theme and furniture makes even more sense.

Let’s face it, if you only have one goal in mind for your patio and that is to sit and ‘vege-out’ until the weekend is over, then as long as your seat is cushioned, you are in heaven. You probably aren’t as worried about the style or pattern of your cushions. Someone who has a more eccentric or conservative taste would need a little more from their set. They might choose for custom monogrammed cushions, even.

This classy look does very well with a nice Mediterranean cabana style patio cover. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They are the ones with the covered roof and often have draperies hung. Usually, these ones will have a crisp and clean look to them. They may have cultured stone pillars and a tile roof or be more simple with a metal post structure and canopy made of canvas or similar material. If they are made of a fabric, it may be white with a trim color of blue or green. The draperies are usually pulled back to hang near the posts, creating a nice look.

These types of patio covers sometimes have a Greek look to them as well, with that Greek inspired key pattern cut or stitched into the edges of the fabric. In addition to these cabana features the patio furniture often is cushioned with wide or bold striped fabric. These are often blue or green stripes as well.

When you are after a matching look like this, you know that your space will be a popular place to entertain. You might notice that your yard or pool area is often ‘volunteered’ as the get together location because it just feels like the right place.

Michael James McCord discusses outdoor entertaining and patio needs relating to topics such as building covered patios to the practical like a patio cushion.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: Inexpensive patio furniture?
Can anyone suggest a relatively inexpensive place to find patio furniture? We are looking for something basic: dining table, umbrella, 4 chairs or so…we don’t need anything fancy and don’t want to spend a lot

Answer: Big Lots actually has some really cute sets and they’re cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.

Question: What is the best way to keep puppies from chewing on patio furniture…can’t always watch him outside?

Answer: I used a non-toxic product called Repell to keep my Peskie Eskie from teething on almost all of my furniture inside and outside. I also used it to create barriers where I didn’t want her to go and furniture I didn’t want her invading. I got it at the pet store, but now see it at discounters. A huge 16 ounce bottle costs about $2.99 and I still have a lot left. I really does work to help train puppies.

Question: What is best way to repaint wrought iron patio furniture, spray, foam roller or brush.?
I’m using rustoluem gloss paint. I want to get a clean looking finish.

Answer: I would go with a spray. You’d get an even coat and minimal/no dripping as opposed to a brush or rollers. There’s always the chance of applying too much paint with the brush or rollers, plus texture marks from the brush, as well as dripping. And then when it dries on thickly, you have more chances for chipping and cracking. Spray is your best bet, be sure to get a rust treatment though (or the rustoleum paint works GREAT), to keep it down and looking fabulous.

Question: Patio Furniture?
anyone know of any places in las vegas or online that sell patio furniture mostly a bistro set all year round and not so expensive?

Answer: Try Home Decorators Collection. They have pretty good prices, I think.

Question: How do you keep Squirrels off your deck from chewing up your patio furniture?

Answer: Buy a fake plastic owl and put it where the squirrels mostly are. Or get a dog to chase them away.

Question: What kind of patio furniture is best to get that will not rust?

Answer: Most patio furniture these days is either lightweight aluminum or cast iron if you want a quality look. Aluminum is best because it requires no maintenance. Most sets are aluminum. They are attractive, stylish, and come in many prices from high to low depending on your budget. The fabrics for seat cushions and umbrellas are all weather resistant fabrics so they withstand all the elements and are fade resistant.

Question: How do I remove fly specks from patio furniture?

Answer: Use Clorox and hot soapy water and brush.

Question: What can I use to get the green off of my upholstered patio furniture?

Answer: Probably algae. An upholstery shampooer should do the job nicely. See if you can get some cleaner with algicide from a boat supplier or a hot tub supplier.

Patio furniture can be a major expense, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little research, a lot of patience and a touch of tenacity, you can find the right discount patio furniture to suit your needs.

You will find in this article how to find great deals on discount patio furniture. From where to find amazing deals to how to negotiate the best deals, this article is chock full of information to help you find the discount patio furniture that’s just right for you and your family.

Discount Patio Furniture: One man’s trash is another man’s discount patio furniture.

When looking for great deals on discount patio furniture, you need to keep one thing in mind: bargains are not always that easy to find. Sometimes you are really going to have to hunt down a great deal. Maybe from a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or a hand-me-down from a family member, bargains are just about anywhere. Most of the time great deals are right under your nose. So ask your friends, family and co-workers if they have patio furniture they are willing to part with, and you just might find a great deal.

Discount Patio Furniture: Barter Your Way to a Fabulous Deal

If you have a specialized skill, say a graphic artist, French teacher or personal trainer, you may have what it takes to get super deal. Exchange your specialized services to get discount patio furniture. The key to this, however, is to adequately assess the monetary value of your services in exchange for the discount patio furniture. Post ads on Internet boards, or distribute flyers or place a classified ad in the paper. Before you know it, you will have found patio furniture at a deeply discounted price.

Discount Patio Furniture: One Man’s Loss is Another Man’s Gain

One of the best-kept secrets that bargain hunters use to find great deals on discount patio furniture is to look at personal storage facilities. When an individual is renting a personal storage unit, and they have failed to make their payments for a significant amount of time (three months in most cases), the storage facility has the right, in some locations, to sell the renters’ items in order to recoup the monies owed to them. Call the personal storage facilities in your area to find out what days of the month they have their sales. You may just find an awesome deal and get yourself some discount patio furniture.

Now that you have done your research, have been tenacious and displayed patience, you are well on your way to finding discount patio furniture you can use and enjoy. Happy hunting!

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Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: What is the best teak oil brand to use on expensive outdoor patio furniture?

Answer: West Marine teak oil of course.

Question: Where is the best place to buy quality patio furniture at the best price?

Answer: Patio furniture should be “on sale” now such as Lowes or Home Depot. However, I like and of course there’s Ebay.

Question: How can I keep spiders and other insects off of my outdoor patio furniture?

Answer: You can’t unless you put them away inside in covers. Spiders love garden chairs with the angles for building webs on and the airflow that brings in dinner – they are just too perfect for them.

Question: Does anyone know where to find 11 3/4″ replacement tabletop tiles for patio furniture?
I bought this table second-hand and thought the replacement tile would be the standard 12 x 12 tiles, but are actually 11 3/4 x 11 3/4. Is there such a thing?

Answer: You can go to Lowes, tile sizes vary from 11-1/2 in. to about 12-3/8in. You’ll have to bring a tape measure to find the right size or can ask to have some cut. Inside lawn and garden also has patio sets that use the same size.

Question: How do you stop a male dog from marking his territory on everything including our patio furniture?

Answer: I just got my dogs neutered, they are 4 and 5, and I have not had any accidents since. They liked to pee on the side of the fridge, and no matter what I did they kept doing it. It has been over a month since their surgery and they haven’t done it once.

Question: What stores carry good quality patio furniture with a decent low price?

Answer: Kmart carries Martha Stewart patio furniture and you can get a beautiful 5 piece set which includes pillows on chairs for approximately 399.99 to 599.99. Good quality.

Question: What can be used to keep cats from going in the flower beds and on the patio furniture?

Answer: If you want cats to stop going on the patio furniture and in the flower beds just sprinkle some pepper on them they don’t like the smell of pepper. It’s cheap and not harmful to the cats.

Question: I just realized I stained my wood patio furniture with interior stain… what now?
I stained the furniture with Minwax oil based stain in a dark jacobean color. I haven’t finished it with poly…yet. Everything is covered in case it rains tonight.

Answer: Get a good exterior urethane or clear coat that has uv inhibitors in it. Put 2-3 coats minimum on it and it should be fine.

The early afternoon sun warms your skin as you relax on your teak chaise lounge with cushion and read your book. Your eyes drift from the words on the page to admire y our teak furniture. There is bench in the garden, a table and chair set on the patio and another chaise next to yours. They have weathered the elements and provided you with lots of memorable moments through the years definitely making them worth the initial investment.

Teak wood is naturally water resistant. It won’t rot or warp which makes it one of, if not the best woods for outdoor furniture. Once prized by ship and bridge builders for its natural properties, it can now sit in your backyard and provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you are lounging on a chaise or sharing a meal with family and friends at the table; teak furniture allows you to fill your patio with simple elegance and casual charm. Often only seen at posh resorts or the backyards of the wealthy teak patio furniture is now attainable for anyone especially when you shop online.

Rather than trudging from store you can compare prices and styles with the click of a button. Maybe you want a seating area on the dock to rest after a jaunt in the powerboat or maybe you just want a simple romantic retreat in your yard with a teak swing. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it online. And the best part is that teak patio furniture is virtually maintenance free. Simply treat it once a year with teak protector to maintain its natural honey brown color or let it weather to a handsome silvery gray.

Your teak furniture will last a lifetime with proper care. And by shopping online you can always add more to your collection. Find a chair to match your bench or a market umbrella that fits in your table for some much needed shade. A storage box can hold anything from your Sunbrella cushions or pool toys to life jackets on the dock. And a coffee table can complete a seating area. No matter your personal style, teak patio furniture can blend with your décor. Simply add cushions or pillows for a splash of color and a pinch of personal style. In fact cushions and pillows can dress up your teak patio furniture for the changing seasons or lend your patio a variety of looks from casual to elegant and English garden to Tropical Island.

No matter what type or style of teak patio furniture you choose you will always be guaranteed timeless style and beauty while you live in outdoor luxury. Chairs, benches, rockers and swings the comfort and grace of a teak chair is unsurpassed. Deep seating furniture combines the comfort of indoor furniture with the durability of teak for the ultimate in outdoor seating. You’ll love sinking into the six inch thick and roomy 25” wide cushions which are included. When you decide to invest in outdoor furniture you simply can’t beat the timeless elegance and swanky allure of teak.

As an owner of many indoor and outdoor decor sites, Jennifer Akre reviews information and shares ideas on teak furniture, deck furniture, and outdoor accessories, giving the online consumer a chance to find valuable information on a teak bench or teak outdoor furniture. Surround yourself with beauty. Click today – Shop: teak patio furniture.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: Can someone tell me where to get reasonably priced deep comfortable seat patio furniture?
I have been looking all over Ottawa and I can’t find decently priced pieces, they all come in sets.

Answer: I would have a good look around on eBay. I have had a lot of success buying on that site – items both large and small. Amazon is good too.

If you have seen patio furniture you like locally but it is just too expensive then hang around (if you can) until the end of the season and see if it is reduced.

Question: I know my aluminum patio furniture will not rust but is it a good idea to store it outside ?
I live in Michigan were the weather in winter month is below freezing.

Answer: If it has nylon webbing, and I assume it does, leaving it out in the winter seems to shorten the webbing’s lifespan. Also, the frame may be aluminum, but the nuts and bolts aren’t, so they rust faster when exposed to the elements.

I’ve left my chairs out over an Illinois winter, and they don’t seem to last as long for the reasons I’ve given above. The ones that I put away in the garage made it for several more years than the ones that didn’t.

Question: Does anyone know of a cleaning product that will remove oxidation from resin patio furniture?
Our resin chairs have a whitish film (oxidation) from years of sun exposure. Do you have any suggestions of how to remove it without damaging the resin?

Answer: They make many Automotive products that will work. Rubbing Compound is one of them. Also Color Back. Most cars are made out of Fiberglass or resin type material, so these wouldn’t hurt the finish. Lots of work though.

Question: What is the peak time to buy patio furniture on sale?

Answer: The absolute best time to get it is late summer or early fall, actually. Most stores have an abundance of summer supplies that start to go on clearance when summer is over. I’ve gotten things on clearance at this time for half the price they were at the beginning of summer. Buy it at the end of the season and store it for next summer.

During summer? Perhaps check out Independence day sales (4th of July). Some stores have special offers for the holiday, and it’s only the second week of summer.

Question: How do you repair/replace the straps on patio furniture?

Answer: I saw the repair kits for them at the stores. I wouldn’t do it because a new one will be cheaper at the end of the summer. Too much work for me, and probably wouldn’t enjoy to spend part of my spring or summer to do it.

Question: Where can I find wicker patio furniture at low prices?

Answer: Try They have great prices on almost anything and the delivery is usually only a couple of dollars. The site has a price comparison compared to regular retail prices and also comments about the product from customers who purchased them.

Question: What is the best way to clean patio furniture using only bottles and hoses—no scrubbing?

Answer: I like bleach, wrecks a spray bottle but spray on, watch the goo die, spray a little more on & hose off. Watch out for your eyes and clothes though.

Question: Patio furniture – plastic straps. How can I repair them?
I have 4 patio chairs that some of the straps have broken. I thought of taping them with duct tape but not sure what else I could do.

Answer: Walmart sells replacement straps as well as other outdoor furniture stores.

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