There are many kinds of tables, kitchen tables, dinning room tables, end tables, coffee tables, patio tables, changing tables, barbeque tables, and side tables. Telephone tables just to name a few With the exception of dining room tables most of these can be purchased at a discount rate unassembled. These pieces are made from a material called pressed wood or particle board. This method of construction has helped the eco system in the way of saving trees. By using this type of furniture we keep the prices down and save our planet by recycling. Well not all furniture in your home can be made of this material it is good to know it is available. Discount furniture places and department stores sell many items of this material. The pieces are really quite beautiful and easy to match with other furniture items in your home.

Tables for the kitchen are made from many materials including glass, wrought iron, steel, plastic, and rubber. All of these materials are recyclable as well. There’s nothing like fine wood though. The smell and the shine and its ability to stand up through the test of time, are incomparable. Antique tables have been a strong sale at art auctions and some pieces are selling for thousands of dollars. When you are choosing a table, you might give some thought to its durability if you want the piece to be a family heirloom.

Most people give little thought to keeping pieces forever the interest for them is style and what’s going on now as far as trends. The retro phase is here right now and clean sleek lines are all the rage. Minimalist décor and natural colors can be held over for the next phase in decorating. Tables, if you keep it simple will last a long time. Nesting tables are also quite nice and are in style now. The practical uses of the nesting tables cannot be matched. If you need them, you pull them out; if you no longer need them they nest.