The bookcase has been a means of decorating the home for a very long time. In the days when it was fashionable to have a library in the home to keep things like, the family bible or the latest version of world book encyclopedia. There have always been bookcases as long as there have been books. Some bookcases are simply a few crates put together in the college dorm, but to be a little more sophisticated we have had through the year’s book shelves constructed by the finest carpenters in the world.

If you happen to be a person who lives in a mansion type house, your bookcases are most likely made from the finest materials money can buy. In the larger homes the bookshelves can be so large that ladders are needed to reach the books on the upper shelves. Some have scaffold type of construction that slides from one end to the other. The average person has a bookshelf or two in their home; they are usually about 6 or 7 feet high and have about five shelves. These types are the most popular. These bookcases are available in a variety of colors for instance, there are about five wood grain colors and they also come in basic black or white.

The bookcases are available at all department stores and you may buy them unassembled. In some place you may pay a small fee for them to assemble them for you. Not all department stores offer this service. If you decide you want a bookcase or shelves that are a little more sophisticated you can purchase a set beautiful bookcases, or buy them in a single piece in a furniture store and they will deliver and set up for you free of charge. Taking away any packaging that needs to be discarded will be more convenient for you.