Nothing sets off a room like a nice area rug. Area rugs have not always been as popular as they are now; in fact a few decades ago there was linoleum and the wall to wall carpet. A lot of small area rugs were made by hand and were constructed of old rags and other materials such as hair. These materials were made by the ladies of the house and used for entrances and the foot of your bed. Now the thought of area rugs of this kind doesn’t sound as appealing as in the days of grandma and her many talented endeavors.

The area rugs of today are not only affordable to everyone but are a lovely addition to any room. There are many area rugs to choose fro that don’t cost a lot of money. Wal-Mart has a nice selection of area rugs that start at about 30 dollars. If you want a higher end carpet there are beautiful carpets that come from Belgium and there are simply beautiful. A nice Belgian carpet will start at about 500 dollars these carpets are about 4 feet by 6 feet. The price goes higher the bigger the area rug.

Area rugs are made in a lot of colors, patterns and textures. With the retro theme there are circles and geometric designs, polka dots and even Disney patterns for the children. There is not a pattern that the carpet manufactures have not thought of. As we go on the Sunday drive we can see carpets and area rugs hanging to display the many brilliant colors at bargain based prices. In regular carpet stores some area rugs are made from the remnants of much larger carpet pieces. Small area rugs about 2 feet by 3 feet are also made from the much larger pieces. And can be used to either accent an already existing carpet or they may be used for the entrances to your home.