One of the nicest accent pieces you will want to buy is a mirror. For the bathroom a mirror is a necessity but for the other parts of the house mirrors are very nice additions to the d├ęcor of your home. There are beautiful mirrors to choose from and you can be really creative when placing them in that empty space. Some mirrors are framed like they are pictures and if you have a smaller space these are an ideal thing to widen up the room. Mirrors have been placed in some very unusual places, for instance on ceilings, on the inside of a closet door, on shoes and in hair.

Some creative decorators break mirrors and place them randomly on a wall for a new look. Other people have used small tiny squares on vases for another added touch. These same tiny squares have been used in the disco era on the famous disco ball that rotated while a light shone and reflected on the dance floor. Some ideas are really nice while others are just a little whimsical. There are many manufactures of mirrored glass and some of the designs are simply breathtaking.

One of the more sophisticated styles is beveling, the glass is flat but about an inch around the edges slants downward creating a beautiful affect. Other styles are frosted glass, this technique is quite nice and different patterns of frosted pictures are somehow stenciled on. There is also the technique of marbling; this is when there are tiny veins of another color running through the mirror creating a wonderful look of marble. The new dark frames that are popular now look great when there are mirrors in them and placed as a picture in the room. There are lamps made with mirrors now instead of plain glass and this makes a magnificent addition to any room. The choices for decorating with a mirror or many mirrors are endless and so are the combinations.