There are thousands of lamps; they come in every style imaginable. The first lamps were nothing more than fire and through the years we have managed to move from fire to candles to the most wonderful electric lighting. Whatever your décor or your personal taste there is a lamp for you. If your taste is matching lamps or single lamps the numbers are endless. There are books out there that will tell you how you can make your own lamps out of simple materials and they don’t cost very much money.

Lamps are available almost everywhere from department stores to specialty lighting boutiques. Some lamps are used on the table as in a bedroom lamp and there are some that will stand on their own on the floor, these are simply called either floor lamps or pole lamps. There are lamps that hang on the wall and these are called wall sconces. There are other lamps that hang from chains and these are called swag lamps. Chandeliers hang from the centre of a room or in a hallway entrance. There is no one special way to decorate with lamps it is just a matter of personal preference or taste.

Lamps are available to purchase in pairs or as a single lighting fixture. The most commonly used lamps now are the ones with cloth shades and they are adorned with beads that hang for decoration. Most lamp shades now are natural colors and will go with all your room accents. There are small lamps and large oversized lamps and lamps to add light to your desk. Some lamps have strange things in them like lava lamps or mineral oil lamps than drip oil on wires to make it appears as a waterfall. Some lamps have rotating shades that show shadows and some lamps are musical. No matter if you are a traditional person or have a bit of whimsy there are lamps for you.