The chest is a charming piece of furniture, and resembles an armoire or a dresser, although most of the functions are the same there are a few differences. Sometimes a chest will come with a lock for a door or drawer. In the old days there were chests for the ladies to hang their clothes in and they resembled an armoire only in a travel size. Some chests come with many smaller compartments for jewelry and accessories, socks, ties, belts and other personal items. It’s nice to have a chest for these purposes but they are also used in other rooms of the house just as the dresser and armoire.

When you purchase a chest you want to keep in mind that it must fit in your room comfortably without any crowding as this will take away from its beauty. Another kind of chest is the hope chest. These chests were traditionally placed at the foot of a girl’s bed and filled with things such as linens, and other treasured keepsakes in the event of her marriage at a later date. This is the way things were done for generations to ensure she had the right things when the time came for her to have her own home. These hope chests are still being made but are mostly used for storage.

These chests are also used at the entrances of a home for added storage for things like scarves and mittens for the winter and for extra blankets for guests or whatever needs to be put away. The chest can be purchased new or used depending on the tastes of the person and what the uses are. The older ones can be bought at yard sales or thrift shop or if you have a little more money to spend you can go to an antique dealer for the treasured finds.