There is nothing more charming than a bench in your home or outside of your home gracing the landscape. For hundreds of years people have made benches in every part of the world. The original furniture ideas of today had their humble beginnings as benches the sofa for instance is really nothing more than a bench with padding. Churches had benches long before pews were constructed; a church pew is actually a bench with sturdy sides. Benches have been use outside and inside. There are kitchen sets with benches and patio sets that have benches instead of chairs. Picnic tables have benches also instead of the built in kind that we normally see.

To construct a simple bench you will need at least three wood planks and a couple of reinforcements to keep it together. There are some benches you can purchase that have added features such as the seat can open to enable you to use this space for storage. Some benches are made with mirrors and coat hooks are attached for more added storage. There is a certain charm when entering a home with the bench that has the hooks and mirrors, these are usually finished in an antiqued stain and have a patina look to them. This gives the new piece the old country look.

Benches are available for purchase at many stores; outside benches can also be used inside and vice versa if there is a good sealer to prevent bad weathering. Wal- Mart has the kind of benches with the storage compartment and comes unassembled. The outside benches can be purchase at places like Home Depot or Franks Nursery and Crafts. These stores just to name a few are located all over the United States, in most populated towns or cities. If a bench is a good idea to you the numbers are endless.