There is nothing more elegant than antique furniture. The feel of the wood, the intricate designs and carvings seem to jump out at you when you walk by. The richness of the colors that only come with aging, as there are techniques to recreate the luster of antique furniture there is nothing to compare to the workmanship of yesteryear. If you like antiques there are a few things you should know before you shop for them. There are some fakes out there and you need to watch out if you are going to purchase furniture from a dealer or auction. If there are changes in the colors or hinges chances are that the piece has been altered at some point. Look on the underside of tables and dresser drawers to check on the corners as most antique drawers were constructed without nails and screws.

To be considered an antique the piece in question has to be at least fifty years old. If you watch television there is a show called The Antique Road Show that will inform you as to what things are valuable collector’s items and which are not so valuable. If you want to purchase antique furniture based on looks alone your task is simple, you find what you like and buy it. The splendor of an antique piece will enhance the space in your home and give that old world feeling. If you are lucky enough to have antique furniture that has been handed down through the generations you may think about having the piece or pieces insured, you never know when the value of your treasured antique furniture will rise in extreme value.

Finding antique furniture is as simple and easy as finding anything else. Your concerns may be affordability. Antique furniture is rather expensive when you’re buying from a dealer. You can purchase the most wonderful pieces at garage or estate sales next to nothing. Some people don’t really know the value of the pieces or just want them out of the way to make room for more modern furnishings.