When purchasing a mattress set we have to consider many options, how soft or firm we want it, is it good for your back and many other details. We have come a long way from the straw stuffing of yesteryear. We now have waterbed mattresses and memory foam just to name a few. The waterbed mattress was made popular during the 1960’s and people still buy them today. Waterbed mattresses are heat controlled and motion controlled. When we first had the waterbed mattress available to us they didn’t have the added features of today.

Spring mattresses are also changing mattresses had so many springs and eventually you felt them coming through. Although springs are still used it is a different kind of coil that somehow prevents the springs from poking who ever is sleeping on it. The old mattresses had stuffing that lay over the springs before it was sewn together. Now the springs are individually wrapped coils with foam constructed over them and then the mattress cover is sewn over. Memory foam is like sleeping on a cloud, this particular foam shows a print when you press on it.

When buying a memory foam mattress there are many choices to consider and though it will cost more it will be worth it in the end, when the result is a good night’s sleep. Other types of mattresses are very nice also and the prices will vary with each added feature. Some newer mattresses have a cover that can be removed and clean whenever it is needed. Others mattresses are the regular ones that have the beautiful floral designs that catch your eye. When purchasing your mattresses make sure you consider the needs of your partner because now they have a mattress that will be comfortable for both people at the same time. One side firm and the other side not so firm.