If you have been looking at contemporary kitchen tables, it may be because you would like your kitchen to make a statement. At the same time as being a great place to cook, to look after household affairs and to check you have everything you need for the coming week, kitchens are more and more becoming gathering points for friends and family. The natural place for this to happen is round the kitchen table.

With this in mind, you may feel that the classical kitchen table that is rectangular, stands on four separate legs and looks like it comes straight out of a Victorian farmhouse is not the way that you want to set the scene in your kitchen. The good news is that many contemporary kitchen tables are now available and can transform your kitchen from an entirely utilitarian domain to a room where you can serve meals and welcome guests without blushing.

Contemporary kitchen tables use a variety of materials, and not just wood. Metal is a choice which allows designers to create a host of new designs as metal can be fashioned and wrought into shapes and forms that would defy the traditional wood carpenter. For similar reasons, plastic is also an option, with the latest plastics being robust and infinitely variable as well as giving access to whole new palettes of colors to complement contemporary design in kitchen cabinets, sideboards and so on.

The classical wooden tabletop is now making way for materials such as toughened glass in contemporary kitchen tables. This is glass that resists heat, impacts and scratches and which is often fashioned into round or oval shapes for the top surface of the table. Size is not an issue when using this robust material. The kitchen table can be long or short, and yet equally sturdy.

Tired of conventional ideas about how kitchen tables should look? On the lookout for something to freshen up the place and to add some originality? Contemporary kitchen tables can also extend to bistro type tables, where the tabletop is relatively small and which therefore encourages a cozy atmosphere. This is an option that may particularly well suit kitchens that also have breakfast bars for serving food, as well as extensive workspaces, which means the conventional kitchen table is no longer such a necessity.

Remember that contemporary kitchen tables also need chairs, and preferably chairs that fit in with the contemporary style. Rest assured that with the possible exception of toughened glass, all the other materials are available for contemporary kitchen chairs. Indeed, designers often see tables and chairs need to be designed together, whether to bring out a common theme or an interesting contrast.

Bear in mind that even contemporary kitchen tables need also to be practically designed so that they are easy to use and to clean. For many models, this is the case, although because such tables are made to be seen as well as used, they will be that much more exposed to wear and tear, compared to conventional tables hidden under protective tablecloths.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of different niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to redecorate your living room or create the ultimate outdoor environment perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Today, she shares her insight when investing in dependable kitchen furniture and lovely dining room furniture. Each is a great choice for adding to your space.

Kitchen Tables FAQ:

Question: Do they still make formica top kitchen tables?
We are moving and I am looking for a new kitchen table. Do they still make tables with formica tops? All I can find are the ones that scratch so easily. Have one now and it’s very scratched up after only two years.

Answer: They do -mostly vintage style ones -you can easily refinish your formica top by applying new sheet formica to the existing table top.

Question: Where is a good place to look online for kitchen tables?
I want to buy a full length wooden kitchen table. Rectangular, and that sits 8 people. I want to find out average prices.

Answer: I usually find ebay can give me almost anything I need for reasonable prices, and if I don’t like the price I can often bargain with the seller.

Question: Are the counter height kitchen tables really a good idea?
I need a new kitchen table with more room, do these counter height ones really have enough room to fit 8 or is it better to go with the bigger rectangle. For the most, I just want 6 chairs so either is fine. I just like the counter ones, but are they practical. I do have three small kids too!!

Answer: If you have 3 small kids, no way. You’ll have to help each one of them get up and down from the chair. In my opinion, that would be a pain in the butt. AND it’s easier to find regular chairs than those higher chairs.

Question: How do you keep a cat off kitchen tables and countertops? What is best way to make lasting impression?
Cat is a wonderful pet and extremely friendly which is unusual. However, walking on food areas is a problem. Can you help me?

Answer: Spread something sticky one counters or table: honey, molasses, etc. The cat won’t like that her paws stick and she’ll stay off. Or, if you don’t want to make a mess, just spread foil on the counter. Your cat won’t like the sound it makes when she jumps on it, and she’ll leave it alone.

Question: What are those kitchen tables with the Diner’s Bench Called?
They look like a restaurant booth but for the home.

Answer: The first thing that comes to my mind are those breakfast nooks. I want one for my kitchen. They sit in a corner and one side has just a bench. Maybe that?

Question: Is a skylight above a kitchen table in a kitchen a selling point on a home?
We are renovating our kitchen and have the option to put a skylight above the kitchen table. Would doing this be a nice selling point on a home if we were to eventually sell it or would it have no effect? If this something that is desirable in a kitchen?

Answer: I wouldn’t consider it a selling point. Too much possibility for obtrusive lighting, and if future buyers needed to install direct lighting in that area, they might have to redo the ceiling anyway.

We always used the kitchen table for meals and as the social hub of the home (games, homework, puzzles, bills, etc.) , so a selling point, for me, would be excellent pendant lighting, preferably with adjustable height and intensity.

Question: Preventing cats from sleeping on Kitchen benches, tables etc?
I’m hoping someone can give me some advice – one of my cats continues to sleep on the kitchen bench & dining room table etc which is becoming a real pain because obviously its not hygienic and it means we are constantly disinfecting the surfaces!!
We tried rubbing eucalyptus oil on the surfaces but this only worked for a day!

Answer: Get a spray bottle and put some water in it. Whenever the cat jumps on something it’s not supposed to squirt it with the water. Cats hate water and it should catch on rather quickly that if it does something it will get squirted and stop.

Question: How can I rebuild my kitchen table into a drop leaf table?
My kitchen table is Round and on a pedestal. I would like to know how I can go about to rebuild it to become a drop leaf table and what parts I would need. My apartment is small, very small.

Answer: I would not recommend that you do that. It requires special hinges and the top has to be cut and a special edge put on the cut edges with a router. No doubt also that the pedestal would get in the way and require modification. Just more hassle than it is worth. Look to buy one already made instead of trying to change a pedestal table.