Kitchen tables can be found in many different varieties of styles. The need for a table in the kitchen exists in almost every home. You can find great kitchen tables by searching on the internet. There are many different wonderful websites that will offer a huge selection with different price ranges. You should be able to find the right table for your kitchen that will fit your style, needs, and budget.

The kitchen can be the heart and soul of your home; it is where we normally will start our days. The coffee pot will be brewing, the pancakes sizzling, and it surrounded by kids waiting for breakfast, dad reading the newspaper, and mom waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.

Kitchen tables have been the place where hearts to hearts have been had by best friends, secrets told and gossip started. The table is casual and comfortable and makes conversation flow as easily as the coffee in our cups. The afternoon can bring book bags and homework from kids arriving home from school. The mail will often get dropped on them for later review.

Deciding which table is right for your kitchen, can take some thought. You want to make sure that the table you choose is the right fit for the room. You can find round tables, oval tables, square, and rectangle tables. Kitchen tables also come in the corner variety, with bench seats and have a more country feel to them. You can choose from many different styles, contemporary, traditional, retro, modern, classic, or even country. The tables come in many different materials; you can find wood tables, metal tables, and glass or stone tables.

You should only look at the kitchen tables that will compliment your room and your entire homes décor. It will be the focal point of the kitchen, you want it to blend nicely with the other furniture in the room, fit well where you place it and also fill the need of you and your family.

When looking for kitchen tables, try picturing what it would look like in your room, then picture who will be sitting around it. You want to ensure it is large enough, but also that it is comfortable and matches your décor. If you plan on having dinner at your kitchen table and not at a formal dining room table, you should make sure it will accommodate seating for everyone in your family. What if you have guests over? Will the table provide a leaf or extension to allow for more seating around it?

Kitchen tables are not an expensive addition to your home; the pricing will fit any budget. You can find the table that is right for you and begin spending many years of gossip, secrets, family meals, board games, and poker nights around it.

Start searching the internet and find the kitchen tables that are offered in so many different styles and designs. The right one is out there waiting for you; it is time to bring it home.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of many niche online stores providing consumers with products and information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. No matter what you what to do, whether it is refreshing the look of your living room or building on outdoor spot ideal for taking in the weather, there is plenty of helpful advice to help make that happen. Today, she shares her insight when investing in lavish kitchen furniture and sturdy dining tables. Each would be a great purchase.

Kitchen Tables FAQ:

Question: I have a circle kitchen table and 5 chair set in great condition. How do I know if its an antique?
I found one similar to it on the internet. It said it was purchased from Good’s in the 1970’s. It is a really heavy and solid wood as are the chairs. They have held their construction all these years.

Answer: There is no clear definition of what an antique is. Generally speaking antique furniture is at least 50 years old and has some added value due to it’s rarity. I doubt most people would consider a table from the 70’s as antique, but if you want to call it antique you can.

Question: How to build a kitchen table?

Answer: The 1st step is to define what kind of table you want to build.
Standard 4 post legs or is it a single pillar? Wood, metal, or composite? Size? Number and types of chairs?

You might find something close in a 2nd hand store. Even if you tear it apart for the materials, it may be more cost and time effective than starting from scratch. In the end you still get what you want and you have built it yourself.

There are some free or low cost plans available through the net. You may want to set your search engine to images and scan until you see something you like.

Question: How can I get a light scratch out of my formica kitchen table?

Answer: Try rubbing compound. You will find it where car wax is sold. There are different grades of abrasiveness but it is easy to use and wont cause further damage.

Question: Does anyone know where I could find a nice, inexpensive kitchen table with matching chairs?
I would like a wooden table and chairs (either 4 or 6 chairs), and I don’t mind second hand just as long as it looks nice. Any ideas? The cheapest for the best is what I’m trying to accomplish.

Answer: Depending on what area you are in there is a website called freecycle that people post what they have to offer. I have used it lots of times and besides you can’t beat the price FREE.

Question: What is the point of a pub style kitchen table?
I just received a small table from the brick…I ordered it on-line. It’s so tall, my feet don’t even touch the ground when I’m sitting on the chair. It says pub set…what is this? Why are they so tall…is that the new style or made for giants? I never noticed on the picture it was like this.

Answer: Pub style meaning pub like in a bar. They come from the coffee houses, bars and restaurants that have them, then started popping up in the late nineties for the home. We have one that is an outdoor set that I love. You just have to have in mind bar stool size chairs before ordering.

Question: I’ve spray painted my fiberglass kitchen table. Its now dry, but with a powdery finish. How can I fix it?
Its a multi purpose enamel which is apparently supposed to be “tough, durable and long lasting” Do I need a specific type of spray paint for fiberglass?

Answer: Sounds like you’ve sprayed from too great a distance. Basically you’ve covered it with what I’d class as overspray. Flatten it back with #800 or #1000 grade wet and dry paper and lots of water and respray from a closer distance ie 6-8″.

Question: Where can I find a rustic kitchen table to seat 10?
I am after a table that would seat 10 people comfortably with chairs to match. I live in the country with little kids so it can’t be too precious.

Answer: Sounds like a custom job. Building a table yourself isn’t all that difficult, but the chairs would be a challenge. You could go to a home center or discount furniture store and get matching chairs. Or, for an eclectic look, go to yard or estate sales and pick one or two up till you get to ten. They’ll all be different and no fussing over who’s chair belongs to whom.

Question: Does anyone know of a good cherry wood cleaner for a kitchen table that gets a lot of day to day use?

Answer: Murphy’s Oil Soap. I use this on all my furniture and wood floors.