When it comes to decorating, the small touches that you add can make your home that much more special. It does not have to be a major change or addition or even conventional. Many times when you use a piece of furniture, in a different way the effect is unique and great.

One such furnishing that you can use in a creative way are kitchen hutches, yes they are called kitchen hutches, but do you really only get to use them in the kitchen? You may be thinking, hey I already use it there, mine is in the dining room and that’s great. But, why not consider using it in an even more obscure or unusual way.

One example would be to use it in an entry hall. The glass cabinet part is a great way to showcase a collection of items and the closed cabinets can be used to store any number of things. You could place things that would be handy if you needed them in a hurry before leaving the house. Perhaps a few umbrellas in one of the cabinets or drawers, an extra raincoat or jacket. An extra pair of gloves or two for those cold mornings when the kids just can’t seem to find any. Perhaps one of the best ideas is for your keys, if you designate one place like a stylish dish on one surface of one can be a real time and sanity saver, unlike those times you had no idea where you left them and may be late as a result of that.

Another great use for kitchen hutches is in the living room, yes the living room. For example, maybe you have a lot of keepsakes that you have held onto over the years and now you want a way in which you can display them for other people to see. Well, you could use this furnishing as a fantastic way to do just that. You could also use one as a bar in your entertainment space, provided that you purchase one that has a spacious table top, which is where you would do all the pouring and mixing of the drinks.

Interested in kitchen hutches and possibly getting one to use in a unique way in your home? If so, a great way to look into all the options is by going online and doing some comparison shopping. In no time at all will you be able to look into the many, many options that are available without even having to step one foot outside of your home. What you do purchase will even be mailed right to you so you do not have to worry about having to haul anything anywhere.

You are sure to come up with a few ideas of your own, and it just may have you saying, why didn’t I do this before? So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to start using kitchen hutches in a creative fun way today.

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Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: If you have a wooden kitchen table do you just put hot plates on it? If not, what type of protection do you use?

Answer: You can get table pads which cover the whole table. Or you can use trivets to set the hot dishes on or even folded dish towels. Putting hot pots or dishes directly on wood can ruin the finish.

Question: How to remove smoke smell from my kitchen table? Bought at garage sale and it smells like a smoker. I have tried using pledge other odor removing products. It just smells really bad and we are ex-smokers and we don’t want any reminders. It was a great bargain and I don’t want to give it up.

Answer: Get some Murphys oil soap (or you can get a cheap off brand from places like the Dollar General Store). Put it on a rag without diluting it and wipe down the whole thing… Let it sit for about 10 min then wipe off.

Murphy’s oil is the best for cleaning wood cause it will not dry it out like other things and Pledge is really just for dusting.

Question: How can I get the built up gunk off of my kitchen table’s legs?
I wash them all the time(they are real wood so there are a lot of things I cannot use) and they still feel sticky when dry!

Answer: Ivory dish soap and hot water. I swear it will work easily and leave no residue. Just mix up a bucket of it and clean your wood table, and cabinets!

Question: How can you get scratches out of a kitchen table without refinishing the whole thing?

Answer: Sanding it is the only way to get it out.

Question: I just applied a coat of poly. to my kitchen table top. The table had a gloss finish but I wanted a satin finish so that little finger prints would not be more noticeable. I found that the second coat came out a little milky and streaky it actually now looks like one big finger print. What have I done wrong and is there anything I can do to fix it. I followed the process that included thinning the poly. and sanding in between with the fine sand paper.

Answer: It sounds like insufficient stirring. To get a satin finish, there is flattener added (you will see this on the bottom of an undisturbed can.) If you thinned the finish, the flattener falls out of suspension even faster, so you need to stir frequently, like every other dip of your brush.

The other problem most people have with polyurethane is to put it on too thick a layer. You want the minimum possible amount consistent with full coverage.

Question: I put something hot on my wooden table, and now there is a cloudy white stain that won’t come off. How can I remove this stain from my wooden kitchen table?

Answer: The varnish has been damaged. You may have to sand it down to the wood and then re-apply stain and then several coats of varnish.

Question: How do you get rid of candle wax on wood tables?
During a recent power outage, I spilled hot red candle wax on my brand new white kitchen table. The wax came off but now there is a red stain!! I tried the trick of a brown paper bag and an iron and that didn’t work.

Answer: Use a light oil like old english furniture oil or some similar product. DO NOT USE anything like BLEACH PRODUCTS they will eat the finish off the wood and permanently bleach it to a white or possibly colorless stain. Use the oil, rub it in, make sure to use clean spot on cloth every time till its gone.

Question: Where can I find a cute and CHEAP vintage looking kitchen table?
I plan on painting it so it doesn’t have to be amazing, but I can’t seem to find anything on craigslist and I wasn’t sure if maybe there were other similar sites or places I could look.

Answer: If you have a community paper or board – try putting in a notice asking for one…. it’s amazing what people have sitting in storage!