As both an interior designer and a wanna-be cook, my favorite item of kitchen furniture has for a long time been the butcher block kitchen cart. It’s versatility is second to none and is a wonderful component of a busy kitchen whether modern or traditional in style. With certain wood designs, you can add an old-worldly ambiance to an interior with a well made cart. For more contemporary kitchens, then a metal cart can provide a sophisticated and streamline addition to the decor you already have in place.

The number one attraction for me is in the functionality of a butcher block kitchen cart. Its very name is taken from the thick piece of wood which is laid on-top which provides a strong and sturdy platform on which to cut bread, meats and cheeses. A good rolling pin session over fresh dough will not be a problem either.

Secondly, the storage compartments that can be found in most modern kitchen carts are extremely beneficial when trying to do a number of things at once. In a busy, hot and often crowded environment, you want to have all the cooking utensils, flour bags, seasonings and towels close to hand. The kitchen cart can act as this useful storage furniture piece that can follow you around. With its small wheels it can be moved with ease.

It’s not just in the kitchen that a butcher block cart can be used. As long as you don’t have steps leading from one room to the next, you can wheel the cart through to the dining room or living room. In this way you can stock wine bottles, glasses and snacks to offer to your guests. The cart can also be taken out onto a patio area during summer dinners outside. Some look so good, you might want to use them as purely a furniture piece that forever stays in one place, perhaps adorned with books and sculptures.

Butcher block kitchen carts come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The best place to discover which one is right for you and your kitchen is online. This makes it easier to compare prices, measurements and styles before you go out and buy, whether in a store or on the Internet.

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Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss is a trained Interior Design with many years of experience when it comes to furniture, interior decoration, color themes and products for the home environment. His website provides detailed information and inspiration for people looking to improve their home interior design.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: How can I fix a bad spot on my new kitchen table?
Some scented oil fell on my table today, and completely wore off the top layer of finish. I am not a very handy person around the house, but I really want to fix it myself.

Answer: If you have not lost any color, you can sometimes get it back by spraying on aerosol touch up lacquer, letting it dry, sanding it back a bit, and repeating until it’s smooth and level. Best to use a high-solids version like a “sanding sealer” (note this is not the same as sanding sealers sold for finishing work.)

Once you are done, you’ll have to blend the sheen. Not knowing what’s there now, it’s hard to give advice for this. You may need to buff or spray the entire top to get it to match.

Question: What is a baby safe finish for a kitchen table?
I have an unfinished (I think pine) dining table. I want to put a finish on it so it won’t get dirty. What are some good safe non toxic finishes? I have a little baby, so I want to keep the table relatively toxin free.

Answer: Just about every finish is toxic in liquid form, and there is no evidence any is toxic in solid, fully cured form (lead paint additives excepted, and they have been not used in USA for 30+ years).

Question: How do I clean my new mahogany kitchen table?
There were no cleaning instructions with it and I want to clean it proper so that it lasts. I would like to know if it’s safe to use water for daily clean ups. Do I use Pledge each time after we eat? What about spills?

Answer: Try that Murphy’s Oil soap product, diluted to just clean the table not scrubbing it. Wipe up spills promptly.

Pledge tends to build up a coating that you will not like.

Question: What is the best finish to use on a kitchen table top? I have a maple table that needs its top refinished?
The old finish was ruined by placing hot items on the table. I am not touching anything else. The old finish is lacquer so it is very easy to remove.

Answer: I’ve used polyurethane on several breakfast and kitchen tables. It works really well. On the last two, I put on the wipe on version by MinWax. It goes on very easily.

Remember with polyurethane, don’t keep bushing it. Put it on in one stroke or two and let it dry. Sand lightly with 220 or 320 grit paper and apply a second coat. Build up 3 to 4 coats is possible.

Question: How do I get Gorilla Glue off my kitchen table?
My sons were putting together a birdhouse and even though they had paper down they got the glue on my table. Goo Gone doesn’t work….any ideas?

Answer: Gorilla Glue is one of the best if you get it on what you want to glue. If you accidentally get it elsewhere it can be very difficult. If the table is wooden I would be very careful with chemicals. If you can be careful your best bet may be a razor blade. Use an old belt and smooth out any rough surfaces on the blade. Then carefully get under the glue.

Question: Is Early American furniture out of style in a kitchen?
I have a Tell City hard rock maple kitchen table and chairs and a hutch of the same maple wood in the breakfast area of my kitchen. Is this completely out of style?

Answer: No, it,s not out of style! Look in some house decorating magazines, lots of people are now going to the old farmhouse styles, and your furniture is often used for that look, besides if you like your furniture, it doesn’t matter what/how others are doing/using. Your type of furniture gives warmth to a room.

Question: What is the safest way to clean/polish the chrome legs on a kitchen table?
We have acquired possession of a chrome leg, chrome trim, melamine top 50’s style table. The chrome legs are dirty from sitting so long. What is the best and safest way to clean them up and make them shine again?

Answer: Use WD-40. Just spray it on and clean with a paper towel. Works great on crome.

Question: What length table runner should I put on my 60 inch long kitchen table?
Would 72 inches look to short or would 90 inches look too long?

Answer: I would use a 72″. That will give you a 6″ drop on each end. If you go with a 90″, that will give you a 15″ drop on each end, which may be a little too long.