Are you looking for that special something to turn your kitchen into a room that dreams are made of? Are you tired of the everyday hum drum, and envision a gourmet kitchen that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family? If so, you can make your dreams come true with Powell furniture.

The Powell brand name of furnishings is one of the most sought after brand of furnishings in the United States. Known for their superior quality and unsurpassed beauty, each piece of Powell furniture brings a little special something to the homes they grace.

First established in 1968, the Powell furniture company has grown to become the country’s leader of home accent furniture. In fact, Powell furniture can be found in 95% of the top 100 furniture retailers’ showrooms.

Powell furniture’s commitment to the stay in pace with the changing lifestyles of customers and continued commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the development of new and innovative products to meet the desire and needs of every customer.

Whether your home is grand and formal or a small country cottage, you are guaranteed to find Powell furnishing that will turn your everyday kitchen into your own little piece of heaven.
Spice up your kitchen with Powell bakers racks, kitchen islands, wine cabinets, dining tables and pot racks. Turn that everyday kitchen into the favorite room of the house.

Some of the best selling gourmet Powell kitchen furnishings include styles from all over the spectrum. For instance, the Sierra baker’s rack with hutch is one of Powell furniture’s top sellers. This honey finished rack features beautiful, elegant metalwork finished with a bronze leather glaze, a wine rack, shelves and drawer and cabinet space. It even comes equipped with a special place to store your wineglasses. The professional copper pot rack is also a favorite among consumers. Made with high polished solid copper, this rack is the perfect compliment to any gourmet kitchen.

You can also choose several different pieces from the same collection such as the Provence collection. This collection mirrors the country Mediterranean French style and is breathtaking in its beauty. Finished in antique white, the pieces feature hand distressing and intricately hand carved acanthus leaf designs. You can choose from pieces including dinette sets, center islands, bar stools and counter stools. Any one of these pieces can stand on their own and become an extraordinarily beautiful addition to your space, but when all of the elements are put together, a true gourmet masterpiece is created.

And Powell furniture is affordable. With Powell furniture, don’t expect to pay any more than what you would for fine furnishings of an equal caliber. Depending on your tastes, wants and needs, individual pieces of Powell furniture can start at a few hundred dollars. Of course, higher end and specialty items can be considerably more.

So if you are looking to revamp your entire kitchen décor, or you are just looking for that special piece to tie everything together, Powell furniture may have exactly what you are looking for.

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Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: What type of sealant or refinishing can be put on a brand new table to make it scratch resistant.

Answer: There is nothing out there that is really ‘scratch resistant’. The closest thing I have found is the hard ‘Acrylic Lacquer’. It’s kind of like the finish on car bodies but as we all know those get scratched too. Unless you can afford a large piece of glass to cover the top, you are out of luck.

Question: What color kitchen table should I get?
I’m moving soon and I’m getting a 7 piece table set. My kitchen has light yellow walls, maple cabinets and wood floor. I don’t know what shade of wood to get.

Answer: I’d go for the deep brown.

Question: How do you make white kitchen chair cushions stain-free and white?
The chairs of my kitchen table have white cushions. Unfortunately, this is a magnet for stains. Can someone give me tips on how to make them perfectly white again? It is a major embarrassment when someone comes to our home.

Answer: Try oxyclean. Get the powder, mix with water, wash the chairs down with it or buy a scrub brush and scrub the chairs. I would leave the oxyclean on the chairs for at least an hour before I started to scrub them just to let it soak in for better results.

Question: Want to paint kitchen table legs, keeping the same color – do I need to sandpaper first?
It is a wood table, the legs are white. They are looking a little blah and I just want to freshen them up a little bit. Is sandpaper necessary or can I just give them a good cleaning and then paint them?

Answer: Sanding helps to slightly rough up the surface so the new paint will stick better. You do not have to sand.

There is a product available in paint stores and hardware stores. Wallpaper paste remover. You can use it to clean the painted surface, and it will make the old paint slightly tacky and sanding won’t be necessary.

Question: Is it okay to have a fake tree in your kitchen?
I have a fake palm tree (a really nice one), that use to be in my living room. I replaced it with a bigger fake tree and now I don’t know what to do with the palm, so I put it in a corner by my kitchen table. Is that weird? It looks okay, but I’ve never really seen anyone do that before. Just wondering.

Answer: If you like it then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, sounds cool to me.

Question: How do you protect the top of a new wood kitchen table from stains etc?
I just spent about $900 bucks for a table and chairs. It was 1/2 off and it is quality furniture. How do I protect it from stains etc? Should I have a glass top made or should I wax it?

Answer: Leave it without a cover when not in use. If you want a table covering use a vinil with a felt backing and take it off when you are finished eating. You can also cover it with a nice cloth. If you use glass or plastic covering and some water gets under it you might not notice until real damage is done.

Question: Can you advise me on recovering kitchen chairs?
I have four lovely 1950’s straight backed vinyl chairs. They match a same period red formica and chrome kitchen table. The vinyl covers are cracked and torn but the chrome frames are still perfectly fine. How would I go about recovering the chairs? Is a special sewing machine required or is there a method of cutting and stapling the vinyl onto the cushion and chair back?

Answer: You will need to figure out how to expose the attaching area for the vinyl. (basically disassembling the chair).
Take notes on how it came apart, so you can put it back together. You should be able to replace the vinyl with a tuck-fold-staple method, pulling it tight to eliminate waves.

Replace the foam and batting while you’re at it, and they’ll look like new. Attach the new vinyl at the top, pull it over the new foam/batting, and fold under the opposite edge.
Then while holding it taught, staple it, to secure. Now pull taught each side and staple. Finish by cutting off any excess.

The uppers are probably held on with four screws and have a metal strip covering the staples. Or it’s pocket-type upholstery, that’s tucked and stapled on the bottom. The bottoms should also be held on with screws, and have stapled underneath.

Question: What can you do if your kitchen table has tiny cracks in it?

Answer: Fill it in with putty and reseal your table.