Bespoke kitchen furniture isn’t just a great way to finish off your kitchen design but also ensures that your kitchen stands out from the crowd and is completely unique.

But how do you go about making the furniture you put inside your house bespoke? Some people probably imagine that they have to come up with elaborate designs and it’s a tremendous hassle to conjure up ideas. In reality, it’s actually a very straightforward process.

You can find bespoke kitchen furniture solutions by simply visiting showrooms and looking at the designs they have previously created for other peoples homes. Make notes as you go round on the things you like for later reference.

When you sit down for a chat with a kitchen company representative, simply ask them how they can tailor the designs you like to fit in with your kitchen.

Bespoke kitchen furniture can simply be a unique twist on an existing design that you like. That twist might be the way the furniture looks or some functionality that makes how you work in your kitchen easier.

When you’re getting your furniture fitted in your new kitchen, make sure it’s implemented how you’d originally planned. Stay on top of things and voice any concerns you have. By doing this you’ll ensure that fitters don’t miss the point of your bespoke ideas and get things wrong.

Having kitchen furniture that’s unique to your project doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition and can make all the difference to way your kitchen functions and looks.

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Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: I spray painted kitchen table black passed a paper towel over it after dry and black residue comes off help?

Answer: I would paint over it with Minwax® Polycrylic®. It comes in different sheens (glossy, semi-gloss, flat, etc.). You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Etc. They have spray can and brush on.

Question: What is the best way to fix a leg back on a kitchen table?
Like most tables of this kind, a nut and bolt system is used, but the bolt has worked itself out of the leg, creating an enlarged hole in the process. Once I’ve plugged the whole with a dowel I can’t see a way of driving the bolt back into the leg without a slot for a screwdriver at the end of it. Can one glue bolts back into legs perhaps?

Answer: If you fill the hole half way with either toothpicks or some other filler, then add wood glue and drive the bolt back in. You take the bolt and take a nut off one of the other legs. run one bolt on half way then run a second bolt on till it runs into the first one. If you do it right you should be able to tighten it up with a wrench. One bolt will snug up to the other and give you a grip.

Question: Painting my kitchen table. What’s the best type of paint?
We are painting our kitchen table black. I am trying to copy something I saw in Pottery Barn. The table is a cheap one from Walmart, white legs and chairs, “wood” top and seats. what type of paint would work best? I don’t want anything glossy, I think maybe I want almost a distressed finish or a matte finish. I am clueless with this stuff!

Answer: I would say use semi-gloss because flat is not going to be washable, and semi is not a high gloss finish. If you want an even a lesser shine and also that’s washable use eggshell which is the matte finish. Always give it a few coats especially black that can leave brush marks.

Question: Can I use a desk as a kitchen table?
We have a historic home, with wood floors and crown moulding. We have pretty much all pottery barn furniture. I have a big old black desk with shaker style legs. It isn’t the kind with drawers that go to the floor – there are only 2 drawers right under the top. Anyways, I want to put it in the kitchen that has a seperate nook w/ window and place a loveseat behind it and some chairs. Can I do it without being cheesy?

Answer: That sounds very nice! A lot of old tables have drawers in them.
You can store napkins, placemats and bread boards in them. “Cheesy” would only be an issue if you live your life by the definition of others.

Question: Which paint is the best to use for redoing tables?
I want to remodel my kitchen table and coffee tables but I’m lost when it comes to picking out paint. I like the color French Roast by Sherwin Williams but do I buy a gloss, flat etc?

Answer: The glossier the more nicks and dents will show up… but, on the flip side, its easier to clean. I would go w/ an semi-gloss or satin. The ONLY time I use gloss is on trim and doors. By the way go with an oil based paint, not latex for this. It will turn out a lot smoother and be more durable! Don’t forget to prime. Try the Liquid Sand, it works just as good as sand paper, in nearly 1/4 of the time.

Question: Does anyone know how to get an olive oil stain off a wood kitchen table?

Answer: Try putting white flour on it, anything that absorbs oil.

Question: Need to know what color kitchen table to match countertops?
I have labrador granite color countertops, my cabinets are redwood color what color kitchen table would match best.

Answer: Since you can’t match the granite completely, I would complement. Crate & Barrel sells a round kitchen table with a copper (slightly antiqued) top–I can see something like that with the granite; also a black or very dark color (gray, chocolate, charcoal). A lighter color would fight with the redwood. Sounds very nice.

Question: How to turn a kitchen table into a Kitchen island?
I have bought a butcher block table (seats 6 )at a garage sale for dirt cheap ($20) and I want to use it as an island, but I don’t want to buy expensive table legs to make it taller. Or at least what I have found is expensive.. like 40 a leg.. Any other money saving ideas for the legs?

Answer: If you just want legs you can use stair posts instead. I watched an episode of take home handyman on TLC and they did that. They cut the part of the post that they wanted to the height they needed and bolted it to the inside corners the same way the old legs were attached. I think the stairway posts are cheaper then trying to order table posts from a furniture manufacturer.

Also you can check local furniture stores and they may have tables that are broken beyond repair that you may be able to buy the legs off of for cheap. That would be more hit or miss but you may get lucky.