Your kitchen, it needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye because you spend a lot of time in it cooking meals for family and friends. Well, to make sure that yours serves both purposes, rely on kitchen accent furniture. There are many options to help you create one awesome kitchen space.

Really, there is a wide variety of kitchen accent furniture that can add both function and beauty to that room starting with hutches. This furnishing offers you a wealth of room to display and store away any number of items ranging from fine china, serving dishes, glasses, cookbooks, linens, and anything else that you want to organize. In addition to that, they are made from all sorts of materials and styled in a number of fabulous ways. For instance, you can purchase one that has a styled in an amazing traditional way with simple lines, delicate accents, and is then finished in a bold cherry stain complemented wonderfully by brass finished hardware.

Hutches are just the beginning when it comes to kitchen accent furniture because there are a slew of other options to pick from as well. For example, maybe you like the hutch idea, but do not have enough room for one. Well, then a sideboard would probably be a better selection for you. Instead of having a large upper cabinet area, it has more of a design like a console table with a spacious surface ideal for displaying different items and a lower area that can be equipped with shelving, drawers, and a cabinet ideal for putting away a wide variety of items. Plus, again they have a stunning look because they can be styled a number of eye-catching ways from those that are very antique in nature and some that are even modern in their appearance. Credenzas and curio cabinets are also a nice choice for stowing away items as well.

Again, the choices of kitchen accent furniture does not stop there either. Some of the other selections that are available include other storage options like bakers racks and kitchen carts, bar stools or counter stools to offer people a nice place to sit at your counter, and there are plenty of kitchen chairs to pick from as well so you know that your guests will be sitting comfortably at your dinner table. A fast and stress free way to take in all the options is by simply jumping on the Internet for some comparison shopping. That’s right, the Internet is one of the best ways to shop nowadays because you do not have to go anywhere and waste any gas to do it. When you do come across something that you like, you can find it at the best possible price by simply sifting through the multiple online stores. Plus, what you do purchase will be sent right to your home, thus, allowing you to avoid all that worrying about how to have it shipped from point a to point b.

In the end, your kitchen needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye. To achieve both, just turn to kitchen accent furniture. It would be a grand investment.

Author Jennifer Akre is an entrepreneur who runs different online specialty stores providing consumers with products and information on how to furnish and decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Whether it’s your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both practical and appealing to the eye. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous indoor area by using beautiful kitchen furniture or dining tables. Each would be a great purchase.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I buy affordable furniture or new kitchen cabinets?
I’m remodeling my kitchen and also planning on buying new furniture for the whole house. Can anyone suggest where I can obtain these for good prices, since I will be investing some money.

Answer: IKEA has great cabinets and furniture for a reasonable price. Also, if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore, you might be able to find good cabinets which can be painted or updated in some manner.

Question: How do I get furniture polish off of ceramic tile?
Our kitchen floor is ceramic tile. My husband wanted to spray Lysol but accidentally grabbed Pledge furniture polish instead and sprayed that. Ever since then the floor is super slippery. I’ve mopped and mopped and mopped but it’s still slippery. How can I get the furniture polish off the tile?

Answer: Try a degreaser like Pine Sol, Simple Green or Mean Green. You can also try LA It’s totally awesome cleaner. You may have to apply full strength, let it get soapy on the floor and then clean it up. It may take a few times but it will work.

Question: What colour paint goes with pine furniture?
We will be redecorating the kitchen but not sure what colour would go with pine furniture and white tiling, any ideas?

Answer: An off white colour or a light cream?

Question: Does anyone know where to find brown, turquoise, and aqua kitchen supplies?
I am redecorating my kitchen and wanted a aqua/turquoise and brown theme because it would match my new furniture.

Answer: Maytag has a retro line, also viking makes a line. For appliances I would go to sears or best buy, they have the best deals for appliances.

Question: What can you do to safely clean a wood kitchen table?
Our kitchen table is pretty new, only a couple months old. We have a two year old and well he’s a messy eater. What can I do to safely clean the kitchen table? It’s made of a very nice mahogany wood and I want to keep it looking nice. Short of using furniture polish every day, what can I do for a quick clean in between polishings?

Answer: I have a mahogany table as well so I know your concerns I just use warm soapy water in between using pledge. If you use the warm soapy water when cleaning up after your son you won’t have to use the pledge as much.

Question: How do I get watercolor stains out of my wood kitchen island?
My daughter has gotten markers, watercolors and pen marks on my Crate and Barrel wood kitchen island!

Answer: Mr.Clean eraser, then scour it with bleach water, then use a fine sand paper to sand any spots out, then rub down with mineral oil to “seal” and protect from future stains.

Question: Where can I get ideas for a 1950’s retro kitchen remodel?
We just bought a 1951 ranch house and the kitchen needs upgrading, but I want to keep the original 1950’s theme. I’m looking for websites, magazines or books with ideas on cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, furniture, window treatments and accessories from this era.

Answer: I’d use vintage 1950s good housekeeping or better homes and gardens magazines, or find an interior decorating book from the 50s era. It might cost you $20 or so, but would include many photos and instructions on your design. You could probably find one on ebay. Retro is back in a big way and finding replacement appliances (the look at least) to match your kitchen will be easy.

Question: Kitchen Islands with suspended seats / Furniture. Are they a good Idea ?
I was looking at some lovely kitchen designs with suspended seats and wanted some feedback on whether there are any safety or other concerns to worry about with the seats. Personally I think they look great.

Answer: Well, the idea isn’t really any different than what you find in the restaurant industry. The key is structural integrity. The island or ‘bar’ itself must also be strong structurally to support the seats and individuals, as well as be anchored to the floor.

On the ‘pro’ side, it does keep your seating nice and neat. No one is going to drag the chair or stool off someplace else.

On the ‘con’ side you are limiting the size of the individual who can use the seat. Someone short might find it difficult to climb into, and anyone with long legs is going to be uncomfortable trying to fit in there.