People designing their kitchen and wanting Italian kitchen furniture often make the mistake of thinking they’re looking for something very specific. As time has gone on, anything to do with Italian kitchens has become far more diverse. Here are just three common misconceptions of Italian furniture.

Firstly, you don’t have to just marble for your kitchen furniture to achieve an Italian style. For some reason, just because this material has become synonymous with Italy, people automatically think they need to put it in their kitchen to be authentic with their design. Marble can be very expensive and if not chosen and implemented correctly, can make a kitchen look horrific. There are other quality materials that are just as good.

Secondly, there is not set arrangement and layout for an Italian kitchen so you can feel free to space furniture out as you see fit. People often think that if you don’t have the big table in the middle of the kitchen for chopping meat and vegetables or large counters for other food preparation then it’s not an Italian kitchen. This is wide of the mark.

Finally, Italian kitchen furniture doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way. The Italian principles of kitchen design are to create a warm and inviting space that is functional to work in. This very much ties in with the theories behind bespoke kitchen design and customising a kitchen to suit your needs.

So when you’re picking out Italian kitchen furniture, feel free to think more creatively and don’t become ruled by a theme you’re told is set in stone, or marble.

There’s more information on Italian kitchen design at the Kitchen Design Site.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: How can I remove furniture polish (pledge) from my kitchen table (sealed wood)?
Our table is covered in pledge, which comes off on my hands whenever I sit down to eat (or do anything else at the table). I don’t want to ruin the table, but it is currently very unpleasant to sit at. I tried using dishwashing detergent (lots), but it didn’t seem to make a dent.

Answer: Spray it down with some Windex and wipe it away. The ammonia will cut the oily polish for you.

Question: Where can I get kitchen furniture re-chromed in N.Y.S.?

Answer: I would use the yellow pages.

Question: Where in San Francisco can I buy inexpensive furniture such as a kitchen table and chairs?

Answer: There are the obvious, crate and barrel and pottery barn. Also, I’ve just heard about a new place by 7th and towsend (which I was told is great), but I don’t remember the name.

Question: Decorating & Furniture – Simple Kitchen Backsplash ideas?
I have just moved into my first home, which is very exciting! It is a renovated 1911 smaller home and I think the kitchen is in need of a backsplash but have no idea what kind would look best. Would love any suggestions!

Answer: A classic back splash for a 1911 house would be tile. The ones that I think are the best for this are often called subway tile. They are about 3″ high by 6″ wide. They should be installed with a very thin grout line, like 1/16-1/8″. You can add a little horizontal stripe for a punch of color if you like. This is a classic look that compliments any period house – especially earlier 1900’s.

Question: Looking for a kitchen table and Windsor chairs that have a rustic feel. Any ideas on furniture retailers?

Answer: If your budget allows, Ethan Allen has BEAUTIFUL Windsor chairs.

Question: Where I can find kitchen furniture in the Philippines?

Answer: Cebu is a good manufacturer of Kitchen furniture and you can see their displays in mall in manila. If you want to buy cheap ones go to Quiapo or Divisoria but if you want to buy it in malls you can go to Mall of Asia.

Question: What color would look good on a kitchen wall?
The kitchen has white furniture, and white flooring…what color would make the kitchen have a more contemporary look? I was thinking of red, do you think it will work?

Answer: Red would be nice, but I wouldn’t go with a bright red, I would go with a deeper red sort of like maybe a maroonish color (but not so browny). Also, a nice forest green is pretty too.

Question: How long do you have to wait after polyurethaning hardwood floors before you put furniture on them?
We have done the first coat of fast-drying poly on newly stained hardwood floors. The can says this stuff should dry in 3-4 hrs. We’re on hour 8 and it’s still tacky. Temp is at 72 deg and fans are blowing. Anyway, we still have to do another coat, and wait for that to dry. We thought we’d be good to go by this evening, but the can says you then have to wait another 72 hours before putting furniture on it! we started this whole process 3 days ago. Since we have all our furniture in the kitchen and living room, and have a 5 yr old and 3 yr old, this is chaos! Do we really have to wait 72 hours or is this an overcautious just-in-case-we-get-sued manufacturers direction?

Answer: The manufactures directions should be taken as a guide line only. If your floor is not insulated well you could be drawing cold from the other side of the wood. How thick are your coats? Better to wait till dry or experience the poor results of your impatience.