The kitchen’s just got smarter. The times when Kitchens were just for women have gone. In the modern kitchen, every object is designed to be in sync with householders. No effort should be wasted, the most accomplishment must be got for the least amount of work, mostly pressing buttons and setting timers. Let us look at what advantages modern kitchen furniture have to offer us and how we can make judicious choices with them.

Chop and change

Whatever it is that you are cooking and however much gadgets help you in that, you still cannot get by without the peeling, the chopping and the dicing. But there are multi-function slicers, the whole gamut of modern kitchen knives as well as butcher block kitchen islands, with built-in shelves and cupboards to help you assemble and prepare your ingredients faster and better. And if you don’t think these are enough; Try the new-age kitchen carts, baker’s racks, buffets and sideboards that are guaranteed to make your cooking experience enjoyable.

Perch for your gadgets

I used to have a simple blender, now I have a hand blender for regular mixing, and a food processor for larger stuff. Whereas my Mom had an electric oven and grill, I have a microwave too.Now all these new gadgets demand space in our kitchens. So we have kitchen furniture which are high on storage space. Kitchen tables come with drawers and shelves, kitchen carts have top racks especially fashioned for microwaves, sideboards are where coffee makers, juicers and food processors can be neatly arranged side by side, blenders, slicers and littler things can all find their own spot in the wonderful new kitchen cupboards.

Material concerns

There’s much to kitchen furniture today| than the traditional wood. Stainless steel tops look modern and, coated plastic appear in vivid colors and granite surfaces look sturdy on the butcher block islands. But, however, that when it comes to kitchen tables and chairs, cypress always come up trumps over the more modern variants. It is also true that wood is the best suited for making drop-leaf counters for tables. Wood demands a little care and looking after, but once that is afforded to wooden furniture, they maintain for lifetimes.

Space management

The chief accomplishment of a modern kitchen user is to maintain the available space in the most economical means. This calls for a wise choice of furniture, concentrating on what offers the greatest storage possibility. Most people will find that nearly all modern kitchen furniture is now on wheels, so that they can double up as service carts outside the kitchen, even outdoors.

Many crates to hold bottles of wine. Necessity is the mother of invention, and of creativity too, as modern day kitchen furniture’s have doubtlessly proved.

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Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: Kitchen Furniture?
Me and my beautiful wife are scouting for some good looking kitchen furniture that would go great with our white marble countertops. I don’t want to spend too much, that’s why I’m looking online to find some better deals. Can anybody provide me with a good selection of kitchen furniture?

Answer: The best way to buy furniture is to shop around at local furniture stores because you’ll never know what kind of deal you may find. I would personally recommend a pedestal table with a glass top and some upholstered chairs.

Question: What is a “green” or “eco-friendly” fabric to use for upholstering kitchen furniture (removable slipcovers)?

Answer: Fabric made of hemp with eco friendly inks.

Question: I am reupholstering my kitchen furniture and I was wondering if I had to take my chairs apart completely for it?

Answer: It depends on whether you are replacing existing covers, then it is only a matter of removing the seat. Usually there will be screws underneath the seat frame. It is also easier to use the old cover as a pattern for the new material.

Question: Chinese furniture for kitchen?
Does anybody know Chinese companies which produce kitchen facades?

Answer: To be honest their kitchen cabinets look pretty much like ours. What exactly are you looking for? I would say get something very modern and decorate your kitchen. Also Japanese designs are a little slicker and fancier then Chinese designs.

Question: What color furniture would look best for a kitchen table?
I heard you can mix 3 colors of wood in a room-is this correct?

Our floor is light maple hardwood, our walls are creme, we have a dark navy couch, and a brown colored coffee table. In this same living room/kitchen, we need to buy a kitchen table. What color wood should we stick with for this piece?

Answer: Since the you’re already going with maple for both your floor and your entertainment center, I would just stick with the maple.
Too many different color woods in the same room can make your room look like it’s a bunch of stuff you just threw together, and not a well planned out room.

Question: Is Early American furniture out of style in a kitchen?
I have a Tell City hard rock maple kitchen table and chairs and a hutch of the same maple wood in the breakfast area of my kitchen. Is this completely out of style?

Answer: Technically, almost everything we usually have in our homes is “out of style”.
The trick is to blend it with other styles/themes/objects to give it a more “present” look.
If you have antique plates, etc, add more recent vintage, such as Fiesta, in matching or complementary colors. Replace an old table runner or doily with a colored straw mat or woven placemat or stone trivet. Use a modern vase with old-fashioned peonies or violets.

Question: I have burgundy checked curtains and black furniture in my kitchen. What colors for walls and trim?

Answer: Try off white walls, white trim or very pale gray walls, white trim or very pale pink walls, white trim. Add accessories [counter items such as canisters, cookie jar, utensil crock; table cloth, runner, or placemats; table items like S&P shakers,napkin holder] in burgundy, white and a bit of black. Do add a plant in window if at all possible – flowering one is even better!

Question: How can I match light wood kitchen table to dark living room furniture? I have an open kitchen/living area.
I want to get new furniture and I have kids so I want a darker color. My kitchen is light wood and yellow. I was thinking a dark brown or orangy color for living room furniture

Answer: Perhaps a rust color (reddish) would connect the light color to a darker living room color. Or a complimentary color like cool blue. It would certainly liven up the area.