Wicker bedroom furniture pieces are created by covering a solid frame by woven rattan, bamboo, cane or synthetic resin. These include furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, chests, night stands, wardrobes and mirrors that are suitable and functional for the bedroom.

In addition to large bedroom furniture pieces, wicker is also used to create objects such as lampshades, chests, hampers, planters, baby bassinets and carriages, which are used as decorative pieces in a bedroom. Bedroom wicker or rattan furniture possesses the inherent ability to harmonize or adapt to any décor and tapestry.

Wicker bedroom furniture is available in both loom woven wicker and synthetic wicker. Natural loom woven furniture with a solid aluminum, hardwood or steel frame is preferred because of its intricate and delicate exterior finish and strong internal frame. Another reason for the gaining popularity of wicker bedroom furniture is that it is less expensive than teak wood or wrought iron furniture.

While choosing wicker furniture, it is important to choose a woven material that is dense. Light wicker is often unsteady and unreliable. It is also important to find furniture that is built on a rattan or hardwood frame. Good quality wicker will not crack or peel, but cheaper versions tend to split.

Maintenance of bedroom wicker furniture is also very important. The furniture pieces need to dusted and vacuumed regularly. Paint and varnish protect the finish of the furniture and prolong its life.

Bedroom wicker furniture should be prevented from coming into contact with water. It should be dried immediately when it gets wet. However, over-drying of wicker results in cracking or peeling, due to the dry indoor heat. To avoid this, the furniture pieces should be cleaned with a damp cloth to restore their minimum moisture levels.

With this basic maintenance, bedroom wicker furniture can last for years to come.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I find white wicker bedroom furniture online

Answer: Try Crate and Barrel

Question: How do you get odor out of bedroom wicker furniture?

Answer: Try making up a solution of bicarbonate soda with water, get a rag and basically wipe it all over. Leave it outside to air as long as possible.

It is quite hard to remove smells from wicker because it permeates right into it.

Question: Where can I find WICKER furniture in Los Angeles?
I need wicker furniture such as bedroom furniture, sofas etc. near areas of Hollywood.

Answer: Santa Monica Patio. Also the Wicker Rattan Mart in Santa Ana. Cost Plus and Pier One carry that type of furniture especially when it gets close to spring/summer.

Question: How do I get white paint off wicker furniture?
The whole wicker bedroom suit is being given to me for free so I can’t beat that but I don’t want to put white twin beds in boys room.

Answer: I think you need to paint over the white (if this is truly a natural product like wicker and not a plastic replica) because you’ll never be able to remove the white paint – because of all the texture, nooks, and crannies in the furniture. I don’t think stain will work over the white paint as it needs wood or wicker bare to be able to soak into the surface of the material. However, there are gel stains available now but I’ve never worked with those so I can’t say whether they’ll work for you. If you paint the furniture, be sure to clean it well, use a primer, and then a durable paint.

Question: What bedroom furniture goes well with a black metal bed frame?
My style is definitely not traditional, but some vintage things catch my attention. For example, I just love the romantic idea of a wrought iron bed. Mostly, I prefer contemporary design and need help coordinating something more modern with this kind of bed. What have you seen that looks neat?

Answer: Anything goes with black, but how about trying pine wood furniture, you don’t have to go for real pine, you could try imitation pine.

Question: All white furniture in bedroom, what colour should I paint the walls?
I have a huge bedroom and I want to paint it. Everything is white, my furniture, bedsheets, the ensuite, everything. The carpet is off white, I love white, but the walls are really scratched up and has never been painted, its’ the original white. What would compliment white but still give me that fresh clean feeling.

Answer: A very pale blue would look great, but it may leave the space feeling a little cold as it is a cool color. To keep the look fresh, but also make it warm, you could use pale apricot, cantaloupe, coral. To make it feel fresh ,crisp and earthy, use a light celery green. Stay away from grays and beiges, as they will make the white look muddy and shadowy.

Question: How should I paint my wicker furniture?
I’m moving and I have a white wicker bedroom set that I’ve had since I was about 5 or 6. It’s in great condition, but the paint is starting to fade. I want to keep it the same color, but is there a certain paint or process that I should use?

Answer: I should think you can spray paint it like you would outdoor wicker furn. Just take it outside & spray it. Use a good quality paint, like krylon.

Question: Would mustard orange walls look good with black bedroom furniture in a bedroom that is 12′ x 11′?
I have a queen size bed, a dresser, 6′-6″ wall unit and an old locker style truck. The mustard orange is the popular color on the Chevrolet sportscars. I am wanting to give the room a southern European look to it.

Answer: Yes, it would look fine. I think that people are thrown off by the word “orange” but a mustard orange and black furniture would look fine. Are you buying the furniture or your already have it? If its going to be bought maybe go toward an espresso which will be a little warmer than the black.

If you want your home interior to transcend time and trends, consider a traditional theme that breathes the glory of Europe’s history. While this type of design can be adjusted to create a casual look, traditional furniture more often leans towards providing a formal ambiance to your living space.

Traditional home decor will have your color choices limited to neutral or jewel tones but they’ll provide the fun of wall papers and stencils which are two staples of traditional design. When it comes to fabrics, you’ll find that you have quite a sea of choices. Your upholstery and windows will look gorgeous with brocades and tapestries, those windows magnificent with a layering of sheer curtains and drapes. Dining tables are enlivened with chairs covered by patterns and prettied up with throw pillows and blankets. Best thing about traditional fabrics is they never go out of style and always give you the freedom to make something refreshing out of a classic style. A great example is the toile which comes in different hues. The toile has been part of any traditional décor for common living spaces, but it can be quite flexible as curtains or even beddings. It’s quite exciting that these fabrics could even double as wallpapers except that they’ll be hung and not pasted onto walls.

If you’re serious about getting a traditional design your home, you’ll be glad to know that the styles come quite abundantly. Before the 20th century, the major European countries had their own unique styles in furniture. A number of these are still evident in traditionally-inspired rooms, and the more recent furniture are but replicas or heavily influenced by their antique inspirations. A lot of these traditional furniture are crafted from rosewood or mahogany. These designs are dominated by Queen Anne and its characteristic curved legs, and the heavily ornamented Rococco pieces which take their characteristic seashell or clam form. Beds such as four posters are often large and weighty. The wood is maintained to keep its natural appearance or polished with stains to retain its original color. Chairs and sofas come with upholstery, which sometimes makes the room look quite cluttered when arranged by someone who is not specially skilled. However, with the right talent guiding the way, traditional furniture should be nothing but beautiful with its elaborate accessorizing.

If you’re looking for traditional bedroom furniture, you’ll find it wise to choose among discount bedroom furniture sets so you could capture the glory of Europe in your home without bleeding your pockets dry.

Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: What kind of paintings for bedroom with simple traditional furniture in light oak?
The bedroom set is plain, but has a traditional oak feel and tri-fold mirror. Any ideas for an imagery theme, other than roses/flowers? My man has no particular ideas for this room, so I don’t have much input there.

Answer: A collection of family photographs in ornate oak frames might be nice. Children’s artwork can also be framed to add a happy feeling to the room. You can frame just about anything. Frame several pieces of color coordinating fabric and hang in a cluster on the wall. Go to a flea market to scout for old picture frames of various sizes and hang in a group, one inside of the other. Or, take one large frame and hang on the wall. Paint your own picture directly on the wall inside the frame.

Question: Where is the manufacturers label located on bedroom furniture?
I have a mid-century bedroom set and I’m curious to know who the manufacturer was.

Answer: On furniture, unless it’s upholstered furniture, there isn’t a label per say. Usually, a furniture manufacturer will stamp or burn their label on the underside of tables, on the backing of armoires and dressers, etc.

Question: How can I sell my bedroom furniture in Northern Virginia?
I am looking for someone or a company that can give me an estimate for my furniture and take it out of my house.

Answer: Consignment stores are your best bet. They will pick up your furniture and determine the price plus their commission. In your area there should be a consignment store called Upscale Resale. Look for that first but any decent consignment store will do. This way means you don’t have to deal with shipping or having people come to your home.

Question: The bedroom furniture is wood brown if staying with the same color do you paint or stain?
If the furniture has chips do you have to sand it?

Answer: Check your local home depot for woodfillers. You can find almost any color your looking for that would be the easiest thing to do, or use woodfiller then sand whatever area it is and restain it then seal it.

Question: I have black bedroom furniture and just bought a comforter with blues and tans, what color to paint walls?
The new comforter is covered with squares that contain a few shades of blues and tans. I would like to fuse the black furniture and the colors in the comforter together.

Answer: Do a tan or a light blue, depending on the amount of black furniture in the room. If you don’t have a lot, then you can do a darker wall color. However if you have a lot of furniture, then I would pick a little lighter tan or blue.

Question: Oak colored bedroom furniture with brass headboard?
I have all oak-ish looking bedroom furniture. Would a brass headboard go with this?

Answer: Because of the sometimes golden hue that oak has, brass is the preferred metal to use with this wood.

Question: What colour should I stain my bedroom furniture?
I’m repainting my master bedroom…the walls chocolate brown and the ceiling like a spring green. I have two dressers that I’m re-staining, but I don’t know what colour to stain them. If I do a dark wood stain, they may blend too much into the wall. I was even thinking of staining them a green-ish colour.

Answer: Maybe you could paint it green or dark then splatter paint after.

Question: I am looking for bedroom furniture that is black and red, where could I find it?
The furniture should have both black and red in it and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Answer: You might have to buy the bedroom furniture in the style that you want at an unfinished furniture store. And then paint them the color you want. An unfinished furniture store is a store that has wood furniture that is not primed with any kind of stain. This would probably be your best bet and your cheapest.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture is the perfect fit for modern homes, as it has been designed for functionality as well as comfort. The Bedroom Furniture includes stylish dressers as well as mirrors, nightstands and bedroom benches. What sets contemporary furniture apart from traditional furniture is that the latter consumed a lot of space and was quite elaborate in design, whereas contemporary furniture makes the best possible usage of space.

The material that is usually used in Contemporary Bedroom Furniture is wood or metal, especially aluminum. You can choose from a range of styles and colors that are available on the market. The products have been designed to make an optimum usage of the space. Thus, you can come across a set of drawers fitted with a seat on top, that serves as a bench and as a storage space. Then there are armoires that cannot only take good care of your clothing and accessories, but also doubles as storage space for your TV. You have scores of colors to choose from, be it ebony, lighter shades of brown or an elegant white.

There are a number of styles of beds, so you can choose from sleigh beds to metal beds to platform beds to king-sized beds. The platform beds are for those who like their furniture to be without any frills and fancies. These beds are quite easy to assemble and are liked by people due to their understated elegance. The sleigh beds spell sophistication and class.

The bedroom is also the place where one can dress at ease; thus, having a mirror and a dresser is an absolute must for your room. Accentuate the sense of space in your room by getting a wall-mounted mirror designed in the contemporary style. You can also get the mirrors designed in elegant wrought iron with a beautiful patina finish. The designers of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture have put their imagination to good use and come up with great designs. They boast excellent craftsmanship and fit with as much ease and élan in your home as in your budget.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Can I design my bedroom with a sleek contemporary feel if I have traditional furniture ?
I am looking to redo our master bedroom, I would like to use a monochromatic color scheme. I am leaning towards a more contemporary look, however my furniture is strictly traditional (four poster bed) brass hardware. Can I still utilize the look without having to replace the furniture?

Answer: Absolutely. Using the right color of paint, contemporary bedding ensemble, lighting fixtures & artwork with the traditional furnishings will give it a whimsical, fantasy feel.

Not sure what color you’re leaning toward or what color your furniture is, but a gray or a brown will probably give you the sleek look you want.

Question: What are cool accessories for a contemporary bedroom that is black, white, and blue?
I have a contemporary bedroom that has black furniture, white bedding, and light blue walls. What are some cool accessories that I could use to complement those colors?

Answer: Try some rattan accents- like a rattan wrapped vase, wicker baskets, something very textured and natural.
Also, I love that colour scheme- try going for some nice creamy white pottery, like vases, bowls, that sort of thing. If you had a bookshelf in the room covered in white pottery, or off white or baby blue, it would be a stunning looking collection. You could also put some baskets on the shelves to keep things looking tidy- baskets are a secret weapon for hiding clutter.

Question: What kind of curtains for a more contemporary look?
The walls are neutral light tan. The furniture is dark wood. The bedding is off white. I want a neutral look that is also contemporary.

Answer: I would chose a dark color full length curtain it will be contemporary and a little dramatic. Either a solid color or a large vertical stripe would add a little color and interest. I would also use curtains that have gromets or other industrial style hardware. Go to and look up candice olsen’s show, that should give you some good ideas as well.

Question: I need to know what accents colors would work with eggshell bedroom furniture?
It’s a girls bedroom with coral and green wall.

Answer: Try brick red, dark chocolate brown, forest green, copper and bronze.

Question: What is the brand name of Kim Kardashian bedroom furniture?
I want to purchase the same bedroom set that Kim Kardashian has in her bedroom at the condo on the “keeping up with kardashians” how do I find out where to get the exact same one?

Answer: I found this brand called Horchow, it seems to be it.

Question: Is it possible to paint my bedroom furniture?
I bought a set from Ikea in the medium brown finish. After I bought the set I painted my room hot pink and now the furniture is completely lost and doesn’t stand out at all. So I’m thinking that I should either paint the furniture white so that it will definitely pop or I should just repaint my room to more of a airy breezy spa blue.

Answer: You are on the right track…the bed in it’s current finish would look better with the “spa” blue color walls. If you want to keep the walls pink though, the hot color combo I’m seeing these days is pink and brown. Not a light, wimpy brown, but a dark, java color. It will most definitely give you the pop that you are after. The Malm series is so urban…I think the java color will keep it feeling that way. I’m afraid if you paint it white, it will lose that urban charm.

Question: How do I re-finish a bedroom furniture set?
I’m looking to refinish my bedroom dressers and nightstand. My plan is on plugging the holes left from the old hardware, sanding off the current finish, drilling new holes for the new hardware, and restaining it. What types of finish should i look at? I want it to be black, but don’t know what types of stain i should use and if i need to polyurthene it as well.

Answer: If you have a really stubborn varnish to get through, I would recommend chemically stripping the wood. If you’re only planning on sanding the wood and not first stripping it, you’d better have some damn good equipment! If you just have a common orbital sander you’re going to wear yourself out and not get very far in the process. If you have a disk or a belt sander you’ll be able to remove the varnish a lot quicker, but then you have to be careful not to sand too deeply and ruin your piece. If your furniture has legs or any curved areas it can be hard to sand. You’ll only need to lightly sand the furniture after using a chemical stripper, and then it’ll be so smooth you’ll want to get naked and wiggle on it! Well, maybe not… but you get the idea. Look for a chemical stripper that says “no clean-up” or washes clean with water. Definitely wear gloves and a mask.

Question: Have a built in wardrobe which is white what colour bedroom furniture would go with it?
EG bedframe, lockers and drawers. I don’t want it to clash with the wardrobe but I don’t want a white furnished bedroom either.

Answer: Any colour at all will go with white. Black would probably go really well for that dramatic look.

If you’re feeling regal and historical about your bedroom design, Victorian is the right direction to go. You can log on to the Internet and get lost in nostalgia among those magnificent bedroom furniture beauties known to that era. You will find that this type of furniture can be a mixture of wood and cloth and designed with emphasis on colors that give any room an aura of majesty and style.

Exploring Victorian furniture will bring you to its many splendors. You will find that pieces may not be similar but very complimentary. Those lady and gentleman chairs with wide arms and round characteristic cushioned backs are great for wonderful dining moments with family and friends. You will also find this type of furniture to be traditionally made of high quality materials and construction techniques. Those exquisite moldings, floral designs and magnificent carvings are a true thing of beauty as well as those characteristic velvets, brocades and tapestries so reminiscent of that time from long ago.

What sets Victorian furniture apart from other types of furniture is its emphasis on detail and artistic execution which makes them truly unique. Those who are fascinated by this era in history will truly be glad for modern artists’ exceptional renditions. These furniture now make such great family heirlooms to be passed from one generation to the next.

Those exquisite carvings and hand finishes are reminiscent of that time which many desire to relive in their own homes, especially in their bedrooms. As people get busier and more stressed out, they appreciate moments when they can go back to a particular region in history where life was so much more relaxed and special. For some, this escape is possible with Victorian furniture whose beauty and style are enough to provide relief from the modern day pressures of work and home.

The Internet is a very rich place for anyone who wants to travel in nostalgia through those glory years. Among Victorian furniture pieces, Queen Anne are most popular with their variety of finishes from mahogany to brushed gold with gold stripes and antique white and gold. Martha Washington chair, Jefferson chair, and the wing chair are some other types of this particular furniture genre. There are also those French pieces characterized by elaborate carvings. When it comes to Victorian style, wallpaper is a key element in providing the walls with its own charm as it works together with the furniture to give the room that Victorian flair. Windows will have the usual velvets, tapestries, and brocades while accessories could be anything from lamps, pictures and ornate pillows which all serve to recapture that particular moment in history which continues to amaze many people of today. Victorian pieces will not be known only for their majestic designs but also for their distinctive construction techniques which make them such quality bedroom furniture anyone can have.

For furnishing your bedroom with individual pieces such as a bedroom furniture dresser, armoire or nightstand or a complete bedroom furniture set reminiscent of the Victorian era or any other influential period, simply connect to the Internet to view your choices from among the many furniture dealers selling their goods online.

Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I buy Victorian bedroom furniture?

Answer: Try looking on Amazon.

Question: Victorian Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl?
I’m 13 years old and I am going to remodel my bedroom in the near future. I’m really into that Victorian style furniture with the old antique accessories (like things you would find in your grandmother’s house). I like the white furniture, not the dark brown. I’m looking for a full bedroom set (bed frame, dresser with mirror, nightstand, and a place for my tv). My budget is about $1500. I live in Anaheim Hills, California. Does anybody have any advice on shopping for antiques or suggestions on possible furniture stores or antique stores that aren’t too expensive?

Answer: $1500 isn’t a big budget so you should have help checking out flea markets for pieces that need refinishing. Antique stores are very expensive. You can get the look you want without spending a fortune with the right help. It has a lot to do with fabrics so making those right choices will complete the look. But fabrics can be purchased at fabric stores and you can have drapes made and seats and chairs recovered to your look for a minimal price.

Question: What accessories should I use for a Victorian bedroom?
What bedspread, curtains, furniture etc. would go good.

Answer: Dark wood or white painted furniture would go best. A four poster bed would look really nice with a white lacy or floral print bed spread. If you want your room to look authentic go to an antique store, you might find furniture and accessories that you like.

Question: American drew bedroom furniture?
I am looking for American drew bedroom furniture online for cheap prices.

Answer: Try ebay. There are lots of ebay stores where you can find what you are searching for.

Question: What is the best furniture company to buy long lasting, decent priced bedroom furniture from?
I am redoing my room, and I am going to get new furniture. I am getting a double bed, bookshelf, desk, drawers, and a glass case for my snow globe collection. I am trying to find a good brand to by from, but I have zero furniture experience… What is your opinion of the best furniture company, and where can it be bought?

Answer: It depends on your budget. If you have the money, then look to William’s of Sonoma Home or Ethan Allen. They’re pretty good and I don’t believe they use “cheap” materials to make their furniture.

Question: What kind of bedroom furniture should I get?
I’m moving into my new place next week and I’ll be searching for a bedroom set. Is there anything I should know about whats good and what isn’t? I want quality, but I don’t want to spend a fortune. I’m a 20 year old college student. I like the beds that sit closer to the ground, but I’m not sure about the quality on those.

Answer: My advice for anyone wanting to buy new furniture but are on a budget: Go shopping at your local furniture store and take notes on the make & model of the furniture that you like. You can then go to the internet & find the exact same furniture (many times with free delivery) at a huge discount.

Question: What wall color goes best with Maple bedroom furniture?
I am planning on redecorating the bedroom and wondering if you can help me out. Any input is really appreciated!

Answer: I am assuming when you say maple that this is a light wood color. For me, the neutrals work best, but you just need to take a photo of your furniture with you to the Lowes, Home Depot, or other Store where you will look at the paints, and start putting that photo of the wood next to the colors on the papers showing the choices. It is up to you as to what you feel comfortable with in repainting the room.

If you are still unsure, I would suggest you start with a pint of a selected color. Pull the furniture away from the wall, and just paint a test area, let it dry, and then put the furniture back. Does it look like you want it to look? If so, then go back and finish the room that color.

Question: I want to paint my bedroom, furniture is brown?
My furniture is chocolate brown, so is my bedding but the bedding has some blue and light green in it. I put some colors together with the brown but I didn’t think it looked right.

Answer: Honestly no matter what color you paint your walls, anything will look good with brown. Try for lighter colors though, it won’t make the room too dark, giving it the cavelike effect!

Antique Furniture not only makes a veritable feast for the eyes, but you can also watch the regal splendor of yore come alive with it. It is popularly said that “Old is gold,” and this line stands true when Antique Bedroom Furniture comes to mind. These days, Antique Bedroom Furniture is becoming popular with the majority of the people. The reason behind this is that this furniture is a great addition to the aesthetic appeal to your room.

Bedroom Furnishing is not just to soothe your senses, but also to enamor you with its beauty. Nowadays, Antique Bedroom Furniture comes with an exquisite headboard with gold trimmings, and nightstands with vertical mirrors. Antique Bedroom Furniture sets come with a bed along with a chest of drawers, a mirror and two nightstands. It makes your room soaked in the tranquility and classiness of bygone times, coupled with the functionality of the traditional beds. Many companies offer Antique Bedroom Furniture equipped with TV armoires and cloth hangers, too.

These days you just don’t have to settle for normal antique pine furniture, as there is a wide array of choices waiting for you. You can choose from any of the designs and finishes, such as mahogany lacquer, cinnamon lacquer and dark brown. Antique Bedroom Furniture is not only sturdy, but also gives your room an antique and innovative appeal. What makes Antique Bedroom Furniture score over others is its distinct style, charisma and elegance.

Antique Bedroom Furniture’s aesthetic value and eternal appeal cannot be expressed by mere words. You have to feel its grace, quality and presence for yourself.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I find affordable antique bedroom furniture?
I want it to be antique looking, but to come in a set not piece by piece. If you have a link or the name of the store, please post. I want it to be a dark color, not black but oak/cherry like.

Answer: The best place without doubt is your closest auction. You may not be able to pick out what you want exactly right away, but it WILL be affordable if you pick your battles.

Here’s why. Furniture is very slow right now due to foreclosures and eBay sellers wanting smaller things to sell. As goes the dealers and resellers so goes the prices.

When you add all this up, consider that a local auction does NOT want to put the same items up on the block twice, so they are selling furniture very cheap at this time.

Most dealers will tell you, there has never been a worse time to sell furniture at auction, but there has never been a better time to buy it!

Question: I want to paint my pine bedroom furniture to have a distressed antique look, how do i begin this project?
Can anyone provide names of products best to use and give me step by step of what to do as this could work out costly if I mess up!

Answer: Distress it with several different items and a hammer, such as hitting a nail on it’s side, hitting a washer or chain..give it some hammer marks. Then paint it.You can also sand edges and other marks into the paint to make it look worn. Use a very fine sandpaper.

Question: How to clean antique white bedroom furniture that turned yellow from smoke?

Answer: Try diluted white vinegar.

Question: What is the best place to sell antique furniture?
My mom has an antique bedroom set we have been trying to get rid of on ebay with no luck. I’m wondering if there is anyplace where we might have better luck of getting rid of it at. It’s in really good condition we just have no use for it.

Answer: Look up antique stores and sell it to them or try an auction. People usually don’t buy furniture on e-bay cause they have to pay to ship it.

Question: What is the best product to use on antique furniture?
I just bought an antique bedroom set. What would be the best product to use to clean and protect the wood. I have some Murphys oil soap, has anyone ever used this product?

Answer: Murphy’s is good, however I find that Howard Feed-N-Wax wood preserver gets off grime like nothing else.

Question: Where can I find antique french bedroom sets in New Jersey?

Answer: Depends where you are in New Jersey, but if you go to route 1 & 9 there are a row of furniture stores, and you can get some great bargains there. I send plenty of my clients over that way!

Question: Where can I find cheap bedroom furniture in South Carolina or Georgia?
I really need new bedroom furniture but Rooms To Go is very expensive.

Answer: The Brick, Badboy, Home Depot, and Ikea
Ikea is great because u have the choice of buying things in sets (bedroom sets etc.)

Question: What paint can I use for bedroom furniture.
I want to paint my bedroom furniture white. It is a light wood color at the moment. I do not want to use spray paint. Is there a roll on white paint that I use instead? Also, I don’t have time to sand the furniture I just want a fresh coat of white paint.

Answer: If you don’t sand or strip (which is what you should do) put one or two coats of primer on first. Most wood furniture has several layers of sealant and most paint won’t adhere.

Stick to an enamel, in semi-gloss. Benjamin Moore is the best of all paints.

If you don’t sand or prime it won’t cover properly and look like it. Short cuts unfortunately show with furniture.

Refurnishing your bedroom does not have to cost a fortune, as you can settle for Cheap Bedroom Furniture that happens to equally stylish. Everybody has a grand vision of how to remodel their room but only few can do it, as it involves a hefty amount of money. These days, people get bored with their bedrooms so frequently that within months they look for redecoration; however, not each time can you settle for expensive furniture. So if you are a frequent room re-decorator then Cheap Bedroom Furniture is the best available choice for you.

Nowadays there are various styles and designs of Cheap Bedroom Furniture. You can choose from furniture ranging from pine to canvas, mahogany to metal. One thing should be kept in mind while choosing Cheap Bedroom Furniture: it should be in tandem with the ambiance of your room and fill the available space. The Bedroom Furniture is the most important aspect of your room, as furniture can lend beauty and elegance to your room, or mar the beauty, on the other hand. Therefore, many considerations should be taken into account while choosing Cheap Bedroom Furniture, which includes color, design, style and material of the furniture.

These days many people look for high-quality but Cheap Bedroom Furniture. You can get some great shopping deals online. You can choose a style that complements your bedroom, as there is a range of furniture starting from simple and graceful designs to chic and stylish. What surprises most of the buyers is that this Cheap Bedroom Furniture is economical and inexpensive, but there is no compromise in terms of quality and elegance. This is what contributes to its growing popularity of Cheap Furniture. So if you’re looking for redecoration but have budgetary constraints, then Cheap Bedroom Furniture is a great deal.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: What are the better brands of bedroom furniture?
Can you tell me the top 3 or 4 brands of bedroom furniture? If price was no object, who makes the best?

With real-world considerations for who’s gonna pay for this stuff, who makes the best quality/value furniture? I am interested in names like Ethan Allen, Stickley, Hooker, and so on. Do these three belong together?

Answer: Stickley would be the best.

Hooker used to be good, but now they have succumbed and produce in China, as does Ethan Allen.

There are very few true American manufacturers left. A good one is Bentwood Furniture in Grants Pass , Oregon. No particle board veneers. It all depends on your style preferences too. They would be close in style to Stickley but MUCH less expensive.

Question: Can extremely heavy furniture hurt concrete slab flooring in 12×12 bedroom?
We have extremely heavy bedroom furniture (huge dressers, dresser drawers & king size wooden frame bed all situated on two sides of the room at the OUTSIDE WALLS of the house). Any possible problems? The rest of the house is about 2200 sq ft, 1 sty, with conc tile roof.

Answer: Most foundations use a concrete mix listed as a 3000# mix. That means that a test cylinder made by the same the concrete can withstand a force of 3000 lbs per square inch before it fails. Heavy furniture won’t make a dent.

Question: I’m from Charlotte NC. Where can I find cheap bedroom furniture?
I’m moving out on my own for the first time but I’m having to leave my bedroom furniture at home. I’m obviously on a budget so where can I find some cheap bedroom furniture that still looks presentable for my new bedroom?

Answer: In Kannapolis they have a lot of furniture from K-Town furniture that are just too old to keep in stock. Most pieces are about 2 years old, so they are selling them at Big Lots for less than half the price. I saw a Queen size sleigh bed, very nice, for like $150.00. It looked really nice. It’s not your normal Big Lots CRAP. Most of their stuff looks good until you sit on it. It’s never comfortable, and normal use wears out the fabric in a few months. This is quality stuff sold in a bad store for a super low price.Hope this is some help. If you have the time, there are plenty of cheap furniture stores further north where it was built. Up around Lexington, NC about 40 min drive, north of Charlotte.

Question: Where can I find affordable bedroom furniture?
Is there are place/website that has affordable bedroom furniture for a teen girl? Please NOT ebay.

Answer: Try Pier 1. Many of their pieces are expensive BUT they are all able to be mixed/matched with other Pier 1 pieces or maybe pieces you already have. They also clearance things out about every 6-8 months so there are always pieces marked way down. We furnished our guest room with a complete set (not on sale either) that includes a queen bed, 2 dressers, 2 night stands, mirror, and large armoire for under 1000 dollars. However, I have seen other people who caught a good sale/clearance do the same thing for a few hundred dollars.

Question: Websites for bedroom furniture?
I want new bedroom furniture. I like dark colors, modern, simple, teenager style, and comfortable. Do you know any websites where they might sell furniture like this. It doesn’t have to be everything I listed, but pretty close. I’d also like it if the website had a desk that matches the bedroom set. Nothing too pricey (under $2,500) and pretty good quality.

Answer: If you go to the IKEA website there is a BUNCH of stuff right up your alley!
They have practically everything in all colors, shapes, and sizes

Question: Which are the best brands of furniture- particularly bedroom furniture?
I’m trying to find out what some of the best brands of furniture are. Would you say Ethan Allen, Broyhill, and Pottery Barn? Or would you recommend something else. I’m looking into getting a new bedroom set and I want to know what the top brands are (as far as name recognition, brand appeal, quality, etc.).

Answer: I worked for Ethan Allen, about 4 years ago, and in my opinion they have always had the best furniture. For generations all of their furniture was made in the USA, until recently. Most of it is still made in US, some however is being imported from China. I still think EA is the best and its an investment, just make sure you will love this furniture, because you will have to live with it for a while.

Question: Where to buy Bedroom Furniture?
I’m currently looking to buy a new bedroom suite. Where is a good place to get furniture that has some quality but yet doesn’t blow my budget?

Answer: If you are looking for more contemporary style, that is definitely budget friendly I recommend IKEA. Their stuff is fun, modern and inexpensive. I have heard mixed things about how long their furniture lasts, but mine has been with me for 4 years and still looks great.

Question: Has anyone painted their bedroom furniture?
My bedroom furniture is pressed wood with a darkish veneer. I want to paint it cream. Can anyone advise me?

Answer: Because it’s pressed wood I’d definitely use a bonding agent. Sand, rub with Wil-Bond (Home Depot may have) and use an OIL based, Slow drying primer than two topcoats of a good semi-gloss or higher sheen to finish(for durability). Drying time and prep is very important in between steps. Your primer will stink and it’s a three day process because of drying. If you seal it, don’t use an oil polyurethane it will alter your color.

Bedroom furniture consists of a bed, nightstands, cupboards, dressing tables, wardrobes and mirrors. There could also be a television or a music set. Bedroom furniture typically uses cool colors which add to the coziness of the room. Even the lighting in bedrooms is mostly kept dim to create an ambient atmosphere.

The big difference between bedroom furniture and furniture in the rest of the house is that bedroom furniture is not usually seen by visitors. Bedroom furniture is considered part of the private life of the owner. Furniture used in the bedroom has the potential to influence the mindset of the person using the bedroom.

That said, the basic purpose of bedroom furniture is to provide coziness and relaxation. A person may look forward to going to his or her bedroom after an especially grueling day. At the same time, bedroom furniture must be easily accessible and usable without much effort.

Beds are the most integral components of bedroom furniture. Going by modern trends, beds are available in not only rectangular and square designs, but also circular, oval or any other abstract shapes. The mattress of the bed is highly important and it must be ergonomic to the person using it. Beds are available in four standard sizes – king size, queen size, double and twin. The size of a bed is selected depending on the size of the bedroom. An ideal bed would be one with tiny drawers and places to keep nightstands for people who enjoy reading in bed.

Wardrobes are generally attached to bedroom walls. They must not be too large, but must be able to hold all the clothes of the user. Wardrobes may have mirrors on their doors to help a person in dressing up. Similarly, dressers are important in a bedroom. Dressing tables are wide enough to accommodate cosmetic material with a mirror and a stool.

People usually order their bedroom furniture in bulk. The reason behind this is to make all components match each other. Even abstract shapes should have a sense of homogeneity. There must be an intelligent blend of colors and patterns to make the bedroom furniture appealing. Hence, it is prudent to give the order for the entire bedroom furniture at the same time to the same contractor.

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Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I find cheap, modern, bedroom furniture?
I’m trying to redecorate my bedroom. I’ve been looking all over on the internet and everything that I’ve found is WAY out of my price range. I’m trying to spend no more than $500, and all I really need is a headboard, night stand, and dresser.

Answer: Try Ikea, Craigslist, and Ebay. I’ve never, personally, dealt with craigslist. IKEA and ebay (depending what you get from ebay) have great quality stuff!

Question: For a bedroom, what color furniture looks more modern/stylish with white walls?
I’m renting an apartment and we can’t repaint the white walls. I want to make my bedroom look modern and stylish, and I don’t know if birch wood (like a light colored wood) or darker wood for furniture would look better. Or are there other options? I need a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and a full length mirror for sure but I’m on a $500 budget for the entire room.

Answer: Well, dark espresso coffee colored wood gets my vote every time if we’re talking about making a room modern and stylish!

You can find some great stuff within your budget… Check out IKEA… And don’t forget to check out the corner they always have reserved for end-of-line products and slightly damaged goods. You can get some FANTASTIC FINDS!

Question: What is a good place to purchase nice modern furniture for a bedroom?

Answer: IKEA. If there’s no store near you, they do have a catalog. Furniture is good quality and not expensive. A lot of it is very versatile and can be used many ways.

Question: Need decorating ideas for black bedroom furniture-please help?
I have a small bedroom with a black bedroom set-queen bed, nightstand, dresser, and armoire. The walls are white with tan carpet. I went out and purchased a sateen black down comfort with a set of soft pink sheets but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to use it because there is just way way to much black. Can anyone suggest any ideas. I’m just wanting a room that is pretty soft and romantic.

Answer: Pink works with black, tan works with pink, but I am not sure if you want to try all three. Maybe pull back on the pink to small items like alarm clock, bookends and such. Tan or white would be the best bet for the rest of the room. If you can paint, try a tan for 3 walls, leave 1 white and any trim white( paint is cheap and if you are renting be sure to ask first).You may want to use a throw blanket and some light decorative pillows on top of the bed to break up the black and try table runners or doylies on top of your cases. But if you are tight on money, Return the comforter and sheets to try something different.Maybe plain black and white will be pleasing, kinda go art-deco.

Question: Where can I find good quality bedroom furniture for cheap?
I’m getting some new bedroom furniture, but I don’t have that much money to spend. Any suggestions for stores or sites?

Answer: Ikea!! Huge selection from classic to modern and pretty cheap. You have to be willing to assemble it yourself but that’s why they’re so cheap! Also try your local thrift shops and resale shops (like goodwill and salvation army–you’d be surprised what people donate!)

Question: What color paint will go on walls with black bedroom furniture?
My bedroom furniture is very feminine and ornate. My favorite color is red. I don’t know how to choose a color or colors that will go with the black furniture

Answer: Definitely do red! I would go with a fire engine red color. My bedroom is painted that color and everybody loves it. It might look loud when you paint it but once you add black furniture and dark colors in it will tone it down. But overall it looks very nice.

Question: How do you align doors on MFI bedroom furniture?
Bought some bedroom furniture. Everything has gone up smoothly but I need to correct the doors. Anyone got any good tips?

Answer: The unit must be exactly square…measure from top left corner to bottom right…this measurement should be the same as from top right to bottom left….if the measurements don’t match then you wont get your doors on straight.

Question: What are good places to look for bedroom furniture, that isn’t as expensive as PBTeen?
PBTeen is really expensive, but they do have good quality furniture. Their R&R Lounger went off the market, but it was too expensive any ways. If you know of any websites, stores, or magazines that have furniture like PBTeen, furniture like the R&R Lounger, or inexpensive, nice bedroom furniture that would be great. It would be more for teens.

Answer: Try IKEA. Always fun to go to their stores but if you can’t, look online. They have some unusual stuff that my teens really liked.

There was a time when bare human hands made furniture possible. This went on for hundreds and hundreds of years when craftsmen used their individual artistry and skills in creating those passionate, intricate designs known to furniture of that era. Each piece was never exactly alike any other and that added to the mystique that came with each finished masterpiece. By the 1800’s, however, factories went into mass production of furniture and allowed huge savings for manufacturers since it only took simple machines to do the job and a few human positions. As a result, prices went down, much to the delight of the buying public. But they found out later that the quality had gone down as well. This probably explains why hand-crafted pieces made from solid wood and natural fabrics now are seldom produced and often expensive.

These days, furniture makers combine different materials and techniques in producing different furniture genres. Some construct furniture with solid wood such as pine or cheap hardwood mixed with synthetic materials such as hardboard and plywood. Some make theirs using very thin layers of solid wood known as hardwood veneers with plastic sheets permanently attached to them. Generally, processing wooden furniture entails the use of synthetic stains and finishes to create a desired look for the outer wood parts. The upholstery is also normally exposed to chemical treatment, either to slow down its ability to catch fire or simply ward off stains or both.

As a result, potentially harmful gases are emitted into the air, often causing allergic reactions from sensitive users. The fumes are not only irritating. They’re unhealthy as well, especially when they come from within your bedroom and even from within your bed while you try desperately to get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, try solid wood furniture. While they’re not that great in number, manufacturers who specialize in solid wood furniture are actually there just waiting for you give their merchandise a shot. They do have a whole range of choices from bedroom furniture collections to dining room collections.

Once you start looking, you’ll find that pine and oak are the most common types of solid wood furniture, although their natural terpenes and tannins could be quite irritating to sensitive individuals. Solid maple, beech, birch or cherry could be more preferable in that case. If you are extremely sensitive, you might need your furniture custom built as finished products would still normally have drawers and backings made of plywood which emits both formaldehyde and terpenes.

So if you’re looking for healthier, higher quality alternatives for your home, you can try solid wood bedroom furniture then compare the difference and maybe wonder what took you so long.

Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Is there a way to refinish that Mediterranean-style 1970’s partially veneered/partially wood bedroom furniture
Top is some type of pecan stained wood and doors have “plastic curly-cew” insets. Yuck! Refinish top and paint doors?

Answer: Before attempting to refinish you need to know what exactly the existing finish is. Is it faux painted wood grain? If so you can only scuff, prime and paint (using any one of a large selection of paint effects). If its stained hardwood veneer than you can strip and re-stain/refinish. Stripping can be done by either sanding and scraping or by chemical strippers.

The plastic curly-dos can probably be gentled scraped off with a good glazing type putty knife. Do this before attempting the balance of the refinishing, regardless of whether you are going to repaint or refinish.

Question: Where can I find black wood, bedroom furniture to buy?

Answer: If you’ve noticed there is hardly any black wood out there. My best hope would be to buy a natural, non treated wood, light color of course, then stain it with a black stain. It will look good and make it look natural.

Question: How can I tell what kind of wood my bedroom furniture is made of?
It was made in 1990 by Stanley Furniture, and on the headboard it has 5414155 stamped on it. I am trying to buy a full headboard/footboard to match because I bought it with a twin size.

Answer: You can try their web site. There was nothing found with the number you provided, but maybe if you browse the collections, you may find your set.

Question: Is white spruce a good wood for furniture – particularly bedroom furniture?
Hi, I’m thinking about getting an unfinished dresser so I can match an old bed I already have, but I wanted to know if the particular dresser I’m looking at is made out of good wood or just something junky. It’s made out of white spruce. Would you say that’s an okay wood? I know cherry and mahogany are really good woods for furniture, but aside from that, I’m clueless.

Answer: White spruce is not the best furniture wood but can be acceptable. The details of contruction for the dresser are probably a better indicator of how well the piece of furniture will last.

Are the drawers made with dovetail joints? That is a sign of good construction. Are the sides, front and back put together with mortise and tendon joints? Another sign of good construction. Are the draw sides and bottoms made from solid wood or are they particle board, MDF or other similar material? They should be solid wood or at least good quality plywood.

Question: Is it possible to freshen up the artificial wood on my bedroom furniture?
I have furniture that has some real wood trim,but a lot is artifical wood. I have washed it, used furniture polish and it still looks awful. I am not able to get a new one now. Do you have any ideas of what to use?

Answer: If the wood is unfinished, meaning no clearcoat, use lemonseed oil or tongue oil. If the wood has a polyeurathine finish, I don’t know what to do. If you do choose to sand and refinish, make sure you sand with the grain, not against the grain.

Question: How do I restore painted wood furniture?
My bedroom furniture is wood, painted black, and the dresser and nightstand have a light cherry stain on the tops. The pieces are fifteen years old, but high quality and in great shape. Everything just needs a little cosmetic work. Do I need to actually refinish the pieces? If not, what can I use to clean the painted surfaces and the stained wood? I’d like to get the furniture to look as new as possible!

Answer: If you want restore the natural wood look you have to refinish it. I refinished my stairs with Citris Orange Paint Remover. You let it set and it bubbles the paint. Then you scrape off paint and lightly sand then polyurethane it. Or you could contact your local antique dealer and ask them.

Question: What color should I paint my bedroom with my cherry wood furniture?

Answer: That would depend on a few things. What colour is your flooring, what colour is your drapes/blinds, what colour is your bedding. I would take those into consideration first, then pick a complimentary colour. Your bed should be your focal point.

Question: Can I paint cheap bedroom furniture? Like the fake wood?

Answer: Yes. Be sure to sand first to roughen the surface and then use a primer. Light sanding is like dusting the piece really good, you won’t be taking anything off when you sand it. The fake surfaces aren’t made to stick to paint, so these steps are important.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that wooden furniture is outdated and something only your parents or grandparents would have insisted on. There is a stigma about it being too old fashioned. The truth is that it simply isn’t.

Teak is a very high quality of wood and it has many great qualities like its rich, warm color and its superior durability. Yes, there are many team furniture pieces that have a definite style that dates them, but teak itself goes way beyond the style as it delivers as a great material.

Teak is also less common than many other woods and this drives the prices of the material up. The higher costs do come with a benefit and that is that most furniture pieces made from teak are constructed with extra attention to detail resulting in quality products.

Wood is also a material that can add a lot of warmth to a room. This feeling of warm is all psychological but it can go a long way to making a room more comfortable especially when it is chilly outdoors. Teak wood is also a very dimensionally stable wood so it won’t wear itself out by contacting and expanding with weather changes like other woods might.

So you know you are buying quality. The bed won’t creak every time you move and your cupboards won’t get scratched or fall off the hinges. You know that it will stand the test of time. Not only that, your drawers will be solid and not feel overloaded like they are also about to fall off the hinges.

Luxury and elegance are conveyed by the higher end teak furniture constructed today. Some of the pieces combine style and designs that are stunning and many of these elements can be manufactured at product scales so the costs for high end style aren’t significantly more than less stylized pieces.

Another popular trend is to mix and match two or more different types of materials. Blending glass elements as inlays has been popular for a long time. Many times the glass is etched to add additional detail in these cases. Newer is the blending of elements such as wrought iron into the designs and the contrast of materials and colors make for a very bold and masculine feel. Buying teak bedroom furniture is a smart investment in your long term pleasure.

Shirley P. Is an avid fan of high quality teak furniture, whether it is for the indoors or even better as Teak Patio Furniture.

Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: We bought very expensive teak bedroom furniture in the 70s/80s. It is very plain and still very good. We wondered if the paint that is used in spraying cars would be suitable, if so then I could ask a paint sprayer to do it for me. I want to achieve a really smooth finish with no runs, so that it looks new.

Answer: Teak is a wonderful wood and a beautiful rich colour. I would say that the furniture would of originally been french polished and not paint at all. If it were me I would seek the opinion of a furniture restorer. My grandfather was a french polisher and I still have a piece that he did. The finish is far superior to any paint, sprayed or not. Car paints are cellulose and acrylic, both of which could cause staining of the wood.

Question: What color of stain for bedroom furniture?
I’m painting my room, and had my closet re-done and had some furniture made for my bedroom. My walls are a dark brown, and my trim is like a light medium blue kinda ocean color type. What color should i stain my Bedroom furniture? I was thinking of a faded red? I’m not sure if it goes.

Answer: With such dark walls you might want to use a lighter color stain because you want to contrast with the walls. Maybe maple or birch would look good or you could maybe go with walnut would look nice too.

Question: Where can I find disney collection hannah montana bedroom furniture close to fresno, ca?
I found the collection on rooms2go website but they don’t have stores in California. The bedroom set has a four poster bed with trundle and dresser with matching mirror and bedside table. I would like to know what company makes the furniture, or what other furniture stores would carry it.

Answer: IKEA has all the new stuff. Or K-MART & Walmart.

Question: What color paint would look best in a bedroom with cherry wood furniture?
My boyfriend and I bought a house and he has cherry wood bedroom furniture (2 dressers and 1 nightstand). I want to paint the walls a lighter color to reflect the light, and to offset the dark wood.

Answer: The nice thing about cherry furniture is the fact that it looks great against just about any color. We have extensive cherry furniture that we have accumulated over the years.

It has been in rooms with white, light yellow, taupe, burgundy, light green, and cream colored walls. It looked great in all of those rooms.

The bottom line, pick a color you like, it is really not critical.

Question: I’m buying new bedroom furniture, what kind of wood should I look for?
I don’t know much about furniture other than saying something is cute or not, but I was told by a friend that I should stick with solid wood construction and avoid veneers, but I noticed that there are a lot of different varieties of wood used in different furniture sets.

Answer: The wood species is up to you, what do you like? If you choose a posted set, the posts should be solid wood. Any panels you choose can be veneered or solid. Veneer panels are much better than they used to be. The glues used are better and manufacturers are willing to stand behind them. Solid wood panels are beautiful but may require multiple glue joints to achieve adequate width. This can create inconsistent grain patterns. If you see something that looks good at the store, but when you get it it doesn’t look so great, go back to the store and demand the display. They tend to show the best.

Question: Why does my new oak bedroom furniture keep cracking?
We bought some new solid oak bedroom furniture recently, and the oak keeps splitting. The company has already replaced the wardrobe doors but it has happened again, and the other furniture is now showing small cracks. The room is normal temperature, it cost us a small fortune, and we are at our wits end thinking what to do

Answer: Sounds like you may have a high humidity level in your home which can cause cracking in any wood. Moisture gets in and causes the cracking. Get a dehumidifier and place it in the bedroom, that may fix the problem. Also use some lemon oil on your furniture to protect it or look for some polish called Guardsman. It also is very good in conditioning the wood.

Question: What colors go well with distressed white bedroom furniture?
My fiance & I just bought at house. We have the original hardwood floor in the master bedroom. I was wondering what colors go well with distressed white furniture? What color bedding? Curtains? Walls?

Answer: When I think of distressed white furniture, I immediately think of a beach house–breezy and cottage-like. I would use shades of blues, greens, creams for this room. For example, a pale shade of blue for the walls, a shade of dark ecru for the beddings, white ‘gauze-like’ curtains, several blue and green throw pillows.

Question: What color bed linens for a master bedroom with green walls, tan carpet, and dark brown furniture?
The bedroom walls will be a spring/pastel green. The bedroom furniture (platform bed) will be a dark chocolate brown. The bedroom carpet will be in the tannish family. We are going for a modern, hotel-like look. Initial thoughts were all white; or champagne.

Answer: I would personally try a light banana-ish color. The pastel green will always look good with a very light pastel yellow. My only concern is having that banana color work with your tan carpet.

Italy is famous for its love for fashion and it is the birth place of many world class fashion designers. In fact its capital Rome is termed as the Fashion City.

The bedroom furniture industry has really grown into multimillion dollar business attracting major players in the market and it is right to say that Italian bedroom furniture rules the pack; this explains why in any major furniture store, you can’t miss a stand indicating “ITALIAN DESIGNS” especially in the bedroom furniture area.

Minimal bedroom furniture set has essential elements that make it modern, for example elegant and functional shelf on each side of the bed, also the beds head board comprises of two reclinable and adjustable cushion made of either fabric or leather. The mattress size is of the range of 63 by 79 inches or 71 by 79 inches with a total length of 122.5 or 130.3 inches by 98.5 inches.

Just a concept of an Italian bedroom can be expressed through a bed made of the elegant Canaletto walnut finish, inclusive of a quilted leather headboard. A multi-purpose bed that is helpful when you have your guests sleeping over is the sofa bed; this bed is designed in a way that it is a sofa, and can be transformed into a bed, it is meant for people living in one roomed houses. The most requested for bed is one that was designed by M.Mazzer; it contains rich details of a tubolar leather headboard with 3 cylindrical elements that is covered in either leather or other fabric, also it has a bed table, dresses and drawers.

Just to compliment an Italian bedroom are the chest of drawers. These come in various sizes and colour, if you miss storage space, just add these and then you are good to go. You can store your underwear in these drawers. There is one notable piece that has a self closing mechanism with a shock absorber, thus no banging. There is a tall dresser that includes six drawers, this is not restricted to the bedroom, you can put them on hallways or living rooms, and it just is associated with the bedroom because of the European culture of underwear storage.

Also made in the elegant Italian designs are the wardrobes, made in cool colours that will make them stand out in your bedroom, with gloss finishes. They are made of hard wood and they vary in sizes all dependent on your option. They have mirrors, full length, to look at yourself after you have dressed. Drawers that are in built have a self closing mechanism.

The Italian designers have a wide array of bedroom furniture that caters for all ages and their preferences, they also provide a wide range of wood finish specifications that one can choose from, that includes shades of classic colours like wenge oak, light oak, grey oak, walnut, or one can upgrade to high gloss lacquer, leather or the superior canaletto walnut. This explains why they are a best choice in the World market. provides attractive Contemporary platform bed models as well as Modern Bedroom designs to improve your house, visit us today!

Bedroom Furniture FAQ:

Question: Bedroom Furniture?
Where is the best place to get modern furniture for a bedroom?

Answer: You can find cheap furniture at Ikea and I know you won’t believe this, but I go to my local thrift/goodwill store. I got my nice end table there for $30 that sold at Target for $100 and an ottoman for $15 that sold at Target for $50. For bookshelves I go to Big Lots. I like to save.

Question: What color bedroom furniture goes with yellow walls, white trim, blue checker bedspread?
I have an extra room I need to turn into a guest room. The walls are yellow, and the trim/closet doors are white. I have a nice blue/yellow bedspread that matches the wall, but I need add bedroom furniture (headboard, nightstand etc.). What color furniture should I use? (Wood – light, white or black OR maybe metal?)

Answer: I’d go with white, for either metal or wood. It will look nice and clean along with the white trim. If you choose to do a natural wood, I’d keep it light. Remember, even though white will show dirt, dark colors show the DUST!

Question: What furniture maker makes solid wood bedroom furniture?
I’m looking for furniture makers/brands that make solid wood bedroom furniture without veneers, and preferably ones that use old-fashioned carpentry techniques like dovetails, mortise and tendon, etc

Answer: A-America has really nice solid wood furniture. We just bought a bedroom set made from New Zealand Pine. It is very nice and reasonable.

Question: Master bedroom furniture is traditional dark brown (new), what color can I paint walls?
Bedroom furniture consists of King size bed, two night stands and nine draw dresser. Considering to have 50″ TV over dresser, sitting area and include small kitchenette.

Answer: Pretty much any earth tone… lighter shades of brown, yellow, gold, orange, and green.

Question: What kind of bedroom furniture would go with a metal bed?
I am getting new furniture for my bedroom, but the bed I really want is metal. What kind of (or color or whatever) furniture can I use?

Answer: I suggest something neutral with nice simple lines. Maybe a really dark brown, even black. Then you could do metal finishing pieces like drawer pulls, etc… to mimic the style of the bed. You could do metal light fixtures and a metal framed mirror to pull style from the bed too.

Question: How do you pull a bedroom together with black furniture and blue carpet?
I’m moving into a new apartment and the bedroom already has blue carpet. My bedroom furniture is a dark wood with black marble table tops and the headboard is black marble. How can I tie these together? What would be the best color for the walls?

Answer: Since you only have 2 colors, it is always easy to add a 3rd color to tie everything together. Since your two main colors are dark, maybe put a lighter, pastel, or brighter color on your walls. If you really don’t feel like repainting, put colored pillows, picture frames, mirrors, etc. around your room to tie in the look. These colors wouldn’t look bad: light blue, light green, an earthy tone.

Also, to make the room more vibrant and exciting, use bright colors.

Question: What color should go with my bedroom furniture?
I have all black bedroom furniture (my husband picked it out). I have no idea what color accents or bedding to get.

Answer: Get lots white room accents (lamps, vases, clocks, etc) with a little colour in there like bright blue or scarlet (in the smaller accents like candles, etc). bedding should be simple if you have lots of colourful accessories, but if you stick with white try something crazy and multi-coloured! Paint the walls a colour that shows up in your bedding (but one that doesn’t show up a lot).
Ikea is an excellent store to go to, great design and unbelievable prices. Almost any art museum will actually have nice stuff, too. Target is another good place.

Question: How long does it usually take to get bedroom furniture? Do most stores have you “order” the furniture?
I’m in the market for some new bedroom furniture. I’m not necessarily in a hurry to get it, but I am curious about how long I can expect the process to take. I plan on buying from a “showroom” type furniture store, as opposed to a warehouse or clearance center. Also, I did find one set that I like, but I was told they can’t deliver for 7-8 weeks due to back order. Is that standard wait time or way too long?

Answer: If they don’t have your furniture item in stock they always tell you 6- 8 weeks delivery time. Sometimes it comes earlier, but they themselves don’t know the exact delivery date. That’s why they say 6-8 weeks. Once I got something in a month and another time it took the full 8 weeks which felt like forever.

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