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Ashley – the name just is more than enough. One of the top ranking home furniture brands of North America that have been feeding the entire sophisticated section of the world is Ashley Furniture. With the mind-blowing synchronization of quality, style, luxury and aristocracy, the Ashley furniture has earned the worldwide admiration and reputation to a great extent among the beauty conscious part of the population. Designed with great care by the masterpiece crafts persons, the Ashley Furniture can wipe off the unwelcome drabness of your home by delivering the interior of your dream home some special spirit and a unique dimension.

Special features

Apart from the quality, style and fashion, Ashley Furniture has got some awe-inspiring features, which makes the brand the grade-one brand of North America.

* Beauty: Style and beauty are amongst the primary criterions when it comes to decorating the interiors of your home. With some significant blend of ambience, beauty, coziness and comfort, coziness the Ashley Furniture have been enjoying awesome degree of demand all over the world since years.

* Availability: Ashley Furniture is one of the moist demanding brands of home furniture and hence is available anywhere in North America – everywhere and anywhere from Alaska to Hawaii and even in the thousands of top grade stores in almost all the high ranking business pockets in the world market.

* Service: The Company takes as much care in giving right degree of services to its esteemed customers as it takes to craft the stylized furniture. This is another major reason behind the fact that Ashley Furniture is maintaining the leading position in the industry.

* Quality and durability: as far as the quality and durability is concerned Ashley is among the world’s leading brand. These criterions are among the few cornerstones of Ashley’s business policy. Ashley tends to sue quality range of raw materials – starting from wood to the leather. These are the basis and the guiding principles of the manufacturing policy of Ashley. To be very candid Ashley basically boasts on their quality.

* Variety: Starting from the beds to the royal dinning table sets and decorative corner and side racks and aesthetic sofa set awesome dressing stools, Ashley is specialist in what not? Ashley has come up with a great assortment of furniture with wide range of designs to cater to the needs of all types of customers with varied culture and taste.

All these merge together to make the brand the best selling brand of home furniture not only in North America but in the rest of the parts of the globe as well.

Certain loopholes

There exist certain points of disadvantages of the Ashley Furniture, which confuse some of the prospective customers far and wide. The most significant of which are as follows:

* Ashley Furniture Industries and Ashley home stores: There is no Ashley’s own selling point. Ashley carries out its business on the basis of dealers network and hence all the stores are owned by the distinctive individuals. This is why Ashley Industry can neither clarify any query regarding the delivery of the products, nor can help the customer by guiding them as to which of the thousands of stores carries a particular item.

* Brochure: Ashley cannot provide any brochure to their prospective customers who wish to get a general idea prior to setting out for purchasing a set.

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Ashley Furniture FAQ:

Question: Is Pier 1 and Ashley Furniture the same company?
The reason I ask is because they just had my identical couch on The Price is Right. I mean totally identical down to the pillows. But they said it was an Ashley couch and mine definitely says Pier 1.

Answer: Pier 1 uses manufacturer’s in Southeast Asia to knock off other manufacturer’s designs and then imports them back into the US. That is often why you will see furniture in Pier 1 that totally looks like something you have seen elsewhere or that another manufacturer has discontinued.

Question: How can I get an e-mail address or phone number for Ashley Furniture home office?
Ordered and paid for furniture on 2/06 and still no delivery date and store manager won’t take my call. Any help?

Answer: Try there company website. That and go down to the store in person and demand to be talked to. Then contact your local Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against the store and the manager that you’re having the problem with.

Question: Is Ashley Furniture Overpriced?
I haven’t been to a store, and they don’t show their prices online. I like their furniture, but I was wondering what is the relative range of their bedroom sets, living room sets etc.? Do they tend to be more expensive or are they comparable to say Harlem or Value City Furniture?

Answer: I love their furniture and accessories! They are more expensive than Value City but, I believe
the quality, styles, and service are worth it. You can purchase insurance and if you don’t use it (make a claim-5 years) you can use it as an in store credit. They also include delivery and set up.

Of course depending on your budget, style, and needs this may not be the best choice for you and it is always best to be thorough in your search before deciding on anything that you spend your hard-earned money on.

Question: If you where to Furnish a Home would you use Ashley Furniture?
I am just wondering if anyone has used an Ashley Homestore or Ashley Furnishing in an entire home.

Answer: I haven’t used them yet but I plan to after comparison shopping. The living room set that I want from Ashley’s is significantly lower priced than the same thing at some other well known stores.

Question: Do you think Ashley furniture would ever bring back the Casa Mollino collection?
I have the sofa tables and was saving for the complete entertainment center, sofa, and loveseat… now they’re discontinued. It seemed like a popular collection. Do furniture companies ever revive past products?

Answer: Maybe not! I own a furniture business and in my experience, whether a furniture retailer or wholesaler will be able to bring back past products are depending on producers or the source we got them from. Some discontinued products are actually highly demanded but producers are no longer making them so we have no choice.

Question: Could someone help me find discontinued Ashley furniture?
I am looking for an cherry end table, to match one that I bought a few weeks ago.

Answer: Ask the store you purchased it from to call other stores to find you the piece. If all else fails, try eBay.

Question: Ashley Furniture up for bargaining?
Are the prices of the furniture they list in their stores final or is there some room for negotiation? If yes, what are the typical percentage discounts they are willing to give?

Answer: Most furniture stores have wiggle room, because the mark up and commission. Use words like “out of my price range”, “do you have a cheaper one that looks exactly like it” and so on and such forth.

Question: I received an e-mail from Ashley Furniture Company to accept payment and deposit them. Is this a scam?
The payment is being sent via UPS and I have a tracking number. I have to deposit the check into my account and leave it there for 24 hours, withdraw it, take 10% for my earnings and send the rest Western Union to Nigeria.

Answer: Yes, huge scam. Do not follow through with any of it! Maybe try and contact Ashley Furniture via a 1 800 number and let them know what you have received. They will probably appreciate your help.

Picking the right furnishings for your living room can be a big decision. So you’ve picked out the right chairs and sofa, but what about the coffee table? Having trouble finding something that fits the rest of your room, or even something tastefully different? And maybe you’re looking for a company you can trust. Ashley Furniture is a company that’s been producing quality furniture since 1945, and has a great variety of tables and sets to choose from.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is: “What am I looking for?” Do you want something wooden? Or metal? A glass top, maybe? Long or short, curvy or square? There’s a lot of variety in coffee tables, and so much selection from Ashley!

If you’re thinking about something that’s practical, but still looks nice, an Ackley is great for a cocktail table.

With a lovely, smooth top, and plenty of space to store and display below, it’s a great table to use everyday, while still having something refined in your room. Or you might want to try picking up the durable Bongo table set, with the sturdy cocktail table, and two rustic end tables that can compliment your room with a nice Old World feel.

Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more showy and elegant. You might want to try the Bittersweet table, with a pine top and artsy wrought metal legs, you can give your living room the sense of a Parisian cafĂ©! Or maybe you want to invite the neighbors over for tea, on your dark-stained top Rafferty coffee table. With a classily designed base, and a nailhead trim, you can add in a taste of European style.

How about modern? A Charla set, with a metal base that has tapered legs to hold up the glass tabletop, can give your space an almost space-age aura. You might also want to think about a Dempsey table, with a simple, but enticing design. With a glass top above a polished black shelf, it’s a great choice to have friends over for a drink. Or if you’re looking for something edgier in the same style, look at a Pascal.

Or maybe you’re a creative type of person, and you want something to express yourself with. The Spirit Lake rectangular table is an interesting piece that you can bring into a room to add some character.

Try out a Loyel maybe, and see how that works for you. It comes on wheels even, so you can move it around the room as you wish, maybe to keep your Feng Shui energies flowing. A Ferretti occasional table is another good choice, as the ridged wooden legs give it an interesting touch.

Need a table for the patio? A Lasour, with a glass top suspended by a bending wood frame, can give you that light feeling of a summer day under the canopy. A Printz cocktail table would also be a nice addition to the front or backyard. A glass top, with inlaid stone tiles along the side, gives a nice atmosphere for a morning cup of coffee on the porch, or some iced tea in the afternoon.

For every style you’re looking for, the Ashley Company has something for you. With their refined, yet affordable selection, it’s no surprise they’ve become the largest manufacturer of furniture in North America. Next time you need a table, for any room or reason, you know where to look.

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Ashley Furniture FAQ:

Question: Ashley Furniture?
Does anyone know how much more it is to have Ashley Furniture deliver on a Saturday?

Answer: Do you actually have to pay a delivery charge? Don’t all Furniture stores have free delivery? Where I live, it is free within 160km radius, seven days a week, during business hours.

I wouldn’t pay to have them deliver what I bought from them. Isn’t it enough that you actually gave them some business.

Question: How does Ashley furniture compare to Lazy Boy?
I’m looking to buy a sectional and recliner and I’m thinking about going with Ashley furniture. How does it compare to Lazy Boy? Will it last as long? Is it as sturdy as Lazy boy?

Answer: No. Ashley is not as sturdy as Lazy boy. The only reason that I would go Ashley over Lazy boy, is if my budget were tight. In my opinion, not only is Ashley lacking in quality when compared to Lazyboy, but their customer service and support leaves a lot to be desired!

Question: When is the best time to buy from Ashley Furniture?
I want to buy a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. When do they have the best prices? What kind of sale schedule do they have?

Answer: Though I do not know a whole lot about Ashley’s retail stores, I do know the company well; the furniture retailer for whom I worked sales, customers service, and management was an Ashley dealer. I can only assume that they function in much the same way that other discount furniture retailers do.

Furniture stores, as was mentioned, tend to have some definite sale times. Statistically, the big weekends of the year are memorial day and labor day. Those also tend to be the days of the biggest sales (generally a circus in the store, so check to see if they start sales prior to the actual holiday weekend). Additionally, any other “3 day weekend” holiday tends to trigger furniture sales.

Question: What is the markup on Ashley furniture?
How much does Ashley mark their furniture up? How much can you work them down on a price?

Answer: The mark up on any furniture is high. Ashley is not a very high end so the marked price isn’t all that much. Regardless of the furniture line, it is never a negotiable issue. The price is the price unless they are offering a sale. Furniture stores are not in the flea market business. If you don’t like the price, wait for a sale.

Question: Is this a good price on an Ashley furniture dinette set?
I’m considering buying a used Ashley furniture dinette set. Its a nine foot cherry table, very ornate carved wood and very elaborate and formal. It comes with eight upholstered chairs. The seller is asking $2300 or best offer. I can’t find any Ashley prices on line so I have no idea if this is a good price or not. Anyone know if that seems like a good price?

Answer: If you are looking to compare prices there is what is called “the largest home furniture store in America” located in Omaha Nebraska. I know they sell Ashley furniture and have a good website to compare prices with. On a side note if you are in the Omaha area I highly recommend them.

Question: Are the sofas at Big Lots any good? They say they’re by Ashley, are they really Ashley Furniture?
Are they just stealing the name Ashley to trick you into thinking they’re Ashley Furniture? They are a great price but will they last?

Answer: Ashley furniture is just middle of the road quality furniture. About 10 years ago I worked for a furniture company called “Value City Furniture”. They carried a lot of Ashley brand furniture…Bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, living room casual tables, etc. We saw a lot of repairs on that brand furniture. You know the old saying…”You get what you pay for.”

Question: Does anyone know of any credible discount stores that specialize in selling Ashley furniture online?
I’m looking to furnish my home with Ashley furniture but its a little costly, for me at least. Or maybe you know of another furniture make that makes furniture similar to that of Ashley or better?

Answer: I live about 15 miles from Ashley’s big plant in Arcadia,WI. They have an outlet store there and lots of their Ashley Home Stores all over the country. Call them in Arcadia and ask for advice.

Question: Ashley Furniture Replacement Parts?
Where can I get replacement parts for Ashley furniture?

Answer: I have gotten parts from Consumer Service Dept. They were very helpful, ship quickly and the parts were incredibly inexpensive (example: coffee table cabriole leg, $15 delivered).