OK, I love the catalogs too. Pretty pictures, perfect homes, everything decorated to a tee. Pure home bliss, right? However sometimes all your are getting is just a pretty face with no depth or substance. They have some great stuff and wonderful decorating ideas and if you want to buy from them please do so, but here are the top ten reasons to look into Amish furniture over Pottery Barn.

  1. Pottery Barn is not solid wood-look at product info of their wood items
  2. Pottery Barn Furniture is not made in America-they don’t even display where it is made
  3. You only have one or two finish choices
  4. You have no choice for the wood species
  5. You could not get it stain matched to something you already have
  6. It is not custom built for you after you have placed an order
  7. You could never get it customized if the size or something else needed to be adjusted to your needs
  8. It is unlikely that you could pass it on to your grandchildren
  9. If it gets discontinued and you need a replacement you are out of luck
  10. You wont get personal service like you will when buying from a small business

So next time you are looking into new furniture for your home, take some time away from the well known catalog stores and try looking into small online furniture sites that offer quality American made furniture. You never know what you may find and the service you will receive should be far better and more personal than what you will get from a large company.

Kristina Galvan is the CEO of http://www.edenhillhome.com where you can find a wide selection of beautiful solid wood hand crafted Amish and American Furniture. Payment and Layaway plans are available. Contact us at sales@edenhillhome.com

Amish Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where is the best place to buy Amish Furniture?
I live in Chicago and I am looking for some quality furniture. I love Amish style and Quality. I was wondering if I should drive to Ohio and have the pieces shipped or if someone knows a place in the western suburbs that has a good show room with reasonable delivery times.

Answer: I live in Lancaster County PA. There are a lot of good Amish furniture places here.

Question: How do Amish paint furniture?
How do the Amish get their “painted” furniture to look so nice? It doesn’t look painted, almost looks like a colored stain. Anyone know what the product is?

Answer: Could be milk paint which can be applied very thinly, and it does soak into the wood, comes in every colour.

Question: Does anyone know where to shop for Amish furniture in Ohio.?
We would like to make a weekend out of it and go to an actual Amish area and find a dining room set.

Answer: Holmes County!

Question: Has anyone ever bought furniture from one of the AMISH websites?
Either the Amish in Pennsylvania or Ohio? I’m looking for a dining room set and would like some feedback on the quality of the furniture, delivery, warranty.

Answer: Don’t worry about quality, those people do most of the work by hand, pick the best lumber and don’t quit until everything is perfect. The Amish are known the world over for their woodworking skills!
I don’t know about Amish sites though, they aren’t allowed to use computers the last I heard and usually get work by word of mouth. I would check that site out thoroughly before sending any money to it.

Question: Where can I buy Amish furniture in pa?

Answer: My bff bought hers at Amish Furniture Mart . She purchased a sofa table and it’s beautiful!

Question: Best place to buy used Amish furniture around Lancaster, PA (or neighboring towns)?

Answer: You could try Amish Oak Direct

Question: Have you ever seen any furniture that is said to be made with 100% Amish craftsmanship?
I saw a solid oak Amish made rocking chair at the wood store today. I was kind of surprised.

Answer: Yes, I own several pieces myself. Amish made furniture is renowned for its craftsmanship. I live in an area with a large Amish population and there are many Amish and Mennonite furniture makers here. They are also well known for building sheds, fencing, and cabinets. After farming, woodworking is probably their most common occupation.

Question: Where can I buy Amish furniture online?

Answer: As any Pennsylvanian can tell you, you can’t. The Amish don’t have computers, or any other modern conveniences for that matter.

The Amish don’t use the name “Amish” in the name of their stores and when promoting their products. It’s against their religion to use religion or God for personal gain. If someone tells you something is Amish-made, you’ll already know that the company selling the items isn’t Amish.

Your best bet is to drive out Rt. 340 from Lancaster to Honey Brook on a Saturday afternoon (they don’t work Sundays) and stop at the various shops. If you’re not in Pennsylvania do the same through the Amish areas where you live.