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Getting into the groovy, often preppy, and hype atmosphere is made easy with contemporary office furniture.

The new century is making everything new and always on the evolution. This is a very fast paced and ever changing world. If before ideas are always very lenient and subtle, this time, most need the hooky feel of young and fresh ideas.

There is just no denying that fresh and young people had been getting a lot of attention and recognition in various industries and departments. It is as if this world is ruled by young blood. The new born ideas are very much appreciated.

You need not really feel offended in anyway, you have to know that everything that is fresh and new is considered young. No matter what your age might be, you can be young, not technically, but in any other measure of youth.

Working in an office may be some bit of equivalent to the word boring and routine and well, old? Setting hypocrisy aside, that is very true. The more appealing fields for most people now need a lot of moving and adventures, perhaps offices are no longer that appreciated now than they were before.

For anyone who owns an office and has young people in the line of employees, it is a lot of challenge to get the best ideas from these fresh minds if their environment is not conducive to producing that. This is the real thing, if your employees perceive their work place as any boring place; they are not likely to squeeze fresh ideas from their heads.

It is about time that you transform your very formal and very boring office alongside the more boring and old furniture into the hip place every young blood would love. You can do just that with the contemporary office furniture.

Unlike the old style furniture, this applies new designs that will be really perfect for all that young and hip attitude. If you use this, your office would be looking new and flashy like it is a new office instead of just a rented space or a building built years ago.

Even your clients would surely love to transact with you if your office will look like a young bloods haven. Do you know that the appearance of your office also affects the way clients perceive the stability of your business?

Clients may translate old furniture into something that is close to no progress and that will be a lot of bad impression of course. Most people would want to see that they are transacting with a company that is always a step forward. No matter how new your software or your building might be if the furniture is dusty and old, no one would be impressed. Winning clients is all about having a presentable place too!

It is important to nurture new and fresh minds, upgrading and extracting new and fresh ideas from older minds as well as making clients see that your company is stable and always upgrading all boils down to having an office that is radiating the fresh vibe. You can only do that if you leave the rags behind and use the contemporary office furniture.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where to get cheap used office furniture in Singapore?

Answer: Look at the Straits Time Classified Ads and you will find many used furniture vendors. But these days new furniture is also selling cheap.

Question: What is a great color to paint a home office that has light oak wood furniture in it?

Answer: I’ve always thought that a really nice light yellow colour looks nice with oak. Not a bright yellow though it has to have a creamy undertone.

Question: Does Office Depot have furniture delivery for their office chairs?

Answer: Yes they do. It may be a delivery fee depending on where you live and the weight of the chair. Just go on to the website to order.

Question: Where is the best place to buy office furniture?

Answer: Well it depends on what kind of money you are looking to spend and how long you are looking to have it.
Cheap, alright looking and short term = ikea
Medium Quality, okay priced, 5 years = office depot, staples, target
I find local furniture builders make the best stuff but there is a little bigger price tag.

Question: Where can I buy Philippine made office furniture including display cabinets that are eco-friendly & cheap?

Answer: Check out Click on their Worldwide Site.

Question: Where to find hotel or office furniture for sale?

Answer: Used office furniture is a huge market. Craigslist is a good place to get local deals from people who’ve bought out or are cleaning out offices. Also try phoning up a few hotels in your area (talk to management, though – the clerk probably won’t know) – they may be periodically getting rid of old or damaged furniture. Beyond that, there are plenty of internet resources.

Question: Has anyone used Renew Furniture Services in Las Vegas for cosmetic repairs?
I have office furniture that need repairs, and would like to know if anyone has used this company.

Answer: Great company! I had wood repair’s done in the elevators in my building and some scratches on a few doors repaired. The work is beautiful , I highly recommend them.

Question: What is the best place in metro Wash DC area to buy ergonomic office furniture — computer chairs & tables?

Answer: There are plenty of office max in the dc metro. They also deliver.

Furniture are designed to make you feel like you’re in the office when you are at home is called home office furniture. They are not similar to office furniture. Manufacturers design home office furniture to suit the home environment.

Some of the home office furniture includes computer desks, regular desks, desk chairs, book shelves, desk lamps, file cabinets, and home ergonomics products. They have softer edges, as they are designed for home.

Home office furniture gives you extra time to work at home after the burden of heavy work at the office. Your mind is relaxed when you’re home. Some jobs may be required to work from home, like freelance or online work. In these cases, you need an office environment to work peacefully so there are no interruptions.

Home office furniture is different from traditional office furniture, as it is designed to look softer and more casual, and made to blend in with other home furnishings. Above all, the furniture should suit the tastes of other family members, as it will be a part of your house. And the room will serve more than one purpose.

Go for the furniture that enhances your ability to get your work done in an organized, comfortable manner, and also consider not sacrificing beauty in the process. If you find a beautiful home office desk but it won’t provide you a comfortable and functional workspace, don’t go for it. Similarly, if you find the perfect office desk in terms of organization and comfort, but it’s ugly, keep looking! You will find furniture that fulfills both the requirements.

Many customers misjudge the space available at home and they end up buying furniture that is too big to fit in their house. They over-estimate the space available at home for their new furniture. To avoid this basic problem, measure to the exact inch how much space you have for furniture, and note it down so it will be easier for you when you shop.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can you buy cheap used office furniture in Seattle?

Answers: There is that place right by the freeway entrances that sells things like that. It’s right by Boren St. It’s directly across the street from where the Pink Toe Truck use to be. It’s got Duck in the name I believe.

Question: My wife works in an office and there is a white dust that is on desks and other furniture daily. Cause?

Answers: If they have a dropped ceiling, chances are they are using that space as a very large air duct. It’s common in office buildings. One way to find out is to open one of the ceiling tiles, you should feel significant air movement.

If this is the case, the wrong ceiling tiles were used and should be replaced for tiles meant to withstand air movement like that.

Question: In India, apart from Godrej, what are the other good brands in Office Furniture?

Answers: VIP, Godrej, Decora, Royal etc.

Question: Glass office furniture in Houston?
We have a real estate office close to Houston. We want to remodel the office but with a modern touch. How can we get a glass desk that looks professional and nice in Houston?

Answers: I would search

Question: I am starting a new business. Where can I get office furniture ridiculously cheap?

Answers: Garage Sales, Out of Biz Sales, Liquidators, Estate Sales, Auctions, Craigslist, Furniture Consignment Stores, Build it yourself or contract someone.

Question: What is a great color to paint a home office that has cherry furniture in it?

Answers: Champagne or taupe – light natural earth tones. Too dark will contrast with the richness of the furniture.

Question: Were can I buy deep discount office furniture for my small company?

Answers: Garage/yard sales are a good source of used office furniture. Also check your local newspaper’s Classified section.

Question: What would you have in an office as in furniture?

Answers: Try getting something that relaxes you. If you like art and paintings, get something that you enjoy looking at. Especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time in there. It doesn’t have to be artwork it can be a picture of your family, or a lamp that you like, or an air freshener. There are certain things that can relieve stress, that is what I recommend.

Looking For A Premium Office Desk

When shopping for office furniture, the one piece that is going to take the longest to find is the office or computer desk. You are going to want to find a premium office desk. Premium may mean something different to everyone, however. A premium office desk should be on that is beautiful and gorgeous to look at yet very functional. An ergonomic computer desk is the most popular type to get. An ergonomic computer desk is one that is designed so the employee can work comfortably without putting unnecessary strain on the body.

Getting Started On Your Search For The Perfect Desk

The first step for finding the perfect premium office or computer desk is to know the different options available to you. It’s also important to know what you will need most in options and features. If you’re not sure of these things, you’ll most likely go to the office supply store and grab the first desk you see that’s within your budget, if you have a budget. Some office employees will only be answering the phone and doing paperwork so they won’t need a large work area. Others, however, may be in charge of storing a lot of the supplies so they’ll need ample storage space e.g. drawers, etc. There are many premium office desks in different styles, colors and by different manufacturers. So know what you’re looking for.

Setting a Budget

Before you even get to the store, you should have a budget all mapped out for yourself so you know what you can afford to spend or what’s the very highest you’ll go. Once you’ve set out a budget, you can quickly eliminate those that are not in that budget. By this time, you’ve determined what features you’re looking for as well, so the actual shopping shouldn’t be that difficult. Most store representatives are more than happy to help you and show you their best sellers. They also like customers that know their budget so they don’t waste time showing office desks that you know you can’t afford. If you tell the representative you are looking for a ergonomic office desk, they’ll know which kinds to show you based on your desired features and budgets.

Shopping Online

Whether or not you spend a lot of time shopping online, you should know that there are numerous online office supply stores that can give your great bargains. Although it’s important to pay attention to the shipping charges, some of these companies may offer reduced or no shipping if you spend a specific dollar amount. Many people have gotten burned by purchasing something without paying attention to the shipping charges. They’ve later discovered that the price wasn’t as cheap as they once believed after they paid the shipping.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Is is customary to tip furniture delivery drivers for office furniture?

Answer: Personally I thing offering a drink or snack is a good way to reward a furniture mover. The cost of delivery is usually something you have already paid for. Of course if they do go above their duty like setting it up or if your feeling generous.

Question: What is screen-based furniture? It’s a kind of office furniture but I can’t figure out exactly what kind.

Answer: I’m guessing it would be some of those furnitures with a tight screen as the back or base of the chair.

Question: Looking for Office Furniture and School Furniture
Does anyone know where I can buy office furniture, school furniture, preschool furniture online? Or maybe you can tell me where is the best please to buy furniture in new york?

Answer: I did a few searches on and on google products for some office furniture and school furniture products and the best place I was able to find is Ace Office Systems, I would tell you to check out there site. They have a large selection to choose from and it seems like their prices are pretty competitive.

Question: Where can I find affordable non- toxic furniture? Specifically office furniture (desk, bookcase and file cab.)

Answer: What makes you think furniture would be toxic? When was the last time you heard of someone being poisoned by furniture? Just avoid stuff made in China.

Question: What is the best office furniture company?

Answer: For office chairs the best ones are Herman Miller. Very expensive but oh… so comfortable.

Question: Where can I sell used office furniture?

Answer: There is a second hand furniture store in the city where I work, and they buy used foruniture. Maybe there’s one in yours. Did you try looking in the yellow pages?

Question: Which color is better for my office furniture?

Answer: I am not an office designer, but at my house, I think light colors are best. Especially in winter, when the cloud cover and weather is depressing.

I have talked with several architects who agree. I suggest you ask a professional. But, on the other hand, it is YOUR office furniture; it should be a color YOU like, and a color that represents YOU the way that YOU want to be represented.

Question: Where can I find trendy office furniture?

Answer: Herman Miller. They have their own line of nifty stuff as well as reproductions by the likes of Aeron and Eames.

Also try Mueller-Moebel. They’re out of Germany. Pretty nifty stuff.

Modular office furniture has gained a lot of popularity because of its ability to adapt to a multitude of settings. Thus, even in small areas or large spaces, it creates a distinct look and feel and takes the practical and utilitarian aspects into consideration very thoroughly. In fact, the most obvious reason for the huge demand of modular furniture is that it takes the comfort of the employees into consideration at every stage of the working day.

With office furniture, you have the choice to create customized furniture for the office. This is because it allows the freedom to form different combination like fixing desks together to create the look that you want. This should not lead you to assume that it brings about an incongruous look to the surroundings. On the contrary, modular furniture is reputed for the stunning look that it imparts to any office. Whatever flooring or wall finish you may have, you can easily get modular furniture to complement it. This also makes it possible to plan the furniture in the manner that you desire.

Modular office furniture does not present the problem of duplication as practically all offices that use this style have a unique and contemporary look. So, customers and clients will find your office classy looking as well as trendy and the employees in your office will also enjoy working in such a great looking atmosphere. One of the biggest advantages of such furniture is that you can try out different arrangements based on convenience in the office. Thus, you will never be stuck with a design that you do not like or that is hampering the office functions.

Such furniture does cost a bit more than other type of furniture but the expense is justified if you take into account how user friendly this kind of furniture is. One of the ways to minimize the cost and keep it to the estimated levels is to draw a detailed plan of the intended work space and consider various features like windows, doors, power points etc.

You also have to allow for space to move about without any hindrance in the room along with taking into account the necessary space for opening the cabinets and drawers. If you take these things into account, then these type of furniture will be a huge asset for your office and you will never have any complaints with respect to this furniture.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Need USED office furniture – where can I look?
We’re moving into a new office in Nashville, TN and I need to find either LOCAL places where I can buy sets of office furniture or somewhere online (other than Craigslist or Ebay) where i can order big sets. I needs desks, chairs, tables, and lamps (no cubes).

Answer: Check your yellow pages phone directory. I furnished my entire office for less than $300 going to a used dealer. The stuff is very nice. The yellow pages is the only way to find places like this. They very seldom do business online because their inventory is rapidly changing on a consistent basis.

Question: Where to buy cheap office furniture?

Answer: Go on to your local freecycle group and get it for free.

Question: Where can I get the furniture true jackson has in her office?
I love the furniture she has in her office and I want it, any ideas where she got the furniture?

Answer: I’d suggest IKEA. Style seems to be danish modern.

Question: Where can I buy good & inexpensive office furniture in San Diego?

Answer: Try traveling over to Covina and shopping at Ikea. They have great deals there. Well worth the money you will spend on gas to get there.

Question: Quality, reasonably priced office furniture in Manhattan?

Answer: Ikea or find a store that sells hotel furniture or previously rented furniture.

Question: What is the the most luxurious executive office furniture brand?

Answer: I highly suggest looking into Haworth products. They have a dealer network worldwide. They make office interiors for all levels from budget to executive. They have outlets all over western Europe and Moscow. Look up a dealer nearest you. I really like the Italian made designs.

Question: I want to sell used office , reception room and conference room furniture,what`s the best way to sell them?

Answer: You can list them on your areas craigslist or put an advertisement in the local classifieds. If you have the nationwide advertising circular called the Penney Saver, that is a great place to unload furniture fast.

Question: Where can I get decent home office furniture preferably fitted?

Answer: Sauder home office furniture.

Executive office furniture always gives you a feeling of heaven. The furniture is designed to give you the most comfort that anyone could ever expect. You can always add to your office furniture collection as you need or desire.

The furniture is usually designed according to the space (big or small), price (cheap wood or costly wood), fittings, and various other factors involved. So the customer has a variety of choices to select from when they go to select executive office furniture.

The customers can get an overview of the furniture available. Then they can contact the seller and meet up with them, and also visit their show room. If there is any shipping required then you can ask about the possibilities for the same.

Most of the furniture is pre-assembled. For unassembled furniture, some of it is quick and easy to assemble, but some is complicated. So when you need a service to assemble your furniture, it is better to contact the assembly services that exist in your area.

Moreover, confirm with the manufacturer that the products are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Contact the manufacturer for help with warranty issues for products you purchased through their company.

Executive office furniture includes office desk chairs, executive chairs, leather chairs, leather sofa, manager’s chairs, conference chairs, sofa sets, sectional sofas, executive ergonomic chairs, executive leather office chairs, high back executive chairs, high-back leather chairs, executive high-back office chairs, leather dining chairs, custom leather chairs, leather lounge chairs, lounge chairs, leather computer chair, and computer chairs.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Is there a place where I can get Free Used/New Office furniture?
We are a small company and are making a reception area for our clients. I know Its a bit much asking for help but we have spent everything on getting started here. We are located on the Border Of Los Angeles and Orange County and would be grateful to get an “L” Shaped desk.

Answer: Freecycle, Craigslist-free, late Sunday afternoon @ garage sales.

Question: Has anyone found a white paint that matches the white pottery barn office furniture?
I purchased the touch up pen at Pottery Barn but it doesn’t match so am looking for a spray paint to cover deep scratches.

Answer: Ask Sherwin Williams. If you have a S/W store around you, take them a drawer or a piece of the furniture, they can computer match the color,they also (some stores) have the ability to put the paint in a type of spray can. Contacting the manufacture is best for an exact match.
Last resort is get the best match and paint the whole piece, spray if possible.

Question: What would be a fair price to pay someone for assembling office furniture?

Answer: Usually the instructions that come with that kind of furniture come with an estimated time for assembly. If it doesn’t you can usually go to their website to find out. Once you have that information, figure 12 dollars an hour per the estimated time for the unskilled work and start your offer there. With the times given in the instruction sheet being pretty liberal, it will encourage whoever is doing the work to do it as fast as possible.

Question: I have to design an office around a purple floor. What color should my walls and office furniture be?

Answer: I would choose a very light lavender and have accents of soft yellow to compliment purple.

Question: What is the best catalog to buy inexpensive, high quality office furniture? I live in Virginia.
I need a hutch, credenza, desk, and two legal-sized filing cabinets.

Answer: Have you checked out Ikea yet? They sell millions of pieces of furniture every year, and lots of people love them. Check it out.

Question: Where is the best place to sell office furniture?
I need to sell about 16 bits of office filing cabinets/ cupboards for work and struggling to get rid of it, tried ebay but got very little interest and no bids…. any advice?

Answer: Unfortunately, the market for second hand office furniture is very weak.Try your local yellow pages for second hand office furniture suppliers. They may not give you much, but at least they will collect.

When I had to dispose of some good quality office furniture I too could not find a buyer locally and ended up giving it to the charity Age Concern. At least they collected the furniture and the profits on the sale went to a good cause. Some other charities offer a similar service.

Question: Looking for modern & good quality office furniture, basically 2 desks and bookcase, where do people recommend?

Answer: Habitat or Ikea – depending on the depth of your pocket!

Question: Can you help me with finding the most luxurious executive office furniture brand?

Answer: Short of getting custom furniture, Knoll is as good as it gets.

Office furniture was traditionally made of wood. Customers prefer wooden office furniture for its rich look and its strength.

The wood that is available is divided into two categories, namely hardwoods and softwoods. But the word doesn’t really mean how hard or soft the wood is. “Hardwood” refers to trees that lose their leaves seasonally and “softwood” refers to those that keep their foliage all year. Ash, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, teak, rosewood, walnut, mahogany and poplar are some of the hardwood trees used for furniture. Among softwood trees, cedar, cypress, fir, pine and redwood are used for furniture.

Wooden office furniture consists of desks, credenzas, bookcases, file cabinets, seating, and more. The wooden furniture varies according to the type of wood used; some may be light weight for balancing light objects, and others might be heavy to balance heavy objects. The cost also varies depending on the strength and the workmanship of the furniture.

In general, more expensive furniture usually is made of fine hardwoods such as maple, cherry or oak, or selected softwoods such as pine. Medium-priced furniture may have a combination of different woods on exposed surfaces. As trees don’t grow in the shapes and sizes required for making furniture, the branches or pieces of wood are bonded together in different ways to achieve the necessary sizes and shapes. Hence, wooden furniture is costly compared to other types.

Wooden furniture is more suitable for homes, hotels and small offices, but it isn’t feasible to use wooden furniture for a huge office, because of the cost, availability and maintenance. They will lose their new look as days go by, so you have to repaint or varnish them for that new look. When we consider all these circumstances, cheaper materials that require less maintenance are often a better choice.

When you go to buy wooden furniture take a note of the following points. See that the doors and drawers fit well and are provided with glides and stops. Drawers should glide easily when pulled. Drawer corners must be jointed securely, and the insides of drawers should be smooth and snag-free. Doors should swing open easily without squeaking or rubbing. Hardware should be secure and strong, without rough edges. Entertainment units must have holes for electrical cords. Make sure that tables are steady, and finishes feel smooth to the touch.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: How can I identify an old piece of office furniture?
I think this piece came from an architects office, it’s a tower of 10 drawers, made of oak, possibly from the 1920’s – 30’s.
It has cast iron drawer handles, with space in the handles for drawer content cards.

Answer: Looks to me as if it could be a storage cabinet for drawings. If so the inside width of the drawers would be likely at least 36″ or 48″.

Question: Does anyone know of a reputable on-line site that sells cheap office furniture?
I’m creating a small office space in my basement and I’m looking for a good site on-line to buy a desk with hutch and a bookcase from. I’ve tried walmart, target, office max, staples, and office depot.

Answer: Try Ikea, they have cheap furniture and shipping is usually cheap.

Question: Can I change the colour of my beech finish office furniture?
I have some old furniture in my study – its in good condition but Id like to brighten it rather then change it all. Can I restain the beech finish furniture? I’d like it darker. Would it mean stripping it and starting again? How do I do it? How hard is the job (I’ve never done it before)?

Answer: If it’s solid wood then it’s easy to change the colour. Simply sand down the existing finish for a smooth base and apply a new layer of varnish, matt or gloss, in the colour of your choice. So long as you’re going darker it’s no problem at all.

In truth, the more work you spend on preparation, the better the end product, but so long as the surface is smooth and grease free, you’ll get away with it.

With the varnish, use it sparingly, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. A few thin layers give a much better finish than one thick layer.

If it’s laminate beech then you can by specialist products to cover laminate, but you’re unlikely to find a good wood finish in these products.

Question: What colors to match with burgandy office furniture?
We are going to paint our office. We are having a hard time picking good colors.

Answer: I think Burgandy Furniture and Hunter Green Walls, with White Latex Gloss Trim are Lovely together. I see it in a lot of Professional Offices and Homes.

Question: Can someone (who has purchased Bush office furniture) tell me what you think of the quality and value?

Answer: It’s a good brand for the price. I had a Bush computer desk for at least 20 years already and I’ve had no problems with it. Just be prepared to put it together yourself.

Question: Where can I find used office furniture?
I am looking for just 1 item. A wooden stationary cupboard to tidy up my little home study.I need somewhere in Gloucestershire really.

Answer: Check your local newspaper to see when there are any office furniture sales coming up. An auction is the cheapest way to buy one. My friend recently bought a wooden 5 draw desk and a 4`6″ high 4 draw metal filing cabinet at an auction for £.4.50+VAT.

Question: Does anyone know where I could find affordable office furniture, and front room furniture?
I need an executive desk and a leather couch with two sitting chairs. I don’t want to spend a lot but every where I have look on the internet it is so expensive. I just wondered if there was a really decent priced site that I didn’t know of.

Answer: You could always try Ikea, they are pretty inexpensive if you have one near you. The shipping on any furniture is going to be outrageous so I would avoid internet shopping. Try your local newspaper. Or, furniture stores sometimes have scratch and dent stuff that is marked down considerably and usually in pretty good shape. And you can usually dicker with them on the price. A leather couch is going to be somewhat costly no matter what. You could always try to find a cheap couch that you like the shape of and reupholster it with leather or faux leather.

Question: What should I use to decorate an empty wall in my office, furniture wise?
Not a bookcase or anything that would require something to put on it. It should be something fairly simple.

Answer: What about hall trees, filing cabinets, a love seat, a console table, a cabinet or a bench?

Office furniture must be both appealing as well as utilitarian. The basic components of office furniture are tables, chairs, sofa sets, cabinets, file drawers and presentation boards. There can be many more components depending on the budget and tastes of the office owners.

Most modern office furniture is made of vinyl and steel. The traditional patterns of wood are out. There is also a profuse use of glass, which enhances the look of the furniture. Glass can be molded, colored and etched, giving it various designs and patterns. Glass coupled with other materials, or even alone, is an integral part of office furniture.

Tables are most important in an office. They may be present in various sizes. The biggest tables are required in conference rooms. Conference rooms are highly important, as these are the places where visiting clients are entertained and presentations are held. Hence, conference room furniture is vital to the image of an office. Conference tables should have matching chairs. They must be comfortable, but they can be as unconventional in design as needed.

Offices have their own kinds of furniture. Chiefly needed are a desk and a plush chair, other chairs for seating clients and several drawers. The desk should not be too large so as to intimidate clients; and the drawers should not be too many to get confusing.

Even furniture in the foyers and waiting rooms is important, as this is the place where clients wait and make their judgments about the office. Comfy sofas and a few low tables with magazines often suffice, but it pays to have some paintings and wall hangings with bright lighting. The reception desk also should be clean and inviting.

Office furniture is often termed commercial furniture. Even mortgages available for office improvements are levied at commercial rates of interest. Naturally, building a whole office setup requires a lot of planning and investment. Office furniture cannot be changed again and again. There are many reasons for this. One reason is the difficulty in stopping work for a number of days. Another is that staff and clients are often nonplussed by changing office furniture, as they prefer familiar surroundings for them to work in. It may also project the shaky mind of the office owners.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I go to see a wide range of office furniture near North West London?
These days everything is sold on the internet and there is a distinct lack of choice on the high street. I need to furnish a new office within a business centre and want to do it stylishly. Rather than ordering blindly over the internet, I would like to find good office superstore stocking a wide range of furniture.

Answer: Try Staples the office super store.

Question: What are the major disadvantages of using MDF boards for office furniture in the tropics – africa?
I’m at the verge of taking a decision to employ the use of MDF boards in the making and supply of office furniture, amounting to over USD 3 million; and I’m keen on my client satisfaction on its quality and durability?

Answer: There could be issues with its use in areas that have extended periods of high humidity. Especially when used as backing for white boards as it could warp out of shape.

Question: What are some other places like pottery barn and pier 1, ikea etc to get office furniture?
But not a “office furniture” store, it seems like all of those so far have been very ugly and look cheap. I want more along the lines of home-officey but not

Answer: A fun place to look is Crib Candy.

Question: Where are some great places for high-end contemporary office furniture?

Answer: Look at scratch and dent furniture sale stores. You can great stuff there that has small flaws, but usually not noticeable.

Question: I have a very dark brown office furniture set. What color should I paint the room? I’d like warm colors.

Answer: Do it in a sand color that will keep it neutral and then you can use any other colors to accent the office the way you want to.

Question: Anybody know where I can buy office furniture?

Answer: Try searching on Amazon.

Question: What store has the best office furniture??
I’m going to re decorate my boyfriend’s office for his birthday coming up, I need a place to get really nice wood office furniture

Answer: If you want old fashion wood furniture then go to Gerdt. If you want cool modern furniture then go to ikea!

Question: How do you arrange home office furniture?
I have a square room with large windows on the south wall, a smaller window on the east wall, a closet on the north wall, and an empty east wall. I have a large bookcase, a small cabinet, and two desks I am trying to arrange to be practical but not overwhelm and crowd the room, especially since it’s all dark wood furniture. I’ve tried angling some of the pieces, separating the desks, putting the desks together to increase my workspace . . . I’m just confusing myself?

Answer: How about putting one desk under the south window…then use the 2nd desk to form an L shape…(unless a 2nd person will be using this desk). If 2 people will be using the desks, put them under the south windows facing each other.

Then put the large bookcase on the east wall… under the window or beside it…with the small cabinet on the north wall (by the closet door).

With this arrangement, you can see out both windows and the door.

Have you thought about painting the desks a lighter color so the room won’t be full of dark wood?

Finding The Best Matched Office Furniture For The Conference Room

Furnishing an office with office furniture may seem like a relatively simple process. What many tend to forget is furnishing their meeting or conference room. The room is where you’ll have visitors and potential clients and customers; therefore, you’re going to want it to look professional and nice. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably spend more time furnishing your room than you did your office.

Knowing the Critical Aspects for Furnishing the Office Conference Room

The main factor for furnishing the room is the same as your offices: ergonomics. Your conference hall or room will be one place that has people of different body sizes, types and postures. The sitting arrangements e.g. chairs, sofas, etc. should provide comfort for everyone that comes into the conference room. Many times people will spend hours at a time in the conference hall so it needs to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want your guests leaving with a sore back or stiff neck.

Appearance Comes After Comfort

The second factor you will take into consideration when planning your office furniture is color schemes and design. The room should be functional but also relaxing and inspiring. No one wants to spend an entire day in a conference hall that is drab and dreary. Pay close attention to the color scheme and design of the room. Make sure that it is “mentally comfortable”.

The interior decor of your conference room will be the result of the color scheme and design. The average room is large and will consist of a large table and as many chairs as it will require. Conference hall will also have an adequate projector table for the projector that is frequently used in office meetings. You’ll also be putting in a computer table or desk so; once again, an ergonomic but attractive computer chair will be necessary. Just because the room is usually for professional meetings doesn’t mean it should be cold and professional in appearance. Many businesses use the room for friendly gatherings and office parties, so make the decor cheery as well.

Buying the Best Office Conference Room Furniture

Take your time shopping around for office furniture so you can get the best buy for your money. The internet is a great tool for shopping. Many online stores exist where you can purchase great conference room furniture. If you’re not comfortable buying online, the internet can also direct you to stores near your location that sell exactly what you’re looking for.

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Office Furniture FAQ:

Question: Clean adhesive off leather furniture?
I got a fantabulous deal on a leather office chair at the fixture sale of the close-out at the State Street Carson’s department store. Now I take those sticky markdown labels off & there is adhesive remaining. I called my leather drycleaner & they said adhesive is the worst & takes off a top layer of the skin (leather) with the pigment dye. They have no recommendations for merchants that do this or for home remedies.

Answer: An oil based solution is the way to go. Just make sure there are no abrasives or alcohol in them.
You can’t go wrong with baby oil.

Question: Office furniture?
Does anyone know where I could buy cheap second hand office furniture in london?

Answer: The last time I was there there was a very good shop in Elmers End, Near Beckenham. I should add that this was about four years ago. Regretfully I don’t remember the name, but it was on the main road near the traffic lights.

Question: Where can I find office furniture and cubicles at an affordable price in the Orlando area?
Im looking for office chairs, desks, workstations, modular furniture and filing cabinets. Also, delivery and installation would be nice.

Answer: I know a great place. They are located in Longwood. The Company name is B&L Office Liquidatiors, LLC.

Question: How can I sell off my office furniture for the best price?

Answer: Try craigslist. Its free so it can’t hurt.

Question: Who will take our office furniture as a donation in Pico Rivera, Southern California?
We have several wooden and metal office desk and chairs. Need to be taken away as soon as possible.

I tried Salvation Army, but they do not take metal furniture.

Answer: Try calling schools to see if they need them or since they are metal, try recycling centers that take the metals and get money for it.

Question: Where is a good place to buy well Designed Professional Office Furniture?
I’m furnishing a new building for my company. Are there any companies that are well known for well designed office furniture? Please don’t say Ikea.

Answer: Online is the best place to buy, as selection is not limited by shelf space.

Mayline Furniture is a great product at mid-range prices. They cover everything from office chairs to reception furniture.

Question: Where can I go to find contemporary home office furniture in Birmingham, AL?

Answer: Try Office Depot, or even Office MAX.

Question: What’s the cheapest/quickest way to replace keys to locked office furniture?
I’ve got some office furniture with locked drawers and no keys.

Answer: If you know the manufacturer of the furniture, find the local dealer, and you will be able to buy new keys from them, for a small fee. There aren’t that many keys, and the key number is on the lock. Check each lock, and you will see the number stamped on it.
Once you have the maker’s name, just Google it, and find the dealer. Or perhaps you can buy the keys on line, worth checking out.

Wooden desk chairs are always credited with flexibility and function. These chairs are of exceptional value and provide everyday office seating needs. Wood is normally used for crafting desk chairs, as it satisfies the requirement to be cozy and comfortable. Wooden desk chairs, created by brilliant carpenters, make all the difference in the work place.

All wood types are made of 62% cellulose and 28% of lignin. This is responsible for the fibrous and woody cell walls of trees. Superb quality lumber is kept aside for use, where fine appearance and finishing are required. Wooden desk chairs are created considering the differences in people and the type of work involved. This helps to generate the best working conditions and comfortable seating.

Desk chairs are crafted in many types of timber, each with unique characteristics. Each wooden desk chair possesses distinctive characteristics as each tree gives lumber its own granule patterns and distinct markings. These chairs are available in many colors and patterns. Moreover, they come with a variety of mechanisms that manage the tilt angle, tension rigidity and other customized controls as well. These features make a substantial difference to the comfort provided by a chair.

Wooden desk chairs are in demand, as they mix style with contemporary convenience. Craftsmanship is the main factor in the manufacturing of these chairs. They are handcrafted and the finishing and carving may vary. The provision for fresh and fashionable office seating has made wooden desk chairs available in various types of wood. These include mahogany, walnut, oak, maple, cherry, rosewood and teak. They can be manufactured with flexible arms and adjustable heights. Along with the style and postural support, these chairs are apt for people who have to be at their desks for long hours, such as police, fire fighters and ambulance dispatchers.

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Desk Chairs FAQ:

Question: What are some recommended office/desk chairs?
My husband has a herniated disk (bad back) and needs a nice, supportive office chair. The problem is, he has a supportive chair for his back, but often his buttocks and backs of his thighs hurt at the end of the day because the circulation in his legs get cut off when he’s sitting at the chair. Is there a brand/model office chair that is good for both circulation and back/lumbar support?

Answer: Celle, the newest work chair by Herman Miller which is very comfortable to sit and features unique fabric or mesh on its seat and back. It responds instantly to the body’s movements, for ergonomic support and daylong comfort. These type of chairs will always gives you a feeling of heaven. The furniture is designed to give you the most comfort that anyone could ever expect.

Question: Where can I get cheap desk chairs, and/or a cheap tv stand?

Answer: Used furniture stores. Google them or try the yellow pages in your area. Auctions listed in the newspapers, or try the want ads. In addition, depending where you live, Ikea, Target, Home Depot, or Walmart.
In Canada, Ikea, Zellers, Home Depot, Leon’s, the Brick, or Bad Boy.

Question: Computer desk chairs not comfortable?
Is the seat you’re in now need a new cushion? Well, mine does. Can you order replacement cushions only? A lot of people I know just throw their whole chair away and buy new….what a waste.

Answer: You can buy custom cut pieces of foam from some furniture repair shops and I have seen amatuers do a decent job recovering a chair seat…worth a try. Or you can probably get anything reupholstered if you want to pay for that.

Question: Is is possible to repair desk chairs when the hydraulic goes south?

Answer: Well yes and no .. if its somehow tread-ed and can be opened up .. you can replace or make a new seal for the piston.

Question: Are desk chairs made still that have only 4 legs?
I need a chair with 4 legs not 5 and no arms.

Answer: Yes… you can still get desk chairs with only 4 legs, and no arms. You can find them at department stores, office supply stores, etc. (OfficeMax, Office Depot, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target, WalMart, etc)

I will say this much…. a chair with 5 legs is more stable than a 4 leg chair….less likely to tip over. When I have a choice between the two… I get the 5 leg chair.

Another option might be to consider a kitchen/dining chair.

Question: Where can I get a nice and comfortable desk chair for a good price?
I need a nice comfortable desk chair for no more than 50 dollars, what are some sites or stores that could offer this?

Answer: Look on, they have a lot of cute desk chairs for an affordable price.

Question: How do I get rid of all the static electricity in my desk chair?
The chair at my computer desk holds a lot of static electricity. Every time I sit down, the hair on my arms is attracted to the armrests. When I stand up, my pants are stuck to my legs, and when I touch the top of the chair, I get shocked. I use a thick plastic chair mat, on carpet. Any ideas?

Answer: Static charge is normally developed due to specific materials, when they are rubbed together specially in dry condition. Chair itself can not develop any static charge. I would suggest that you look for the material around your work area, which is causing this

1- Try to remove the cause, could be the carpet and/or foot mat
2- Use a humidifier

Grounding strip can also be used, which is normally metal strip or mesh connected to your office/home electrical ground

Question: Office desk chairs?
I am seeking out for a friend of mine a desk chair that can hold a person of around 300 pounds…..any suggestions where to look? Price isn’t so much an issue. Just something durable and comfortable for a man who is very tall and built large.

Answer: Sometimes Staples or other office stores have good deals on office chairs. You might want to check them out.

When you mention the word ergonomics, what’s the first thing that usually comes to mind? For some, it could be the ergonomic posture that you need to take while sitting in front of your computer chair to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For others, it could be purchasing a really cool ergonomic office chair.

By definition, ergonomics is that branch of engineering science wherein the relation between workers and their environments are studied. It’s a good thing that such a science exists – otherwise, workers who have to sit in front of the computer 8 hours a day could always be treating sore backs and rumps.

Ergonomics = Herman Miller

Now, if you’ve ever wondered where those odd-looking yet really comfortable ergonomic chairs came from, that is none other than the Michigan-based manufacturer of office and modern home furniture: Herman Miller, Inc. The company was founded way back in 1923 but over the years, they have managed to expand their business and become a leader in the production of ergonomic office equipment and modern home furniture.

Take Your Pick from the Many Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

To give you an idea about the line of ergonomic office chairs released by Herman Miller, here are five of the most popular models that they have:

– Aeron Chair
This is probably one of the most popular and sought-after ergonomic chair models released by Herman Miller. The team of Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf designed the Aeron chair 15 years ago – and since then, the Aeron chair has become the ergonomic work stool of choice by most office workers, employees and even home based workers.

The thing that sets the Aeron chair apart from all the rest is the fact that it has a multi-awarded, ergonomic design. Instead of being made from the typical plastic and leather or fabric, a mesh-like material is used – in addition with all the other great features that the Aeron chair has.

– Celle Chair
The Celle chair is considered to be a high-performance, long-term seating solution. Some of the features include a responsive cell flex support which naturally conforms to the sitter’s body and movement. Superior ergonomics, versatile performance and a highly-adjustable body are the other features of the Celle chair manufactured by Herman Miller.

– Embody Chair
The Embody chair is the successor of the Aeron chair – and the early reviews have proven that it is the ergonomic chair to beat. It combines superior functionality and the ultimate in style.

– Eames Chair
The Eames chair comes with a matching ottoman – and when you put these two together, they virtually define what office comfort is all about. The Eames chair is made of leather and molded plywood, which contributes a lot to its aesthetic appeal as well.

– Mirra Chair
Finally, there’s the Mirra chair which features an innovative blend of passive and active adjustments. Just like the other ergonomic chairs manufactured by Herman Miller, the Mirra chair automatically shapes itself to the user – but you also have the freedom to personalize its fit and feel.

By utilizing any of these ergonomic chairs designed by Herman Miller, you can rest assured that sitting in front of your computer for seemingly endless hours will hardly put undue stress on your body.

The two most popular and best selling Herman Miller office chairs are the Aeron chair and the Embody chair.

Ergonomic Office Chairs FAQ:

Question: What is the best low-cost ergonomic office chair for lower back pain?
I have serious lower back pain with two dehyrdrated discs in the lumbar. I also have an office job. Sitting is absolutely killing me. I’m in physical therapy, but I’m hoping an ergonomic chair might help some too.

Answer: Dehydrated Discs are part of the normal aging process. As you are already in Physiotherapy, then ask the Physiotherapist to refer you to a Occupational Therapist and they will first measure you up for a chair and then recommend a place where you can purchase one. As for cheap chair, no such thing. However you can buy chair supports but again you need to ask PT or OT for the best type for your problem.

Question: What’s the best ergonomic office chair?
I’ve spent countless hours of researching for the best ergonomic office chair online, because there isn’t any stores around my location to take any for a test run.

Answer: The Leap chair is excellent. Only those with serious physical problems find them uncomfortable. I work with these chairs all the time, doing office ergonomics as a profession

Question: What is the best Ergonomic executive office chair?
I work from home and am a web designer. I am in my office chair about 10+ hours/day. What is the best Ergonomic executive office chair? So far I’ve considered the Aeron chair and the Freedom Chair by HumanScale.

Answer: The “ERGO” brand of executive chairs is best.

Question: What ergonomic office chair would you recommend me?
My lower back is constantly tired and I have sciatic nerve pain (piriformis syndrome). My neck/shoulder gets tired too, though it’s not due to any injury affecting there.

Answer: It is wise to visit a chair store and sit in as many of them as possible. You will know when you feel both relaxed and properly supported.

Question: Reasonably priced ergonomic office chairs?
I know there are really good ones for 700, 800+ dollars, but I’m looking for something around 2-3 hundred. I’m seeing a lot online from no name brands but I don’t know which are good.

Answer: I’d suggest you go to Office Max or something and try them out yourself.

Question: Can you recommend an ergonomic office chair with BOTH height and swivel adjustable arms?
If so, where did you get it and how much did it cost? I draw with my computer so need fully adjustable arm rests on my chair in order to cut down on shoulder tension.

Answer: Aeron Chairs $900

Question: Office just re-equipped with ergonomic “kneeler” chairs – how can you use them when wearing a skirt & heels??
The Powers That Be have just replaced every chair in my office with ergonomic “kneeler” chairs. The office dress code requires women to wear skirt suits and has I think some minimum heel height. Obviously someone hasn’t thought this through, but the managers say they’ve spent all this money for the benefit of *our* health and the old chairs have been disposed of anyway. Any suggestions for how us girls can obey the dress code and still use these? Or do we have to stand or sit on our desks?

Answer: I don’t think it will be a problem with your skirt and heels. It should actually be less revealing than an ordinary chair because your dress will probably hang down lower than your knees – and your knees will always be pressed together. I’m just surprised that there are still places with dress codes like that.
I found that these chairs KILLED my knees. I felt as if I’d been scrubbing floors after about 15 minutes. Good luck with them.

Question: Anyone know of a comfortable, cheap, and ergonomic office chair?

Answer: Comfortable, yes. Ergonomic, yes. But when you want comfort and ergonomic, cheap is not part of the equation. I have a relatively cheap one at work and it still cost over $800. They can be quite expensive.