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When you think about it, certain things go hand in hand – peanut butter and jelly, toast and jam, cookies and milk. You get the point. Well, now there is a combo that you might not have ever thought about. Especially when the season is right, what about the match between using your patio furniture under your covered patio? I mean, it is like a lounge lizards match made in heaven.

Even if you aren’t the type of person who just goes outside to sit and lounge on your patio, you might still like to entertain. In this case, the need for cushioned chairs and other seating is even more critical. This is when finding the right cushions to match your outdoor theme and furniture makes even more sense.

Let’s face it, if you only have one goal in mind for your patio and that is to sit and ‘vege-out’ until the weekend is over, then as long as your seat is cushioned, you are in heaven. You probably aren’t as worried about the style or pattern of your cushions. Someone who has a more eccentric or conservative taste would need a little more from their set. They might choose for custom monogrammed cushions, even.

This classy look does very well with a nice Mediterranean cabana style patio cover. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They are the ones with the covered roof and often have draperies hung. Usually, these ones will have a crisp and clean look to them. They may have cultured stone pillars and a tile roof or be more simple with a metal post structure and canopy made of canvas or similar material. If they are made of a fabric, it may be white with a trim color of blue or green. The draperies are usually pulled back to hang near the posts, creating a nice look.

These types of patio covers sometimes have a Greek look to them as well, with that Greek inspired key pattern cut or stitched into the edges of the fabric. In addition to these cabana features the patio furniture often is cushioned with wide or bold striped fabric. These are often blue or green stripes as well.

When you are after a matching look like this, you know that your space will be a popular place to entertain. You might notice that your yard or pool area is often ‘volunteered’ as the get together location because it just feels like the right place.

Michael James McCord discusses outdoor entertaining and patio needs relating to topics such as building covered patios to the practical like a patio cushion.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: Inexpensive patio furniture?
Can anyone suggest a relatively inexpensive place to find patio furniture? We are looking for something basic: dining table, umbrella, 4 chairs or so…we don’t need anything fancy and don’t want to spend a lot

Answer: Big Lots actually has some really cute sets and they’re cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.

Question: What is the best way to keep puppies from chewing on patio furniture…can’t always watch him outside?

Answer: I used a non-toxic product called Repell to keep my Peskie Eskie from teething on almost all of my furniture inside and outside. I also used it to create barriers where I didn’t want her to go and furniture I didn’t want her invading. I got it at the pet store, but now see it at discounters. A huge 16 ounce bottle costs about $2.99 and I still have a lot left. I really does work to help train puppies.

Question: What is best way to repaint wrought iron patio furniture, spray, foam roller or brush.?
I’m using rustoluem gloss paint. I want to get a clean looking finish.

Answer: I would go with a spray. You’d get an even coat and minimal/no dripping as opposed to a brush or rollers. There’s always the chance of applying too much paint with the brush or rollers, plus texture marks from the brush, as well as dripping. And then when it dries on thickly, you have more chances for chipping and cracking. Spray is your best bet, be sure to get a rust treatment though (or the rustoleum paint works GREAT), to keep it down and looking fabulous.

Question: Patio Furniture?
anyone know of any places in las vegas or online that sell patio furniture mostly a bistro set all year round and not so expensive?

Answer: Try Home Decorators Collection. They have pretty good prices, I think.

Question: How do you keep Squirrels off your deck from chewing up your patio furniture?

Answer: Buy a fake plastic owl and put it where the squirrels mostly are. Or get a dog to chase them away.

Question: What kind of patio furniture is best to get that will not rust?

Answer: Most patio furniture these days is either lightweight aluminum or cast iron if you want a quality look. Aluminum is best because it requires no maintenance. Most sets are aluminum. They are attractive, stylish, and come in many prices from high to low depending on your budget. The fabrics for seat cushions and umbrellas are all weather resistant fabrics so they withstand all the elements and are fade resistant.

Question: How do I remove fly specks from patio furniture?

Answer: Use Clorox and hot soapy water and brush.

Question: What can I use to get the green off of my upholstered patio furniture?

Answer: Probably algae. An upholstery shampooer should do the job nicely. See if you can get some cleaner with algicide from a boat supplier or a hot tub supplier.

Patio furniture can be a major expense, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little research, a lot of patience and a touch of tenacity, you can find the right discount patio furniture to suit your needs.

You will find in this article how to find great deals on discount patio furniture. From where to find amazing deals to how to negotiate the best deals, this article is chock full of information to help you find the discount patio furniture that’s just right for you and your family.

Discount Patio Furniture: One man’s trash is another man’s discount patio furniture.

When looking for great deals on discount patio furniture, you need to keep one thing in mind: bargains are not always that easy to find. Sometimes you are really going to have to hunt down a great deal. Maybe from a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or a hand-me-down from a family member, bargains are just about anywhere. Most of the time great deals are right under your nose. So ask your friends, family and co-workers if they have patio furniture they are willing to part with, and you just might find a great deal.

Discount Patio Furniture: Barter Your Way to a Fabulous Deal

If you have a specialized skill, say a graphic artist, French teacher or personal trainer, you may have what it takes to get super deal. Exchange your specialized services to get discount patio furniture. The key to this, however, is to adequately assess the monetary value of your services in exchange for the discount patio furniture. Post ads on Internet boards, or distribute flyers or place a classified ad in the paper. Before you know it, you will have found patio furniture at a deeply discounted price.

Discount Patio Furniture: One Man’s Loss is Another Man’s Gain

One of the best-kept secrets that bargain hunters use to find great deals on discount patio furniture is to look at personal storage facilities. When an individual is renting a personal storage unit, and they have failed to make their payments for a significant amount of time (three months in most cases), the storage facility has the right, in some locations, to sell the renters’ items in order to recoup the monies owed to them. Call the personal storage facilities in your area to find out what days of the month they have their sales. You may just find an awesome deal and get yourself some discount patio furniture.

Now that you have done your research, have been tenacious and displayed patience, you are well on your way to finding discount patio furniture you can use and enjoy. Happy hunting!

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by T.D. Houser

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: What is the best teak oil brand to use on expensive outdoor patio furniture?

Answer: West Marine teak oil of course.

Question: Where is the best place to buy quality patio furniture at the best price?

Answer: Patio furniture should be “on sale” now such as Lowes or Home Depot. However, I like Overstock.com and of course there’s Ebay.

Question: How can I keep spiders and other insects off of my outdoor patio furniture?

Answer: You can’t unless you put them away inside in covers. Spiders love garden chairs with the angles for building webs on and the airflow that brings in dinner – they are just too perfect for them.

Question: Does anyone know where to find 11 3/4″ replacement tabletop tiles for patio furniture?
I bought this table second-hand and thought the replacement tile would be the standard 12 x 12 tiles, but are actually 11 3/4 x 11 3/4. Is there such a thing?

Answer: You can go to Lowes, tile sizes vary from 11-1/2 in. to about 12-3/8in. You’ll have to bring a tape measure to find the right size or can ask to have some cut. Inside lawn and garden also has patio sets that use the same size.

Question: How do you stop a male dog from marking his territory on everything including our patio furniture?

Answer: I just got my dogs neutered, they are 4 and 5, and I have not had any accidents since. They liked to pee on the side of the fridge, and no matter what I did they kept doing it. It has been over a month since their surgery and they haven’t done it once.

Question: What stores carry good quality patio furniture with a decent low price?

Answer: Kmart carries Martha Stewart patio furniture and you can get a beautiful 5 piece set which includes pillows on chairs for approximately 399.99 to 599.99. Good quality.

Question: What can be used to keep cats from going in the flower beds and on the patio furniture?

Answer: If you want cats to stop going on the patio furniture and in the flower beds just sprinkle some pepper on them they don’t like the smell of pepper. It’s cheap and not harmful to the cats.

Question: I just realized I stained my wood patio furniture with interior stain… what now?
I stained the furniture with Minwax oil based stain in a dark jacobean color. I haven’t finished it with poly…yet. Everything is covered in case it rains tonight.

Answer: Get a good exterior urethane or clear coat that has uv inhibitors in it. Put 2-3 coats minimum on it and it should be fine.

The early afternoon sun warms your skin as you relax on your teak chaise lounge with cushion and read your book. Your eyes drift from the words on the page to admire y our teak furniture. There is bench in the garden, a table and chair set on the patio and another chaise next to yours. They have weathered the elements and provided you with lots of memorable moments through the years definitely making them worth the initial investment.

Teak wood is naturally water resistant. It won’t rot or warp which makes it one of, if not the best woods for outdoor furniture. Once prized by ship and bridge builders for its natural properties, it can now sit in your backyard and provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you are lounging on a chaise or sharing a meal with family and friends at the table; teak furniture allows you to fill your patio with simple elegance and casual charm. Often only seen at posh resorts or the backyards of the wealthy teak patio furniture is now attainable for anyone especially when you shop online.

Rather than trudging from store you can compare prices and styles with the click of a button. Maybe you want a seating area on the dock to rest after a jaunt in the powerboat or maybe you just want a simple romantic retreat in your yard with a teak swing. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it online. And the best part is that teak patio furniture is virtually maintenance free. Simply treat it once a year with teak protector to maintain its natural honey brown color or let it weather to a handsome silvery gray.

Your teak furniture will last a lifetime with proper care. And by shopping online you can always add more to your collection. Find a chair to match your bench or a market umbrella that fits in your table for some much needed shade. A storage box can hold anything from your Sunbrella cushions or pool toys to life jackets on the dock. And a coffee table can complete a seating area. No matter your personal style, teak patio furniture can blend with your décor. Simply add cushions or pillows for a splash of color and a pinch of personal style. In fact cushions and pillows can dress up your teak patio furniture for the changing seasons or lend your patio a variety of looks from casual to elegant and English garden to Tropical Island.

No matter what type or style of teak patio furniture you choose you will always be guaranteed timeless style and beauty while you live in outdoor luxury. Chairs, benches, rockers and swings the comfort and grace of a teak chair is unsurpassed. Deep seating furniture combines the comfort of indoor furniture with the durability of teak for the ultimate in outdoor seating. You’ll love sinking into the six inch thick and roomy 25” wide cushions which are included. When you decide to invest in outdoor furniture you simply can’t beat the timeless elegance and swanky allure of teak.

As an owner of many indoor and outdoor decor sites, Jennifer Akre reviews information and shares ideas on teak furniture, deck furniture, and outdoor accessories, giving the online consumer a chance to find valuable information on a teak bench or teak outdoor furniture. Surround yourself with beauty. Click today – Shop: teak patio furniture.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: Can someone tell me where to get reasonably priced deep comfortable seat patio furniture?
I have been looking all over Ottawa and I can’t find decently priced pieces, they all come in sets.

Answer: I would have a good look around on eBay. I have had a lot of success buying on that site – items both large and small. Amazon is good too.

If you have seen patio furniture you like locally but it is just too expensive then hang around (if you can) until the end of the season and see if it is reduced.

Question: I know my aluminum patio furniture will not rust but is it a good idea to store it outside ?
I live in Michigan were the weather in winter month is below freezing.

Answer: If it has nylon webbing, and I assume it does, leaving it out in the winter seems to shorten the webbing’s lifespan. Also, the frame may be aluminum, but the nuts and bolts aren’t, so they rust faster when exposed to the elements.

I’ve left my chairs out over an Illinois winter, and they don’t seem to last as long for the reasons I’ve given above. The ones that I put away in the garage made it for several more years than the ones that didn’t.

Question: Does anyone know of a cleaning product that will remove oxidation from resin patio furniture?
Our resin chairs have a whitish film (oxidation) from years of sun exposure. Do you have any suggestions of how to remove it without damaging the resin?

Answer: They make many Automotive products that will work. Rubbing Compound is one of them. Also Color Back. Most cars are made out of Fiberglass or resin type material, so these wouldn’t hurt the finish. Lots of work though.

Question: What is the peak time to buy patio furniture on sale?

Answer: The absolute best time to get it is late summer or early fall, actually. Most stores have an abundance of summer supplies that start to go on clearance when summer is over. I’ve gotten things on clearance at this time for half the price they were at the beginning of summer. Buy it at the end of the season and store it for next summer.

During summer? Perhaps check out Independence day sales (4th of July). Some stores have special offers for the holiday, and it’s only the second week of summer.

Question: How do you repair/replace the straps on patio furniture?

Answer: I saw the repair kits for them at the stores. I wouldn’t do it because a new one will be cheaper at the end of the summer. Too much work for me, and probably wouldn’t enjoy to spend part of my spring or summer to do it.

Question: Where can I find wicker patio furniture at low prices?

Answer: Try overstock.com. They have great prices on almost anything and the delivery is usually only a couple of dollars. The site has a price comparison compared to regular retail prices and also comments about the product from customers who purchased them.

Question: What is the best way to clean patio furniture using only bottles and hoses—no scrubbing?

Answer: I like bleach, wrecks a spray bottle but spray on, watch the goo die, spray a little more on & hose off. Watch out for your eyes and clothes though.

Question: Patio furniture – plastic straps. How can I repair them?
I have 4 patio chairs that some of the straps have broken. I thought of taping them with duct tape but not sure what else I could do.

Answer: Walmart sells replacement straps as well as other outdoor furniture stores.

What is the first thought that comes through your mind when you hear “resin patio furniture” or “plastic patio furniture”? Is the word cheap or flimsy? You are not alone. But what you may not know is it is the latest trend and spreading fast.

Today’s manufacturers make resin and plastic patio furniture in such a way that it closely resembles painted wood. There are some that make their plastic Adirondack chairs and resin patio furniture out of Polymer. This material is made of HDPE which is a high density version of polyethylene plastic. It is a hard, strong, and heavy plastic resin that has been purified and UV protected. Other manufacturers use EnviroWood which is a synthetic wood substitute made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and containers. The plastic is permeated with UV stabilized coloring that is consistent throughout.

Plastic Adirondack chairs and furniture have been designed for comfort and are built to last. They are unaffected by sun, rain, snow, even chlorine and saltwater. There is no need to paint or sand your plastic or resin patio furniture or apply a treatment seasonally. It does not rot, warp, crack or splinter. And because the furniture has solid color throughout, you can leave your plastic Adirondack chairs outside year-round because they will not fade.

With such life-long features, it is no wonder why people are getting sold on plastic and resin patio furniture. If you have not heard enough, the maintenance-free characteristic bears repeating. Outside of caring for and cleaning your furniture with soap and warm water, you can “sit back, relax and forget about it” says Poly-Wood, Inc. And if by chance you get a tough stain requiring additional cleaning power, such as a bleach/water mixture or a power wash, you can do so without affecting the color of your furniture.

Most plastic furniture manufacturers, if not all, use stainless steel hardware in their construction process. The hardware used has a high level of corrosive resistance that complements the already unique nature of the furniture allowing you to leave it outside year-round. The solid, heavy-duty construction keeps all furniture made of recycled plastic or resin on your deck or in your yard. A plastic Adirondack chair, on average, weighs between 45 to 50 lbs. Flimsy is definitely not the right adjective to describe this furniture.

And that is not all. Plastic and resin patio furniture comes in a variety of colors and styles. The Adirondack style has been a very popular version for plastic furniture. With plastic Adirondack chairs, benches and swings, you can find a classic, curved back or shellback style. Along with those choices you can choose colors such as white, patina, natural, teak, green and even lively colors such as flamingo, caribbean blue, and banana.

Although you may spend a little more for plastic and resin patio furniture styles, you will find it is an investment worth considering. Whether you are looking for furniture to place on a rustic seaside deck or for a formal garden, you may find exactly what you are looking for in among the wide selection of plastic Adirondack chairs and furniture.

Jennifer Akre is a successful business owner of numerous outdoor furniture websites comments on wood Adirondack chairs. Her websites offer product information on plastic Adirondack chairs, Adirondack furniture and other decor and furniture for your home or garden.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: If you could have a piece of patio furniture custom made what would it be?
My father is a master craftsman in the realm of wood, recently jobless, and in need of consumer information.

Answer: My wife and I have been looking for wooden patio furniture made from renewable/reclaimed sources. Those that we have found are normally trendy and that simply is not our style. The ideal is simple, affordable, traditional patio sets for us. We would love a “living room” type set for the patio (love seat, arm chairs, coffee table, etc.) and a dining set out back.

Question: Any stores in Henderson, NV that carry nice patio furniture that is not really high end?
I’ve been to RC Willey, but the selection was pretty low. Is this because of the time of year?

Answer: Sears carries a nice mid-range selection.

Question: What is the way to clean white plastic patio furniture?

Answer: With the Mr Clean eraser. It is the best thing I have found for everything.

Question: How can I keep birds from pooping on my patio and lawn furniture?
I have a nice patio and nice lawn furniture but everyday when I got out to sit, there is bird poop all over my patio. Any suggestions on keeping the birds away?

Answer: There really is no way to keep wild birds from flying where they choose, however, there are a few things you can do that will make your area less inviting to them. Keep bushes and tree’s (places where they roost and hide) away from your patio. Decorative items that spin (the same effect as a scare crow blowing in the wind) makes them cautious and shy to go near. They have decorative wind socks, chimes, and those little spinning wheels that do the trick. Make sure there are no bird feeders or bird baths in the area as well.

Question: Patio furniture refinishing?
How do I refinish the metal on my patio furniture? It is really rusted in some spots. I have a table and 4 chairs, can they be saved?

Answer: I would recommend using Naval Jelly – available at any home improvement center to remove the rust. Use a good primer once you have removed the rust and rubbed the surface with steel wool. After priming, I would recommend two coats of a good finish which prevents weathering like rust oleum.

Question: How can a person keep squirrels from destroying their patio furniture?
They destroyed canopy on lawn swing and also chewed the back of 1 seat and pulled stuffing out.

Answer: Put mothballs on around your lawn swing. Do them all over your back yard. Also, try putting garlic around your lawn furniture and on your patio.

Question: How do I keep mites, cats, other pests off of my wicker patio furniture?

Answer: Cinnamon is a natural way to run off bugs. Our dogs run off stray cats.

Tipping your furniture will keep critters off of it as well as keep the water off of them when it rains. If you do not mind chemicals I am sure there are plenty out there to choose from.

Question: How can I get rust off of patio furniture?
It’s got the rod iron frames. Do I use SOS pads, or is there a mixture or product?

Answer: You can use a product called Naval Jelly. It can be found at Lowes or Home Depot.

The process is simple you put naval jelly on the rusted areas, let it sit for a while and then use a garden hose to rinse the naval jelly off. Once fully dry you can prime with a metal primer. When the primer is dry, paint with a paint recommended for metal.

Having great patio furniture can really enhance your outdoor space and make your summers more enjoyable but when you are shopping for furniture don’t forget about the accessories.

It’s not enough just to buy great patio furniture. In order to get the full enjoyment you need to make sure you have all the things that go with it. If you are buying a table and chair set, you’ll need a good umbrella in addition to making sure you have enough room to seat the whole family. If you are getting some chairs and a settee, you’ll need some end tables and maybe even a coffee table. Either way all your furniture will need great cushions and protective coverings.

Patio Umbrellas

No matter what type of patio furniture you have, an umbrella is a must to keep you out of the hot rays of the sun. You can invest in a wide variety of umbrellas and materials to create the cool place in the shade you have always wanted. Be sure to pick an umbrella that is sturdy to hold up against winds and that has a durable fabric. Sunbrella is the ultimate in out door fabric because of its breathable as well as durability against the harshest weather.

If your patio furniture doesn’t have a mechanism to hold a patio umbrella, an offset pole patio umbrella is a great way to move with the sun. You can place it over your patio furniture set while you dine on your morning brunch or have it over your chaise while you sip a cool drink in the afternoon.

Patio Cushions

When buying cushions for your patio furniture it is important to get materials that are comfortable, long lasting, weather resistant and beautiful. You should make sure your cushions have the right density per size to maximize it’s drainability and let water pass through it easily. If you go for cushions that are dacron wrapped, you’ll be sure to get almost the same comfort you get in your living room. Your patio furniture cushions shouldn’t feel like a flat box but should create an element of comfort and support for your back, dry out quickly when the get wet and last for years.

Patio Furniture Covers

When bad weather is on the horizon or at the end of the season, you’ll want to protect your patio furniture with covers. Most outdoor covers are designed to be durable and withstand harsh weather. Since you want your covers to stay on, you should buy only furniture covers that have a Velcro fastening system. For durable covers, purchase UV treated fabric so you never have to worry about deteriorating due to the strength of the sun.

Your cushions need special protection from unwanted dust and heaven forbid the nesting of insects or other small rodents. Your best bet is to store them inside in the off season, but if you must leave them out be sure the are protected in a sealed cover.

Lee Dobbins writes for Backyard Garden And Pation where you can learn more about furniture and accessories for your patio.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: What to use to treat and protect new wood patio furniture?
Not sure of exactly what type of wood it is. Should we use Teak Oil? Or Thompson’s Water Seal? Or a simple varnish?

Answer: Find out what kind of wood it is, & you could get a better answer to your question.
Teak oil is kind of a light coating for an oily wood like teak, similar to Australian Timber oil, they both work great for what they were designed for, & like Thompson’s if you’re leaving the furniture out in the elements as opposed to beneath a covered porch mostly out of the sun you should think of it as a kind of yearly maintainence chore, to be done at the beginning/end of the season.
Even a semi-transparent stain’s not a bad way to go for most wood, just don’t put anything on them that’ll leave enough of a film to require scraping/sanding off to re-do when the time comes, as that increases your job time by a factor of anywhere from 2-4.

Question: What is the best type of cleaner to use on patio furniture?
I have a swing on my porch that has brown cushions. I want to clean it without ruining color. Any suggestions?

Answer: I use Simple Green cleaner mixed in a bucket with water on all my outdoor furniture then spray it with a hose and dry it with an old towel. It also comes in a spray bottle. It cleans better than 409 or anything else I have tried and it is a safe product to use. The mildew and dirt comes off easily without a lot of scrubbing. I don’t know if your cushions are plastic, vinyl or cloth. I would spray or wipe a small area on the underneath side with a sponge to see if it works on the cushion. If they have a cloth cover and you can remove them, I would wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle of your washing machine or soak them in the sink or bathtub and wash by hand then hang them to dry to prevent shrinking. I use Cheer Free liquid detergent because it has no color or perfume added and it works great on everything I wash in the machine or by hand.

Question: What type of paint should i use to paint wicker patio furniture?

Answer: I would go with a gloss exterior paint. There are no types just for wicker – my mom has used exterior gloss and it looks great and holds up really well.

Question: How do I get rid of green mildew stains on patio furniture?
I have a porch swing with a top on it. It is getting worse each year with green mildew all over it…..any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Answer: I spray mine down twice a year (spring and fall) with bleach and water. A little heavier on the bleach than water. Then scrub them clean. It works like a charm.

Question: How can I get pine sap off my patio furniture?
It has left white stains everywhere. Is there a quick way to dissolve?

Answer: You can get pine sap off of anything with peanut butter. Even kid’s hair.

Question: What is the best [safest/gentlest] product for cleaning patio furniture cushions?
Are there household products that are good? Do you lay them out on the lawn to dry?

Answer: I have always used baking soda, it cleans everything off, and for any tough stains on them, pour vinegar on them after the baking soda is on, don’t have to use much force then. And yes, I would just stand them in an upright position outside in the sun to dry, the vinegar will also set any colors so they don’t fade as easily…also cheap!

Question: Where can I find the best patio furniture?
We’re looking for weather-proof high quality lounge chairs in white and/or blue.

Answer: Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have good quality patio furniture. If you wanted something more trendy West Elm also has patio furniture (West Elm has the same parent company as Pottery Barn)

Question: Why is my gray composite decking turned tan where patio furniture sets?
Under the umbrella stand and under the table legs have left tan looking spots.

Answer: Maybe it is slightly damp there, making it appear more tan; or it may be sun faded where the furniture hasn’t been covering it.

Metal patio furniture sets are arguably the most maintenance free and durable of the types of patio sets commonly sold. Whereas with wooden or rattan sets you need to perform regular care and maintenance, with metal if you buy smart, other than the occasional clean you can almost forget about it and enjoy many years of trouble free use.

There are some simple guidelines to follow when buying metal patio furniture which will ensure that you buy the right set for the job:

1. Choose your material carefully. Metal patio sets come in lots of different types of metal, most commonly Aluminum, Steel or Cast Iron. The smart choice here is aluminum as it doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other metals, in addition, being a lot lighter it is a lot easier to move, store and use. Of the different materials cast iron is the heaviest and will oxidise and rust almost immediately when wet if not treated. It is also brittle so can shear if struck. Steel sits somewhere between the two, being strong, and if stainless is resistant to rust and lighter than Iron.

2. Make sure the furniture you buy will stand the test of time, both in style and quality. A lot of people fall in love with ultra modern and contemporary designs which are current this year but will look very dated very quickly in coming years. As purchasing patio furniture is a considerable investment be sure what you like and buy now is likely to be the same as you like in a couple of years time – difficult I know but take your time and choose carefully. Also, if it is very cheap then don’t expect the life span to be measured in years, there is no substitute for buying quality. This doesn’t mean that there are not bargains to be had but ensure what you do buy is solidly constructed and well made.

3. Store the furniture properly – if storage space is limited for winter, try and get a patio set where the chairs can either be dismantled or stacked so they can be kept under cover. The same applies for the table, if it can be dismantled and dry stored over winter then come spring it is a simple task to reassemble the table in preparation for use. Failing this, invest is a good weatherproof cover for winter use. As previously stated, metal patio furniture is durable and long lasting, looking after it correctly makes this more so.

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Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: What kind of patio furniture is the best for the value?
Don’t know if I should spend a lot and hope it lasts for many years or spend less and replace it every 2-3 years.

Answer: The plastic adirondack style lawn chairs seem to hold up well. We’ve just used soapy water to clean them every year. Add outdoor cushions & you have very comfortable seating!

Question: Suggestions on tying down aluminum patio furniture?
Just purchased an aluminum patio dining set and wonder if anyone has suggestions on how to tie it down, or anchor it. Our area gets pretty windy and the aluminum is pretty lightweight. I want something that won’t scratch it, and will keep it from blowing over or away. We were thinking something like pvc pipe, painted of course, because it would keep the chairs tight against each other….. any suggestions?

Answer: It gets windy where I am too. I have a swing to keep in my yard instead of in the next block. Garden stakes, they work wonders. Check at your local hardware store.

Question: When do patio furniture sets start going on sale?

Answer: Normally you get your best deals at the “end of the season” July and Aug.

Question: Where can I get quality patio furniture for a good price?

Answer: Define “quality” and “good price”. The big box home improvement stores have sales all the time on sets for a couple-few hundred dollars. But, it’s not going to be as good of quality as a set that costs several hundred dollars from a patio furniture company.

Question: Why are ravens attacking my patio furniture?
The ravens have been attacking or biting the tops of my patio chairs. The chairs are on my deck under an umbrella. We have noticed that there were more ravens hanging around. Also, I haven’t seen squirrels in a while if that is a sign. I maybe wrong, about it being the ravens but that is what I believe has been attacking the chairs.

Answer: If there are a lot of them, it is more likely crows than ravens. Crows go in a flock (called a murder) and ravens go in pairs. Crows make a harsh CAW sound; ravens make a gentler croak. Ravens are bigger too.
They could indeed be eating young squirrels or otherwise driving squirrels away, as they are somewhat predatory (crows and ravens both).
I don’t particularly know why they would attack your chairs unless 1) they are trying to get some threads off to line their nests, or 2) they find them intriguing and like to play with them.

Question: What are some good sites to buy patio furniture from?
I’m looking for clearance or lower priced sites. Not into E-Bay, and I’ve looked at Walmart, Kmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot. I’m looking for both an outdoor dining set and a conversation area set.

Answer: How about Sears or JC Penney.

Question: Squirrels are eating my patio furniture, what can I do besides shoot them?
I have a squirrel problem and would like to deal with it in a humane way if possible.

Answer: Get green apple spray. You can get it at petsmart or petco or places like that. It’s safe for furniture and animals hate it. Or get a dog or something that likes squirrels (not as friends).

Question: I need my patio furniture repaired, can you tell me who does this kind of repair in my area? Waynesboro area?

Answer: Try a powder coating company, many will re weld, bead blast, re coat.

Bring a little of the tropics home to your own outdoor area with the use of wicker chairs and wicker garden furniture.

Available in a variety of styles and colors including natural, lacquered, white and red, wicker and rattan chairs and tables have been designed to meet the changing needs of outdoor entertaining. Sit back and relax in comfort and style as your rattan furniture takes you on a journey to paradise.

Now wicker patio chairs can be used all year round

Rather than continuing to just churn out cheap plastic settings, furniture manufacturers have heard our calls for something comfortable we can use all year round and so are using wicker, along with teak and cedar, to create a whole new suite of furniture for our outside living area. As natural materials, wicker and rattan chairs are the simple solution.

Perfect for a small apartment balcony, by the pool or in an outdoor patio area, natural woven chairs, like wicker or rattan and a table setting are easy to keep clean, resistant to seasonal weather and can be changed and altered with simple accessories such as plump cushions, umbrellas and rugs.

Usually hand woven, wicker material chairs and tables are a stylish addition to an outdoor area. Normally coming in standard sets of two-to-four chairs and a glass top table, they are well priced and widely available.

Wicker chairs, wicker/glass tables and other complimentary wicker furniture such as loveseats, suit many tastes and garden styles, and are an inexpensive option for regular outdoor entertainers. In fact, a very nice quality wicker or rattan chair can be found for $70 – $100, whereas a wicker patio set would generally start at around $300 – $500 upwards.

Resin coated wicker and the weather is no longer an issue

While most wicker furniture is susceptible to harsh weather, resin wicker is all weather durable, because of its weatherproofing seal. Resin coated wicker is also UV resistant so does not fade, crack or peel. In addition, wicker chairs and indeed all wicker furniture is generally lightweight and can easily be moved. This is perfect for garden lovers and entertainers who continually make changes and alterations to their outdoor areas. Now you can enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round!

Tyler Bond is a writer for Outdoor Patio Furniture, a blog which is dedicated to bring consumers reviews, tips, and comparisons of all different types of patio furniture, from Do if yourself Furniture, to Patio Umbrellas.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: What’s the best way to clean water repellent fabric on patio furniture?

Answer: I wet then spray mine with one of three things, allow to sit 5 minutes, then scrub with a nail brush or shower exfoliating glove and then rinse. Comes out very cleanly. Sometimes, I spot clean with a mr.clean magic eraser though.
All of these can be found in the automotive department: Simple Green, Krud Kutter, Castrol Purple Degreaser

Question: How to clean plastic patio furniture?

Answer: Comet cleanser and scrub, will also control mildew.

Question: Will powder coated metal patio furniture scrape a painted pool deck?
When sliding the chairs in and out around the table, will the bottoms/legs scratch a painted concrete patio?

Answer: Yes, the powder coating and the metal are both harder than the paint. You might be able to glue some kind of slider on the legs though.

Question: Is wood or metal the best choice for patio furniture from a low maintenance and durability perspective? There are many different metal alloys in the market today, wondering which is better. Do they rust? Also, does metal get very hot if sun is shining on it for a whole day and we go sit on it in the evening?

Answer: After many years metal will rust. If you want metal it pays to store it in doors for the harsher weather. Wood is very durable and can last a lifetime with the proper care. Plastics is another option. A lot of patio furniture is metal but is coated with some type of faux plastic – so I doubt it rusts very easily. If you buy a decent quality set you should be able to get 10-15 years out of it. If you buy something cheap at Walmarts it will probably last half as long.

Question: How do you care for and clean teak wood patio furniture?
Our teak furniture is looking dirty or mildewy. I am wondering how to make it look clean or more fresh looking. It is only a year old.

Answer: My recommended way to clean teak patio furniture is to mix in a bucket 3 parts mild laundry detergent with one part bleach mixture with water.

Now wash the furniture using a soft bristle brush. Do not use a hard bristle brush as it may damage the furniture. After you have given the furniture a good scrub with the cleaning mix rinse the entire piece of furniture to make sure all dirt is removed.

Question: How can I prevent my dogs from peeing on the legs of my metal patio furniture?
Can I spray the furniture with Rustoleum paint and that will prevent rust? What could I do?

Answer: The rustoleum will cover rust, but not necessarily prevent it. As for the dogs? Well, if you find out, let me know. Its virtually impossible to stop this behaviour unless you catch them doing it each time, discipline them for it, and then wash down the legs so they don’t smell it. I have six dogs and have given up worrying about the outside furniture. I just wash it down on a regular basis and paint when necessary.

Question: Where can I find fabric to match patio furniture bought at Wal-Mart?
The furniture style is Palm Valley II and the brand is Better Homes and Gardens. I have extra pillows that I want to cover to match the fabric on the furniture.

Answer: JoAnne fabrics carries Sunbrella fabric and so do some other fabric stores. I don’t know if you can get the Palm Valley because that was a pattern designed for the BHG line at WalMart. But, you can get some coordinating fabric. Sunbrella is great because it won’t mold or mildew or fade or stain and it has a 5 year warranty. Especially for pillows and cushions it really is the most durable and long lasting for outdoor patio use.

Question: I’m going to paint my old wood patio furniture. Since it will be in the sun, what type of paint should i use?
Should i use a base coat? Can I use a spray acrylic? In the past, the paint has always bubbled up on the furniture I kept in the sun.

Answer: It bubbled because your furniture wasn’t dry and you trapped moisture in it or you painted in direct sun light that was too hot. Whatever you do make sure you use a water based paint unless you know what kind was put on from the start. You don’t want to put oil based paint over water based BUT you can put water based over oil, oil based paint will tend to lift the water based paint off. Use some 100 grit paper and scuff up the areas where the paint has bubbled off and you can use an acrylic spray paint or acrylic paint with a brush just don’t paint in direct sun it dries too fast. As far as curing most paints take 2 weeks to 30 days to fully cure.

The fresh air of the early spring solstice and the celebration song of the earth call us to leave the safety and comfort of our indoor winter haven. We venture forth to explore the new life that is springing up all around us, and habitually look for a place to relax and absorb the sounds and smells swirling through the air. Agio Patio Furniture may be just the answer to true enjoyment of the new season’s arrival.

We all have our ideas of what the “perfect” outdoor furniture setting looks like. Some enjoy a rustic outdoors woodsy look that will endure the weather with stoic indifference. Others fancy a Victorian wicker patio set that combines comfort and appearance into an attractive setting. Still others go all out for a grand weave of grace and charm that envelopes the user in a rapture of comfort. What do you consider to be the “perfect” outdoor setting? Whatever your personal preference, there’s Agio outdoor furniture on the market that will fit your ideal setting.

Patio furniture sets the tone for your backyard experience. A rustic, wooden patio set invites the family outdoors for an evening of roughhousing and fun. Meanwhile, across town, an Agio patio furniture set begs a father to fire up the barbeque grill for a neighborhood cookout.

Outdoor patio furniture is made for pleasure, especially Agio Patio Furniture. What can be more enjoyable than a day or afternoon in the outdoors of the summer? Outdoor patio furniture has the privilege of bringing people together for a time of togetherness in an outdoor setting that provides all of the comforts of indoor furniture. Chaise lounges are great for relaxation. Chairs with thickly padded cushions and adjustable backs are perfect for comfortable dining. Large tables with their handsome umbrellas to keep the sun from causing discomfort provide spacious table settings. What more could we ask for?

Hans is author of http://www.patio-furniture-ideas.com
and http://www.gardeningguides.com News and tips for outdoor living, gardening and barbequing.

Patio Furniture FAQ:

Question: Can white plastic (resin) patio furniture be painted?
I have several pieces of white resin patio furniture that are heavily stained and I am wondering whether I might be able to paint them to make them look better. If I can do this, what kind of paint should I use?

Answer: Yes, both Lowes and Home Depot carry spray paints for plastic I used Hunter Green and it came out fine, you have to use one that says for plastic and follow the instructions.

Question: Resin/plastic or wood patio furniture…which do you prefer, and why?
I’m shopping for patio furniture…something to relax on that will hold up for at least a few seasons. Hopefully I can get as much mileage out of it as possible. Any really good recommendations or bad experiences?

Answer: I live outdoors, so here is what you need to think about. Wood WILL fall apart eventually. Unless you plan to go out and treat it yearly, which is a pain. Especially because you must treat every nook and cranny, because water will find a way in.

Resin, those cheap chairs, they stain and are a pain to clean, but they are cheap. They are usually kind of uncomfortable and they LOOK cheap.

I use those metal sets you can find at home depot or walmart. They are good.

The best choice is wrought iron. Lasts forever if you get a decent set. Worth the investment.

Question: How do you prevent outdoor resin patio furniture from fading and cracking etc from the sun and time?
The furniture is made to look like wicker,however it is a resin material? The furniture was very expensive and the factory only offers a one year warranty.

Answer: I believe you can buy a resin spray (in a can, like spray paint) and put it over the chairs. Otherwise you will have to take them out to the garage or cover them with plastic or sheet or something that won’t let the sun damage them. I don’t know if they make clear, they should, but I do know they make white and some other color.

Question: How can I prevent my patio furniture cover from blowing off?
I have a patio set (table and four chairs) on my deck and I put a canvas cover on it. It’s pretty heavy and durable, but it keeps blowing off on windy days. Any tips for keeping it from blowing off? I guess I could put huge rocks on top of the table or something, but I think that wouldn’t look too attractive.

Answer: We solved this problem by sewing on velcro to the bottom edge of the cover so that we could tighten up the bottom of the cover, around the chair legs, it worked.

Question: How to ship patio furniture and a grill?
I was given a 5 piece patio set and a gas grill from a family friend. The only problem is that it’s in WV and I am in GA. Any ideas for how to ship them down?

Answer: As great as it is to be given something as valuable as outdoor furniture, it would be much too costly to ship. You could probably buy 75% of a new set with what you would pay a pack and ship place to ship it.

Question: Any ideas for attractive patio furniture comfortable enough to sleep on?
I just moved to an apartment with a decent sized balcony. I have shade a good part of the day, and the breeze is fantastic. I want furniture comfortable enough that I could fall asleep on. I’m not worried about functioning for eating or anything, but I’d at least like seating for 2. A hammock would eat up all my space with the stand, so that’s the only no go I have.

Answer: I like those wooden steamer chairs – the kind you get on cruise ships which you can use like a chair or a recliner and really lie back and relax in the sun. Get folding versions so that you have more space when not in use.

The most important thing with any furniture you buy will be the patio cushions – the depth and quality of the cushions will give you comfort while the design will give you the attractive look you are seeking. No use having beautiful furniture and then covering it with cheap patio cushions.

Question: Where can I get cheap patio furniture that lasts for a long time?

Answer: Try walmart, target, home depot, kohls, jewel osco, pick n save, piggly wiggly and sams club.

Question: How to do I protect outdoor patio furniture with cushions?
We just bought a patio set which includes thick chair cushions. They say they have been treated to be water repellent. Do we need to move them every time it rains?

Answer: Fabrics for outdoor use are weather and sun resistant so you don’t need to do anything. Ours dry quickly after a rain and haven’t faded and look brand new in two years of outdoor exposure. If you are really concerned, buy outdoor furniture covers designed specifically to fit every size and style of furniture.

Nobody ever said that you have to use all wooden furniture when you gear up to outfit your exterior with great seating. While there are plenty of gorgeous wooden sets that you can choose from, some homeowners still like the durability of plastic. With the kinds of options that are available in plastic outdoor furniture today, you will never even feel as though anything is missing by switching to plastic from wood.

Whether you are looking for an entire furniture set to add to your exterior or just a few simple pieces, there are lots of magnificent plastic outdoor furniture options that you can get your hands on. For example, maybe you just want to create a one man oasis where just you can go to get away from it all, just you and you alone. If that is the case, then there is really nothing that is better put together or better priced than an Adirondack chair set made form plastic. Not only does it come with a relaxing Adirondack chair that has a sloped, spacious seat, angled backrest, and oversized armrests, but it also includes a matching ottoman and a handy table. So, you have one wonderful spot to take a load off thanks to the chair along with a comfortable place to put your feet and set down drinks, snacks, and anything else that you don’t want to hold on to. This set is a nice little way to add amazing seating to your outdoor space without completely squeezing the life out of your bank account.

Or, maybe you want a lovely place where you can serve and enjoy meals with your family and friends. Well, then the plastic outdoor furniture option for you would be a patio table and chair set. You can get tables of all different sizes along with comfortable chairs and if you want to throw a little shade into the equation, then an umbrella would also be a great purchase.

Now, these selections just mentioned aren’t the only plastic outdoor furniture choices that are available because there are many, many more. Some of the other selections include chaise lounges, rocking chairs, settees, and garden benches. For a great way to see the choices, just hit the Internet for some online shopping. You can browse through all the selections in no time at all and when you do decide on something, what you want will generally be at one pretty reasonable price.

Made to last for a lifetime, plastic outdoor furniture is pretty much maintenance free because you don’t have to stain or protect it in any way. All you have to do is clean it from time to time. So, you can even feel good in knowing that it is made from recycled plastic polymer. In addition to that, it is immune to damage from chlorine, salt water, snow, rain and sun.

Okay, since you know about all the positives when it comes to plastic outdoor furniture, when is that garden party of yours going to be so you can show off your new seating?

Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops such as http://blog.eadirondackstyle.com that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it’s your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both functional and beautiful. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous outdoor area by using posh patio furniture crafted from durable plastic.

Outdoor Furniture FAQ:

Question: Does any one know a place to keep cheap outdoor furniture?
Nothing special, just cheap. Me and my boyfriend just got a house with a patio, and we want a table and chairs for out there. The cheapest thing I found at Wal-Mart was like 150 and the table was tiny. I can’t even find just a plastic table and chairs. We live in Western PA, I’m hoping there’s a secret used store or something someone might know about

Answer: Why not invest in something that will last you longer than a year, you can check end of season sales in September and garage sales for now, even if you find some resin chairs or plastic ones you can always paint them to match whatever decor you want to have on your patio.

Question: Restore the shine to outdoor plastic furniture?
I have dark green outdoor chairs and a small table over the years they have weathered and lost their shine. What can I use to clean and restore the shine? I am concerned that whatever I use will not come off on our clothing when sitting in the chairs.

Answer: Wash them with a good soap, then when they’re dry paint them. Krylon brand has a plastic spray paint out, or use a clear coat.

Question: Should I stain and finish cedar outdoor furniture?
I would like to keep the smell of cedar, but don’t like the aged look of cedar. Is there anything I can do to protect the smell while not getting the appearance of aging?

Answer: There’s not much you can do to preserve the smell as over time it will dissipate. I do always recommend weatherproofing outdoor furniture. You can even get tinted waterproofing materials now, just make sure to keep it mixed as you go so the color stays even.

Question: Can I paint outdoor resin furniture?
What sort of primer should I use? I have a white resin outdoor table. I plan to glue mosaic tiles to it. Is it strong enough for that?

Answer: Resin is treated like plastic when it is being painted because of its slick, non-pourous surface. Use Krylon Paints for plastic because they are the only type of paint formulated for these types of surfaces.

It really depends on how thick the resin is as to whether it will support the weight of the tiles. Test it by putting your body weight on the center of the table and see whether it bows.

If you do put tiles on it, you will need a heavy duty adhesive that will stick to non-pourous surfaces to glue down the tiles. Something like Locktite, Plumber’s Goop or E6000 will work. You have to let all of them completely cure before you start grouting. Therein is where you may run into some problems because most grout is not formulated to adhere to slick surfaces. You may get it to initially stick, but could have cracking and performance issues like chunks of grout falling out in the long run.

Question: How to do I protect outdoor patio furniture with cushions?
We just bought a patio set which includes thick chair cushions. They say they have been treated to be water repellant. Do we need to move them every time it rains? What else should I do to protect the padding?

Answer: Fabrics for outdoor use are weather and sun resistant so you don’t need to do anything. Ours dry quickly after a rain and haven’t faded and look brand new in two years of outdoor exposure. If you are really concerned, buy outdoor furniture covers designed specifically to fit every size and style of furniture.

Question: What is the best way to seal outdoor wood furniture?
I have used polyurethane but I am wondering if there is a better product.

Answer: Visit a marine supply store for preservatives & finishes.
Could use a marine varnish, but like polys can toast your buns if its been in the sun & you are wearing shorts.
Marine finishes stand up well to weather & do not scab the way polyurethanes do.

Question: Where can I find inexpensive outdoor furniture (plastic)?

Answer: If you only want plastic then go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart or even Target and not incur additional shipping charges on line. Plastic doesn’t hold up so you’ll need a local store for replacements anyway.

Question: What is the hardest wood to use for outdoor furniture?

Answer: Well short of petrified wood, it’s Lignum Vitae or ironwood. This may not be so easy to get. A lot of outdoor furniture is made with Carolina Pine or pressure treated lumber which is easier to get.

There is no greater joy than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon outdoors with family and friends. Whether at the beach, park or out in your own garden, these moments are treasured for a lifetime.

Good outdoor furniture is the perfect companion for these occasions. The variety of outdoor furniture available is quite staggering. From patio furniture to garden chairs, swings and hammocks to benches, chairs and picnic tables, the range is limitless. Apart from these common items, outdoor furniture also includes decorative pieces such as gazebos, arbors, umbrellas, bridges and arches.

Today, a lot of outdoor furniture is made according to modern furniture styles. Outdoor furniture is subject to a lot of wear and tear due to nature’s elements. Moisture is a major menace and hence only certain woods such as teak can be used for outdoor furniture. However, these tend to be bulky and expensive. Because of this, synthetic alternatives such as polywood, plastic, and fiber are widely used today in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. These materials are resistant to moisture and decay, and are lightweight and easy to maintain. Moreover, they can be easily molded to form various different shapes. As a result, modern outdoor furniture is available in a wide array of designs. Sharp edges have been replaced by curves, which perfectly support the body contours.

Emphasis is laid not only on the functional value of these furniture pieces but also on their aesthetic quality. For instance, a patio table with chairs and an umbrella add a quaint charm to the house. The synthetic materials also enable the use of color, adding bright hues to the furniture.

Metals such as aluminum and wrought iron are also popularly used in the design of outdoor furniture. The malleability of the metals permits the creation of various unique designs without compromising on durability.

The style, material, comfort, size and price are some of the important factors to be considered when purchasing modern outdoor furniture. With an array of brilliant designs and colors, this furniture promises to make the time outdoors even more enjoyable.

Modern Furniture provides detailed information on Modern Furniture, Affordable Modern Furniture, Modern Bedroom Furniture, Modern Office Furniture and more. Modern Furniture is affiliated with Contemporary Office Furniture.

Outdoor Furniture FAQ:

Question: What sort of glue would you use on outdoor wooden furniture ?

Answer: I use Titebond II on everything, it’s both waterproof and does not expand like Gorilla glue.

Question: What is the best way to clean outdoor furniture cushions?

Answer: Depends on material, etc. I have PVC frame furniture with cushions. I use a mixture of bleach and water. Allow to sit in sun for a few minutes and then rinse with water thoroughly.

Question: Where can I get some inexpensive but contemporary outdoor furniture?
Something for a balcony or patio? Got any good ideas besides, walmart or kmart?

Answer: Lowe’s is great for outdoor furniture. They have a wide selection, too. Shop in early August: that’s when they have big blow-outs and all outdoor lawn and garden furniture is 30% off.

They’re also good about shipping it to the store nearest you for pick up if it’s not in-stock!

Question: What is the best paint or stain to use on outdoor furniture with treated wood?

Answer: The very best for outdoors is Sikkens brand stain. We did our deck and fence in it 6 years ago. We did a few extra boards for the fence just in case we needed them and had them in storage. Last summer one of the board broke and we took one out of storage and hung it up. You could not tell the new board from the ones that had been up there for 6 years. I live up north and the fence gets a lot of abusive from the weather up here. The stain isn’t cheap but last much longer than anything else we have ever used. They have different kinds for the type of job you are doing.

Question: How can I remove rust from outdoor furniture and preserve for the winter?

Answer: My sister just refinished my Grandma’s antique wrought iron furniture. It looks absolutely great!! Remove the rust with KBS RustBlast and permanently seal it from ever coming back with 2 thin coats of KBS RustSeal. And then topcoat with whatever color you like. You’ll never have a rust problem again! It’s worth doing it right.

Question: How do I turn indoor sofas to outdoor furniture?

Answer: Well you put it outside then it becomes outdoor furniture but then your neighbors are going to think your crazy!! And I don’t think it would last too long. Maybe you could wrap it in plastic wrap!

Question: How do I remove mold from my outdoor furniture cushions? They are made with outdoor fabric, yet still have mold.

Answer: I had the same problem and found DampRid Mold and Mildew Remover and Protector. It kills the mold that is already existing and prevents it from getting it again. I reapply a couple times during the summer and before I store them for the winter. Mine get hit with the automatic sprinklers everyday. You can find it at the Lowes.

Question: What is the best product to seal and protect teak outdoor furniture?

Answer: You don’t need to protect teak unless you want to preserve the rich color, and you can always use a teak cleaner to bring back it’s original color. Teak will eventually turn a silvery patina color if left unprotected outdoors, but it will not lose it’s strength.

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