One of the cooler things brought on by advent of Polynesian tiki culture is the renowned tiki bar. Giving off an air reminiscent of ancient tribal surroundings, a tiki bar is an awesome place to enjoy and lose yourself to another domain.

For those unfamiliar with this modern-day tropical delight, a tiki bar is usually modeled after a tiki hut. A distinctive structure usually made with bamboo and a special roof made of woven grass or leaves, known as a thatched roof. The bar adorned with distinctive tiki décor and tiki furniture which gives it such a unique style and appearance.

The great thing about tiki bars is feeling off being on vacation in some exotic locale, all without having to actually go off to some remote place and spending big bucks in the process. The somewhat weird ambiance and almost otherworldly atmosphere invoked by the tiki bar can make a wonderful setting for some truly memorable parties!

Tiki enthusiast can visit these bars in many different places as they’re quickly gaining in popularity. There’s nothing like slipping off to the Caribbean for a drink or two to escape that blistering blizzard just outside those tiki doors.

Those who love going to tiki bars can even build their own private tiki bar all in comfort of their own home. Whether by the pool or in the basement, having a private tiki bar is huge load of fun and source of pride. Tiki bar owners are sure to be very popular around the neighborhood and shouldn’t be surprised to constantly have a few guest wanting share in on the fun and party.

So what exactly makes a tiki bar tick, so to speak? Those interested in owning their own tiki bar or those that already run one should know that the most important thing is to maintain the wonderful tiki atmosphere by making sure their tiki bar is well decorated with special tiki décor items. The most important of these being the tiki furniture as these form the backbone and foundation of well maintained tiki bar.

There are various forms of tiki furniture, all with different designs, functions, and sizes. They can be made from a variety of different materials, ranging from plywood and cement, to the more exotic materials such as bamboo and specialty rocks.

One of the most important pieces of furniture is of course, the actual bar itself. This should be given particularly vital attention to quality as this is the centerpiece of the entire establishment.

For the bar, bamboo is usually the way to go. There’s something about that wonder plant that exudes island glamour. Bamboo bars can be made partly or completely of bamboo and are completed by the distinct thatched roof.

As for the bar counter, some are made of plywood or tied up pieces of bamboo. You can try using something special such lava rocks to make it extra special.

Tiki totem poles of ancient, Polynesian gods make the perfect bar stools to amuse and slightly frighten would-be bar patrons. These pieces are meticulously carved into the likeness of scowling gods or moai (disembodied head monoliths). These bar stools can also come with tapa seat cloth for added authenticity.

Another cool trick is to place umbrellas on the table or other furniture and then to cover the umbrellas with thatch umbrella covers to give the look of a tropical island.

There is a lot of wonderful tiki furniture available to fill your bar with. Things like carved moai tables topped with funky tiki lamps can contribute to making your bar a success.

It is also important to make use of good lighting in your tiki bar. Though be careful when using bamboo torches or any fire hazards. Tiki bars along with containing large amounts of alcohol are commonly made out of rather flammable materials so be sure to take the proper precautions less your tiki paraiso turns in a tiki inferno.

Obtaining tiki furniture and other décor is fortunately easier now than it has ever been, thanks to the internet. Ready made furniture as well customizable orders and building plans are readily available online. Just be sure to research beforehand that the site your ordering from is reputable.

Tiki bars are only as good as their furniture so tiki bar owners should be sure to invest in quality tiki furniture to maximize the bars potential.

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Bar Furniture FAQ:

Question: Anyone know where to get bar items & furniture from bars going out of business?
My family purchased a bar and we are remodeling. We are looking for bar stools, booths, other furniture & other bar items possibly from a bar going out of business or an auction.

Answer: Contact your local food vendor they should be able to place you in contact with either a used sales department or a new furniture and fixture company many times food service companies offer these kind of supplies themselves however they are a bit more expensive however if I where you I would try Ebay and other online auction houses or even real time auction houses in your home town. If that don’t work there are several bar furnishing companies on the web.

Question: Where can I find info on a bar (furniture) Vietnam era, with Eagle and Parachute Insignias?
Was told someone was commissioned by 101st Airborne to make these for Vietnam Era Paratroopers. Has a marble inlaid top and folding end panels.

Answer: If there is a military type surplus store in your area go there and ask about the bar stool you just mention here, you might get good leads with them on how to find them. Or write the outfit you just mention yourself and see if they can help you track the bar stool for you.

Question: Where can I find higher-end lounge furniture for a bar/lounge that I’m starting?
When I google bar or lounge seating I get really ugly and cheap looking results. I’m looking for lounge seating (the upholstered cubes and benches) that is sleek and modern, but I’m not having any luck.

Answer: Try Design Within Reach, it’s upscale and really modern.

Question: I am looking for bar furniture, specifically chairs.?
I am refurbing a bar with my hubby and we are looking for 26 matching chairs that are suitable for a bar full of squaddies, we just got quoted £1200!!

Answer: Find a local restaurant supply house.

Question: Where can I buy India / hookah bar style home decor and furniture?
I just moved into a new apartment and I’m really into the whole India look of things, really mellowed out with floor seating and textiles and decorations, particularly furniture. Anyone have any ideas where I can find this?

Answer: Maybe Pier One or 10 000 villages.

Question: How do I sell 2nd hand Bar Stools to someone in Ireland?
We have a collection of Bar Furniture for sale, and available to be picked up in Co. Monaghan.

Answer: Classifieds in the paper, or you could try EBay.

Question: Information/Help on Furniture Piece: Stereo/Bar/Fireplace/8Track?
I am seeking information on my grandmother’s entertainment center. I am not sure what to call it or how to research it properly. I am looking to sell it and would like to know more about it and what to list it for.

I believe it was purchased in late 50s/early 60s. The piece has an electric fireplace, two huge doors that open to expose record player, 8-track, AM/FM stereo, pull-out bar, mirrored lit back, and glass shelving. Sides of piece have shelving and crystal lights — about 7′ tall on marble stone bottom. Speakers are covered in red velvet. Everything is in clean, working condition.

Answer: Why on earth would you want to get rid of that? That is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I would suggest taking it to antiques road show when they come to your area.

Question: Rockola furniture – specifically a folding bar?
I recently acquired a Rockola folding bar #671, which is from the 1930’s. I can’t find much information on the internet regarding furniture other than juke boxes. I am specifically looking for the value of this beautiful piece. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I might find more information?

Answer: Any antique website should be able to let you know what it could be appraised at.