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There is no doubt that having a baby can be very stressful as it is. In fact, it is one of the most stressful things that you may ever have to go through. At the same time, however, like many parents, chances are that making sure that your baby’s room is wonderful is probably one of your main priorities. Finding the right baby furniture can be as fun and as easy as you make it. This article’s main focus is to provide you with some useful tips on how to find baby furniture which will be needed in your child’s nursery.

Chances are that the most important pieces of baby furniture for your baby’s nursery is a baby crib. There are a variety of great baby cribs for you to choose from which are out there. The main key is finding the right one. So how do you do so? Well, you should figure out what type of theme you want to have for your baby’s nursery. Chances are that this will be a huge starting point for finding this particular piece of baby furniture. Many baby cribs are already pre-designed in order to be suitable with a particular baby nursery theme. You should have a good idea of what you want beforehand, in order to ensure that you will find the baby crib which is the most suitable for your baby’s nursery. Another factor, which you should take into consideration when choosing this piece of baby furniture, is making sure that you find a baby crib which is safe.

Another important piece of baby furniture is a changing table, which will be used in order to help you with changing your baby’s diaper. Although you may be under the impression that you can change your baby’s diaper without this essential piece of baby furniture, the truth is that it will make things a whole lot easier for you.

A dresser is another very important baby furniture essential. Where else would you keep all of the clothes for your baby? Chances are that buying a good sized dresser may be a much better idea, even though it may be more costly. This is due to the fact that you will not need to purchase another dresser for your child when he or she begins to grow up.

If you plan on reading to your baby, one piece of baby furniture which you should be sure to consider getting is a bookshelf. Although you may not read to your child until later on in life, you should keep in mind that you can also use a bookshelf as a place to put your baby’s things, such as stuffed animals.

Chances are that your baby may be afraid of the dark or would prefer to have some source of light. If you think that this will probably be the case, you should consider some very important pieces of baby furniture- lamps or nightlights! These are offered in a wide variety of fashions and if you want to get creative with it, you can try matching the theme of your baby’s nursery.

Finding baby furniture which is suitable for your baby’s nursery can be as easy and as fun as you decide to make it. Just remember to look for great prices, great fashions and to use your imagination! If you follow all of these tips, you will be one step closer to providing the amazing baby nursery that your baby deserves.

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Baby Furniture FAQ:

Question: When did you buy your baby furniture?
How far along where you when you bought your baby furniture?

Answer: I bought the crib when I was 30 wks. along. I bought a couple of pictures at 32 wks… Since I have a 4 1/2 yr. old daughter I already have the rest of the items that I need.

Question: Baby furniture store closed down before we could get our items. Is there anything we can do to get our money?
The store front is empty and no contact information was left. The store was a Bellini Baby Furniture store but it looks like there is no corporate office we can contact. We paid through credit card, but is there any way we can get our money back?

Answer: Call your bank or credit card company. They should be able to reverse the charges. I did this a few times with stuff I bought over the internet and never got.

Question: Where can you actually purchase baby furniture from at the store?
I don’t want to have to pay almost double just b/c of shipping and handling. Do certain stores already have the furniture in stock?

Answer: Regular furniture stores – like where you would go to buy your own bedroom furniture – will also carry baby furniture. Also, try IKEA if you have one in your area.

Question: Is there a way to test baby furniture to make sure its safe?
We just bought the baby a second crib to put in our room. We had the first one put together at the store but that cost to much so we decided to get someone we knew to put it together. My brother claimed he knew what he was doing so we let him put it together but he is such a ding bat. I am a little scared to put my daughter in the crib. Is there anyway that I can test it?

Answer: Cribs are pretty straightforward to put together. As long as the 4 “walls” seem square and don’t rock back and forth or show gaps at the seams, and the bottom is level and is attached at all 4 corners you should be ok. That being said I would still be taking a screw driver and making sure everything is tight. Then pile about 30 pounds of weight into it and move the crib around. If it doesn’t fall apart then you can breathe a bit easier.

Question: Where can I find baby furniture and product at bargain prices?
I’ve been searching for a baby cot,pushchairs etc. at clearance price or bargain price on line but I would like to see the products before I buy them. Anyone knows if there is any shop that I can go and have a look at the product before I buy?

Answer: I got all my baby equipment from ARGOS they deliver too.
I had mamas and papas pram bath station, the cot, the bedroom furniture and other things and I am very satisfied.

Question: Any feedback about Bassett baby furniture products?
I bought a crib (still unassembled) but I’m thinking of returning it because it says “made in China.” These words are almost terrifying these days when it comes to baby products!

Answer: Made in china is everywhere. I understand the scare with the lead paint but most cribs aren’t painted. I’m sure what you have is just fine.

As your child gets older and into toys from china then you will have more room to worry. I personally scratch things with my nail. If the paint comes off it goes in the trash.

Question: When do you normally start buying nursery furniture and baby clothes?
I am 12 weeks pregnant now, have had 1 m/c, so a little scared to rush, but I cannot wait to buy furniture to set up the room, start buying baby clothes.

Answer: I’m a last minute kind of girl…so I would wait until I knew the sex of the baby, so I could prepare. I would say once you hit the 5 month mark of your pregnancy, you’re good to go.

Question: Where can I find discontinued baby furniture?
I am looking for the Delta Jasmine dresser in Cherry/Walnut. My local store told me it is discontinued. Does anyone know of a place I might be able to find it?

Answer: You could check ebay…or go to yahoo search and type in Delta Jasmine Dresser they may be discontinued but that could mean they still have some in warehouses, just aren’t making them anymore.

Cribs are involved in more infant deaths each year than any other nursery product. Know what to look for when buying a crib.

First check the corner posts on the crib. The best option is corner posts that are flush with the headboard and footboard. At most, they should extent 1/16″ above the top. They should not be long enough for clothing worn to get hooked on.

Check that the mattress support hangers can be completely secured to the frame by either bolts or closed hooks. Regularly check the crib’s hardware to make sure none of it has loosened something that can happen with a child bouncing on the mattress.

If you’ll be using bumper pads, check them out carefully to have the following features: tie or snap in place, fit all the way around the crib, have straps/ties in each corner, in the middle of the sides along the open rails and should also have ties at the top and bottom edges. (Be sure to remove the bumper pads when your child can stand in the crib. Otherwise they might use the pad as something to step on if they want to climb out of the crib.)

Once you get the crib and mattress home, discard all plastic. Never use any part of the plastic, including the bag covering the mattress, as the plastic could cause suffocation.

Because of the potential of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), use a firm, flat mattress in the crib and lay your baby on their back. Instead of using a blanket that can get wrapped around the baby, use a one-piece sleeper with legs and arms.

When arranging the baby furniture in the nursery, keep the crib away from any window. Any windows that have blinds or draperies also have cords that could cause strangulation. And the screen of an open window is not strong enough to prevent a child from falling out.

If you put your baby to bed with a pacifier or teether, never tie it around their neck. When you are ready to put your baby down to sleep, there should be nothing around their neck and that includes bibs and necklaces.

Make sure the side rail is fully locked when raised. Put the mattress in its lowest position once your child can stand in the crib by itself. Remove any and everything that they could possibly stand on to try and climb out including any stuffed animals or toys.

Climbing out anyway? Then keep the side rail down. It’s a lot less further to fall than if the side rail is up.

And finally, keep in mind that any baby toy/mobile/gym that stretches across the crib is wonderful for your infant but can become a strangulation hazard once your baby gets older and more active.

Kimberly Green is a mom and has researched, in depth, baby safety when buying baby furniture

Baby Furniture FAQ:

Question: How did you pick your baby furniture?
It seems all the pieces I like you can only buy online. My husband is sort of weird about buying things online that you can’t see & feel before hand. How did you buy your baby furniture & big items? In the stores or online? Were you happy with what you got?

Answer: I bought all of my daughter’s furniture online (Babies R Us). Didn’t have a problem with any of it and love all the pieces. I got the matching crib, armoire and changing table/stand. I also got the rocker/glider from BRU online as well.

The crib that I have is also the one that grows with the child, up to a full-size bed.

Question: Where can I buy discounted or inexpensive baby furniture?
I want to buy furniture for the baby’s nursery but I can’t believe it’s like $300 for a dresser! Any good web-sites selling nice discounted furniture? I want a natural finish.

Answer: Craigslist is a good one in my area. You can always go see the furniture and you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to. Another fairly inexpensive place is Ikea if you have one near you.

Question: Where to Buy Furniture For a Baby’s Room?
My pregnant wife is on strict bed rest and she has asked me to take a stab at decorating our baby’s room. My better half has great taste and I want to surprise her with a terrific nursery. Can anyone recommend a high end store that sells baby furniture?

Answer: I would try Babies R Us…not exactly a really fancy store, but they have some very nice things and helpful salespeople…they might suggest things that you really need but don’t know that you need. They have a wide variety of price ranges in the furniture too.

Question: Where can I get good quality baby furniture at a reasonable price?
Am a new mother, and well it’s not so easy deciding on how to buy furniture. My baby is 5 month old, but the only thing we bought for her was a 400 dollar crib which I do not like. Well now that I got my tax money refund I’m looking to invest in good quality funiture for my darling baby all in white at a reasonable price. Can someone give me some tips and do’s and don’ts.

Answer: Go and have a look on a site called posh tots, you can get some gorgeous stuff there, it is a bit pricey but when they have a sale its reasonable. I bought a cot bed, it was a little expensive but well worth it considering she will be in it until about 6 years old.

Question: Is it safe to stain some baby furniture while I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant?
I really want to stain a piece of baby furniture for the nursery. I will be doing this outside. Is there a certain type of laquer I should avoid? Should I wear a mask?

Answer: Definitely wear a mask and make sure to avoid inhaling anything. I’d also make sure everything is well ventilated.

Question: Where can I get really Modern Baby Furniture?
Looking for some bespoke designer baby furniture that stands out from the rest, I want heads to turn. Really funky furniture! The WOW factor!

Answer: Oh that’s easy. The only place I go is, and click on Modern Baby. Got some really funky furniture, egg shaped highchairs all good stuff. My wife and I brought a Fresco white baby chair from there. It stands in the kitchen and gets everyone talking about it soon as they arrive. Easy to put together & clean.

Question: Baby furniture?
I have a beautiful chest/wardrobe that would be perfect for a nursery. However, it has been in a damp basement for years. I’m not sure if it is solid wood or not. I’m afraid it may have mold or mildew (even though I can’t see any that’s visible). Is there a proper way to clean it, or should I not even consider the idea of using it for baby’s clothing.

Answer: I would not use it. Whether it is or isn’t wood… doesn’t make much a difference when mold/mildew is an option. The best thing to do is pull it upstairs and clean it with some good Pledge. They make it for Allergins now. Let it dry out very, very good…. Then maybe when your child is a little bit older you can utilize it.

Question: Where did you get your baby furniture?
I’ve been browsing various websites for baby furniture (not pregnant yet but hopefully soon). The reviews on some of the products are helpful, but limited.

Where did you buy your furniture (crib, changing table, accessories, etc)? Were there things you wish you had done differently, or wish you had known ahead of time? Things you shouldn’t have wasted money on? Absolute nursery essentials? I hate to spend too much on a furniture they’ll quickly outgrow, but obviously want good quality pieces.

Answer: We had our crib and changing table given to us by my mom. We use the changing table for a dresser since it’s easier for me to just change him on the floor. I’m kinda short and it’s just awkward for me. We bought the bouncy seat, swing, and everything else at either Wal-Mart or Target. I wish we wouldn’t have wasted the money on a Diaper Genie. They are worthless and stink. I wish we would’ve gotten a swing that can be plugged into the wall. The battery powered one we have drains batteries so often and really doesn’t swing well. Make sure you have lots of crib sheets. We were glad we bought lots of socks and bibs. Buy a little mesh bag to keep all the little stuff in (like socks) so you don’t lose them to the Washer God. The bassinett was pretty much not used at all and now has toys in it til we put it in storage. You can get good stuff out of the newspaper too.

Baby crib sets can be purchased from several manufacturers who hire dozens of designers to make the styles unique and pricey. There are several brands on the market, but before purchasing one you need to know what fabric is used and whether or not it meets the US Safety Commission’s Standards for safety.

Most sets come with a set of sheets – fitted and flat, a comforter, pillow, sham and crib bumpers. For safety reasons, it is recommended that a baby sleep in a crib that has a fitted sheet and that’s about it. Rather than put a blanket over a newborn, it is often suggested that they sleep in a zipped pajama bag.

However, a crib can be dressed up when the baby is not in it and there are four top brands that parents seem to find the most suitable and cost effective. Brandee Danielle, Glenna Jean, Kidsline and Lambs & Ivy all have a unique style and are made of quality materials offered at reasonable prices. Brandee Danielle creates classic and durable baby crib sets that will last from one generation to the next. Glenna Jean uses premium fabrics to create beautiful hand-patched baby crib sets, and you can purchase the fabric separately to make your own baby curtains and other accessories. Kidsline is extremely popular and is found in most national chain stores and many list it on baby shower registries. Kidsline not only makes baby crib sets, but they also offer accessories like mobiles, blankets, wall borders, drapes, wall art, lamps and shades, and more. Lambs & Ivy is also a popular brand that is sold nationwide. The baby crib sets they manufacturer are made from 100% cotton or cotton/polyester bland fabrics, are machine washable and come in very bright, cherry colors.

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Baby Crib Sets FAQ:

Question: Where can I find dolphin baby crib sets?

Answer: Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factories had a ocean themed bedding but not just dolphins. Check out their website.

Question: I need help finding disney baby crib sets?
I’m young and its my first child. I’m still living with my parents since im only 19 and still in school. Anyway the theme she really wants me to use is disney baby. I don’t want winnie the pooh at all. What I’m looking for is mickey and minnie characters as babies crib sets. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I found two from wal mart .com but it says they aren’t sold online or in stores anymore.

Answer: JC Penney has a Disney Crib and other furniture right now-they may have a crib set like you are looking for also.

The BEST place to find things like that (no longer sold) are eBay and Craigslit, or a consignment store. Items like that are usually very gently use,d so they are likely to be in great shape still.

Question: Crib Baby Sets. Which one?
I’m trying to register for baby stuff for my baby shower. I’m looking at Crib Bed sets and I’m not sure as to which one I want for my son. I’m thinking I should just go with the basic one for $20. It has the bumper, sheet, and blanket. The other one is $60. It has a dust ruffle, bumper, sheet, and comforter.

I just don’t see the point in getting all that fancy stuf because babies can’t even use comforters.

Answer: I wouldn’t buy a set. You won’t use the bumper or the comforter and the crib skirt is a total pain. I bought an expensive set from Pottery Barn and it’s in the closet.

I’d pick out a set that has accessories that you like: lamp, curtains, removable wall decals, etc.

Use a breathe thru bumper — it helps to prevent SIDS and it’ll keep your little one from using the bumper to crawl out of the crib in a year.

Also pick out three cotton sheets and three flannel sheets. The flannel stays so much warmer in the winter.

Question: I was wondering if anyone knew where to get good luck care bear crib sets or baby attire?
I am having a baby and want to decorate his/hers room with good luck care bear and I am trying to find anything I can.

Answer: I found tons of my nursery stuff on E-bay. It was all stuff that I had never seen in stores and it was part of my nursery set! Very exciting!

Question: How many crib bedding sets do I need to buy for my baby?
I’m looking at this ladybug theme for my baby’s crib. It comes with bedding set, mobile, and etc…they look pretty since they all match. but if I change the beddings…the mobile will not match anymore…sounds crazy if I buy mobile to match every beddings.

Answer: Honestly I don’t even have bedding for my sons crib. I just have a sheet to cover the mattress, but I don’t think its a big deal if the mobile dosent match the other bed sets.

Question: Do baby bedding crib sets fit all cribs?I’m scared to buy a crib set that does not fit my babies crib.?
When you see these crib sets they are so adorable but if you get them home they do not fit and you cant take them back then what.Has this ever happened to anyone.

Answer: Cribs all come in the same size. As long as you buy a crib bedding set, you should be fine. Make sure you don’t buy a set for a bassinet, though!

Question: Do you use the comforter that you get in the crib sets for your baby?
I put mine on the wall, what do you use or used yours for?

Answer: I put hers on the wall too, I use smaller thinner blankets that are easier to wrap around her.

Question: What is a good name to put on a lable for baby crib sheet sets?
I am making things for cribs, eg. bumper pillow.

Answer: It depends. Are you going super elegant with these or more country/charming? Your brand should envoke a feeling in the user (well, the parent of the user in this case!)

Check to see if whatever name you use is already taken.