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The word cheap is a rather subjective word, because living room furniture that seems cheap to one person may be considered expensive to another. On the whole, the main reason one opts for cheap living room furniture is because one is on a tight budget, and cannot spend too much on living room furniture.

When buying cheap living room furniture, it will usually be secondhand furniture. It will be the furniture one person is selling to buy new living room furniture. So logically, the best place to look for cheap living room furniture will be secondhand shops. It is college students and the first-time buyers who usually buy cheap living room furniture for their home, to make their living room comfortable.

Another good place to look for cheap living room furniture is in consignment shops. This is the place where private owners sell their used furniture. These shops have become more and more popular, with the increase in the demand for cheap living room furniture. The inventory here will be unique, with only single pieces of furniture being sold, so there is no chance of someone else buying the same piece. It is always better to get to know the manager of a consignment shop, as he will then tell you when the sort of cheap living furniture that you are looking for comes in. Sometimes the cheap living room furniture may not look good or attractive at first. However, a little refurbishing will make it look more appealing. There are also some people who enjoy painting old furniture. After painting, this cheap living room furniture then becomes attractive and beautiful, to brighten up the living room.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: My living room furniture is navy blue. What colors should I use for decorations?

Answer: Depends on the flooring, I think. Navy blue can be a pretty strong color if it’s paired with, for instance, blue carpeting as well. In which case, use neutral accessories to keep the colors from clashing so much it looks like an accident. On the other hand, if you have neutral carpeting or wood floors, you can add more ‘pop’ to the room. Bright reds and greens will give your room a nautical feel. Softer greens, grays and taupes will lighten up the feel of the furnishings. You might want to invest in an area rug that you love…with just a touch of the navy blue shade in it….to anchor your setting. Then pick up colors in the rug to accessorize. Just a thought.

Question: Does the wood furniture in my living room have to match?
I have one living room/family room space. It’s not really “formal,” but I want it to look nice. Does all of the wood furniture in the room have to match (i.e. coffee table, end table, entertainment unit, etc.)?

Answer: Definitely not, unless you are going for a “model-home-matchy-matchy” look. Throw in some metal, glass, or acrylic pieces for a cool eclectic look.

Question: Where to get good quality living room furniture in Houston Texas that is not over priced?

Answer: Hilton Furniture was great when I bought bedroom and livingroom furniture. They, like other places in the area, give a discount if you pay with debit card/cash. Fast delivery. And Ikea is fabulous but you have to put most everything together yourself.

Question: I have dark brown furniture in my living room. Would light green walls (think sage) & dark brown carpet go?

I have a chocolate colored leather sofa and a dark cherry dining table. I would like to add some color by painting the white walls in my living room to a light sage green color. My only concern is what color carpet to select. Since I already have a brown furniture, would brown carpet be too dark? I have a toddler, so light colors like cream or beige aren’t an option. And I would prefer carpet over a wood floor for his sake.

Answer: I believe dark brown carpet will make the room much too dark. Instead get a tweed type …mid tones with flecks of brown.
I like the green walls but have yellow in the green, not too much gray or blue. A spring green or apple green would be very current.

Question: Where is the best place to buy nice furniture (living room set) for cheap?
Price range about 700-1200 dollars on a living room set, must include sofa and love seat anything else don’t matter. And not so cheap looking furniture.

Answer: I would look at target, walmart, ikea, local furniture stores. Clearance items especially. If your looking to spruce your old furniture and can’t afford new, then slipcovers work.

Question: Arranging furniture in a living room without blocking the heating vents?
I have a L shaped living room. I wanted to create a tv area. But I also don’t want to block my heating vents that are in the L side of the room. I also have a bay window in the biggest side of the L.

Answer: An L is a hard area to navigate. Try pulling your furniture away from the walls a bit and create at least 2 separate conversation areas. You can define the space with an area rug so the furniture is grounded and doesn’t look out of place. Also, you can put a console table over the vent without restricting the airflow and use that behind the sofa. A common mistake is to put the sofa in front of the bay window. I would discourage that, but instead, put a couple of chairs there so you can have access to the window.

Question: Is it important to have the furniture in the living room and dining room match up, if both rooms are connected?
In the dining room, I want a dark wood/glass table with dark wood/black leather chairs. In the living room, I have a green couch and want glass/metal coffee table. The living room and dining room are in the same space (open concept) back to back. Does this color scheme fit ?

Answer: It’s important to have a good visual flow from one room to another, but they don’t have to match perfectly. Try to incorporate some green into the dining room and some dark wood colors into the living room.

Question: I need living room and bedroom furniture for my new house but it has to be cheap. And I have a 2 year old son so nothing crazy expensive.

Answer: Check out and I’ve gotten real quality bargains on Craig’s List. Freecycle is just for things that are totally free. On each of these sites, you can list what you are looking for as well as search for what is already listed. Often people are redecorating or moving and have good things they don’t want to waste in the dump or trash.

Victorian era is popular for its decorations and motifs that are elaborate and intricate. Because of its sophistication and elegance, many establishments, restaurants, hotels and even houses prefer this style to their main features.

If you want to create a stunning Victorian living room of your own, you must be very particular about ornate designs to produce dramatic visual effects.

The major consideration in designing a Victorian living room is the colors to be used. Colors that can be used can either be light or dark depending on the aura and ambiance the owner of the house wishes to achieve. If you would opt for vibrant colors, make sure that you use them in dark and rich shades to create a feeling of depth and warm atmosphere. If you prefer lighter colors, make sure that you choose influential shades to recreate a Victorian ambiance.

The next consideration should be the patterns to be used. Before, owners of Victorian homes are quite eager to cover all surfaces available especially on their walls. To recreate a Victorian living room, come up with a wall that has intricate treatments and style and add the same textures and patterns used in the wall to the pieces of furniture to be used and to the floor as well as in the windows or ceiling. The most common patterns used may include scrolled floral patterns and Gothic-inspired trellises. Adding deep earth colors along with detailed designs on embossed papers that are stenciled, sponged, marbled, or spattered, can emphasize these patterns.

Next, the decorations and decors to be used should also be planned carefully. In designing Victorian living room, you must always be ready for the excess. Since this theme is quite popular for its intricate decorations and elaborate motifs, you should buy extra pieces of everything you wish to put to avoid ruining the entire theme. The staple decorations should include huge sweeping pieces that have complex designs, heavy fabrics that bear elaborate patterns, pieces of stained glasses and china pieces, large and deep-colored flowers, and intricate designed laces. Also include fireplaces made of marble, heavy mirrors that come in gold tones and hues, intricate cornices in the ceiling, elegant door pediments, and large chandeliers.

And, to complete the mood, make sure that you include pieces of furniture that exude romanticism, drama, and elegant sensuality. Woodcarvings in mahogany that come in velvet adornments are perfect for this.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Value of furniture made by Anthony Lucik, a 5 pc living room set in Victorian style around 1900?
I was given this living room set and now I must dispose it. A tag is nailed under one of the chairs that reads: Anthony Lucik, New Albany, IN

Answer: Your best bet is to call an antiques appraiser. They will tell you if it’s worth anything and call at least two of them and get estimates on value from both.

Question: I need a blueprint for a Victorian chair to be given to my carpenter?
I want to get a Victorian Chair made for my living room. Looking to make a couple of chairs to occupy a wall of my living room, so they need to be large. I need a blue print (ok for it not to be very detailed as long as the basic frame dimensions are there) which my carpenter can use.

Answer: Use your search engine to find “Antique Chair Plans”. You will probably have to pay for them but they will be worth it if your Woodworker can build it for you.

Question: Where can I purchase Calvin Klein furniture (living room set) other than Bloomingdales?
I am hoping to get answers from the USA and Canada.

Answer: Stores make deals with the various manufacturers to be the “exclusive retailer” of a particular line. Calvin Klein may not have any other retailers carrying their line. The only way to know is to Google up the Calvin Klein site and see who they have distributing their stuff.

Question: Super glue on cloth living room furniture. Does anyone have any ideas to remove it without ruining the furniture?

Answer: Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first so you don’t accidentally fade your furniture, but acetone nail polish remover will usually remove super glue. A little dab on a soft cloth, and just blot, don’t rub, or it may make the fabric pill.

Question: Living room Furniture color Confusion?
I bought a Leather sofa from IKEA for our living room. We realized that we need one more sofa for our guests to be comfortable and we don’t want to go for leather again. What other colors do you think will go well with the brown sofa?

Answer: Brown is considered a neutral color so anything goes but I wouldn’t choose another sofa. You would be better to pair the sofa with two fabric chairs with ottomans. That would give you seating for 4 and no one would feel as if they were lined up in a row. The chairs and ottomans can be moved around the room and take up much less space than an entire sofa. Placement for two sofas can be awkward looking and one fabric and one leather sofa just doesn’t look coordinated.

Question: Is Ikea a good place to buy living room furniture from?

Answer: If you are just starting out, it’s good enough..and if your taste is that modern European feel..then I suggest Ikea.

Question: I am looking for reasonable prices for living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, in Oklahoma.?
Needing to find a good quality store for furniture, in southeastern Oklahoma, or western Arkansas.

Answer: The best deal all around those areas is Mathis Brothers. Not only do they run great specials on brand-new furniture, they also have an “as is” room where everything is marked WAY down…tons of bargains on really awesome furniture and usually there is just a tiny scratch or something.

Question: Is white a “cold” colour for a living room? My furniture is black, brown, gold + red?
The walls are “sand” colour at present but the room is too dark. Needs lightening up but I don’t know what colour to paint it? Everybody has “cream” coloured walls in the uk. Is there a better alternative?

Answer: White will brighten up any room and make it look clean.

Discount living room furniture is furniture you buy at a discounted rate. The best time to look for discount living room furniture is when a furniture company has a factory discount sale. One then visits this factory to choose one’s required living room furniture.

If your new home is located in a pre-planned community, you can try checking out the developer’s model home for discount living room furniture. The furniture here may be a little worn, but it’s a great way of getting coordinated living room furniture sets. Most of the big furniture stores also have scratch-and-dent rooms where they keep their slightly damaged, and heavily discounted, furniture. If there are any wholesale furniture warehouses in your area, you could also consider looking there. It is always better to buy wholesale furniture than retail furniture.

Another great source for discount living room furniture is the flea market. However, finding one may involve a lot of time and effort. Just as the early bird gets the worm, the best discount living room furniture at the flea market goes quickly. So visiting a flea market early is the only way to get good discount living room furniture as late arrivals are usually left with leftovers. When going to the flea market to buy furniture, it is better to take a list of the furnishings you require. This is because flea markets can be huge and easy to lose focus in. It is also better to take the dimensions of your living room and a tape measure to see if the furniture that you intend to buy fits with your plans. Remember, when venturing to buy discount living room furniture at the flea market, with bargaining, the discount furniture ends up even cheaper.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Moving into my first apartment. Anyone have any good discount furniture websites?
My boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment together. Space is limited so I am not looking for a full on living room set. We basically just need a sofabed or futon. Anybody know any good websites for cheap but durable furniture? On a tight budget and would love any advice.

Answer: There’s a store called Hotel Liquidations, when fancy hotels remodel their rooms, lobby’s, etc, they sell the used stuff at these stores. I’m not sure what the name may be in your area, but that’s what their called in the Georgia area. Check your yellow pages, you would be surprised at the deals you can get!

Question: Anyone know of any discount furniture/home stuff websites that sell good quality cheap stuff?
Me and my boyfriend bought a house and we’re looking for a bedset, some sheets for a new king bed, and maybe a living room set.

Answer: Not sure why you are looking for a website, wouldn’t you have to pay shipping that way? You can find really good furniture and home accessories at local consignment shops. Find numerous listings in the yellow pages of your local phone book. Accessories – check Big Lots stores or more high end, Pier One Imports.

Question: I have all tile floors and need to pick out living room furniture! help!?
So the tile I have throughout my house, including my living room, is a beige/purple/pink. What color furniture (couch, love seat, chair plus ottoman, end tables, rug etc) would go well will this color tile? I like brown but I’m not sure it would match well! Any ideas?

Answer: Start with either your favorite color of the three or the one that is predominant . I’m guessing the beige. Complement that color and go with it. Take spare tiles in the furniture store with you if you have some. Then bring whatever samples of the furniture you like with you to see them in your lighting. Look at it morning,noon and night. Look at the coloring in cloudy and sunny conditions.

Question: I need to know a cheap place to buy good living room or family room furniture?
I am in the process of tossing out old furniture and want to buy new. Where is a good place to go to buy furniture in Canada in the GTA area?

Answer: Look for some type of “wholesale” furniture store in the area or try the classifieds. I bought a used couch from a rent to own store (it had been rented, but not bought). It was pretty cheap!

Question: Which is best online resource for modern living room furniture?

Answer: Amazon

Question: Where can I find living room furniture cheap but excellent?

Answer: Flea markets and yard sales are a good place to start. Many flea markets offer brand new furniture and some yard sales also have next to new. Check consignment shops as well. Classifieds also have a wide variety of furniture. Think of it as a treasure hunt and have fun with it.

Question: I inherited some living room furniture and it has a funky smell. I’ve tried Febreeze, any other suggestions?

Answer: Leave it outside on a really hot sunny day. It may have been in storage and is musty. Would be healthy for you to air it out if it is. If that doesn’t work try steam cleaning it.

Question: What is the best place near raleigh nc to buy living room furniture?

Answer: I always go to Glenwood Ave because they have a TON of stores!

Many are commonly preferring wicker furniture these days. They are relatively cheaper and suit the purpose rather than expensive upholstery furniture. Though the tradition had originated in the Asian countries, it is fast catching up nowadays in the western countries also. Many prefer them due to sheer usability. They are cheap to maintain, lighter in weight and hence can be easily carried into any part of the house. Virtually anything can be made from wicker furniture these days and these include dining chairs, living sets and many more. In this article, we shall be looking into the various categories of wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture is broadly classified depending on the material that is used for the construction and depending on the use, whether outdoor or indoor. Out door furniture are subjected more rough usage and the environmental factors will also be acting on them. Wicker furniture is always coated with lacquer and when they are placed outside, the lacquer tends to be damaged at a faster pace. Hence, they will require more retouching than their indoor counterparts will. So depending on the usage, you will have to choose carefully between the wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture was initially manufactured as living sets, which occupy their respective positions in the living room. The comfort offered by the product is just amazing and news began to spread about this new form of furniture in the market. This lead to the sudden explosion in the growth of living set wicker furniture. Although many others using PVC and plastic resins have released many competing firms, the natural wicker products continue to lead the pack for the sturdiness and usability. Suitable designs are provided to the potential customer and he will be able to choose the best design according to his liking.

Many shops resort to manufacture of wicker furniture only on orders. Since these products are known to deteriorate with the passage of time, they are known to do so. Besides like mentioned earlier the shop cannot force a model upon the customer, he is free willing to choose the best design available. Wicker furniture tends to loose their luster in the course of days, but it can be gained back by applying mild resin lacquer upon them. The application of these is quite simple and can be done in your own backyard itself. Make sure the furniture dries up and always subject them to a clean environment while drying up.

Else, the dust and soot may stick to it and will disfigure the product. Appropriate care and caution must be applied while cleaning living set wicker furniture. Avoid the use of strong cleaning agents, as they will lead to corrosion of the outer protective layer and will further lead to weakening of the product. Always use warm water mixed with a mild soap to clean these furniture. These are available for purchase in the form of single pieces as well as complete sets. Therefore, the choice again is up to the buyer. Furniture for any part of the house is available created using this procedure.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: If my living room furniture is mocha and black what color should I paint my walls?

Answer: Taupe or light brown would accent well.

Question: Where can I find inexpensive, good quality, modern sofas or living room furniture…..?
I’ve looked at IKEA, and their stuff is alright, but I’m looking for something in red or red and black and none of their sofas are these colors. I’m also looking for an entertainment center in light maple finish.

Answer: Have you actually been to the IKEA store? Or just looked in their catalog? Because they tend to advertise the white and cream stuff, but actually offer lots of options to have their couches in deep darker colors.

Question: Where do I find nice & affordable living room furniture in seattle?

Answer: Flea markets, thrift stores, ikea, walmart, kmart, salvation army, goodwill.

Question: What color paint would go well with sage green furniture in living room?
I am trying to paint my living room, I have sage green furniture I am stumped about what color to paint the walls.

Answer: I like the idea of a chocolate brown accent wall, but I’d go cream for the other walls, instead of beige. Beige may look “muddy” with the sage green.

Another color is eggplant. I’d look for shades of plum or eggplant in a a muted, subdued tone. Maybe even in a “dusty” shade. I wouldn’t go with a bright, bold color of purple. Look at paint swatches until you find just the right shade.

For accents, you could use a dark green along with your cream.

Question: What style of living room furniture should I use in my 1870 stone PA farmhouse?

Answer: It all depends on the style you like. There is primitive and the fancier victorian styles. Most antique furniture I’ve found is very uncomfortable. I would look for a replica that you like and then use old tables, occasional chairs and accessories. If it was me, I would go with the primitive style (less worry about dings and scratches).

Question: Where can I buy the cheapest living room furniture near virginia?

Answer: If you know how to repair and refinish furniture, it is best that you purchase them from antique stores. Modern furniture, like that of Ikea, are made of either chip board or MDF and the first touch of water that gets through the veneer or formica that is used to cover them will make the board expand, sort of like explode (but with no bang). Furniture made as late as the 1970/1980 are solid wood for the most part. The antique furniture is stronger, made of better materials and made by better craftsmen.

Question: What color curtains go with moss green living room furniture?

Answer: Have you tried a dark red or gold or bronze? If you want the living room to be brighter you could always use cream. Either of those should look good.

Question: I need help with my living room furniture…positioning it in the room.?
I’m redecorating my living room. I have painted the walls and put up new window treatments.I have also gotten furnishing for the room. I need help and/or suggestions on the way to arrange it all in the room.

Answer: One easy way that worked for me, I got newspapers and positioned them in the place that the furniture would be to see if there was enough space to walk around it and such. Much easier than moving furniture around!

The contemporary look is highlighted by rustic furniture. Individuals who treasure the rough, unfinished country look are always on the look out for rustic furniture. The pine log cabins are a perfect example of this. It is a very popular form of living room furniture as it is not very expensive and available aplenty. Many homes have living room furniture pieces that are hand carved from wooden logs.

Furniture such as chairs, bureau, center tables and sofas are expertly crafted with detailed exquisiteness that in spite of the simple materials used it becomes a masterpiece. Rustic furniture is cherished for its combination of form and function.

Present day rustic furniture may keep to the themes of building techniques of the past or could combine them with contemporary styling. The buyer can opt for very simple, hand made rustic furniture pieces or could use rustic designs on modern furniture. Another great alternative is that, when choosing rustic furniture for living room themes, the entire room need not be committed to a rustic look. By adding a few pieces here and there, the entire living room can attain a rustic look. Since the rustic look uses the beauty of wood, mirrors, bookcases, and tables can be highlighted with this rustic charm. This can be achieved quite simply by incorporating various inexpensive accessories, such as flowers and twigs.

The rustic look is a perfect choice when opting to decorate a living room that opens out into a patio or lanai. Irrespective of the rustic furniture piece chosen, the look and grace of the newly decorated living room will definitely be the talk of the town. Rustic log furniture is a treasure for the future generations. The magic of wood will definitely bring a sense of warmth, coziness and comfort to the home.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I buy chunky, rustic furniture in Canada or online?
I am looking for furniture made from reclaimed wood or railway sleepers. Especially dining tables/sets and coffee tables/living room sets. I live in Saskatchewan, but if I can order it online, I will.

Answer: Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have purchased items from Timber Creek for my clients.

Question: Where can I find some good quality log cabin themed (rustic) furniture?
Particularly a bedroom and living room set. It would be a plus if the store would finance.

Answer: Try Cabela’s. They offer a Cabela’s Club Visa; not sure about their terms.

Question: Which is the best website for buying living room furniture online?
I’m looking for an 8 ft. long sofa, with a choice of fabric color. Not leather.

Answer: I like because they have the best prices for all of the major manufacturers, a great selection, you work with the same customer care person, they have white glove delivery service and they will send you fabric samples.

Question: How do I get cat vomit stains out of my brand new chenille living room furniture?
I used Rug Dr. spot remover which has always been successful for me in the past but not this time.What will work without damaging fabric?

Answer: Whatever you use don’t scrub hard because you will damage the fibers. More than anything, you need steam.

Question: Patio furniture as living room furniture?
Have you ever heard or seen anyone do this and how did it look?

We have a very small living room and furniture had become so bulky. I thought that wicker would make the room a little bit more open. What do you think?

Answer: Your home is your home. You are entitled to decorate it as you see fit. If you check some of the country home magazines, you’ll find such displays.

Question: Ideas for steam/cleaning living room furniture?
I have a couch and a loveseat that are fabric and I’ve only had them a year but they just seem dirty (if a spill happens, we clean it and then there’s a watermark left!) and in need of a clean. Ideas, suggestions, tips?

Answer: Let a professional do it for you. Some will come to the house, others will take the furniture to their shop. After it is cleaned, how about using slip covers?

Question: What are the best name brands of living room furniture? Looking for quality?
What is the absolute best name brand and why do you think so?

Answer: You get what you pay for in the world of furniture. Upholstered pieces should be 8-way hand tied, high density foam and/or down cushions. Fabrics should last a lifetime, too, not fray or pill after a few months. Frames should be solid and straight. Feet should be strong. Check out brands like Harden Furniture, Woodmark/Hekman, Bernhardt, Baker, and other designer brands. These are quality American manufacturers with great style, fabrics and warranty. As I said, you get what you pay for. If you prefer to have a sofa that you change out every 5 years, buy something less expensive. If you would rather buy a sofa that will last 20 years, and then you reupholster it, buy an expensive, high quality heirloom piece.

Question: I’m looking for new living room furniture but i have 3 rambunctious dogs. What’s the best fabric to get?

Answer: Can’t say it’s the prettiest, but I have microsuede in my den. With a formal living room, just wanted something we could really “live” on! I’ve had it almost 7 years, and it’s really held up extremely well. We have a pup not quite a year old and a 5 year old grandson, so it does get used. It vacuums well, and occasionally I scrub (yeah, scrub!) it with a barely damp (dishwashing soap/water) white flour sack cloth. About a month ago, I sprayed it all over with Tough Stuff aerosol cleaner (Walmart has it), then gave it a good wipe down. Looked like a brand new chair.

Leather is made from the dressed, tanned hide of an animal. It is used in a wide variety of goods that are manufactured, such as boots, purses and other accessories. It is widely used in furniture, such as sofas, ottomans and love seats.

Leather furniture gives a contemporary look to a living room. It gives an elegant, distinguished look while giving an extravagant feel to the room. Leather sofas and couches are soft and sinuous and have long been a favorite for individuals in quest of true sophistication. A black leather couch has always been viewed as the ultimate in high-end home furnishings, with a lustrous, sophisticated look.Leather has many unique characteristics that make it an attractive choice for sofas, chairs, and other furnishings. When properly cared for, it outlasts traditional upholstery, making it cost-effective for those who wish to use their furniture for many years to come. It retains its softness well and may become supple over time. Top grade leather provides the greatest durability and longevity. People buy it when they plan on keeping the furniture for 20 or 30 years. While leather furniture is expensive, many people are looking at Internet discount retailers for competitive prices. There are many manufacturers who use split- leather, which is not the expensive top grade leather. Hence, faux leather is also becoming more common, as it is affordable.

Though the classic black leather couch remains popular, people are experimenting with new combinations and furniture suites that aren’t all one color or style. Each type of leather has specific recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. Leather’s durability and soft, supple feel makes it a wise choice for those looking for quality furniture. It is available in many style and design themes. Leather remains a smart choice in upholstery fabric, with greater durability and longevity.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Leather living room furniture?
Where can I find some nice looking leather living room furniture?

Answer: All furniture stores carry leather living room furniture. Since leather pricing depends on the grade of leather, the price point varies widely. Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture carry leather living room furniture at reasonable prices. Higher end leather furniture can be found at stores such as Thomasville, Ethan Allen, and numerous other furniture galleries.

Question: Where can I find new cheap black leather living room furniture?

Answer: You could try some of the furniture rental places. They frequently sell previously rented furniture at a discount. Try a catalog outlet (like JC Penney’s) for returns, thrift shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army.
Be careful, though, many times you get what you paid for.

Question: I’m thinking of getting leather furniture for my living room. What should I look for? What is bi-cast?
Is furniture with removable, rather than sewn in, cushions higher quality? Considering that I have some pets but still want leather, what kind of leather is the most durable? Can you have durable that looks classy as well?

Answer: You always get what you pay for when it comes to leather, so shop wisely.

Bi cast is a laminated split leather, so has a leather backing and a plastic surface. It can be very hard wearing but needs looking after just like leather as body oils can deteriorate the finish quite quickly.

Check the frames as this is very often where the cheapness comes in. The most durable type of leather is pigmented leather as this has a polyurethane finish on it. You can still buy very good quality pigment leather and if you ask for full grin it will feel lovely.

Saddle soap should not be used on leather furniture (it is meant for saddles). To look after your leather you need water based products to clean and protect (not a conditioner).

Question: What color would you paint your walls in the living room if you had chocolate brown leather furniture?
I am thinking of a marigold or butterscotch. What about a lighter burgundy color?

Answer: With dark furniture lighter walls look better. You don’t want the room to be too dark. The butterscotch sounds nice or maybe a cafe au lait shade of beige. Nice and warm

Question: What type of living room furniture is recommended when you own a dog? She’s a YorkiePoo.

Answer: I would go with leather. For one it is so easy to clean,no hair will be stuck to it. I have 4 cats and a dog and cleaning is really easy for me. Also,if the dog happened to get on the couch with muddy feet,no worries,a damp cloth will take care of it.

Question: Does anyone know where to buy affordable living room furniture?
I want a sofa (couch) and a loveseat without spending an arm and a leg. Preferably under $700 and not cheaply made. Any ideas?

Answer: I would go to ikea or value city, the american signature brand of furniture is really good. I got a sofa and love seat from american signature, now part of value city furniture, 3-4 years ago for around 600 to 800 dollars and it’s held up nicely. Also you may want to check big lots, their stuff seems nice too, I got a nice coffee table for 50 bucks.

Question: Is there any living room furniture that cats might scratch less than another?
I’ve heard they scratch leather as bad as any other materials.

Answer: They scratch pretty much anything that gets their attention. But leather looks the worst after a cat attack.

They sell these floor to ceiling carpeted climbing posts at Wal-Mart for around $35. I got one for my cats and they love it. They haven’t scratched the furniture since we put it up

Question: How do I remove Crayon stains from my living room furniture?

Answer: A friend of mine used Mr. Cleans magic eraser and she said it worked perfectly.

Antiques are objects that have extra value because of their age, like a piece of furniture or handicraft revered for its creativity, splendor and period of origin. Antique living room furniture is any piece of furnishing or decorative object produced many years ago. It is often considered invaluable because of its exquisiteness.

These antique pieces are generally very expensive and not affordable by the common man. They are found in exquisite shops dealing with only such ancient, vintage furniture. They are found in up- market locations, in big cities. They are also mushrooming in holiday spots, as tourists tend to look around for such antiques. They are also sold on online sites. The buyer can look for discounts and auctions at various sites. It is advised that the buyer should ensure the genuineness of the sites and the seller.

An antique hunting cabinet, among other pieces of antique furniture, serves as an example of exemplary skill. They are generally hand carved furniture with special features, such as relief-carved, floating panel doors. It can also have a typically hand-carved top pediment and engraved griffin center supports.

It is very important that proper care is taken of these antiques, as they are generally made of wood. It is advisable to get them polished regularly. It should be ensured that such antique furniture is kept away from the vagaries of weather such as excess heat and dampness.

Antique furniture is a feast for the eyes and makes the majestic grandeur of the yesteryears come alive. It gives a living room a traditional and unique look. Antique living room furniture scores over others, in its individual style, appeal and style. It has a never-ending appeal and aesthetic value. They come in a wide array of designs and finishes, such as dark brown, cinnamon lacquer and mahogany lacquer.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: At what store could one find the least expensive living room furniture?
I’m look for a sofa to put in my room. I’m not looking for anything to expensive, something along the lines of less than $300.

Answer: Try a “Good Will Store”, you may be surprised at what you will find.

Question: Antique Furniture?
My grandmother passed away and we are selling some of her furniture. Is there a website that I can go look at to find what range of price we should put on the furniture? We have an old bedroom dresser, dresser with mirror, living room furniture, etc.

Answer: I’m not sure of websites, but a quick search engine search will point you toward those resources. I recommend asking a local antiques dealer or estate sale specialist to come and consult. You will probably pay them a commission of 20-30% but they will ensure that you get top dollar for the items that way.

Question: What color should I paint my new living room? I have lots of old medium colored wood furniture (antiques).

Answer: You could do any number of colors. Earth tones like beige, mocha, light green, yellow would all look good with browns. Do up an accent wall with a faux painting technique. I like those stamps of flowers or butterflies. I am planning on doing a room with maroon carpet and pink vertical blinds with a cream base coat and stamping blue and maroon butterflies on the wall.

Question: Need help in arranging living room furniture in a square room.?
Two sofas, a recliner, lounge chair w/ottoman, 2 small end tables, big screen tv. When I put the two chairs in the corner opposite the big screen in the opposite corner, all the lamp and clock cords show. floor is wood laminate on a slab floor. Room is open to kitchen with a bar at one end. Entry leads to living room, so wall that TV on is open at one end.

Answer: HGTV will help but click on the room arranger program and enter your room size and pick the items it will let you scale to exact measurements. Also take your info to a furniture store they often have sales/designers that could give you some input.

Question: How long should living room furniture last?
So about 5 years ago my hubby and I bought a new living room set. We have 3 boys(ages 9, 10 and 2) I really don’t like it and want to move it to our rec room and get a new set for the living room. About how long should a set last?

Answer: The phrase, you get what you pay for is most appropriate for furniture.
Also upholstery choices are a big factor. Darker colored leather is pretty indestructible, look for a distressed or natural look.

Good quality microfiber and Ultrasuede are tough too. Avoid light colored fabrics and cotton upholstery.

Also choose a style that’s pretty simple, if you get a funky pattern or a really trendy colors, you may get tired of it faster. Black or neutral sofas & chairs are pretty timeless, and you can always update with pillows or throws.

Same with style, if you go really ornate traditional or high tech contemporary you may get bored with it too. Simple clean lines in a transitional style are always safe.

Question: What brand of living room furniture is inexpensive, but yet good quality?

Answer: It’s wise when looking for furniture not to look for inexpensive but better yet to look for the best quality you can afford. Look at better stores for their sales so you have the choice of fabrics and proper cushions. In the long run, you will save money by not having to replace cheap furniture choices.

Question: Living room furniture that match muted gold walls, with brown sugar trim?
I’m trying to decide what colors that will match my walls. I want to buy some furniture for my living room, but can’t decide what color to go with or combinations.

Answer: Try black. Black is a classic colour and timeless. From a more practical standpoint, black hides marks and scuffs that will undoubtedly happen. If black is a little too harsh for you, maybe try a chocolate brown.

Question: I have black living room furniture,I need to find out what color walls to do. I am thinking of an accent wall?
I am thinking of a brighter kiwi green wall as an accent. But the rest of the living room walls are all connected so I have to paint the upstairs hallway,living room and the front entrance way all the same color. White seems to be the only thing that matches…any other ideas,really not a white wall person?? The carpet is a light beige tan.

Answer: Kiwi green is an excellent accent colour. Because your carpet is a light beige tan, you will have to consider both that and your exact shade of green when choosing your main colour. I would start by looking in the warm sandy beiges with a bit of a yellow undertone to them. The warmth in the main colour will keep the green looking warmer even on the dullest day or in the evenings while not being as harsh a contrast with your black furniture as white would be.

To finish off the look, I would suggest you try to find some throw pillows for your sofa that have a creamy colour and the kiwi green in the pattern

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. It not only welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home.

Contemporary living room furniture is generally preferred by people who enjoy modern styles of living. Contemporary furniture can be chosen to fit any house, and offers a wide variety of choices that are almost guaranteed to suit any taste, comfort and style. Moreover, it adds a contemporary flair to the living room.

Typical characteristics of contemporary living room furniture include modular sofas, abstract lighting sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc. Some of the hallmarks of contemporary living room designs include monochromatic color schemes that are deliberately understated, modular elements that are integrated so as to have multiple uses and curvilinear shapes.

Contemporary living room furniture often uses deliberate monochromes such as gray and black. However, to add a dash of color and luster, certain contemporary living room furniture designs make use of colorful cushions or leather covered stools of various shapes, like cubes. Other accessories commonly used to fill up bare spots include accent chairs, end tables and wicker coffee tables.

No living room is considered complete without the presence on an entertainment center. TV stands, speaker cubicles and racks to store CDs or DVDs come in a variety of models, some that incorporate futuristic designs and lighting styles to fit the décor of any living room. They come in a variety of finishes with clear or frosted glass doors. Most of these systems use innovative wire management systems to mask the jumble of wires that normally accompany any home entertainment system.

All said and done, contemporary living room furniture may be just what is needed to add that touch of elegance and sophistication to any living room. The décor and styling can be chosen to suit any budget.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Living Room Furniture?
My family and I have decided to redecorate our living room with new furniture, but are wondering what furniture has the best quality and value? Also, what is your opinion on Ashley furniture?

Answer: Ashley has a good line of furniture for many price ranges. Jennifer convertibles does as well.

The best advice with furniture is buy what you like best, no one but you has to live with it daily. And not many people keep their furniture past 5 years so keep it affordable.

Question: What living room furniture are good for a high shedding dog?
I have an elderly Jack Russell dog who sheds terribly. I am in the market for some new furniture and I would like to know what furniture would stand up to teenagers and an elderly dog whose habits I do not intend to break. Also, I would like to not break the bank on price and I do not want a sleeper sofa. I am not opposed to leather.

Answer: Leather or something similar. If you have a fabric that’s not smooth, the dog hair can get caught in it and be extremely hard to remove.

Question: What is the perfect colors for the living room (furniture,walls,curtains and accessories)?
I want my living room to be modern, classic and energetic.

Answer: I’m a sucker for chocolate brown walls and lighter accents, like beige or tan. Maybe throw an orange or gold into the mix of accent pieces.

Question: Best living room furniture?
Where do you find the best buys and quality for living room furniture? We’ve gone to Bob’s Discount Furniture, any better ones out there?

Answer: Big Lots stores are found in various locations, and many of the stores carry furniture. The prices are reasonable for the quality.

Haverty’s Furniture Stores are in many cities as well. They carry a variety of brand names, including a line of upholstered pieces that are made by their own company, I believe. Haverty’s is a reputable company, and they stand behind their products. You might find a floor model or a sale item that is very well-priced.

“Best buys” and “quality” could mean different things to different folks – ranging in price from a few hundred dollars for a sofa to several thousand. Since a majority of shoppers must find the most for the money, your quest for best buy + quality construction may require quite a bit of searching.

Don’t discount consignment shops – I’ve seen some high-end furniture that’s in excellent shape for a fraction of the retail price.

Question: Can find compact furniture(living room set) for a small space/area?
I have a very small living room area and will like nice furniture, but all the sofas/love seats are so bulky.

Answer: Ikea has lots of small scale furniture. Also, many furniture stores in cities in the US are starting to carry smaller scale furniture for apartments, condos, and small homes.

Question: Looking for new living room furniture – please help me pick?
The room isn’t too big, it is simply decorated and has a nice brown sofa in the room. I have furnture already but want to renew it as I bought them a few years ago. Money is quite but I can spend £50 on each thing (max).

Answer: Try Ikea or the new Ilva store they have some nice things.

Question: Please help with living room furniture arranging.
I am going to be getting living room furniture from family and am having a hard time deciding which pieces to take to make it fit well. Anyone know of a good website that might have a free downloadable grid so that I may arrange it on paper first before I bring it all here?

Answer: Very smart – rather than take stuff that might not fit or clutter up your space. I like to use Thomasville’s and Lazy Boy’s – and you can save and print them.

Question: How can I match light wood kitchen table to dark living room furniture. I have an open kitchen/living area?
I want to get new furniture and I have kids so I want a darker color. My kitchen is light wood and yellow. I was thinking a dark brown or orangy color for living room furniture.

Answer: Perhaps a rust color (reddish) would connect the light color to a darker living room color. Or a complimentary color like cool blue. It would certainly liven up the area.

The American Traditional style of furniture was influenced by English and French styles. With time it evolved into a unique American style. The traditional living room furniture includes styles such as the clean and simple lines of Shaker furniture, the simplicity of the Mission style and similar styles from artisans in the Southwest and all corners of the country. American traditional style is thus a blend of several styles and it takes the best that every different style has to offer.

The only drawback of traditional living room furniture is that most pieces in this style are a bit large. So if you would like to furnish your living room in this style you need to have a large living room. Sofas, recliners and stand alone chairs generally come with curved and artistically done up handles and legs. These pieces need to be kept well apart so as not to give a crowded look to the room. Besides, it is only when they are placed apart can the craftsmanship be admired.

Well-seasoned good quality wood is used for crafting pieces of traditional living room furniture. Oak, pine, mahogany and walnut are all popular choices for creating exquisite pieces of traditional furniture. The natural rich tones of wood are enhanced by upholstery in traditional prints and soft textures. The end effect is a warm cozy look that looks very inviting.

When opting for a traditional décor it is advisable to select furniture that represents many styles and eras, from Chippendale to Queen Anne and Sheraton to Victorian. Small touches of Oriental influences also look very attractive in this setting. Painted landscapes, a Queen Anne table or lampshade or a Chippendale highboy will immediately give your living room a traditional touch.

Soft and cushy sofas and love seats accessorized with pillows, rolled arms and slipcovers all done up in floral upholstery in subdued colors will give you a warm traditional look.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Inexpensive living room furniture?
I am moving in October and would like to buy new living room furniture. Basically I would like a sofa, chair, some type of tables (but not committed to anything). ottoman and TV armoire. Because I bought all of this only a few years ago, I don’t want to go overboard, but want something modern and comfortable. And of course not too expensive.

Answer: Since you bought all of these a few years ago you might want to consider ways of updating your existing pieces or trading them for what you now desire. You could reupholster your furniture or buy used furniture and reupholster it.

Question: Reupholstery or slip cover for living room furniture?
I am in desperate need of living room furniture but do not have the money. Which is easier and looks better reupholstering or putting slip covers on my furniture? What is the average cost? Do you have any suggestions of where to look? Also any suggestions for where to find furniture.

Answer: I would try the website All About Slipcovers for slipcover information. This will give you all the information you need on slipcovers- price, colors, fabrics, etc. Personally, I think slipcovers are best because upholstering is hard and it can look bad if not done right. Also, slipcovers are easy to put on and throw in the washer if they get stained. Slipcovers look very Pottery Barn-ish or contemporary… they are perfect and I believe they run a bit cheaper as well.

Question: Where in columbia south carolina can I get some free living room furniture for my friend?
I have a friend who recently got her own place,but she’s on SSI and don’t have any money right now.She’s been working part-time and still looking for a more stable job and most of her money goes toward paying rent and household utilities.

Answer: Try in your local area. You can ask for things & people giveaway a lot of things on there.

Question: Help with living room furniture and dark color panel?
Living room walls are a dark wood panel and the floors are dark hardwood. I have no intentions of painting the walls because the panel is beautiful and in good condition. What color furniture would go well with this room? I was thinking a green but it makes the room looks darker.

Answer: I have dark wood paneling in my living room too. I have Beige furniture. And believe it or not I have a dark blue chair in their too and wood tables that match the walls. I accent with lighter colored drapes and wall hangings. And have lamps in 4 different areas of the room to make it lighter. I works and the room looks larger and brighter. You could even go with a lighter or light color painted accent tables.

Question: Red living room furniture, what color walls and drapery?
My living room furniture is red, I’m wondering what color to paint the walls, and what color window treatments I should get. My coffee table and end tables are walnut, and I have hard wood floors.

Answer: Depends on the shade of red of the furniture. A sand or tan color would work best for the walls. Window treatments might look good in a dark bamboo roman blinds.

Question: Did gothic living room furniture exist and if so what was it?
I love the look of gothic beds and tables/chairs, but what went in the living room, if anything?

Answer: Living rooms weren’t around back then. Peasants used benches, royalty used individual chairs. Furniture–cabinets and tables–were massive.

I’m not even sure Victorian style would give you the right “feel.” Maybe some of the 17th -19th century German pieces would do. Heavy, dark and richly carves.

Question: Where to find living room furniture that is free to good homes?
My family is looking for living room sofas and tables that people do not want and are willing to give away in Gary, Indiana or surrounding areas.

Answer: Try your local Salvation Army. You might not get it free but you will probably get it for next to nothing.

Question: What color living room furniture goes with terra cotta walls?

Answer: Cream will look beautiful, but it is a huge pain in the butt to keep clean.

What about a sage green? Stick with earth tones, since, obviously, terra cotta is an earth tone.

Passed away, happily, is the strict totalitarianism of the three-piece living room set, where the sitting area was limited to a half moon place around the television, no matter how poorly this arrangement happened to fit the vacant space.

Modern living rooms can be fitted out with unique pieces of furniture in a mixture of sizes and models, letting you fit your sitting room plan to the contour of the room and create a more individual sense of style. The secret is to try a low-level living room furniture that will make the ceiling feel higher and the room usually more spacious.

Sofas are still the most luxurious idea, and you will probably want to include one if you have got room for it, but measure up carefully. Look at different sizes, and do not just go for the biggest one you can fit In the room, in fact, you might find that two small sofas, creating an L-shape or arranged opposite one another, suit the proportions of the room better than a single large one. Supplement sofas with footstools, pouffes or outsize floor cushions if there is not enough space for individual chairs.

Look out for variations on the basic sofa shape, too. Antique couches, many of them with decorative wooden frames and neat, slightly padded arms, are often smaller and more graceful in design, and create interesting contrasts in modern settings. The classic chaise-longue, with a head-rest at one end and only a rudimentary back support, looks trimmer and lighter than a full-scale sofa (although its position will be limited by which end has the head-rest, so think carefully if you have a choice when you are buying). And elegant daybeds, with frames that sweep up into a curved arm at either end, can stand flat against the wall and be piled with cushions to create a comfortable back.

Trend-setters in the 1970s got some things right, one of them being corner sofas. They were popular then because of their compatibility with open-plan homes and are back in fashion now that we have realized how useful they are where space is limited, low backed and square cut. they will squeeze extra comfort out of wasted corners and, best of all, come as modular units which can build up to whatever shape and size you want.

Do not feel obliged to have a sofa if the room is simply not the right shape, individual chairs, chosen for their own style and outline, will look more comfortable and have more impact than a sofa that has been forced into a space that is too small for it. Leather chairs are particularly good at holding their own with a smart classic look that works well in neutral modern settings. Do not let the effect get too functional and office-like, however, and avoid the Regency study look at the other extreme. The most comfortable and attractive living room furniture style is squashy and slightly worn -suggesting a practical, hardwearing quality without actually looking antique.

Paul Grindsey, with a modern living room furniture tricks.

Living Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: How do I dispose of soiled living room furniture?
My living room furniture is in terrible shape and I want to trash it. I live in an apartment complex and the only thing I can think of is to put it in the dumpster?

Answer: You are going to have to set it by the dumpster anyways but you can call your city department of public works and ask the refuse department to pick it up. I think they may have to have a special truck or something to come and get it.

Question: Where can I get fairly good living room furniture, for a good price?
I’m 20 and getting ready to move out of moms for not twice but the THIRD time. This time I’m living on my own without roommates. We rented really nice leather furniture last time but this time I don’t want to go down that route again, where can I get GOOD cheap living room furniture/tv stands etc.?

Answer: Try Big Lots furniture…They have really nice stuff for less!

Also consider yard sales and consignment stores (including the Salvation Army). Go at around 7am to get the best stuff and take your time. Many people want to get rid of some really nice stuff for dirt cheap! Moving and estate sales are the best when you can find them but make sure to get there fast as people know that’s where the best bargains are.

Question: Where to buy living room furniture on budget?
I am going to medical school and am buying my first condo. I have saved substantially for this moment, but I am by no means rich. I will be renting out a room in the condo to pay the bills. The point is, I don’t have a lot of money. Where can I buy living room furniture on a budget? I’ve tried rooms-to-go. Any other suggestions?

Answer: Ikea often has very cheap but good and fashionable furniture. You could also try a local Salvation Army thrift store or one run by a similar charity.

Certain pieces can be got on the cheap from places like Target – they may not sell couches and armchairs, but they have cheap and durable coffee tables, shelves and TV stands.

I’d also suggest yard sales and a local classified ad section, and asking friends if they have any furniture to get rid of. Look also for estate sales.

Question: What color should I paint my living room walls to match red furniture?
I want to buy a red leather living room furniture set, but I don’t know what color to paint the walls…HELP!!

Answer: Play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find colors that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the “painted” rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours.

Question: How much should I tip the delivery men when they drop of my living room furniture?
I ordered a two piece living room set which consists of a Sofabed & a Loveseat(which is actually two recliners that are joined together). Anyway the delivery men will only have to carry the items up one flight of steps. Also they will have to put the furniture together once they arrive.

Answer: If the store is delivering this for you; it’s in the cost. Most people do not tip. If you’ve already settled on a price from a private company, I would only tip them if you are asking them to do something different.
*I asked them to bring down a sofa for me from a bonus room one time; I gave them $20. I always offer them something to drink as well.

Question: Full set of used Living Room furniture for sale – where to find buyers?
I have a full set of good quality Italian used living room furniture for sale. Can anyone let me know where to find buyers?

Answer: Ebay, local newspaper, consignment shop, our town has a radio swap meet that sells everything! If you live in a large town there’s a lot of venues open to you!

Question: Is there certain living room furniture that is more kid friendly than others, we are going shopping this weekend for all new furniture. In the living room right now we have white suede furniture so we are getting rid of it as we have a 7 month old baby.

Answer: Leather is always good as it’s easy to clean.

Something with patterns and nubby textures would work well because they hide stains and flaws easily.

Make sure you get everything stainguarded.

Avoid microfiber, we made the mistake of getting microfiber furniture and every little drop of milk shows up so easily. Any tears are also a pain and very noticeable.

For tables and chairs – try to go with items that have rounded edges. When your baby is learning to walk you will save yourself a lot of headaches if you don’t have to constantly be watching for sharp corners on everything.

Question: How much walking space/clearance do I need when laying out living room furniture?
How much walking space/clearance do I need when laying out living room furniture?

We are moving into a new, unfurnished house — it’s a big blank slate! I am excited about decorating everything, but I don’t want to cram too much into the space and make it feel small. What’s a good clearance around furniture, so that it doesn’t make for a cramped walking flow through seating areas?

Answer: Between the coffee table and sofa, you should leave at least 18″. That distance provides enough clearance, but still anchors the table to the sofa.

Between the sofa and wall unit, you may find that 20″ is just enough to get into the wall unit and still be comfortable while peeking in the door. I recommend actually opening both doors and then see what room you need to maneuver around to access the storage comfortably, especially if you are storing items you will need frequently.

If you arrange your furniture and it still seems too spread out, one thing you can do is find a big area rug to tie all the pieces together visually. This also helps to divide a larger room (like an open kitchen, great room situation.) Make sure the rug touches all furniture pieces of the grouping.

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