The chairs that accompany a table in a dinette set are important pieces of furniture; perhaps what is most important about them is that you do not necessarily have to choose the chairs that are featured with a dinette set’s table. For this reason, a variety of individual chair styles exist to not only compliment the dining room table, but to also compliment design of the dining room. Chairs come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They also come in many styles as well; parsons chairs are one of these styles.

Parsons chairs are a great way to incorporate rich colors, textures and fabric designs into your dining room area. This is a particularly important characteristic of parsons chairs, especially for novice room designers who want desperately to incorporate the use of textures and patters into their décor but do not know where or how to begin. The variety of designs and exquisite colors that can be incorporated in this piece of dining room furniture make it the perfect companion to the rooms’ unique and captivating design, or design potential.

Parsons chairs have sat around the dining room table for a long period of time. And though the construction and material of parsons chairs have been consistent over time, the chair styles themselves have transitioned through the generations. This is why you can find parsons chairs to reflect almost any artistic time period. The Art Nouveau designs are known for fluidity and scroll-style backs. The Art Deco designs are the most common ones found, and parsons chairs in this style are more ornate and detailed with materials in colors more bold and exotic. The Mission style chairs are known for their incorporated richness and emphasis on lines in design.

When purchasing a parsons chair, the three most important elements are the back, legs and arm rests. Though parsons chairs can come without arm rests, those that do have the option of upholstered arm rests or basic wooden arm rests. The legs of parsons chairs can also be upholstered, or they can be tapered, turned, or fluted. The seatbacks of parsons chairs can be straight, scrolled or camel backed. Again, the artistic time period definitely plays a part in how the chair is designed. However, no matter how your dining room is designed, the bottom line is that there are plenty of decorating options to choose from. No matter your taste, you are destined to find a parsons chair that adds a simple touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining room décor.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: What stores offer layaway? More specifically furniture?
I’m about to move into an apartment but have no living room furniture or dining room furniture what so ever. Does anyone know of anywhere that offers layaway for furniture? Other than Kmart? I don’t really want to put all that on credit cards.

Answer: Actually no one any more but this year some department stores have brought lay-a-way back. You can sign up with furniture stores by taking on their own credit cards and put off payment for 6 months to a year if they are running that kind of program, but they don’t offer layaway programs. Layaway is a thing of the past but was ever only offered in department stores when it was.

Question: What color should I paint my dining room?
The rest of the house has been painted this very light pale yellow. When you walk in the front door there is a double door width opening to our living room on the right. Just beyond it is a double door width opening to our dining room. So you can see it from the living room. Our dining room has a white chair rail & the bottom half of it is that pale yellow color throughout the rest of the house. I’d like to eventually get walnut/white furniture for the dining area.

Answer: Red is a warm color, so it will speed up your blood pressure just a little. Orange makes you want to eat, so you might try an orange-red shade, then paint the chair rail and the bottom half off-white. Those colors should work very well with a walnut table.

Question: How can I stop or reduce the echo effect in my dining room ? Even while talking in that room, we notice the echo. I already have some furniture in that room.

Answer: Adding a rug, curtains, or upholstered furniture would be the most obvious answer. Really, any “soft” things you could add to the room will absorb some of the sound and cut down on the echo.

Question: What color curtains would go in my dining room?
I cannot seem to decide on what color/pattern of curtains would go in my dining room. The color was supposed to be a blue, but it ended up more like a lilac with more blue than red. My dining room furniture isn’t too formal and is a dark brown. Any suggestions on colors/patterns?

Answer: I would go with something neutral since you have color on the walls already and dark furniture. Tan maybe?

Question: I have a combined living and dining room area. Does anyone know how to separate the areas? I am interested in separating these areas with a wall, partition, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to use furniture to separate the area. I want the dining room area to be more private.

Answer: Putting up a wall is relatively inexpensive. Some 2 x 4’s and sheetrock. If you do it yourself it will be cheaper. Check out, on framing a wall. It will tell you everything you need for supplies and how to do it.

Question: We want to make our formal dining room into a little sitting area to smoke cigars and drink wine. Can anybody give me some links for some creative ideas?

Answer: HGTV did a conversion of a second living room to a british pub style room a while back. They always have good ideas on their website, check there.

Question: What would be the best color for an elegant dining room?
I dont have any furniture, we’re just starting out but we are trying to decide what color to paint the dining room. We will pick a dining set accordingly AFTER we paint but what do you think the best color would be. I have a beige-ish textured tile in the dining room with hints of grey and darker beige.

Answer: Don’t pick the wall color before you pick the furniture. The furniture can cost from $500 (if you’re lucky and a suite comes in while you’re at Goodwill) to $5000. The paint costs the same no matter what color it is – under $100 will cover the room if you do it yourself.
It would be too silly to limit your furniture choices by color when that’s the easiest thing in the world to change. All paint costs the same.

Question: How can I raise the height of my dining room table?
I have bought a brand new dining room table and chairs, but the two end chairs with the armrests are about an inch and a half too high to slide underneath the table. I have seen a lot of different types of furniture lifts and caster, but they are either too big or poor quality. I need something that is about 1 1/2″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ high. It needs to be something that the table legs cannot slip off. Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer: A couple ideas. Add a piece of wood the same size and shape as the bottom of the leg to the bottom of the leg screwing it in place with a counter sunk screw. If the table legs screw off add a piece of wood here, screwed to the table top then attach the legs onto it.
Find identical flat paper weights and slide them under the legs or something else flat solid and identical in shape and color. Have a marble or granite counter top company cut you some identical pieces from scrap to do the job.

You peer out of your window, and the smile on your face is brightening your yard more than the gleaming sun. Turn to the left, and you spy your brand new outdoor rocking chair, accentuated with a matching ottoman. Turn to the right, and the sight of your new patio set almost puts a tear in your eye. Glare out to the garden, and your garden bench brings you more elation than the garden brings the butterflies. Your ears non-reluctantly find their way further toward the back of your head, making opportunity for your never-ending smile to make their domain its own. Today is the day you go to your neighborhood outdoor furniture store to put the finishing touches on your work of art. Today is the day you purchase the garments for your outdoor furniture. Today is the day you buy your Adirondack chair cushions.

It happens, occasionally, that after you buy cushions for your outdoor furniture one year, you may find, the following year, that you have out-grown that particular style. Do not be discouraged by this slightly, seemingly unfortunate, yet common change of preference. Adirondack chair cushions are available in as many different patterns, colors and styles that you might find driving from the city and into the country to take a nature walk. You can rest assured that you will find the one particular pattern that you yearn for by the start of the season, when that modification of material partiality takes place.

You have spent many hours dripping with sweat, almost to the point of dehydration, sometimes passing the point of exhaustion, while you made your outdoor mental and physical hospice just the way you have always imagined it, since the youthful, inventive times of adolescence. Planting new grass, adding new flowers, aligning the shrubbery, putting the mulch in the precise location, and all for what? So you can sit and admire your hard slog and dedication from inside the house? Of course not! You want to take pleasure in all your arduous work and perseverance up close-up and personal. By adding new cushions to your lawn furniture, you can do just that, by first adding the comfort ability needed to spend more than just a few moments from time to time, while you ingeniously put a whole new guise into your garden and yard.

When the time comes that you actually question whether or not your lawn furniture is looking the best that it can, or might feel your personal chic could be lacking, or maybe you are not exactly sure what it is that you are looking to add to your Adirondack chair, you can achieve satisfaction by simply adding Adirondack cushions. This is a cheap and effective way to add new vivacity to your porch or patio. By adding more comfort to these already comfortable chairs, Adirondack can assist you in enjoying the outsides with the ultimate in comfort.

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Adirondack Chair FAQ:

Question: The Best Plans For Building An Adirondack Chair?
I would like them to be “as complete” as possible. I have searched online in a few places but no luck.

Answer: Try Wood Magazine. Their plans are highly detailed and complete.

Question: Adirondack chair finishing?
I just bought a new Adirondack chair that seems to be in raw Oak, non-finished. The furniture store I bought it from said I could either stain it or paint it. How do I stain this chair? Is it as simple as going to Lowe’s or HD and buying some sand paper, stain. paint brushes..and getting this done? Am I missing something?

Answer: Instead of paint brushes take an old tee shirt and apply the stain with that. Leave stain on for a minute or so and lightly rub the excess stain off with a clean rag. Let dry. If the finish is to light give it another coat.

Question: Looking for plans for adirondack double seater chair?

Answer: There might be some woodworking shows on the diy channel (or possibly even the hgtv channel).

Question: What kind of lumber?
I want to make an adirondack chair or two, but I don’t want it to be too expensive. What kind of wood should I use, that would be nice, but not too pricey?

Answer: Cedar is not too expensive and will hold up well in outdoor conditions.

Question: Regular or spray can polyurethane for outdoor cedar?
My husband made four beautiful adirondack chairs out of cedar. We want to preserve the cedar (so it doesn’t turn gray due to weather). I am thinking of getting spray cans of polyurethane due to the many slats in the chair seats which would make putting it on with a cloth or brush more difficult. I’ve never used the spray poly before.

Answer: Works great. Same as using a paint spray. Can spray light coats wait for it to dry in between coats, 2 coats better than 1, 3 coats better than 2 etc. Use in low humidity.

This rustic chair must be one of the most ideal relaxation chairs on the market today; the only problem is that once you settle in you don’t really want to get up. The chair design was before its time in ergonomic and aesthetic design, with contoured back and strut supports, oversized arm rest and smooth overall finish. Adirondack chairs have also been quoted as the Muskoka chair in Canada. The chair’s design has been accredited to Thomas Lee, who tested his designs on his family, as far back as 1903 – it was made from a 11 pieces of wood all cut from a single board. Like everything else the chair was shrouded with controversy when Lee gave the opportunity of manufacturing the chairs to his friend, Harry Bunnell, who patented the plans behind Lee’s back and proceeded to make the ‘Westport’ Plank chair for the next twenty years. Adirondack chairs have become so famous that there is even a term of Adirondacking – which is an Adirondack chair picnic.

Although it was generally accepted that white cedar was used in construction of this chair, nowadays one can find the chair made from engineered wood, plastic lumber, teak and a variety of other materials. The original design of this chair has also progressed to the next level; one can enjoy a cozy evening with a loved one on the double sized loveseat, or rock the little one to sleep with the Adirondack rocking chair. After working the whole day in the garden, there is nothing like getting that beer out of the fridge, and pulling up the matching ottoman to the chair and sitting back surveying all the great work you have done.

The popularity of these chairs has spread all over the world and they can be bought from anywhere, and seen everywhere. Walking down a street one will see the chairs in sidewalk cafes and restaurants; they are especially useful when space is restricted due to their oversized arm rests, which eliminates the need for a table, as these rests can serve as a makeshift table for drinks, plates and the like.

When a bit of imagination is used, one can create a whole new look by creating different covers or cushions for these chairs, if space permits one can create several looks for this furniture type and interchange as the need arises. I was also taken aback by the apparent ease of actually making your own Adirondack chairs, provided you have the necessary tools and skills. A question did arise as to the suitability of which wood to use as well as the staining or painting options. Generally oak, cedar and cypress was recommended and if you are a wood lover, deep penetrating oil would provide that natural deep wood finish.

So for a time tested chair, that’s been around for more than one hundred years – providing the satisfaction of a very comfortable ergonomic seat one can’t seem to go wrong with Adirondack chairs, go ahead and enjoy!

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it’s your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both functional and beautiful. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous outdoor area by using classically comfortable Adirondack Chairs and other posh patio furniture to create conversation spots.

Adirondack Chairs FAQ:

Question: How much wood does it take to build an adirondack chair?
I’m trying to build an adirondack chair but I don’t know how much wood I need to buy.

Answer: Here is a plan with wood list:

Question: Where can I get the pattern for the Adirondack Chair featured on Auction Squad a few years ago?
The chair design was featured on Episode 19 in Eastwood makeover and Luke made a love chair to go with the two Adirondack chairs there already.. I have lost my pattern and hope someone has it to pass on.

Answer: search for adirondack chairs. I just looked it up and there is a picture and directions (with wood measurements and all). Or just do a search for free online adirondack chair patterns.

Question: How do I paint a pine adirondack chair that is unfinished?
It is for a school auction and we want to paint it white, let it dry, and then paint our kindergartener’s hands and put their handprints onto it. I specifically need to know what type of white paint/primer to use and also what type of paint to do the handprints in, any other decorative touches, etc., and also how to seal it properly. It is a regular sized chair.

Answer: If you use water base paint it would be easier to paint the chair first then put your child’s hand in the paint than put the hand print on the chair.

Question: How can I clean a mildew-stained pine adirondack chair?

Answer: Bleach the chair, wash the chair, sand the chair (the bleach and water will raise the grain of the wood, so you need to sand it to smooth it again). Or spray it with a LIGHT bleach solution then dark stain it or paint it. You shouldn’t need to sand it or just sand it lightly if you do that.

Question: I want to stain a white cedar adirondack chair but not sure how to start?
Whats the staining process? Just apply one coat of stain and then a sealant?

Answer: I’d start by sanding it down… I’m thinking a medium coarse grade paper. Then you’ll need to choose your stain… if you’re going for a “washed look” (i.e white wash) apply with a rag WITH the grain and have another rag to wipe off the excess. Make sure you seal with a protectant.

Question: How to make an adirondack chair out of hockey sticks?

Answer: I couldn’t imagine why on Earth you would want to do this but, OK try this site

Question: Cost to build a adirondack chair?

Answer: Fortunately, making an Adirondack chair is not difficult and can cost as little as $20, depending upon the wood that you use. A sensible wood choice (for duration) would be redwood or oak. However, was more concerned about the cost of making these, so opted for the significantly cheaper pine and spent more time varnishing.

Question: Where do I find plans to build an adirondack chair out of old skis?

Answer: Try searching for the plans online. Or try

Have you been turned off of the idea of plastic garden furniture by the tacky, mass-produced products that can be purchased cheaply anywhere, but fade after one season? Maybe you should take a second look.

The truth is: plastic garden furniture, such as plastic Adirondack chairs, can be beautiful, natural looking, stylish and may be the perfect option for many people. Furniture constructed out of recycled plastic polymer, as is the case with many plastic Adirondack chairs, is resistant to moisture, corrosives, chlorine, salt water and insects. It is also sturdy and comfortable, and will remain looking new for several years.

If you are not even sure what an Adirondack chair is let alone a plastic Adirondack chair, here is a little history. Adirondack chairs were invented during the early 1900’s by a vacationer who was looking for ways to furnish his summer home. By utilizing materials found around his Westport, NY, vacation home, Thomas Lee crafted a unique chair that caught the attention of a local carpenter and would eventually gain widespread popularity. The chair was made out of eleven slats of wood, had wide armrests, and was unique in that both the seat and back angled so that it would sit better on the steep mountain terrain of the Adirondacks.

Identified by a high, angled back and sloping seat, Adirondack chairs are made with comfort in mind, and the plastic Adirondack chair version is no different. The angle and tilt of the chair make it perfect for relaxation, and the wide arms of the chair are ideal for holding your favorite summer drink. After sitting in one of these chairs, it is not hard to imagine a lazy afternoon spent in the outdoors while napping or reading your favorite novel.

And you can find a chair to fit your personality, style and needs. Plastic Adirondack chairs and furniture can be purchased from a wide variety of styles and natural-looking colors. They can be found in the classic Adirondack style, deck chairs, gliders, double rockers, and come with style elements such as shell and curved backs.

Plastic Adirondack chairs feature solid, fade-resistant color. You can choose from colors such as white, sand, dark teak, hunter green and black or a sleek caribbean blue. In some cases, you may even find that plastic Adirondack chairs are more affordable than the exact same chair made with wooden materials. While you can expect to spend around $200 for a chair and sometimes more for different styles, these particular plastic Adirondack chairs will last a lifetime, which make them an investment worth considering.

Whether you are looking for an Adirondack chair to place on a rustic seaside deck or a chair for a formal garden, you may find exactly what you are looking for in among the wide selection of plastic Adirondack chairs.

Jennifer Akre is a successful business owner of numerous outdoor furniture websites comments on folding Adirondack chairs. Her sites offer product information regarding plastic Adirondack chairs, recycled plastic Adirondack chairs and other furniture for your garden or patio.

Adirondack Chairs FAQ:

Question: Where can I find inexpensive plastic adirondack chairs for my patio?
I really want something cheap because I’m a college student, but all the listings I find are starting at 75$. That can’t be right because some listings for wooden adirondack chairs I’ve come across have been that price too. I’ve treid all the basics… sears, jc penney, target, walmart… but no luck. Any advice?

Answer: You can occasionally find them at the dollar store for around $20-$25. Try family dollar too. Have you tried lowes, home depot, hardware stores?

Question: I need building plans for Adjoined Adirondack chairs?
Looking for building plans for 2 Adirondack chairs with a table in the middle. I want one where the chairs are at a slight angle.

Answer: Try Maybe with plans in hand you can figure out some creative cuts or variables that would have the chairs be slightly angled.

Question: How do I remove mildew stains from white plastic adirondack chairs?

Answer: Bleach removes mildew, but be careful you don’t spill any on your clothes. You could put some bleach in a spray bottle, spray, let it work, then rinse, or you could make a solution of half and half water and bleach, and, wearing gloves, wash down the chairs.

Question: got Oak adirondack chairs in April stained with tung oil. They are dirty?? How do I clean b4 re-staining?
Also should I polyurethane them? I live in SC where it is very humid spring thru fall. The dirt is black specks and other blackish marks.

Answer: Tung oil is tough stuff, it protected gun stocks from the elements for years! I would just wash the chairs with hot soapy water and a sponge/cloth and rinse with the hose.

I wouldn’t put poly on them. Just another coat or two of tung oil which is VERY easy to apply and is wonderful for wood. My husband and I refinish furniture and that’s all we use. Poly is a bugger if you get a mark or a ding in it, you have to sand the whole area and do it all over. Tung oil allows you to just stand the problem area a bit and will level right in with the existing tung oil finish. No brush marks or bubbles either. Just apply it with a soft, lint free cloth in light even coats. Don’t be surprised if the first couple of coats soak in if the wood is a bit weathered. Keep adding coats of the oil and you will eventually get a nice smooth finish. Tung oil is one of those finishes that the wood dictates how many coats not you. The way we tell if a piece is “done” is to look across it and if you see a smooth surface without breaks in the finish, it’s done. Might take numerous coats but it’s one of the toughest finishes around for wood!

Question: Where can I find cushions for adirondack chairs?

Answer: Any local upholstery shop can make patterns for your chairs and cover foam with a sunbrella outdoor fabric.

Question: Does anyone know where I can get a pattern for counter height Adirondack chairs?

Answer: You would do best to search for Adirondack Bar Stools.

Question: What do you use to clean wooden adirondack deck chairs?

Answer: Use deck cleaner and pressure wash them.

Question: Plans for adirondack or muskoka chairs, please?
Can’t find these chairs in western australia so thought would be nice to try and build them.

Answer: Try Has plans and materials list along with step by step instructions. Enjoy!

Plastic folding chairs are an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor purposes such as meetings, conferences, graduation, weddings or receptions, and several other group occasions. They are ideal for educational institutions and convention centers. They are reliable and comfortable furniture adding to the ambiance of any room, hall or auditorium. As plastic folding chairs are lightweight, they are easy to maintain and handle. Plastic folding chairs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They are available in white, charcoal, burgundy, black, ivory, beige, brown, blue, and a whole galaxy of other colors and tinges. Today, wide selections of plastic folding chairs are available at affordable prices in almost all furniture showrooms.

Plastic folding chairs generally feature non-marring leg glides, leg braces, contoured seat, and under seat slide mechanism. Non-marring leg glides protect floor surfaces from scratches. Leg braces are used to strengthen the legs. Additional features include double hinges, double-riveted braces, chairs nest and interlock, stability plugs, and lock-open device. Blow molded resin plastic folding chairs are lightweight and elegant in appearance. They are ideal for all multi-functional purposes. Plastic folding chairs with padded seat make comfortable seating for a long time.

Today, steel frame color coated and chrome coated plastic folding chairs are available in furniture showrooms. Polypropylene plastic used in these chairs is a versatile material allowing objects to be created in a variety of shapes and designs. Also, polypropylene is durable. Folding chairs made of polypropylene often come with a powder-coated and weather-resistant finish. The life of plastic folding chairs depends on the quality of the material and techniques adopted in their construction.

National Public Seating Corp., Correll Inc., and Virco Manufacturing Corporation are among the leading manufactures of plastic folding chairs. Also, plastic folding chairs can be bought online from the websites of chair manufacturers.

Folding Chairs provides detailed information on Folding Chairs, Folding Beach Chairs, Folding Lawn Chairs, Folding Tables And Chairs and more. Folding Chairs is affiliated with Office Chairs.

Plastic Folding Chairs FAQ:

Question: Does anyone know of a website where I can buy one of those cheap plastic folding lawn chairs??
I can’t find one on-line for the life of me. There are plenty of the nice ones, but I’m talking the plastic and aluminum reclining beach chairs that you can adjust by pushing the back down and pulling it up… am I making sense? They fold up into a square and the legs collapse.

Answer: I am not sure about online, but you could try your local Walmart or Kmart, I am sure that they have something similar to what you are looking for. If you are a bargain hunter, try your local goodwill. Also try putting adjustable beach chairs or plastic beach chairs in a search engine, plenty of websites pop-up.

Question: Where to get plastic folding chairs in nyc?
Those cheap grey ones… and possibly a plastic folding table (big enough for beer pong)?

Answer: Office Depot will deliver a set of 4 folding chairs for 44.99. I don’t know what kind of table is needed for beer pong, but the cheapest folding table they have is 30 bucks.

OR, on Saturday or Sunday you can go to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, get the free shuttle to IKEA in Jersey and get the Jeff folding chairs for 9.99 each. You can stow them underneath the bus in the luggage bays to bring them home. They don’t have folding tables there though.

Question: How do I lubricate plastic garden chairs?
The folding chairs have become increasingly stiff & I’m pretty sure oil won’t work!

Answer: Silicon spray or if you don’t have any try furniture polish as this also contians silicon.

Question: Where can I buy light gray folding plastic chairs?

Answer: Office Depot has some.

Question: What are those cheap plastic outdoor lounge chairs called?
I want to buy one of those cheap plastic outdoor lounge chairs that fold out flat so you can lay on. You know the ones with the multicolors. I checked at walmart and they did not carry them any more.

Answer: Its called a Chaise and Walmart does sell them,and Dollar stores.

Question: Where can I buy one of those plastic lounge chairs that they have at outdoor swimming pools?
I want a plastic chair that will weather being outside and not rust and one that I can fold up and I want reclining position.

Answer: Any Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot. Not too hard to find at this time of the year.

Question: Plastic Lawn Chairs or Fold Up Cloth Chairs?

Answer: Fold up cloth chairs.

Because they’re cloth they take the shape of your body and are therefore more comfortable.

Question: Perfect chair to lean back in?
What is a good chair to have where I can lean back, having only 2/4 legs on the ground and does not break? I’ve broken plastic ones, wooden ones, and folding ones. No, I’m not fat.

Answer: Anytime you’re putting all your weight on half the legs, it’s too much stress for your average chair. Not to mention the falling aspect….. Having said that, have you tried sitting in an adirondack chair? They have a bit of a slope to the sit that may mimic your preferred sitting position and the back has a very relaxed lean. I think they are the most comfortable chairs!

Wooden desk chairs are always credited with flexibility and function. These chairs are of exceptional value and provide everyday office seating needs. Wood is normally used for crafting desk chairs, as it satisfies the requirement to be cozy and comfortable. Wooden desk chairs, created by brilliant carpenters, make all the difference in the work place.

All wood types are made of 62% cellulose and 28% of lignin. This is responsible for the fibrous and woody cell walls of trees. Superb quality lumber is kept aside for use, where fine appearance and finishing are required. Wooden desk chairs are created considering the differences in people and the type of work involved. This helps to generate the best working conditions and comfortable seating.

Desk chairs are crafted in many types of timber, each with unique characteristics. Each wooden desk chair possesses distinctive characteristics as each tree gives lumber its own granule patterns and distinct markings. These chairs are available in many colors and patterns. Moreover, they come with a variety of mechanisms that manage the tilt angle, tension rigidity and other customized controls as well. These features make a substantial difference to the comfort provided by a chair.

Wooden desk chairs are in demand, as they mix style with contemporary convenience. Craftsmanship is the main factor in the manufacturing of these chairs. They are handcrafted and the finishing and carving may vary. The provision for fresh and fashionable office seating has made wooden desk chairs available in various types of wood. These include mahogany, walnut, oak, maple, cherry, rosewood and teak. They can be manufactured with flexible arms and adjustable heights. Along with the style and postural support, these chairs are apt for people who have to be at their desks for long hours, such as police, fire fighters and ambulance dispatchers.

Desk Chairs provides detailed information on Desk Chairs, Office Desk Chairs, Computer Desk Chairs, Ergonomic Desk Chairs and more. Desk Chairs is affiliated with Office Desks.

Desk Chairs FAQ:

Question: What are some recommended office/desk chairs?
My husband has a herniated disk (bad back) and needs a nice, supportive office chair. The problem is, he has a supportive chair for his back, but often his buttocks and backs of his thighs hurt at the end of the day because the circulation in his legs get cut off when he’s sitting at the chair. Is there a brand/model office chair that is good for both circulation and back/lumbar support?

Answer: Celle, the newest work chair by Herman Miller which is very comfortable to sit and features unique fabric or mesh on its seat and back. It responds instantly to the body’s movements, for ergonomic support and daylong comfort. These type of chairs will always gives you a feeling of heaven. The furniture is designed to give you the most comfort that anyone could ever expect.

Question: Where can I get cheap desk chairs, and/or a cheap tv stand?

Answer: Used furniture stores. Google them or try the yellow pages in your area. Auctions listed in the newspapers, or try the want ads. In addition, depending where you live, Ikea, Target, Home Depot, or Walmart.
In Canada, Ikea, Zellers, Home Depot, Leon’s, the Brick, or Bad Boy.

Question: Computer desk chairs not comfortable?
Is the seat you’re in now need a new cushion? Well, mine does. Can you order replacement cushions only? A lot of people I know just throw their whole chair away and buy new….what a waste.

Answer: You can buy custom cut pieces of foam from some furniture repair shops and I have seen amatuers do a decent job recovering a chair seat…worth a try. Or you can probably get anything reupholstered if you want to pay for that.

Question: Is is possible to repair desk chairs when the hydraulic goes south?

Answer: Well yes and no .. if its somehow tread-ed and can be opened up .. you can replace or make a new seal for the piston.

Question: Are desk chairs made still that have only 4 legs?
I need a chair with 4 legs not 5 and no arms.

Answer: Yes… you can still get desk chairs with only 4 legs, and no arms. You can find them at department stores, office supply stores, etc. (OfficeMax, Office Depot, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target, WalMart, etc)

I will say this much…. a chair with 5 legs is more stable than a 4 leg chair….less likely to tip over. When I have a choice between the two… I get the 5 leg chair.

Another option might be to consider a kitchen/dining chair.

Question: Where can I get a nice and comfortable desk chair for a good price?
I need a nice comfortable desk chair for no more than 50 dollars, what are some sites or stores that could offer this?

Answer: Look on, they have a lot of cute desk chairs for an affordable price.

Question: How do I get rid of all the static electricity in my desk chair?
The chair at my computer desk holds a lot of static electricity. Every time I sit down, the hair on my arms is attracted to the armrests. When I stand up, my pants are stuck to my legs, and when I touch the top of the chair, I get shocked. I use a thick plastic chair mat, on carpet. Any ideas?

Answer: Static charge is normally developed due to specific materials, when they are rubbed together specially in dry condition. Chair itself can not develop any static charge. I would suggest that you look for the material around your work area, which is causing this

1- Try to remove the cause, could be the carpet and/or foot mat
2- Use a humidifier

Grounding strip can also be used, which is normally metal strip or mesh connected to your office/home electrical ground

Question: Office desk chairs?
I am seeking out for a friend of mine a desk chair that can hold a person of around 300 pounds…..any suggestions where to look? Price isn’t so much an issue. Just something durable and comfortable for a man who is very tall and built large.

Answer: Sometimes Staples or other office stores have good deals on office chairs. You might want to check them out.

Wood folding chairs provide excellent seating for convention centers, churches, educational institutions, restaurants, hotels, party rental firms, weddings and receptions, graduations, banquets, and all other special occasions. Folding chairs made of wood give a natural and sophisticated look to your interiors. Wood folding chairs are also perfect for outdoors such as beaches, gardens, and lawns.

Wood folding chairs come in a variety of finishes and contemporary designs. A wide range of wood folding chairs made of oak wood, teak wood, mahogany, fruitwood, white wood, and other natural wood are offered for sale in almost all furniture showrooms at affordable prices. Folding armchair, side chair, reclining dining chair, and reclining dining chair with footrests are the most common types of wood folding chairs. Glastonbury chairs are yet another important type of wooden folding chairs. Usually, they are made of oak wood. They give an old world ambiance to cathedrals and abbeys.

Common features of the wood folding chairs include a frame, seat and backrest, metal corner reinforcing plates, and removable padded vinyl seat cushions. Genuine plywood seats are also very common. Removable vinyl seat cushions are easy to clean and replace.

Wood folding chairs are available in black, white, and natural colors. They come in midnight black, wedding white, mahogany, and natural finishes also. Wooden folding chairs are coated with high quality paint or clear lacquer varnish for the sake of durability. The joints are often nailed and glued for extra durability.

Wood folding chairs also come with chrome frame in beech and other finishes. Chairs built of courbaril or teak wood can often last a lifetime, as they are very sturdy. They are not affected by sun, rain, or snow. High quality wood coupled with modern wood processing techniques and carpentry skills produces beautiful, stylish, and long lasting wood folding chairs.

Folding Chairs provides detailed information on Folding Chairs, Folding Beach Chairs, Folding Lawn Chairs, Folding Tables And Chairs and more. Folding Chairs is affiliated with Office Chairs.

Folding Chairs FAQ:

Question: Where can I buy 4 white metal padded folding chairs?
I am looking for white, but I may settle for off-white, cream, or something close to white if I can’t find white. They must be metal and they may be vinyl or cloth covered.

Answer: Your best bet is to check with one of the larger wedding rental companies in your area (one that carries the large outdoors tents, etc.). Most times the chairs they take to set up weddings and social affairs are white and they must have a direct supplier for these items. You might also look online for wedding equipment suppliers. Most of them have websites and links to others as well. Some places are wholesalers only, while others will ship to individual customers.

Question: I’m Looking for a small Storage rack for Folding Chairs?
I’m looking for a hanging storage rack to store my household folding chairs. I have 8 of them and am looking for a hanging rack that might hold up to 12 chairs. I can only find large industrial sized racks, that hold 65 or more chairs.

Answer: I checked Ebay and you are right they are hard to find. However if you type in folding chair caddy you might find what you are looking for.

Question: Where can I find canvas slipcovers for standard folding chairs?
I need neutral colored canvas slipcovers for my outdoor patio chairs that can withstand any whether.

Answer: Try Surefit.

Question: White folding chairs?
I need a good place to find white folding chairs for not much money.

Answer: Ikea has lots of inexpensive chairs.

Question: I need a pattern for draping the backs of folding chairs for my daughter’s wedding.?
I have checked several pattern books – no luck. I am picturing sort of an “envelope” that slips over the back, with a chair-wide drape to the floor. I am not interested in covering the seat portion, because I think that would be slippery.

Answer: I don’t know where there’s a pattern (seems like all the pattern books used to have them), but it shouldn’t be hard to improvise. Just use an old sheet and make an upside down “u” shape to fit the front of the back, then make a longer one with a little extra fullness for the back. When sewing, add ribbons or ties where you want it tied in back. Try out, then take apart and use for your pattern.

Question: Does anyone know where I can hire 100 seat cushions / pads for wooden folding chairs?

Answer: Call any wedding rental shop.

Question: Depending on how many of them there are, you could put inexpensive pillowcases over the backs and tie a ribbon around those (check Big Lots, Tuesday Morning or Walmart, for deeply discounted packs of pillowcases) …. You could even put some colored smaller trash bags over the bags, and tie a ribbon around those (or tie the corners to the chair bag with ribbon).

Answer: Is there any way to decorate regular metal folding chairs on a budget?

Question: Where can I buy wholesale chair covers for folding chairs?

Answer: Look for party rental places, a lot of them rent them out and it’ll be cheaper that way.

Folding chairs are best suited for home, garden, conference and meeting halls, educational institutions, churches, and hotels. Today, folding chairs are made of a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, and resin. Metal folding chairs are a perfect choice for your group seating needs. They are, as a rule, lighter than fixed non-movable chairs. Metal folding chairs are more durable than plastic and glass folding chairs. Aluminum folding chairs are generally lighter than all-steel chairs.

Metal folding chairs came into vogue in the 20th century. They are available in white, black, beige, brown, gray, and a number of other colors and tinges to match any décor. Metal folding chairs generally feature a front cross-brace, contoured seat pan, embossed hinges, plastic glides, and U-shaped leg braces. Plastic glides are used to protect the floor from scratches. The U-shaped leg braces provide additional support. For extra strength, embossed hinges are used.

A wide range of metal folding chair models such as basic, standard, triple brace, and premium are available today. Premium models generally have waterfall front seat, back leg stability plugs, and double hinges. Metal folding chairs with triple base feature double hinges, double contoured back, 18-gauge tubing, back leg stability plugs, cross braces, and non-marring glide tips are very common. Metal folding chairs with tablet arm are a wise and reliable option for schools and testing centers. They feature a polished or laminated particleboard writing surface.

Today, huge selections of metal folding chairs in variety of shapes, sizes, and designs are available in the market at affordable prices. When buying a metal folding chair make sure to ask about the measurements, tubing and hinges styles. Remember that metal folding chairs with simple design are more stable. As metal chair fashions change rapidly, an upgradeable metal folding chair is undoubtedly the best bet.

Folding Chairs provides detailed information on Folding Chairs, Folding Beach Chairs, Folding Lawn Chairs, Folding Tables And Chairs and more. Folding Chairs is affiliated with Office Chairs.

Folding Chairs FAQ:

Question: How do you remove fabric (puff) paint from plastic folding chairs?
Our company did a craft using watered down fabric paint. The paint mixture dripped all over our white plastic folding chairs. Soap and water won’t remove it so we’re trying to find something that will remove the paint without ruining the chairs. I’ve heard acetone works but we think it might ruin the chairs.

Answer: Goof Off removes paint, ink, glue, and so on. You can find it at a home center for just a few bucks.

Question: For an outdoor wedding ceremony, how much space or distance is necessary for rows of folding chairs?
I am planning an outdoor ceremony using white, wood, folding chairs for the guests to sit in. I need to know how much room each row will take up–not in width, but in depth from the altar area. A helpful answer would tell me how much space there needs to be from the back of one chair to the front of the seat of the chair behind it, or the distance from chair back to chair back or something like that. It is a certain number of feet per row? How much space will it take to make it comfortable for the guests?

Answer: My suggestion would be to have your guests as close to the action as possible. This allows them to see and hear what is happening. After all you want them there to witness your wedding or you wouldn’t have invited them!

Put the chairs in the second row with enough room to be able to get up and down comfortably. If you know one of your relatives is a little larger than the others allow room for them too. Just sit down in a chair then put another chair behind it and then measure yourself, the distance for comfort.

Question: Can you tell where I could buy folding dining table with folding chairs?
Looking for folding dining table with chairs that actually slide into compartment inside table. Anyone know where I could purchase item!

Answer: K-Mart, Sears, Walmart, Cost Co, (aka Price Club) Sam’s Club, Target, Ikea, Tesco direct, Argos.

Question: What ever happened to those old folding beach chairs?
Remember those folding lawn/beach chairs with the nylon webbing. I can’t find them anywhere. What happened to them?

Answer: They are still around, though you might have to look. I saw some at a drug store-like cvs pharmacy.

Question: I need help making slip / chair covers for folding chairs. I also need to make sashes. How do you make them?
I only need to cover 25-35 chairs I figure I could try to make them. I am trying to save some money. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I go to the fabric store or just buy some sheets/pillow cases? What about the bow/sash? Where do I get a pattern?

Answer: Go to and DIY networks site-they both have thousands of photos and how-tos.

Question: Does any one have any idea where I can find the green folding chairs that used to be sold by Costco?
These chairs where made of a round tubing frame with a green canvas cloth seat and back. These chairs look like a shorter version of a directors chair. The arms where wrapped in foam for padding and the newer ones had a piece of green canvas cloth wrapped around the foam. Some also had a green canvas cloth wrapped around one arm that dropped down and had two pockets on it. One pocket was a beverage holder and the other was square which could hold a magazine or other misc. items. I’m looking for about 10 of the chairs.

Answer: Are they those kind you take on camping trips? With the drink holder hole built it? They sell similar chairs at walmart, target, or any camping store. I checked on the costco website and didn’t see any except for the nascar ones. If you have a chair with you, check if there’s a tag that might give more info, or if you have the receipt you bought them with, maybe it’ll have the name of the model or manufacturer.

Question: Any ideas on decorating folding chairs without chair covers?
I just don’t see the point in renting chair covers for my party, but I want to punch up the decor a little bit.

Answer: Tie a piece of fabric or ribbon around the back rest of the chair to make a bow, and even cut the pieces long so they hang down some. Inexpensive and cute.

Question: Where can I buy Metal Folding Chairs?
I want to pay a good price for them because I am going to have to buy about 150. I don’t want the padded ones.

Answer: I think Sam’s club sells them. If they don’t, try Lowe’s or Home Depot. Office Depot might even carry them.

If they are for a one time thing, you might be able to rent them or borrow them from a church, or someplace like that.

Club chairs can most definitely be a wonderful addition to any home or space. It embodies a touch of class and elegance as well as reflects a calm ambiance to any room. Apart from giving a luxurious appeal to any type of space, they are also known for being extremely comfortable making it quite a popular choice in making any kind of area have a stress-free feel to it.

Chairs like these are basically relaxing chairs meant for people who want to talk, sit and relax for hours. They are designed with broad armrests, deep seats, sustainable frames and supple finishes. Probably the most popular type is the leather club chairs. This remarkable furniture is able to blend in with any home or space decor making it a fashionable option for many homeowners and club owners. It gives a trendy look and in this vastly conscious era, it has become a must-have accessory for many homes.

There are many varieties of club chairs that are made out of leather. They are enclosed with soft stuffing which grants complete comfort to anyone who sits on it. It is a great item for any home or space as it provides complete relaxation especially after a tiring day at work. It also comes in natural and classy shades such as a black leather club chair that can be ideal for any area in your house.

Leather club chairs can easily be maintained but it should still be properly taken cared of to ensure that it will last for many years. One important tip you can take into account in taking care of these chairs is that it should be placed away from the sunlight. In this fashion, it will be able to retain its shine and attractiveness. On the other hand, if you choose to use upholstered chairs rather than the leather ones, then keeping it always clean is a necessity. Chairs such as these will most likely absorb oil from clothes overtime. Therefore, it is imperative that it is appropriately cleaned or you can have it professionally taken cared of.

Club chair leather seats can be used anywhere, whether it’s for your dining space, bedroom or lounge area. You can place it inside your bedroom or study room to increase your seating options. It can also be good furniture placed inside a small library where you can enjoy its relaxing features as well as the unique ambiance it creates. If you are looking for a stand out piece that compliments your sofa then this item might just be what you are looking for. It has a versatile quality as it can be casual enough for any family room as well as appropriate enough to be placed in offices like a fortress armchair that can provide a classic and innovative style to any office space.

A club chair is perfect piece for any home or club space. It gives the owner a chance to experience a feeling of coziness and comfort. These chairs are great accessories as they can both be a trendy and functional piece in any type of space.

Club Chairs FAQ:

Question: Club Chairs?
I have two club chairs in a crushed green velvet material. I love my chairs a lot, but they could be reupholstered. I would like to use a material similar to the one that’s already on them. Does anyone know about how much it would cost to get the done? If I decide to do it myself how difficult would it be?

Answer: Material varies. I really am not sure. If it’s square, it should be pretty easy. If it’s oval you may have a little trouble. If you want piping on it, that will be more. A little harder, more experience needed.

Question: Is there a free site on making slip cover for club chairs?

Answer: You don’t need a pattern. Pin the material on the chair, along the lines of the upholstery, INSIDE out. Remove it, and sew along the pin lines. If you’re using a patterned material, make sure that it matches.

I am looking for 2 club (type) chairs and 1 ottoman and I cannot find any that don’t cost a kidney and a lung. Does anyone know where I might could find some at a good price? I would even consider gently used if I could find them.

Answer: For cheaper prices try the big department online stores like Amazon first. They can afford to sell at lower prices because they buy in bulk. Also try ebay because many furniture merchants sell brand new merchandise at lower prices than they do on their sites. Lastly try classified ad sites like craigslist for used chairs.

Question: How many leather cow hides does it take to do a club chair and ottoman?

Answer: Normally, using 54″ wide fabric, a club chair takes about 6 yards, and an ottoman takes about 3 yards. An average cowhide yields enough leather to give the equivalent of about 3 yards of fabric. So, the chair will take 2 hides, the ottoman 1 hide – total 3. This is considering an average hide at about 50 square feet.

Question: I have a large tiger print club chair in my bedroom and i need ideas for a comforter and curtains that will compliment each other as well as other decorative ideas.

Answer: Do you want the chair to stand out and be the focus of the room, or do you want it to blend in?

If you want it to stand out, I’d go with a burnt orange or brown comforter and curtains. That way, it’s not orange, but complements the obnoxious bright orange. Having the rest of the room subdued will make the chair pop out. For the walls, I’d go with a light peach. This will give you a monochromatic scheme that’s not too obnoxious. Don’t go with a triad color scheme; that won’t work with orange. You might also go with an analogous color scheme, like having red trim and a light yellow wall. However, the yellow walls will look dirty. Go with the monochromatic scheme. You’ll like it.

Question: How many yards of material are needed too make a club chair slipcover?

Answer: There are many sizes and styles of “club chairs” and you have provided no information as to the size. If it were mine, I would take pictures from all angles and also measure the dimensions. I would take that information to a fabric retailer and have them determine the yardage needed for the slipcover.

Question: Where can I find an old school wicker club chair?

Answer: Give a try. You might have to be patient but you never know, one might turn up.

Question: What is a club chair?
And how is it different from a regular living room leather chair (because that’s what it looks like)?

Answer: The word “club” in club chair harks back to the gentlemen’s clubs in nineteenth century England where a gentleman could go to get away from his household (including womenfolk). Once there, he would sink into a well-upholstered leather chair and relax with a drink and perhaps a cigar. The names of the fashionable London streets full of such clubs are still used to name classic club chairs : St. James, Piccadilly and so on.

Bean bag chairs have come a long way since the 70’s. You can purchase them in all different sizes and fabrics. You can choose any color you can imagine. Bean chairs can fit into any room in your home. It adds a stylish and trendy look to any decor.

There are many fabrics available such as vinyl, fur, suede, leather, fur print, cotton and velvet. You can find any kind of print from animal prints to sports teams. You can have your bean bag chair customized with your name, image or logo put on. Some people don’t like the leather or vinyl cover because it can stick to your skin. The plus is that it is easy to keep clean. Most people prefer other fabrics because they are softer to touch. You can also remove these covers and wash them periodically.

Bean bag chairs come in many different shapes and sizes. You can find a small bean chair for the kids, a large loveseat style, a lounger, a large six foot for two or three people, a gaming seat and the list goes on. Determine how much space you have available in the room and which style will fit the room decor.

Bean bag chairs come with many different fillers. Some examples are cotton, Styrofoam and shredded foam. I prefer the shredded foam because it is comfortable and holds its shape. Since bean chairs are usually moved from room to room, the foam will always bounce back into shape and never flatten.

I have two customized bean chairs and my family and I love them. You can find a wide variety of fabrics and colors at a reasonable cost to suit your needs which is a plus in this economy. So if you are looking for a kids bean bag or one for yourself, there are limitless possibilities.

I have young children at home who are always into something and making messes. They spilled stuff and stained my furniture repeatedly. I could only spend so much time, money & effort cleaning them. So after disposing of my second expensive couch I did some research on bean bag chairs. I searched high and low and got educated on them. I didn’t realize they were so popular now as they were back in the day. Bean bag chairs are a definite benefit to have and an inexpensive option to traditional furniture. You can remove the covers and wash them as often as you like. For me, they are perfect. The kids can jump on them spill stuff on them and I could care less. Something parent’s might want to think about if they have young children.

Bean Bag Chairs FAQ:

Question: Can I re-cover my bean bag chairs with oilcloth? How do I keep the new cover from shifting?
I have ugly bean bag chairs that need new covers. They must be sturdy and safe for kids. How do I get the new cover to “stick” to the original bean bag vinyl?

Answer: You will have to hand sew it to the bean bags. Then it should stay.

Question: Where can I find one of those furry bean bag chairs from Zoey 101?
I want one of those neon coloured furry bean bag chairs that they have in Zoey 101. Where could I find one?

Answer: They have them on Amazon.

Question: What are the very best quality bean bag chairs on the market?

Answer: The bean bag chair market, as I’m sure you know, is very prominent in today’s business world. They’re a highly mass-produced product, and with constant changes in such a market it’s hard to say.

Question: Where can I buy bean bag chairs in Canada for cheap?
I’ve already checked sears, ikea and wal-mart. Any suggestions?

Answer: If you have try them. I got 2 last night for $7 and they are really nice.

Question: Do you know of any online store that offers custom NCAA bean bag chairs?
I realize there are several that offer NCAA bean bag chairs, but I’m looking for one that can print Ohio University’s Logo on one with the school’s colors. Most websites only offer a select few of schools.

Answer: Go through Ohio University, either their book store, athletic department sales or alumni center. They should be able to help.

Question: Does anyone know a trusted website that sells good bean bag chairs for 50 dollars or so?
I want a plain, good-sized bean bag chair, but not one that is too expensive. I’m hoping this isn’t too much to ask. If you know a website or store where I can get one I would appreciate it.

Answer: Lillian Vernon sells them in the kids section. But they are big enough for an average adult woman to sit on. most are kid prints but they do have solid colors too.

Question: Bean bag chairs with shredded foam going flat?
I am looking at getting a new bean bag chair because my last one was pretty big but filled with those little beads and went flat rather quick and i was never able to keep full. So i am looking at getting one this time with shredded foam in it and wanted to know if those go as flat as the beaded bean bag chairs.

Answer: I have one, and have found that they hold up far better than regular beanbags. I have had mine for over five years now and there is no sign of it flattening out. It does compress some with use, but all you have to do is shake it and loosen the foam to bring it back up to shape.

Question: Teardrop bean bag chairs vs regular bean bag chair?
Which do you prefer? I’m trying to decide which one my 8 y.o would like. She says regular bean bag but the teardrop style looks like it might be more comfortable because you’d have something to lean back on.

Answer: Teardrop bean bag chairs are good because you can lean back but I have a regular bean bag chair. I like the regular ones because they’re classic (that’s how they started off looking). But it does get very annoying having nothing to lean on. If you want it for looks, then get the regular bean bag chair because it actually looks like one, but if you want it for comfort, get the teardrop kind but I don’t like them because they don’t really even look like bean bag chairs.

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