Kitchen tables can be found in many different varieties of styles. The need for a table in the kitchen exists in almost every home. You can find great kitchen tables by searching on the internet. There are many different wonderful websites that will offer a huge selection with different price ranges. You should be able to find the right table for your kitchen that will fit your style, needs, and budget.

The kitchen can be the heart and soul of your home; it is where we normally will start our days. The coffee pot will be brewing, the pancakes sizzling, and it surrounded by kids waiting for breakfast, dad reading the newspaper, and mom waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.

Kitchen tables have been the place where hearts to hearts have been had by best friends, secrets told and gossip started. The table is casual and comfortable and makes conversation flow as easily as the coffee in our cups. The afternoon can bring book bags and homework from kids arriving home from school. The mail will often get dropped on them for later review.

Deciding which table is right for your kitchen, can take some thought. You want to make sure that the table you choose is the right fit for the room. You can find round tables, oval tables, square, and rectangle tables. Kitchen tables also come in the corner variety, with bench seats and have a more country feel to them. You can choose from many different styles, contemporary, traditional, retro, modern, classic, or even country. The tables come in many different materials; you can find wood tables, metal tables, and glass or stone tables.

You should only look at the kitchen tables that will compliment your room and your entire homes décor. It will be the focal point of the kitchen, you want it to blend nicely with the other furniture in the room, fit well where you place it and also fill the need of you and your family.

When looking for kitchen tables, try picturing what it would look like in your room, then picture who will be sitting around it. You want to ensure it is large enough, but also that it is comfortable and matches your décor. If you plan on having dinner at your kitchen table and not at a formal dining room table, you should make sure it will accommodate seating for everyone in your family. What if you have guests over? Will the table provide a leaf or extension to allow for more seating around it?

Kitchen tables are not an expensive addition to your home; the pricing will fit any budget. You can find the table that is right for you and begin spending many years of gossip, secrets, family meals, board games, and poker nights around it.

Start searching the internet and find the kitchen tables that are offered in so many different styles and designs. The right one is out there waiting for you; it is time to bring it home.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of many niche online stores providing consumers with products and information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. No matter what you what to do, whether it is refreshing the look of your living room or building on outdoor spot ideal for taking in the weather, there is plenty of helpful advice to help make that happen. Today, she shares her insight when investing in lavish kitchen furniture and sturdy dining tables. Each would be a great purchase.

Kitchen Tables FAQ:

Question: I have a circle kitchen table and 5 chair set in great condition. How do I know if its an antique?
I found one similar to it on the internet. It said it was purchased from Good’s in the 1970’s. It is a really heavy and solid wood as are the chairs. They have held their construction all these years.

Answer: There is no clear definition of what an antique is. Generally speaking antique furniture is at least 50 years old and has some added value due to it’s rarity. I doubt most people would consider a table from the 70’s as antique, but if you want to call it antique you can.

Question: How to build a kitchen table?

Answer: The 1st step is to define what kind of table you want to build.
Standard 4 post legs or is it a single pillar? Wood, metal, or composite? Size? Number and types of chairs?

You might find something close in a 2nd hand store. Even if you tear it apart for the materials, it may be more cost and time effective than starting from scratch. In the end you still get what you want and you have built it yourself.

There are some free or low cost plans available through the net. You may want to set your search engine to images and scan until you see something you like.

Question: How can I get a light scratch out of my formica kitchen table?

Answer: Try rubbing compound. You will find it where car wax is sold. There are different grades of abrasiveness but it is easy to use and wont cause further damage.

Question: Does anyone know where I could find a nice, inexpensive kitchen table with matching chairs?
I would like a wooden table and chairs (either 4 or 6 chairs), and I don’t mind second hand just as long as it looks nice. Any ideas? The cheapest for the best is what I’m trying to accomplish.

Answer: Depending on what area you are in there is a website called freecycle that people post what they have to offer. I have used it lots of times and besides you can’t beat the price FREE.

Question: What is the point of a pub style kitchen table?
I just received a small table from the brick…I ordered it on-line. It’s so tall, my feet don’t even touch the ground when I’m sitting on the chair. It says pub set…what is this? Why are they so tall…is that the new style or made for giants? I never noticed on the picture it was like this.

Answer: Pub style meaning pub like in a bar. They come from the coffee houses, bars and restaurants that have them, then started popping up in the late nineties for the home. We have one that is an outdoor set that I love. You just have to have in mind bar stool size chairs before ordering.

Question: I’ve spray painted my fiberglass kitchen table. Its now dry, but with a powdery finish. How can I fix it?
Its a multi purpose enamel which is apparently supposed to be “tough, durable and long lasting” Do I need a specific type of spray paint for fiberglass?

Answer: Sounds like you’ve sprayed from too great a distance. Basically you’ve covered it with what I’d class as overspray. Flatten it back with #800 or #1000 grade wet and dry paper and lots of water and respray from a closer distance ie 6-8″.

Question: Where can I find a rustic kitchen table to seat 10?
I am after a table that would seat 10 people comfortably with chairs to match. I live in the country with little kids so it can’t be too precious.

Answer: Sounds like a custom job. Building a table yourself isn’t all that difficult, but the chairs would be a challenge. You could go to a home center or discount furniture store and get matching chairs. Or, for an eclectic look, go to yard or estate sales and pick one or two up till you get to ten. They’ll all be different and no fussing over who’s chair belongs to whom.

Question: Does anyone know of a good cherry wood cleaner for a kitchen table that gets a lot of day to day use?

Answer: Murphy’s Oil Soap. I use this on all my furniture and wood floors.

When it comes to decorating, the small touches that you add can make your home that much more special. It does not have to be a major change or addition or even conventional. Many times when you use a piece of furniture, in a different way the effect is unique and great.

One such furnishing that you can use in a creative way are kitchen hutches, yes they are called kitchen hutches, but do you really only get to use them in the kitchen? You may be thinking, hey I already use it there, mine is in the dining room and that’s great. But, why not consider using it in an even more obscure or unusual way.

One example would be to use it in an entry hall. The glass cabinet part is a great way to showcase a collection of items and the closed cabinets can be used to store any number of things. You could place things that would be handy if you needed them in a hurry before leaving the house. Perhaps a few umbrellas in one of the cabinets or drawers, an extra raincoat or jacket. An extra pair of gloves or two for those cold mornings when the kids just can’t seem to find any. Perhaps one of the best ideas is for your keys, if you designate one place like a stylish dish on one surface of one can be a real time and sanity saver, unlike those times you had no idea where you left them and may be late as a result of that.

Another great use for kitchen hutches is in the living room, yes the living room. For example, maybe you have a lot of keepsakes that you have held onto over the years and now you want a way in which you can display them for other people to see. Well, you could use this furnishing as a fantastic way to do just that. You could also use one as a bar in your entertainment space, provided that you purchase one that has a spacious table top, which is where you would do all the pouring and mixing of the drinks.

Interested in kitchen hutches and possibly getting one to use in a unique way in your home? If so, a great way to look into all the options is by going online and doing some comparison shopping. In no time at all will you be able to look into the many, many options that are available without even having to step one foot outside of your home. What you do purchase will even be mailed right to you so you do not have to worry about having to haul anything anywhere.

You are sure to come up with a few ideas of your own, and it just may have you saying, why didn’t I do this before? So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to start using kitchen hutches in a creative fun way today.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it is kitchen tables for your dining room or dining room furniture for you newly remodeled home, there are many tips you can use to make any spot both functional and beautiful. Click today and indulge your senses.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: If you have a wooden kitchen table do you just put hot plates on it? If not, what type of protection do you use?

Answer: You can get table pads which cover the whole table. Or you can use trivets to set the hot dishes on or even folded dish towels. Putting hot pots or dishes directly on wood can ruin the finish.

Question: How to remove smoke smell from my kitchen table? Bought at garage sale and it smells like a smoker. I have tried using pledge other odor removing products. It just smells really bad and we are ex-smokers and we don’t want any reminders. It was a great bargain and I don’t want to give it up.

Answer: Get some Murphys oil soap (or you can get a cheap off brand from places like the Dollar General Store). Put it on a rag without diluting it and wipe down the whole thing… Let it sit for about 10 min then wipe off.

Murphy’s oil is the best for cleaning wood cause it will not dry it out like other things and Pledge is really just for dusting.

Question: How can I get the built up gunk off of my kitchen table’s legs?
I wash them all the time(they are real wood so there are a lot of things I cannot use) and they still feel sticky when dry!

Answer: Ivory dish soap and hot water. I swear it will work easily and leave no residue. Just mix up a bucket of it and clean your wood table, and cabinets!

Question: How can you get scratches out of a kitchen table without refinishing the whole thing?

Answer: Sanding it is the only way to get it out.

Question: I just applied a coat of poly. to my kitchen table top. The table had a gloss finish but I wanted a satin finish so that little finger prints would not be more noticeable. I found that the second coat came out a little milky and streaky it actually now looks like one big finger print. What have I done wrong and is there anything I can do to fix it. I followed the process that included thinning the poly. and sanding in between with the fine sand paper.

Answer: It sounds like insufficient stirring. To get a satin finish, there is flattener added (you will see this on the bottom of an undisturbed can.) If you thinned the finish, the flattener falls out of suspension even faster, so you need to stir frequently, like every other dip of your brush.

The other problem most people have with polyurethane is to put it on too thick a layer. You want the minimum possible amount consistent with full coverage.

Question: I put something hot on my wooden table, and now there is a cloudy white stain that won’t come off. How can I remove this stain from my wooden kitchen table?

Answer: The varnish has been damaged. You may have to sand it down to the wood and then re-apply stain and then several coats of varnish.

Question: How do you get rid of candle wax on wood tables?
During a recent power outage, I spilled hot red candle wax on my brand new white kitchen table. The wax came off but now there is a red stain!! I tried the trick of a brown paper bag and an iron and that didn’t work.

Answer: Use a light oil like old english furniture oil or some similar product. DO NOT USE anything like BLEACH PRODUCTS they will eat the finish off the wood and permanently bleach it to a white or possibly colorless stain. Use the oil, rub it in, make sure to use clean spot on cloth every time till its gone.

Question: Where can I find a cute and CHEAP vintage looking kitchen table?
I plan on painting it so it doesn’t have to be amazing, but I can’t seem to find anything on craigslist and I wasn’t sure if maybe there were other similar sites or places I could look.

Answer: If you have a community paper or board – try putting in a notice asking for one…. it’s amazing what people have sitting in storage!

As both an interior designer and a wanna-be cook, my favorite item of kitchen furniture has for a long time been the butcher block kitchen cart. It’s versatility is second to none and is a wonderful component of a busy kitchen whether modern or traditional in style. With certain wood designs, you can add an old-worldly ambiance to an interior with a well made cart. For more contemporary kitchens, then a metal cart can provide a sophisticated and streamline addition to the decor you already have in place.

The number one attraction for me is in the functionality of a butcher block kitchen cart. Its very name is taken from the thick piece of wood which is laid on-top which provides a strong and sturdy platform on which to cut bread, meats and cheeses. A good rolling pin session over fresh dough will not be a problem either.

Secondly, the storage compartments that can be found in most modern kitchen carts are extremely beneficial when trying to do a number of things at once. In a busy, hot and often crowded environment, you want to have all the cooking utensils, flour bags, seasonings and towels close to hand. The kitchen cart can act as this useful storage furniture piece that can follow you around. With its small wheels it can be moved with ease.

It’s not just in the kitchen that a butcher block cart can be used. As long as you don’t have steps leading from one room to the next, you can wheel the cart through to the dining room or living room. In this way you can stock wine bottles, glasses and snacks to offer to your guests. The cart can also be taken out onto a patio area during summer dinners outside. Some look so good, you might want to use them as purely a furniture piece that forever stays in one place, perhaps adorned with books and sculptures.

Butcher block kitchen carts come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The best place to discover which one is right for you and your kitchen is online. This makes it easier to compare prices, measurements and styles before you go out and buy, whether in a store or on the Internet.

Visit Butcher Block Kitchen Carts to discover more about this versatile item of furniture.

Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss is a trained Interior Design with many years of experience when it comes to furniture, interior decoration, color themes and products for the home environment. His website provides detailed information and inspiration for people looking to improve their home interior design.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: How can I fix a bad spot on my new kitchen table?
Some scented oil fell on my table today, and completely wore off the top layer of finish. I am not a very handy person around the house, but I really want to fix it myself.

Answer: If you have not lost any color, you can sometimes get it back by spraying on aerosol touch up lacquer, letting it dry, sanding it back a bit, and repeating until it’s smooth and level. Best to use a high-solids version like a “sanding sealer” (note this is not the same as sanding sealers sold for finishing work.)

Once you are done, you’ll have to blend the sheen. Not knowing what’s there now, it’s hard to give advice for this. You may need to buff or spray the entire top to get it to match.

Question: What is a baby safe finish for a kitchen table?
I have an unfinished (I think pine) dining table. I want to put a finish on it so it won’t get dirty. What are some good safe non toxic finishes? I have a little baby, so I want to keep the table relatively toxin free.

Answer: Just about every finish is toxic in liquid form, and there is no evidence any is toxic in solid, fully cured form (lead paint additives excepted, and they have been not used in USA for 30+ years).

Question: How do I clean my new mahogany kitchen table?
There were no cleaning instructions with it and I want to clean it proper so that it lasts. I would like to know if it’s safe to use water for daily clean ups. Do I use Pledge each time after we eat? What about spills?

Answer: Try that Murphy’s Oil soap product, diluted to just clean the table not scrubbing it. Wipe up spills promptly.

Pledge tends to build up a coating that you will not like.

Question: What is the best finish to use on a kitchen table top? I have a maple table that needs its top refinished?
The old finish was ruined by placing hot items on the table. I am not touching anything else. The old finish is lacquer so it is very easy to remove.

Answer: I’ve used polyurethane on several breakfast and kitchen tables. It works really well. On the last two, I put on the wipe on version by MinWax. It goes on very easily.

Remember with polyurethane, don’t keep bushing it. Put it on in one stroke or two and let it dry. Sand lightly with 220 or 320 grit paper and apply a second coat. Build up 3 to 4 coats is possible.

Question: How do I get Gorilla Glue off my kitchen table?
My sons were putting together a birdhouse and even though they had paper down they got the glue on my table. Goo Gone doesn’t work….any ideas?

Answer: Gorilla Glue is one of the best if you get it on what you want to glue. If you accidentally get it elsewhere it can be very difficult. If the table is wooden I would be very careful with chemicals. If you can be careful your best bet may be a razor blade. Use an old belt and smooth out any rough surfaces on the blade. Then carefully get under the glue.

Question: Is Early American furniture out of style in a kitchen?
I have a Tell City hard rock maple kitchen table and chairs and a hutch of the same maple wood in the breakfast area of my kitchen. Is this completely out of style?

Answer: No, it,s not out of style! Look in some house decorating magazines, lots of people are now going to the old farmhouse styles, and your furniture is often used for that look, besides if you like your furniture, it doesn’t matter what/how others are doing/using. Your type of furniture gives warmth to a room.

Question: What is the safest way to clean/polish the chrome legs on a kitchen table?
We have acquired possession of a chrome leg, chrome trim, melamine top 50’s style table. The chrome legs are dirty from sitting so long. What is the best and safest way to clean them up and make them shine again?

Answer: Use WD-40. Just spray it on and clean with a paper towel. Works great on crome.

Question: What length table runner should I put on my 60 inch long kitchen table?
Would 72 inches look to short or would 90 inches look too long?

Answer: I would use a 72″. That will give you a 6″ drop on each end. If you go with a 90″, that will give you a 15″ drop on each end, which may be a little too long.

Are you looking for that special something to turn your kitchen into a room that dreams are made of? Are you tired of the everyday hum drum, and envision a gourmet kitchen that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family? If so, you can make your dreams come true with Powell furniture.

The Powell brand name of furnishings is one of the most sought after brand of furnishings in the United States. Known for their superior quality and unsurpassed beauty, each piece of Powell furniture brings a little special something to the homes they grace.

First established in 1968, the Powell furniture company has grown to become the country’s leader of home accent furniture. In fact, Powell furniture can be found in 95% of the top 100 furniture retailers’ showrooms.

Powell furniture’s commitment to the stay in pace with the changing lifestyles of customers and continued commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the development of new and innovative products to meet the desire and needs of every customer.

Whether your home is grand and formal or a small country cottage, you are guaranteed to find Powell furnishing that will turn your everyday kitchen into your own little piece of heaven.
Spice up your kitchen with Powell bakers racks, kitchen islands, wine cabinets, dining tables and pot racks. Turn that everyday kitchen into the favorite room of the house.

Some of the best selling gourmet Powell kitchen furnishings include styles from all over the spectrum. For instance, the Sierra baker’s rack with hutch is one of Powell furniture’s top sellers. This honey finished rack features beautiful, elegant metalwork finished with a bronze leather glaze, a wine rack, shelves and drawer and cabinet space. It even comes equipped with a special place to store your wineglasses. The professional copper pot rack is also a favorite among consumers. Made with high polished solid copper, this rack is the perfect compliment to any gourmet kitchen.

You can also choose several different pieces from the same collection such as the Provence collection. This collection mirrors the country Mediterranean French style and is breathtaking in its beauty. Finished in antique white, the pieces feature hand distressing and intricately hand carved acanthus leaf designs. You can choose from pieces including dinette sets, center islands, bar stools and counter stools. Any one of these pieces can stand on their own and become an extraordinarily beautiful addition to your space, but when all of the elements are put together, a true gourmet masterpiece is created.

And Powell furniture is affordable. With Powell furniture, don’t expect to pay any more than what you would for fine furnishings of an equal caliber. Depending on your tastes, wants and needs, individual pieces of Powell furniture can start at a few hundred dollars. Of course, higher end and specialty items can be considerably more.

So if you are looking to revamp your entire kitchen décor, or you are just looking for that special piece to tie everything together, Powell furniture may have exactly what you are looking for.

Jennifer Akre is a successful business owner of numerous furniture websites comments on dining chairs and bar stools. Her sites offer product information about furniture and decor for your home and garden. Decorate your home in style – Click: pot racks.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: What type of sealant or refinishing can be put on a brand new table to make it scratch resistant.

Answer: There is nothing out there that is really ‘scratch resistant’. The closest thing I have found is the hard ‘Acrylic Lacquer’. It’s kind of like the finish on car bodies but as we all know those get scratched too. Unless you can afford a large piece of glass to cover the top, you are out of luck.

Question: What color kitchen table should I get?
I’m moving soon and I’m getting a 7 piece table set. My kitchen has light yellow walls, maple cabinets and wood floor. I don’t know what shade of wood to get.

Answer: I’d go for the deep brown.

Question: How do you make white kitchen chair cushions stain-free and white?
The chairs of my kitchen table have white cushions. Unfortunately, this is a magnet for stains. Can someone give me tips on how to make them perfectly white again? It is a major embarrassment when someone comes to our home.

Answer: Try oxyclean. Get the powder, mix with water, wash the chairs down with it or buy a scrub brush and scrub the chairs. I would leave the oxyclean on the chairs for at least an hour before I started to scrub them just to let it soak in for better results.

Question: Want to paint kitchen table legs, keeping the same color – do I need to sandpaper first?
It is a wood table, the legs are white. They are looking a little blah and I just want to freshen them up a little bit. Is sandpaper necessary or can I just give them a good cleaning and then paint them?

Answer: Sanding helps to slightly rough up the surface so the new paint will stick better. You do not have to sand.

There is a product available in paint stores and hardware stores. Wallpaper paste remover. You can use it to clean the painted surface, and it will make the old paint slightly tacky and sanding won’t be necessary.

Question: Is it okay to have a fake tree in your kitchen?
I have a fake palm tree (a really nice one), that use to be in my living room. I replaced it with a bigger fake tree and now I don’t know what to do with the palm, so I put it in a corner by my kitchen table. Is that weird? It looks okay, but I’ve never really seen anyone do that before. Just wondering.

Answer: If you like it then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, sounds cool to me.

Question: How do you protect the top of a new wood kitchen table from stains etc?
I just spent about $900 bucks for a table and chairs. It was 1/2 off and it is quality furniture. How do I protect it from stains etc? Should I have a glass top made or should I wax it?

Answer: Leave it without a cover when not in use. If you want a table covering use a vinil with a felt backing and take it off when you are finished eating. You can also cover it with a nice cloth. If you use glass or plastic covering and some water gets under it you might not notice until real damage is done.

Question: Can you advise me on recovering kitchen chairs?
I have four lovely 1950’s straight backed vinyl chairs. They match a same period red formica and chrome kitchen table. The vinyl covers are cracked and torn but the chrome frames are still perfectly fine. How would I go about recovering the chairs? Is a special sewing machine required or is there a method of cutting and stapling the vinyl onto the cushion and chair back?

Answer: You will need to figure out how to expose the attaching area for the vinyl. (basically disassembling the chair).
Take notes on how it came apart, so you can put it back together. You should be able to replace the vinyl with a tuck-fold-staple method, pulling it tight to eliminate waves.

Replace the foam and batting while you’re at it, and they’ll look like new. Attach the new vinyl at the top, pull it over the new foam/batting, and fold under the opposite edge.
Then while holding it taught, staple it, to secure. Now pull taught each side and staple. Finish by cutting off any excess.

The uppers are probably held on with four screws and have a metal strip covering the staples. Or it’s pocket-type upholstery, that’s tucked and stapled on the bottom. The bottoms should also be held on with screws, and have stapled underneath.

Question: What can you do if your kitchen table has tiny cracks in it?

Answer: Fill it in with putty and reseal your table.

Bespoke kitchen furniture isn’t just a great way to finish off your kitchen design but also ensures that your kitchen stands out from the crowd and is completely unique.

But how do you go about making the furniture you put inside your house bespoke? Some people probably imagine that they have to come up with elaborate designs and it’s a tremendous hassle to conjure up ideas. In reality, it’s actually a very straightforward process.

You can find bespoke kitchen furniture solutions by simply visiting showrooms and looking at the designs they have previously created for other peoples homes. Make notes as you go round on the things you like for later reference.

When you sit down for a chat with a kitchen company representative, simply ask them how they can tailor the designs you like to fit in with your kitchen.

Bespoke kitchen furniture can simply be a unique twist on an existing design that you like. That twist might be the way the furniture looks or some functionality that makes how you work in your kitchen easier.

When you’re getting your furniture fitted in your new kitchen, make sure it’s implemented how you’d originally planned. Stay on top of things and voice any concerns you have. By doing this you’ll ensure that fitters don’t miss the point of your bespoke ideas and get things wrong.

Having kitchen furniture that’s unique to your project doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition and can make all the difference to way your kitchen functions and looks.

Thomas Baugh offers more impartial kitchen advice at the Kitchen Design Site.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: I spray painted kitchen table black passed a paper towel over it after dry and black residue comes off help?

Answer: I would paint over it with Minwax® Polycrylic®. It comes in different sheens (glossy, semi-gloss, flat, etc.). You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Etc. They have spray can and brush on.

Question: What is the best way to fix a leg back on a kitchen table?
Like most tables of this kind, a nut and bolt system is used, but the bolt has worked itself out of the leg, creating an enlarged hole in the process. Once I’ve plugged the whole with a dowel I can’t see a way of driving the bolt back into the leg without a slot for a screwdriver at the end of it. Can one glue bolts back into legs perhaps?

Answer: If you fill the hole half way with either toothpicks or some other filler, then add wood glue and drive the bolt back in. You take the bolt and take a nut off one of the other legs. run one bolt on half way then run a second bolt on till it runs into the first one. If you do it right you should be able to tighten it up with a wrench. One bolt will snug up to the other and give you a grip.

Question: Painting my kitchen table. What’s the best type of paint?
We are painting our kitchen table black. I am trying to copy something I saw in Pottery Barn. The table is a cheap one from Walmart, white legs and chairs, “wood” top and seats. what type of paint would work best? I don’t want anything glossy, I think maybe I want almost a distressed finish or a matte finish. I am clueless with this stuff!

Answer: I would say use semi-gloss because flat is not going to be washable, and semi is not a high gloss finish. If you want an even a lesser shine and also that’s washable use eggshell which is the matte finish. Always give it a few coats especially black that can leave brush marks.

Question: Can I use a desk as a kitchen table?
We have a historic home, with wood floors and crown moulding. We have pretty much all pottery barn furniture. I have a big old black desk with shaker style legs. It isn’t the kind with drawers that go to the floor – there are only 2 drawers right under the top. Anyways, I want to put it in the kitchen that has a seperate nook w/ window and place a loveseat behind it and some chairs. Can I do it without being cheesy?

Answer: That sounds very nice! A lot of old tables have drawers in them.
You can store napkins, placemats and bread boards in them. “Cheesy” would only be an issue if you live your life by the definition of others.

Question: Which paint is the best to use for redoing tables?
I want to remodel my kitchen table and coffee tables but I’m lost when it comes to picking out paint. I like the color French Roast by Sherwin Williams but do I buy a gloss, flat etc?

Answer: The glossier the more nicks and dents will show up… but, on the flip side, its easier to clean. I would go w/ an semi-gloss or satin. The ONLY time I use gloss is on trim and doors. By the way go with an oil based paint, not latex for this. It will turn out a lot smoother and be more durable! Don’t forget to prime. Try the Liquid Sand, it works just as good as sand paper, in nearly 1/4 of the time.

Question: Does anyone know how to get an olive oil stain off a wood kitchen table?

Answer: Try putting white flour on it, anything that absorbs oil.

Question: Need to know what color kitchen table to match countertops?
I have labrador granite color countertops, my cabinets are redwood color what color kitchen table would match best.

Answer: Since you can’t match the granite completely, I would complement. Crate & Barrel sells a round kitchen table with a copper (slightly antiqued) top–I can see something like that with the granite; also a black or very dark color (gray, chocolate, charcoal). A lighter color would fight with the redwood. Sounds very nice.

Question: How to turn a kitchen table into a Kitchen island?
I have bought a butcher block table (seats 6 )at a garage sale for dirt cheap ($20) and I want to use it as an island, but I don’t want to buy expensive table legs to make it taller. Or at least what I have found is expensive.. like 40 a leg.. Any other money saving ideas for the legs?

Answer: If you just want legs you can use stair posts instead. I watched an episode of take home handyman on TLC and they did that. They cut the part of the post that they wanted to the height they needed and bolted it to the inside corners the same way the old legs were attached. I think the stairway posts are cheaper then trying to order table posts from a furniture manufacturer.

Also you can check local furniture stores and they may have tables that are broken beyond repair that you may be able to buy the legs off of for cheap. That would be more hit or miss but you may get lucky.

Your kitchen, it needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye because you spend a lot of time in it cooking meals for family and friends. Well, to make sure that yours serves both purposes, rely on kitchen accent furniture. There are many options to help you create one awesome kitchen space.

Really, there is a wide variety of kitchen accent furniture that can add both function and beauty to that room starting with hutches. This furnishing offers you a wealth of room to display and store away any number of items ranging from fine china, serving dishes, glasses, cookbooks, linens, and anything else that you want to organize. In addition to that, they are made from all sorts of materials and styled in a number of fabulous ways. For instance, you can purchase one that has a styled in an amazing traditional way with simple lines, delicate accents, and is then finished in a bold cherry stain complemented wonderfully by brass finished hardware.

Hutches are just the beginning when it comes to kitchen accent furniture because there are a slew of other options to pick from as well. For example, maybe you like the hutch idea, but do not have enough room for one. Well, then a sideboard would probably be a better selection for you. Instead of having a large upper cabinet area, it has more of a design like a console table with a spacious surface ideal for displaying different items and a lower area that can be equipped with shelving, drawers, and a cabinet ideal for putting away a wide variety of items. Plus, again they have a stunning look because they can be styled a number of eye-catching ways from those that are very antique in nature and some that are even modern in their appearance. Credenzas and curio cabinets are also a nice choice for stowing away items as well.

Again, the choices of kitchen accent furniture does not stop there either. Some of the other selections that are available include other storage options like bakers racks and kitchen carts, bar stools or counter stools to offer people a nice place to sit at your counter, and there are plenty of kitchen chairs to pick from as well so you know that your guests will be sitting comfortably at your dinner table. A fast and stress free way to take in all the options is by simply jumping on the Internet for some comparison shopping. That’s right, the Internet is one of the best ways to shop nowadays because you do not have to go anywhere and waste any gas to do it. When you do come across something that you like, you can find it at the best possible price by simply sifting through the multiple online stores. Plus, what you do purchase will be sent right to your home, thus, allowing you to avoid all that worrying about how to have it shipped from point a to point b.

In the end, your kitchen needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye. To achieve both, just turn to kitchen accent furniture. It would be a grand investment.

Author Jennifer Akre is an entrepreneur who runs different online specialty stores providing consumers with products and information on how to furnish and decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Whether it’s your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both practical and appealing to the eye. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous indoor area by using beautiful kitchen furniture or dining tables. Each would be a great purchase.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: Where can I buy affordable furniture or new kitchen cabinets?
I’m remodeling my kitchen and also planning on buying new furniture for the whole house. Can anyone suggest where I can obtain these for good prices, since I will be investing some money.

Answer: IKEA has great cabinets and furniture for a reasonable price. Also, if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore, you might be able to find good cabinets which can be painted or updated in some manner.

Question: How do I get furniture polish off of ceramic tile?
Our kitchen floor is ceramic tile. My husband wanted to spray Lysol but accidentally grabbed Pledge furniture polish instead and sprayed that. Ever since then the floor is super slippery. I’ve mopped and mopped and mopped but it’s still slippery. How can I get the furniture polish off the tile?

Answer: Try a degreaser like Pine Sol, Simple Green or Mean Green. You can also try LA It’s totally awesome cleaner. You may have to apply full strength, let it get soapy on the floor and then clean it up. It may take a few times but it will work.

Question: What colour paint goes with pine furniture?
We will be redecorating the kitchen but not sure what colour would go with pine furniture and white tiling, any ideas?

Answer: An off white colour or a light cream?

Question: Does anyone know where to find brown, turquoise, and aqua kitchen supplies?
I am redecorating my kitchen and wanted a aqua/turquoise and brown theme because it would match my new furniture.

Answer: Maytag has a retro line, also viking makes a line. For appliances I would go to sears or best buy, they have the best deals for appliances.

Question: What can you do to safely clean a wood kitchen table?
Our kitchen table is pretty new, only a couple months old. We have a two year old and well he’s a messy eater. What can I do to safely clean the kitchen table? It’s made of a very nice mahogany wood and I want to keep it looking nice. Short of using furniture polish every day, what can I do for a quick clean in between polishings?

Answer: I have a mahogany table as well so I know your concerns I just use warm soapy water in between using pledge. If you use the warm soapy water when cleaning up after your son you won’t have to use the pledge as much.

Question: How do I get watercolor stains out of my wood kitchen island?
My daughter has gotten markers, watercolors and pen marks on my Crate and Barrel wood kitchen island!

Answer: Mr.Clean eraser, then scour it with bleach water, then use a fine sand paper to sand any spots out, then rub down with mineral oil to “seal” and protect from future stains.

Question: Where can I get ideas for a 1950’s retro kitchen remodel?
We just bought a 1951 ranch house and the kitchen needs upgrading, but I want to keep the original 1950’s theme. I’m looking for websites, magazines or books with ideas on cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, furniture, window treatments and accessories from this era.

Answer: I’d use vintage 1950s good housekeeping or better homes and gardens magazines, or find an interior decorating book from the 50s era. It might cost you $20 or so, but would include many photos and instructions on your design. You could probably find one on ebay. Retro is back in a big way and finding replacement appliances (the look at least) to match your kitchen will be easy.

Question: Kitchen Islands with suspended seats / Furniture. Are they a good Idea ?
I was looking at some lovely kitchen designs with suspended seats and wanted some feedback on whether there are any safety or other concerns to worry about with the seats. Personally I think they look great.

Answer: Well, the idea isn’t really any different than what you find in the restaurant industry. The key is structural integrity. The island or ‘bar’ itself must also be strong structurally to support the seats and individuals, as well as be anchored to the floor.

On the ‘pro’ side, it does keep your seating nice and neat. No one is going to drag the chair or stool off someplace else.

On the ‘con’ side you are limiting the size of the individual who can use the seat. Someone short might find it difficult to climb into, and anyone with long legs is going to be uncomfortable trying to fit in there.

In times gone by, kitchen tables were massive, square or rectangular, and made of wood. In a word, there was not much choice. But nowadays, modern kitchen tables can introduce a wide scope of individuality into your kitchen. Everything from the way they are designed, to the materials that they used and the shape that they are made in, can be twisted and turned around so that you can have a resolutely modern approach in that key room in your house, which is the kitchen.

Kitchen tables can be made out of stainless steel, or have composite or glass-topped services to them. These surfaces can be chosen to blend in with the rest of your kitchen design. For example, if you have chosen stainless steel work surfaces and kitchen sinks, then a stainless steel table may be appropriate. On the other hand, you may want to break up the stainless steel aspect with a kitchen table that has a granite top for example.

Modern kitchen tables no longer have to be square. They can be round or oval. This is particularly well suited when you use your kitchen for informal gatherings. With a round table, you’ll always have space for just one more person to join the group. In addition, with small children who may be playing in the kitchen while you work, or who pass through to get from one area to another, round tables have no sharp edges for them to hurt themselves.

If you are limited on space in your kitchen, then there is more than just one option open to you concerning modern kitchen tables. The first personality is to have a kitchen table that folds away. This can be a small surface that slides out of kitchen cabinets where two or three people can sit for breakfast, a snack or just to get a coffee. It can also be a table joined to a wall with a long hinge that you can fold away against the wall when you do not need it, then bring back out again and unfold its legs to make it into a horizontal support when you do.

Who says you still need a classical kitchen table? The modern kitchen table has also evolved into the kitchen island. This item of kitchen furniture includes much of the functionality of a kitchen table with an upper work surface for food preparation, writing and enjoying eating with others. Typically placed in a central location in the kitchen, it may also be provided with integral power points, and possibly even a sink with water and drainage outlets. As a “modern kitchen table”, the kitchen island may for this reason also be fixed solidly to the kitchen floor.

Whatever your requirements in terms of modern kitchen tables, remember to apply the basic rules of choice that concern what you need to do with it and how it needs to look. With these fundamental criteria in mind, you are sure to find the solution is right for you.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it’s your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both functional and beautiful. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous indoor area by using beautiful kitchen furniture and dependable dining tables. Each would be a wonderful addition to your home.

Kitchen Tables FAQ:

Question: Do they still make formica top kitchen tables?

Answer: They do -mostly vintage style ones -you can easily refinish your formica top by applying new sheet formica to the existing table top.

Question: Where is a good place to look online for kitchen tables?
I want to buy a full length wooden kitchen table. Rectangular, and that sits 8 people. I want to find out average prices.

Answer: I like Ikea.

Question: How do I remove the surface of my kitchen table? I want to paint it an ivy green. Is using paint ok-what kind?

Answer: If your table is a true wood, then sand the finish until it is dull (no shine or sheen remains) apply a good quality primer and several coats of paint. Sand lightly between paint coats to ensure a smooth finish. I prefer oil base, or alkyd enamels for this type of project.

Question: How do you take out nail polish remover off of a kitchen table?
I stained my kitchen table with nail polish remover and I have no clue how to get it out.

Answer: If it left a white ring, then try lemon juice.

Question: Deep scratches on a kitchen table?
I have sanded off the kitchen table where it is bare wood but I also made some deep scratches on one of the corners. I have tried sanding it down, or covering it up with a darker stain, but it don’t work. Can someone tell me a home remedy or tell me of something that I can buy to get the scratches off?

Answer: This sometimes works on deep gouges, and it might be worth a try: Take a clean towel, that you have dampened with water (I know it sounds bad), and then let that sit on the scrape. That usually expands the wood, and makes the scrape much better. then you can finish as needed when it has dried. Sometimes just a daily oil polish will work too, but that takes awhile

Question: What do I seal my kitchen table with?
I just painted my kitchen table. I want a country cottage feel to the kitchen bc its very beachy themed… so I painted the table a blue sanded the edges and added a bry wax to it. It gave it that authentic rustic look. I did this in a flat finish… now what do I seal it with or coat it with to protect it from dishes…glasses..water stains?

Answer: You will have to remove the wax if you want to seal it. You can get a nice satin Varathane spray. Give two light coats, go over it with steel wool between coats. It should look great!

Question: Cleaning a wood kitchen table?
What should I use to clean my kitchen table that is all wood? I usually just use windex after every meal. Is that okay? I’ve also used pledge to clean it. It just doesn’t seem right to clean it with pledge even if it’s all wood. To me the pledge doesn’t get it really clean and just makes it really greasy. I don’t want to eat on something greasy.

Answer: You could use Pledge, but make sure that it says wood cleaner and not polish. There wood cleaner is great. Windex is also good. If you want to sanitize the table better, take a small amount of bleach and water and damp wipe the table. Let set for a few minutes, then wipe dry.

Question: How to fix a kitchen table legs?
I want to fasten or anchor kitchen tables legs.

Answer: Turn table over & put extra wood chunk in hole before screwing it back together, Maybe even just tooth picks.

People designing their kitchen and wanting Italian kitchen furniture often make the mistake of thinking they’re looking for something very specific. As time has gone on, anything to do with Italian kitchens has become far more diverse. Here are just three common misconceptions of Italian furniture.

Firstly, you don’t have to just marble for your kitchen furniture to achieve an Italian style. For some reason, just because this material has become synonymous with Italy, people automatically think they need to put it in their kitchen to be authentic with their design. Marble can be very expensive and if not chosen and implemented correctly, can make a kitchen look horrific. There are other quality materials that are just as good.

Secondly, there is not set arrangement and layout for an Italian kitchen so you can feel free to space furniture out as you see fit. People often think that if you don’t have the big table in the middle of the kitchen for chopping meat and vegetables or large counters for other food preparation then it’s not an Italian kitchen. This is wide of the mark.

Finally, Italian kitchen furniture doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way. The Italian principles of kitchen design are to create a warm and inviting space that is functional to work in. This very much ties in with the theories behind bespoke kitchen design and customising a kitchen to suit your needs.

So when you’re picking out Italian kitchen furniture, feel free to think more creatively and don’t become ruled by a theme you’re told is set in stone, or marble.

There’s more information on Italian kitchen design at the Kitchen Design Site.

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: How can I remove furniture polish (pledge) from my kitchen table (sealed wood)?
Our table is covered in pledge, which comes off on my hands whenever I sit down to eat (or do anything else at the table). I don’t want to ruin the table, but it is currently very unpleasant to sit at. I tried using dishwashing detergent (lots), but it didn’t seem to make a dent.

Answer: Spray it down with some Windex and wipe it away. The ammonia will cut the oily polish for you.

Question: Where can I get kitchen furniture re-chromed in N.Y.S.?

Answer: I would use the yellow pages.

Question: Where in San Francisco can I buy inexpensive furniture such as a kitchen table and chairs?

Answer: There are the obvious, crate and barrel and pottery barn. Also, I’ve just heard about a new place by 7th and towsend (which I was told is great), but I don’t remember the name.

Question: Decorating & Furniture – Simple Kitchen Backsplash ideas?
I have just moved into my first home, which is very exciting! It is a renovated 1911 smaller home and I think the kitchen is in need of a backsplash but have no idea what kind would look best. Would love any suggestions!

Answer: A classic back splash for a 1911 house would be tile. The ones that I think are the best for this are often called subway tile. They are about 3″ high by 6″ wide. They should be installed with a very thin grout line, like 1/16-1/8″. You can add a little horizontal stripe for a punch of color if you like. This is a classic look that compliments any period house – especially earlier 1900’s.

Question: Looking for a kitchen table and Windsor chairs that have a rustic feel. Any ideas on furniture retailers?

Answer: If your budget allows, Ethan Allen has BEAUTIFUL Windsor chairs.

Question: Where I can find kitchen furniture in the Philippines?

Answer: Cebu is a good manufacturer of Kitchen furniture and you can see their displays in mall in manila. If you want to buy cheap ones go to Quiapo or Divisoria but if you want to buy it in malls you can go to Mall of Asia.

Question: What color would look good on a kitchen wall?
The kitchen has white furniture, and white flooring…what color would make the kitchen have a more contemporary look? I was thinking of red, do you think it will work?

Answer: Red would be nice, but I wouldn’t go with a bright red, I would go with a deeper red sort of like maybe a maroonish color (but not so browny). Also, a nice forest green is pretty too.

Question: How long do you have to wait after polyurethaning hardwood floors before you put furniture on them?
We have done the first coat of fast-drying poly on newly stained hardwood floors. The can says this stuff should dry in 3-4 hrs. We’re on hour 8 and it’s still tacky. Temp is at 72 deg and fans are blowing. Anyway, we still have to do another coat, and wait for that to dry. We thought we’d be good to go by this evening, but the can says you then have to wait another 72 hours before putting furniture on it! we started this whole process 3 days ago. Since we have all our furniture in the kitchen and living room, and have a 5 yr old and 3 yr old, this is chaos! Do we really have to wait 72 hours or is this an overcautious just-in-case-we-get-sued manufacturers direction?

Answer: The manufactures directions should be taken as a guide line only. If your floor is not insulated well you could be drawing cold from the other side of the wood. How thick are your coats? Better to wait till dry or experience the poor results of your impatience.

The kitchen’s just got smarter. The times when Kitchens were just for women have gone. In the modern kitchen, every object is designed to be in sync with householders. No effort should be wasted, the most accomplishment must be got for the least amount of work, mostly pressing buttons and setting timers. Let us look at what advantages modern kitchen furniture have to offer us and how we can make judicious choices with them.

Chop and change

Whatever it is that you are cooking and however much gadgets help you in that, you still cannot get by without the peeling, the chopping and the dicing. But there are multi-function slicers, the whole gamut of modern kitchen knives as well as butcher block kitchen islands, with built-in shelves and cupboards to help you assemble and prepare your ingredients faster and better. And if you don’t think these are enough; Try the new-age kitchen carts, baker’s racks, buffets and sideboards that are guaranteed to make your cooking experience enjoyable.

Perch for your gadgets

I used to have a simple blender, now I have a hand blender for regular mixing, and a food processor for larger stuff. Whereas my Mom had an electric oven and grill, I have a microwave too.Now all these new gadgets demand space in our kitchens. So we have kitchen furniture which are high on storage space. Kitchen tables come with drawers and shelves, kitchen carts have top racks especially fashioned for microwaves, sideboards are where coffee makers, juicers and food processors can be neatly arranged side by side, blenders, slicers and littler things can all find their own spot in the wonderful new kitchen cupboards.

Material concerns

There’s much to kitchen furniture today| than the traditional wood. Stainless steel tops look modern and, coated plastic appear in vivid colors and granite surfaces look sturdy on the butcher block islands. But, however, that when it comes to kitchen tables and chairs, cypress always come up trumps over the more modern variants. It is also true that wood is the best suited for making drop-leaf counters for tables. Wood demands a little care and looking after, but once that is afforded to wooden furniture, they maintain for lifetimes.

Space management

The chief accomplishment of a modern kitchen user is to maintain the available space in the most economical means. This calls for a wise choice of furniture, concentrating on what offers the greatest storage possibility. Most people will find that nearly all modern kitchen furniture is now on wheels, so that they can double up as service carts outside the kitchen, even outdoors.

Many crates to hold bottles of wine. Necessity is the mother of invention, and of creativity too, as modern day kitchen furniture’s have doubtlessly proved.

Find Great Contemporary Kitchen Furniture at

Kitchen Furniture FAQ:

Question: Kitchen Furniture?
Me and my beautiful wife are scouting for some good looking kitchen furniture that would go great with our white marble countertops. I don’t want to spend too much, that’s why I’m looking online to find some better deals. Can anybody provide me with a good selection of kitchen furniture?

Answer: The best way to buy furniture is to shop around at local furniture stores because you’ll never know what kind of deal you may find. I would personally recommend a pedestal table with a glass top and some upholstered chairs.

Question: What is a “green” or “eco-friendly” fabric to use for upholstering kitchen furniture (removable slipcovers)?

Answer: Fabric made of hemp with eco friendly inks.

Question: I am reupholstering my kitchen furniture and I was wondering if I had to take my chairs apart completely for it?

Answer: It depends on whether you are replacing existing covers, then it is only a matter of removing the seat. Usually there will be screws underneath the seat frame. It is also easier to use the old cover as a pattern for the new material.

Question: Chinese furniture for kitchen?
Does anybody know Chinese companies which produce kitchen facades?

Answer: To be honest their kitchen cabinets look pretty much like ours. What exactly are you looking for? I would say get something very modern and decorate your kitchen. Also Japanese designs are a little slicker and fancier then Chinese designs.

Question: What color furniture would look best for a kitchen table?
I heard you can mix 3 colors of wood in a room-is this correct?

Our floor is light maple hardwood, our walls are creme, we have a dark navy couch, and a brown colored coffee table. In this same living room/kitchen, we need to buy a kitchen table. What color wood should we stick with for this piece?

Answer: Since the you’re already going with maple for both your floor and your entertainment center, I would just stick with the maple.
Too many different color woods in the same room can make your room look like it’s a bunch of stuff you just threw together, and not a well planned out room.

Question: Is Early American furniture out of style in a kitchen?
I have a Tell City hard rock maple kitchen table and chairs and a hutch of the same maple wood in the breakfast area of my kitchen. Is this completely out of style?

Answer: Technically, almost everything we usually have in our homes is “out of style”.
The trick is to blend it with other styles/themes/objects to give it a more “present” look.
If you have antique plates, etc, add more recent vintage, such as Fiesta, in matching or complementary colors. Replace an old table runner or doily with a colored straw mat or woven placemat or stone trivet. Use a modern vase with old-fashioned peonies or violets.

Question: I have burgundy checked curtains and black furniture in my kitchen. What colors for walls and trim?

Answer: Try off white walls, white trim or very pale gray walls, white trim or very pale pink walls, white trim. Add accessories [counter items such as canisters, cookie jar, utensil crock; table cloth, runner, or placemats; table items like S&P shakers,napkin holder] in burgundy, white and a bit of black. Do add a plant in window if at all possible – flowering one is even better!

Question: How can I match light wood kitchen table to dark living room furniture? I have an open kitchen/living area.
I want to get new furniture and I have kids so I want a darker color. My kitchen is light wood and yellow. I was thinking a dark brown or orangy color for living room furniture

Answer: Perhaps a rust color (reddish) would connect the light color to a darker living room color. Or a complimentary color like cool blue. It would certainly liven up the area.

Dining rooms have evolved from the personal family space into entertainment rooms, which radiate style and elegance to guests. The choice of rustic dining room furniture is a mater of individual taste, not merely one of functional attributes. Rustic furniture exudes a certain natural and country charm that warms up the dining experience. With these simple pieces one can bring the log cabin or creek side vacation home milieu right into an urban home.

Rustic dining room furniture is made from wood like pine, ash or cedar. Hardwood furniture crafted from cedar is the most popular. This furniture is handmade from wood or wrought iron. Because of this, each piece is a unique work of art and cannot be exactly replicated. It is precisely because of this that authentic rustic dining room furniture is very expensive. All good things come with a price, and this furniture rates high on durability and style.

Good quality, affordable rustic dining room furniture can be found at garage sales, second hand shops, antique shops and clearance sales for the price hunters. When buying rustic furniture for the dining room, quality should never be compromised. Since this furniture is generally sturdy, it’s always advisable to have a good idea about the dining room’s space and decide accordingly what you will buy. Joints, balance and stability should be checked at the time of purchase. Finishing should be looked into carefully for any scratches or stains. Rustic china cabinets, buffets, side tables and dining tables are a priceless addition to the family heirlooms, if they are authentic.

Most require little maintenance and last for ages. This furniture should never be exposed to water or cleaned with a damp cloth. Dusting and waxing is all the maintenance they require. Over-the-counter wax and polishes are available for repairing any small cracks. Faux rustic dining furniture is an option for those with a limited budget. However, they cannot match the durability of the authentic pieces.

Dining Room Furniture provides detailed information on Dining Room Furniture, Rustic Dining Room Furniture, Wicker Dining Room Furniture, Discount Dining Room Furniture and more. Dining Room Furniture is affiliated with Discount Bedroom Furniture.

Dining Room Furniture FAQ:

Question: Value of dining room suite by Marietta Chair Co/circa 1930?
My elderly parents (ages 86 and 90 years) are downsizing and moving. They have a lovely mahogany dining room suite (china cabinet, sideboard, table with leaves and 8 chairs) marked Marietta Chair Company. It is in pristine condition and I would like to get the maximum $ for it for them as they are on a very fixed income.

Answer: The best idea would be to contact a local auction house in your area and ask them what previous mahogany dining sets have sold for in your area. If they are cooperative, email them a picture and ask for their opinion.

Question: What is a good price to ask for antique dining furniture?
I have an antique (1920 +/-) Duncan Phyfe style dining room set that I want to sell. I’m having a difficult time trying to find an appraiser in my area (SE Michigan) who’s interested in giving an appraisal only. I run into mostly antique dealers that just want to offer a price so they can turn around and resell it for double. What would be a reasonable price to ask for a solid mahogany dining room set (table, 6 chairs, china cabinet, buffet) in good condition?

Answer: You answered your own question. Get antique dealers to offer what they want to pay, then advertise the items at double the amount. If the price is reasonable and someone is interested, they will buy. If you get no responses, lower the price.

Question: What’s the best way to paint a laminate top/wooden leg dining room table?
I inherited new d.r. furniture, but it’s dated. I want to paint all three pieces black to modernize it. Just want to make sure I do it right. Any help?

Answer: The wood can be sanded, primed, painted. For the formica/laminate top you need some liquid sand paper (they sell it at your local hardware store). Rub it on the surface of the laminate after it dries you will have to prime it before you can paint it.

The primer will help cover the old color, help your new paint adhere better, last longer and look nicer. Don’t forget to put a clear coat over the whole thing to protect all your work. I would suggest using a flat paint then a few coats of polyurathane over the whole thing.

Question: Shopping for a Dining Room Table?
I’m part of a family that is 6ft tall plus so I love big furniture and tall chairs. I live in GA and have been very unsuccessful with shopping around for a Pub Table for my dining room to seat 6-8.

Answer: Bermex manufactures several models of pub-style tables, plus they have a build-your-own series. Their website has a list of retailers all across North America. Quality and prices are good.

Question: Has anyone ever bought furniture from Target?
I am particularly looking to buy a dining room set – just wondering about the quality of their furniture. The set I am looking at is almost as expensive as furniture in a regular store – I am just concerned about the durability and quality.

Answer: I’ve bought a few furniture items from Target, and I’ve had them for a while, really good actually. I figured it would be like the stuff from Walmart and fall apart after a few months, but it didn’t. Just look at it when you buy it and make sure it’s real wood, not that particle board with a sticker over it.

Question: What are the best places to research for a tuscan themed room?
I’m looking to decorate my den and adjoining dining room in a tuscan theme, I’m having trouble researching the style and where to purchase great inexpensive furniture.

Answer: Tuscan style is absolutely beautiful, the main thing is the colors that you use and the accessories. Lots of wrought iron, natural stones, and vibrant colors. If you want to go inexpensive you can use wall color and accessories to get the feel you want without spending a lot of money on new furniture. There are many great web sites that will help. Some inexpensive accessories can be found by contacting Home and Garden Party Designer.

Question: Are there any commercial furniture polishes that don’t leave a waxy residue?
We just inherited a cherry dining room set and buffet from my mother-in-law. I’ve always used Orange glo, Murphy’s oil soap, Pledge or Endust before to clean and polish wood furniture. But for whatever reason, this table gets a waxy buildup on it when I use any of those products (it is sealed wood, though I’m not sure if its shellac or varnish or poly) on it has a smeary, greasy look on it.

Are there any other items I could try that won’t harm the wood at all? Its not vintage, its a set she purchased at Ethan Allen about 5 years ago.

Answer: To remove polish build-up, mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water. Rub furniture with a soft cloth that has been moistened with the solution. Dry immediately with a clean cloth.

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